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Xmark Fitness Combo Offer Exercise Bar Reviewed Review Facts

The Xmark Fitness Combo Offer Olympic Exercise Bar comes with two tri-grip Olympic ten-pound weights and two tri-grip Olympic twenty-five-pounds weights. Made for the gym, weight training, and fitness, this unisex product has a grip of 28mm and medium knurling. The bar of seven feet with bushings of brass has a shaft coated with manganese and black phosphate. Resistant to peeling, cracking, and splitting, the hand-inspected and hand-crafted weights are made from recycled and virgin rubber. The four rubber-coated iron weights have recessed centers for safety and are grooved to make them easy to grab and load onto the bar. The premium and tough rubber casing will protect other equipment and floors from damage. Each weight has a diameter of two inches and has the weight number molded into it. flexible to the user, you can use the weights with the bar or alone for “hands-on” weight training and exercise. We discuss these features and more of this Xmark Fitness Exercise Bar Combination in the full product review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Strong rubber protects other equipment and floors
  • Shaft has Manganese Black Phosphate
  • Resistant to peeling, cracking, and splitting
  • Each plate has the numbers of weight molded into them
  • Hand inspected and crafted weights
  • Use with the bar or without for “hands-on” weights
  • Unisex and made for gym, training, and fitness
  • Grooved weights make it easy to grab and load
  • An oil substance on the rubber weights emits a “new” smell
  • Does not come with weight clamps for the bar


You will find that the Xmark Exercise Bar is very comfortable to use because it is easy to load with the recessed handles, and precautions were taken by the manufacturer to ensure safety when loading the weights. Pinching of the fingers when loading the weights on the bar is reduced because of the recessed centers on the weights. Even when careful, loading weights can sometimes bind the fingers and cause injury when putting them on the bar. You will not have this issue with this product. This weight set is a good option because it provides excellent results in the activity of weight lifting. The modern style and precise weights motivate the user in developing a training routine and sticking with it. Another comfort of this item is the recessed handles on the weights. They have large openings that fit the hand well and are easy to load and unload as they are slotted.


The Olympic Exercise Bar and Weights are built tough to last for many years of progressive weight training without showing any signs of wear. You can expect to be using these comfortably for a long time to enhance your endurance and build your muscles. The strong rubber casing on the weights will protect other equipment and floors well when they touch the floor. The rubber is premium and tough and made from recycled and virgin rubber. Both sets of weights are resistant to peeling, cracking, and splitting, so you have many years to enjoy them. The shaft has Manganese Black Phosphate as a coating for longevity and sturdiness. This substance is the hardest coating possible with superior abrasion and corrosion protection and is much better than black oxide or zinc phosphate coatings that are sometimes used for such products.

Key Features

-Recessed centers on the weights
-Shaft has Manganese Black Phosphate
-Bar is seven feet with bushings of brass
-Grip of 28 mm and medium knurling
-Two 10-pound and two 25-pound plate weights
-Made of iron and rubber-coated with weight numbers
-Diameter of weights is two inches


As many online buyers have noticed when purchasing this combination set of exercise bar and weights, the cost is considerably less than some of the offerings by competitors. This is because the company ships the weights in pairs to make the best use of the shipping prices. Sold in weight pairs, the cost to the customer is reduced from sending the weights one by one. They realized that it costs just as much to send one or two weights at a time, so why not make the offer for two weights instead of one and pass the savings on to the customer? This set is more economical than some others you will see that are similar and the quality is excellent. In our search for complaints of durability or quality, there are only a few minor negative comments.


Your weight training equipment should be a stable part of your workout and sessions, and it should not pose any negative surprises. You will find that this Xmark item is dependable and reliable for outstanding performance. The weights fit perfectly on the bar and are simple and easy to load every time. Even though you can probably tell simply which weights are the ten-pound ones and which are the twenty-five-pound ones, it is clearly marked on each plate. The numbers of the weight are molded into them for easy reference. This will be important when you purchase other weight amounts to add to your collection for your weight training sessions. Even the bar offers the best stability for your exercise as it is a top-quality bar with a design of excellence.


This may seem like an odd category for reviewing a weight training product, but the subject of breathability for these weights and exercise bar has to deal with the numerous complaints online from buyers about the initial odor of this item when it is received. Many people mentioned the smell of the rubber weights in their feedback and review. The rubber material is going to emit a smell on its own, which should be expected. However, the company has put a sort of oily substance on the rubber parts of the weights too. Some people reported receiving their weight with the oil still on them and wet. Others just complained of the unbearable smell. You may have to remove the oil from the rubber, or you may not. A few people said that the smell was not as bad as most people were saying and that it was not a big deal. We want to mention this aspect in this review because it was mentioned too many times to just ignore. If the newness of the rubber and oil odor would be too much for you to stand for a while, you may want to keep looking for another item. Especially, if you will be keeping these in a close place, such as a basement or garage, the odor may be too much to bear in a confined area.


This weight product by Bayou Fitness is a weight bar and four weights. It contains an Olympic bar of seven feet with bushings of brass and hand-inspected and hand-crafted weights of ten and twenty-five pounds. You get two of each size weight and the one exercise bar in the combination set. The terrific bar has a grip of 28 mm and medium knurling to be suitable for those just beginning their weight training and for those that have a developed routine and many sessions under their belt. This package deal is one of the best currently being offered online. It makes the best use of the shipping charges for such heavy items by delivering two of each weight class rather than one at a time and is of superb quality.


When gripping and moving weights to place on and off the bar, you need good traction on the weights. Even though some people wear specific gloves for weight training, those that do not will possibly experience dropping a weight or two by accident. This could harm floors or body parts if not careful enough. To prevent this problem, this manufacturer added grip sections on these weights for easy handling and terrific traction. All weights are round with three inner spaces for gripping and a center space for the bar. They look like small steering wheels of a vehicle that has the same grooves on the wheel for driving. Because you can become quite sweaty during your training workouts, it is important that the weights give your hands a good grip to prevent them from slipping out of your hands. The traction is marvelous on all four of these weight pieces.


This Xmark combination comes with two different sets of weights in two weight amounts. You get two ten-pound weight and two twenty-five-pound weights to give you a variety of weights to use on the bar. This product is made for the gym, weight training, and fitness. It is ideal for both men and women to use, as it is a unisex product. Women who want to just tone some of their strategic areas may only use the ten-pound weights, but for those who want to build some muscle mass, the twenty-five-pounds weights will be fantastic. The wonderful thing about this weight set is that the individual weights can be used with or without the bar. Without the bar, they provide “hands-on” exercise used singly or in pairs. This is another good reason for the added traction grooves on the weights, so they are not dropped easily.


The weight capacity is 700 pounds for using the exercise bar, which weighs 38 pounds without the weights. The superb bar comes with two tri-grip Olympic ten-pound plate weights and two 25-pound plate weights that are made of iron and rubber-coated. The diameter of each weight is two inches to make them easy to grip and hold for putting on the bar or for using alone in exercise training. These weight amounts are ideal for beginners to the activity of weight training, as well as those with other weight products in their possession who are actively training already.

Ease of Use

Using this weight combination set is easy and straightforward. Understanding how the weights go on the bar and how they come off is very simple. They are easy to load on the bar and take off, plus the grooves for traction make them simple to grab. One issue that was mentioned by a buyer online is the fact that this product does not come with weight clamps to keep the weights on the bar while using it. These are helpful to prevent accidents and injuries of the weight coming off unexpectedly during exercise. Working with another person will help with this issue to ensure the weights stay on the bar, but for those who work with the item alone, you may want to invest in some clamps for safety. Otherwise, you should have no problems with using this product for all of your weight training and exercise needs.

Bottom Line

The two negative factors of this Xmark Exercise Bar item that has displeased customers are the “new” smell and oil on the weights and the omission of weight clamps to hold the weights on the bar securely. Not many people complained about the clamps, as the weights do fit snug on the bar and do not pose immediate problems of coming off. The rubber odor of the weights and the oily chemical on them was an issue for many customers, however. It is not understood why a company would ship out a product with a substance on it that could be removed before packaging. If the weights are kept in a closed place after purchasing, such as a garage, shed, or basement, this terrible smell could be a good reason to not buy them in the first place. Besides these two issues, this Xmark product is one of excellence for value, stability, durability, and performance. It is sturdy enough to use for many years without showing signs of wear and is versatile to use with or without the bar. Both men and women will benefit from using this item in their weight training and exercise sessions to tone and firm their strategic body areas. The pros outweigh the cons when measured together, so we recommend it as a valued economical product for great fitness.