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Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Review Facts

The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle is the first V-frame of the industry, is of commercial quality, and weighs only 85 pounds in total weight. It has a flywheel that is positioned at the rear of the bike to prevent rusting of the unit from sweat and other liquids. Because it is weighted, users can sit or stand as they ride this assimilated road bike that never wobbles. It comes with a floor mat, stretch pads, holder for a water bottle, and a media tray. The single screen shows all relevant data of kilocalories, watts, RPM, elapsed time, heart rate, and trip and gear distance without the use of buttons or complicated read-outs. It has a backlit display on the screen that remains on in dim light or darkness and is compatible with most smartphone models for the Bluetooth connection. Being highly adjustable for the seat and the handlebar, this indoor cycle is ideal for users of four to seven feet in height. The model itself does not take up much space on the floor and fits on the small mat it comes with. It is sure to exceed your demands for an excellent indoor cycle with its smooth ride that is free from vibration and noise. There are almost too many qualities and characteristics of this outstanding bike to list in a full review, but we do our best with the details below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Maintenance-free, simple, elegant, and durable
  • Only USA-made indoor bike
  • Seat and handlebar are adjustable
  • Stand or sit while pedaling
  • Has no buttons or complicated read-outs
  • Shows you all data at once on the screen
  • Backlit display comes on and stays on in the dark
  • Comes with a floor mat, stretch pads, and a media tray
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones
  • Has a holder for a water bottle
  • Tools needed for assembly are not included
  • A few buyers had trouble with the apps and the Bluetooth connection
  • Some damaged boxes and damaged bikes returned for exchanges


Keiser has some of the best-known models of indoor bikes available on the market. They are tough products to beat for quality, endurance, engineering, performance, and durability. This indoor cycle model was twenty years in the making with manufacturing and engineering expertise. It will exceed indoor cyclists’ demands for a superior product, as it is of commercial quality and is used in health clubs and gyms professionally. As spin bikes go, there are only a few great choices being offered currently, and this is one of the best.


The smooth and quiet ride, Bluetooth connection, and ease of use are all components of the comfort factor of the M3i. You get a ride that is smooth and void of cog belt vibration and noise and a media tray to put a tablet or smartphone on for the apps and media streaming. You can also join in on cycling classes, virtual trails with other cyclists, or in competitive races. You will be glad to know that each unit is thoroughly tested for noise. At the factory, a microphone is used on the frame cover to detect noise when the bike is spinning. It must pass this test to be sold to customers. If it fails, then it is sent back for determining the cause and then re-tested. The largest factor of comfort is the noiseless performance of this indoor bike.


Maintenance-free and durable, the M3i is elegant and simple to be a great showpiece for the home, gym, or office. This M3i model is the only USA-made, indoor bike manufactured, according to the maker, plus it ensures quality control that is tight. This is a long-lasting product that you can expect to use and enjoy for many years of daily rugged use. You must assemble the unit when it is received. One negative point about this item is that the tools needed for assembly are not included with the purchase. This was a surprise to most people because it is not specified in the product description. Some people had trouble finding the exact tools needed in stores in their locations. More than a few customers received damaged boxes and damaged bikes having to return them for exchanges. The company seems to be good about returns, as long as it is done within the window for returns.


This is a very flexible product, as the handlebars and the seat can be raised to accommodate all sizes of riders. It mimics various road bike frames and suits riders from heights of four to seven feet in height. The sturdy seat adjusts four various ways and can even be replaced by other models if you prefer. There are wheels on the front bottom support bar to make it easy to move from one location to another, plus this item is not one of the heaviest models of stationary bike at 85 pounds in weight. You can also use this unit with or without a heart rate monitor and the different apps and classes that are available with the Bluetooth connection. Most people do use these accessories, but some do not and completely enjoy the simplicities of the bike itself.


What makes this such a great indoor cycle is a single Poly-V belt with small pulleys that transmit heavy loads. This creates a feeling of a road-bike without using a heavy flywheel that is perimeter-weighted or has drive-trains that are complicated. Such belts are used for car engines also because they are reliable, durable, and quiet. The pre-tensioned belt design does not require any adjustments. The drive-train should be inspected routinely but does not need any maintenance ever. This belt feature makes the Keiser model a splendid choice above other bikes for fitness and training indoors.


The weight and size of this cycle model are minimal considering its many features and capabilities. It weighs only 85 pounds, which is much lighter than most competitor models, and it will not wobble when using it. this product does not take up much space on the floor and will fit on a small floor mat (one is included with the purchase.) you can purchase a thicker mat if you prefer a thicker base for the unit. This is the first frame of V-shape in the industry. The large fly wheel that is weighted permits the rider to stand and pedal as well as sit and pedal. If you are limited on space and do not want a very heavy bike, then this may be the best choice for you.


The stability of the M3i comes from the flywheel and its unique positioning on the bike. The flywheel is mounted in the rear of the bike because this is out of the zone of sweat from the user. Sweat is a major enemy of bikes used indoors causing them to corrode and rust quickly. Created in this way, the vulnerable components of the unit are out of danger from the user’s sweat falling on it. The bike has an angled channel for the frame, and this also keeps fluid from affecting the drive-train. You will notice that competitor models have the flywheel in the front on their spin-bike units. They have a greater possibility of rusting quicker because of the moisture that can get on the moving parts.


The display for stats is digital, elegant, and simple, as it gives the rider accurate data on their performance and exercise. There are no buttons or complicated read-outs because this terrific unit shows you all data at once on the screen. The elimination of buttons keeps the monitor from excess wear. Using the app, you can log details of progress and rides. The backlit display comes on by itself in dark conditions and will stay on continuously. Other bikes do not remain lit in the dark or low light, so this is a unique feature of this particular model. All of the detailed aspects of the M3i seem small when considered separately, but when you look at all of the qualities built in, it is an amazing bike.


When compared to previous company models of the M3, M3X, and the M3iX, you will see that unless you desire a bike that simulates hill climbing or the mountains, then the M3i is the modern version with all of the excellent features. The M3 is the original model of magnetic-resistance revolutionary indoor bike and has adjustments for vertical handlebar and the seat. The M3 and M3i give the user the experience of a road bike, while the M3X resembles hill climbing or mountain biking and has pivoting X-bars. The M3iX and the M3X do not have the adjustments for handlebar of aft and fore, but the M3iX has pivoting bars and the wireless technology of Bluetooth. This bike, the M3i, has the adjustment for handlebar of aft and fore and the wireless technology of Bluetooth.


The M3i comes with a floor mat, stretch pads, holder for a water bottle, and a media tray. The stretch pads are used for post and pre-ride stretching of the user for proper muscle use, and the media tray is for a smartphone or tablet to rest. Most competitor brands only come with a water bottle and none of the other items, so this bundle is quite a package.


The Keiser M Series app is used for training and exercise for this bike model and is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones. It gives the user graphs in real time for heart rate and power, range dials for cadence, an unlimited selection of workouts, and FTP zones. It is the first bike to be used indoors that connects to Bluetooth LE and does not require fees each month. The single screen of the monitor shows you all the information at once for workouts and exercise. It includes energy and power (kilocalories and watts), RPM (revolutions per minute), elapsed time, heart rate, trip, and gear distance.

Ease of Use

The instructions that are included with the M3i are great with good illustrations, and the assembly is quick and easy if you follow the directions well. It takes several tools for putting it together that are not included with the purchase. The flexible seat is comfortable but can be changed out if you prefer another kind. Some people found that a padded seat or padded bike shorts were needed for maximum comfort. This ideal model has toe cages on the pedals to hold the feet in place, but these can be removed if you do not want to use them. Because it has magnetic resistance, there is no noise or very little noise when riding, and the gear you use is displayed constantly for reference. Once you have this exercise bike assembled and working great, it is so simple to use and enjoy.

Bottom Line

When you purchase a pricey item such as a commercial-grade professional indoor spin cycle, you want to know everything about it including the negative points too. In our research of customer comments on several sites, we found three reoccurring issues that buyers were having with this Keiser model. Damaged boxes and bikes were the most common comments from customers, who eventually received replacements if they returned them within the exchange window. The tools that are required for assembly but not included with the purchase is the next problem. It seems that several tools are needed to put this together, but you do not know which ones until you receive the item. Problems with the Bluetooth connection and some of the available apps was another issue. This was only mentioned by a few people, so maybe it is just an individualized concern. When you realize the craftsmanship and the technology that went into this indoor cycle model and its excellent performance, the few minor issues mentioned do not compare to all this excellent bike can do for you. We think, as do the majority of buyers, that the M3i is well worth the high price in durability, engineering, comfort, flexibility, and ease of use.