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Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike Review Facts

The Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike is engineered for light commercial and residential use with a smooth and quiet ride and a weight limit of 300 pounds. Made to last for many years of durable and sturdy riding, it mimics actual bike riding well with the ergonomic, padded saddle that is perfect for training long distance. Great for outdoors or indoors, it has a Kevlar braking system that is friction-based and a 48-pound heavy flywheel to give you smooth resistance. It is very pleasing to the eye, professional, and provides effective exercise sessions. The LCD console is backlit, integrated, and blue in color to show the time, RPM, distance, Kcal, and speed. You can also monitor heart rate with a separately purchased chest strap that is wireless. There is adjustable resistance with a turn knob, holders for water bottles or remotes, and toe straps to hold the feet in place on the pedals. The handlebar and seat have multiple adjustments on this outstanding model that is quiet enough to comfortably watch TV while using it. you will find that the heavy-duty build of this product is much nicer than some professional gyms own, and it takes less than an hour to put it together. With a high rating from customers online, this exercise bike is one of the best spin bikes currently offered. Read our full review below for all of the interesting features and capabilities of this superb Sole product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ergonomic padded comfortable saddle
  • Includes holders for water bottles
  • Has a weight limit of 300 pounds
  • Multiple adjustments for the handlebar and seat
  • For outdoors, indoors, light commercial, and residential use
  • Monitors heart rate when used with a chest strap
  • LCD console is backlit, integrated, and blue in color
  • Displays the time, RPM, distance, Kcal, and speed
  • Is gym-quality, smooth, quiet, and heavy-duty
  • Has adjustable resistance with the turn knob
  • Heavily damaged boxes and some bikes received
  • Resistance knob goes from easy to hard with just a slight turn


Featuring an ergonomic padded comfortable saddle that is ideal for training long distance, the Sole Exercise Bike mimics actual riding well. It has toe straps to hold the feet in place on the pedals and even includes holders for water bottles. Customers say the seat is uncomfortable at first like all stationary bike seats are, but with time, you will get used to the seat. there are also pads that you can buy to cushion the seat or padded bike shorts to help give you some comfort in this area. As far as stationary bikes go, this is one of the best spinner bikes on the market that has such an economical price. The people that purchase this type of bike the most are those that regularly visit gyms, but often do not have the time as often as they would like. They want the better quality of bike to ride for comfort and the best fitness. Because of time constraints or family obligations, they often end up purchasing their own commercial-grade bike, such as this one. it is one of the best models for comfort.


Built for endurance and longevity, this incredible exercise bike has a Kevlar system for braking, gives a smooth and quiet ride, and is made to last many years. This is a heavy-duty machine made for those who exercise regularly or train quite often during the week. Engineered for light commercial and residential use, it has a weight limit of 300 pounds. Its sturdiness comes from the fact that it is so heavy to support such high weight limits. You will notice when riding it right away that it does not sway or move when you use it. this is because the construction is so well-made and durable. Plenty of people received heavily damaged boxes with some of the bikes ending up bent and others had nothing wrong with them. Deliver people might need help with the weight of the 140-pound box that this item comes in.


The Sole Fitness Bike has multiple adjustments for the handlebar and seat that go up or down and aft and fore. You should be able to find the perfect position for your body size and type to use this product quite comfortably. It is good for outdoors or indoors, so you can keep it in the garage, shed, basement, or pull it outside on the pavement for a stationary bike trip in the sun. The braking system is friction-based, meaning that brake pads might have to be purchased separately and often. These cannot be purchased online but must be requested from the manufacturer. Some people have gone through their brake pads quickly having to order more in just a short amount of time.

Key Features

-Ergonomic padded seat for training long distance
-Toe straps to hold feet in place on the pedals
-Includes holders for water bottles
-Has a Kevlar system for braking
-Handlebar and seat are adjustable
-Braking system is friction-based
-48lb heavy flywheel for smooth resistance
-Monitors heart rate with a chest strap (not included)
-Warranties for the frame, parts, and labor to repair
-Displays the time, RPM, distance, Kcal, and speed


This product is one of the more economic models of spin bikes that is of commercial grade. For those that do not want to spend a fortune for a high-quality stationary bike, this is the one to buy. It is much better quality than most of the cheaper bikes that you will find for the same purpose, as it has commercial-grade features and construction for the best performance, endurance, and longevity. Many customers who were skeptical of this item and who have shopped around extensively for the ideal models for themselves, bought this one and was pleasantly pleased with the bike. It pays to do the research to find the best bike for your needs, but this Sole item is one of the best models currently available for the cost.


With a 48lb heavy flywheel to provide smooth resistance, this bike model is quiet when being used. It is so quiet that you or others nearby can comfortably watch TV at the same time that you ride it. This bike looks great and professional, mimicking the ones that you see in the gyms for commercial use. It has the superior build to last a long time that will give you the best performance for your money. It monitors heart rate when used with a chest strap that is wireless to give you additional stats of your personal fitness. This is in addition to the other measures it takes that we mention in another section of this helpful review.


Very pleasing to the eye and made of superior quality, the Sole Fitness Exercise Bike is very stable and dependable because of the sturdy construction and heavy-duty design. It comes with warranties for the frame, parts, and labor to repair and facilitates efficient workouts and exercise. The warranties include lifetime for the frame, three years for the electric components, and one year of labor. If the model needs repair, it is done in the home or wherever you have the item located. Unlike some other stationary bikes that are much lighter in weight, this one is built tough to withstand higher weight limits and heavier use for longer periods of time.


You will find this outstanding bike model is very supportive of your daily exercise and workout needs. The console is easy to use and view and is vibrant in its appearance. This LCD console is backlit, integrated, and blue in color to display the time, RPM, distance, Kcal, and speed. It is gym-quality with its heavy-duty build and a much nicer product than some professional gyms have in their businesses. You will be so glad to own your own machine to use when and wherever you want. This item supports the type of busy lifestyle that you lead. Busy people do not have time to make appointments at gyms or to even go regularly during the week or weekends as often as they would like. Having your own bike gives the freedom to ride when you want in the privacy of your own home or business. Because it is heavy, it does not twist much even with a heavy load, so you will be supported very well even with vigorous riding at top speeds.


The Sole Bike has adjustable resistance with the turn knob. Some buyers said that this knob goes from little resistance to difficult with just a simple turn. There is not much middle ground for gaining resistance to gradually increase the amount according to a few people. We find this aspect worth mentioning because more than one person commented about it in their feedback. It could pose a problem for those that want to gradually increase their resistance level as they gain experience with the product. As far as assembling the item when you receive it, it takes about two hours to put it together according to the manufacturer. Most people said they were able to get it completed in about 45 minutes or an hour without any problems. Even those that were not mechanically inclined were able to easily assemble this terrific bike.

Ease of Use

Using the Sole Fitness Bike is not hard once you have it together and you have adjusted the bars, seat, and resistance knob to your particular references. We want to discuss the weight of the product here because it was a common theme in the negative comments online from buyers. The heavy weight of the item makes it difficult for some people to move even with the wheels on the front. It is heavy for delivery people to get in the home, even though some people claimed that it can be moved easily. It weighs 140 pounds in the box, so make sure that you pick a permanent spot for it and leave it there. This will be quite difficult to move around frequently or put away after each exercise or training session you want to do. If the package needs to go on another floor of the building when you receive the bike, you may have to move it piece by piece or use the help of another person and a hand truck. Once in place, this will no longer be an issue that you have to deal with. Besides, having it already in place when you want to exercise or train increases your motivation to ride it more often.

Bottom Line

Heavy-damaged boxes in shipment and resistance knobs that do not have much flexibility are the main complaints from buyers about the Sole Fitness Exercise Bike. Even some with the damaged boxes did not have damaged bikes because the product itself is that tough and durable. The damage most likely comes from the fact that the product is so heavy (140 pounds) and is hard for delivery people to move around alone. It is important to put it where you want it to stay when you assemble this bike. It will be clumsy and difficult to move once it is put together. It does have wheels on the front, but most people found it hard to relocate. The knob for resistance is riding did give some people problems, as theirs went from easy to hard with just a simple turn. This may be an individual issue, as not too many people mentioned this in their reviews. We find that even with the high price of this product, it is well worth the cost because of the excellent build and sturdiness of the construction. This is a bike that you will have for many years of continuous use for training, fitness, and exercise to use right in your own home. It is the same, if not better, commercial-grade quality as the gyms have for their members to use and is a huge step above regular exercise bikes of lighter weight. This is a superior-quality spin bike that is highly adjustable to your needs and life schedule.