Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch

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Citizen Eco-Drive Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch Review Facts

The Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Navihawk Atomic Timekeeping Watch is an excellent brand for precision, affordability, and style that is synchronized with the atomic clock for outstanding accuracy. It is radio-controlled with a display of Coordinated Universal Time to display the time digitally in 43 worldwide cities. Using both artificial and natural light, it never needs a battery or charging with electricity. This superb timepiece is water-resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet, making it perfect for showering, swimming, and snorkeling. It is also ideal for rugged sports such as jet ski and rock climbing with its stainless-steel 48-millimeter case with a mineral crystal that is anti-reflective. Included is a perpetual calendar, a rotating pilot’s dial slide-rule ring, and a timer with a 99-minute countdown. There are two alarms to keep you on time wherever you go and radio signals on-demand and automatically for the best accuracy and precision. One unique aspect of the Navihawk is the rubber cut-to-fit band that comes with it. You simply cut the band to fit your individual wrist size for a customized fit. There are several buyer concerns about this Citizen watch that are discussed in our complete review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ideal brand for precision, affordability, and style
  • Radio signals on-demand and automatically
  • Has a rotating pilot’s dial slide-rule ring
  • Good for showering, swimming, and bathing
  • Perfect for extreme sports and activities
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet
  • Synchronized with the atomic clock
  • Displays the time digitally in 43 cities
  • Uses both artificial and natural light
  • Never needs a battery or charging with electricity
  • Digital time and date cannot be seen at the same time
  • The cut-to-fit rubber band is not high-quality
  • Digital information and luminous hands are hard to see in low light
  • No ventilation holes in the band to prevent sweating
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  • This is a trusted watch with a wide variety of functions.
  • Citizen uses high quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • The time and perpetual calendar are very precise.
  • With this watch, there is no need to worry about charging batteries.
  • It is surprisingly comfortable.
  • Easy time zone synchronization is great for people who travel regularly.
  • Alternate time zones can be digitally displayed.
  • Although the watch face is large, it is not overly bulky.
  • The face has a good balance of analog and digital displays.
  • This watch lives up to buyers' expectations of Citizen watches.
  • Complaints about the water resistance are very rare.
  • Video tutorials for the different functions are available online.
  • This watch is built to last.
  • Citizen stands by their warranty for this watch.
  • This watch quickly became a favorite for fans of quality timepieces.
  • It looks good in both formal and informal settings.
  • For all of the functionality and style, buyers say it's reasonably priced.
  • There are positive reviews from people who have used it for international travel, auto racing, flying, and work.
  • The features on the display are small.
  • It is a very busy watch in terms of functions and display layout.
  • The band must be cut to size.
  • The glass is mineral crystal not sapphire.
  • The owner's manual is laborious.
  • The hour hand blends into the UTC display.
  • Radio signal connection does not work everywhere.
  • The digital display does not have strong contrast making it a little difficult to read.
  • The warranty does not fully extend to the band.
  • The watch hands cover the digital display a few hours each day.
  • There are a few reports of the side button falling off.
  • The lighting is not sufficient.
  • The watch hands are difficult to see at night.
  • There are a few reports of quality control issues when buying from third party sellers.
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Citizen’s is a terrific brand for precision, affordability, and style. When compared to other top-notch brands, it is one of the best watch types that has the same great quality and features but is more affordable for those that want a better watch. Many customers that own several brands of high-quality atomic watches will not buy anything else now. They love the excellence of this brand and this model in particular. Citizen’s gives its customers a watch for a reasonable price they can afford.


With plating of black ion and construction of stainless steel, the Navihawk is a rugged timepiece that can take plenty of abuse and wear. It includes a black deep-embossed polyurethane strap with orange dial accents. Users attest to the ruggedness of this watch for extreme sports and activities. Even though it is not supposed to be used for scuba diving, some users have worn it for this activity with no problems at all. It is a tough watch that is built for longevity and rough handling and conditions.


The most flexible parts of this incredible watch are the band and the atomic connectivity. Because it uses the atomic time clock, you will never have to set this watch no matter where you go globally. it is perfect for those that travel through time zones regularly and who do not want the hassle of having to synchronize their watch each time they do. The band is the other flexible quality of this product, which we address in more detail in the Band section of this review. Here, we will just mention that is it made of rubber material and can be cut to fit the wrist size of the user. Some people did not like this band for their expensive, high-quality watch, so they purchased leather bands that suited it better. Screen covers can also be bought to protect the face of the watch to keep it in prime condition longer without scratches.


Some features of stability of the Navihawk Watch are its slide rule, radio signals, and alarms. It has two alarms to keep you notified of appointments or events in your life. This is to make sure that you are always right on time wherever you go. This item gets radio signals on-demand and automatically in the United Kingdom, North America, China, Europe, and Japan to remain in sync with the atomic clock for precision. It features a rotating pilot’s dial slide-rule ring, and everything is displayed at once on the face for ease. Some buyers noticed that the time and the date are, however, not displayed at once, which was a problem for some people. This is a stable product that you can depend on for the most accurate time and functioning.


The Citizen’s Navihawk has orange accents and a black round face. Its case size is 48 mm with an analog display with quartz Japanese movement. The stainless-steel case has a mineral crystal that is anti-reflective, plus luminous markers, multi-function chronographs, and displays of digital information. The polyurethane band has a dual push-button closure that folds over the buckle and is in a cut-to-fit form for exact fitting of the user’s wrist size. This atomic timepiece is high-quality and affordable for those that want a great watch with advanced aspects but without the extreme price that most watches of this caliber demand.


Because of its resistance to water this Citizen’s item is excellent for serious water surface sports and professional marine duties. It is not suitable for scuba diving but is good for showering, swimming, and snorkeling. The Navihawk is water-resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet and is ideal for extreme sports such as jet ski and rock climbing. As we mentioned before, a few users took it scuba diving without any issues, but this is not recommended by the makers of the watch. The rugged exterior of this item makes it perfect for those adventurers that seem to go through watches often and are always replacing them. The fact that it has atomic time connectivity and charges with light only makes it a superior watch for any type of excursion, sport, or activity.


A watch of any kind is not much of a timepiece if it cannot keep good time. The Navihawk excels in this aspect because it is synchronized with the atomic clock for precise accuracy. Radio controlled, it displays the time digitally in 43 cities and includes a timer with a 99-minute countdown. Also featured is a display of Coordinated Universal Time and a perpetual calendar. If you like to travel and do so quite often, then this just may be the perfect watch for you. You will never have to set the time wherever you go, and with the power source being light only, it will never have to be charged. As you go to place to place, your only concern will be your itinerary and not the time where you are or where you are going. This watch has you covered.


Besides the hard-to-read display of this Citizen product, the rubber band is the most controversial aspect of this watch. If you look online at the customer feedback and comments, you will see plenty of people complaining about the band of this watch. There are a couple of reasons for this. It is a rubber band that does not match the high-quality of the sophisticated watch. This leaves the buyer scratching his head as to why Citizen would put such a low-quality band on this watch. It is a cut-to-fit band that you cut to the size of your wrist. The problem with that is when you cut it to fit, you may at a later time want it to be longer, but it will be ruined for that. Many people are replacing the band because they do not like it. Another issue is that it does not have any aeration holes in the band to prevent sweating or a way to absorb the sweat. Most activity and sports watches have slits or holes in them to prevent the wrist from sweating. This one does not. The rubber band is certainly a puzzling quality of this otherwise incredible watch.

Ease of Use

Using the Navihawk is the second problem that users had when they purchased this watch. The digital time and the digital date cannot be seen on the same screen together, plus the display is hard to read for those that do not have perfect vision. Being able to see the date and time at the same time is very important to travelers and those on the job. Having to press a button for one or the other seems like a small detail, but it was important enough for several people to mention in their reviews. Because there is so much information displayed on the face of this timepiece, everything is quite small, making it hard for those without ideal vision struggling to see the data they desire. The digital information demands almost perfect lighting to read. The luminous hands are not seen well in the dark or low light conditions according to some people. It stands to reason that if you cannot see the information on a watch that you need, then it is not that beneficial to have it in the first place. This is the feeling that some buyers are being left with when using this Navihawk Watch. Many buyers also find it too complicated to use for practical purposes. This watch is accurate and beautiful but setting it up and trying to understand all of its functions was just too much for some customers. The instructions that are included may not be the best, leaving users to consult the Internet for guidance in using this device.

Power Source

Light-powered, the Navihawk Watch uses both artificial and natural light for its energy. It never needs a battery or recharging at any time with electricity of any kind. When you are near an adequate light source or out in the sun, it will power up all on its own without any input from the user. This makes the power and the time keeping automatic for you to continue along in your busy lifestyle. There is an indicator for power reserve, so you know when the power is getting low. At that time, you can get near a light source or step out in the outdoors for a power charge. Flexible powering just does not get any easier than this. It is trouble, stress, and maintenance-free for easy use.

Bottom Line

The Citizen Navihawk Watch is a product with mixed online reviews, as the several concerns may or may not be important to the individual customer. The negative points of this item are the rubber band that is cut-to-fit in sizing and without any ventilation holes, the hard-to-read digital data and luminous hands, and the fact that the digital time and date cannot be seen at once. If these qualities are problematic for you, then we do not recommend purchasing this watch. Each feature can be a deal breaker if it is important enough to the customer but coordinated together, they can certainly be enough combined to make you sorry you purchased it. However, many buyers are very happy with their purchase and do not find these aspects to be a hindrance. They bought other bands and are not bothered by the small data qualities on the face. It is true that the high-quality features of the accuracy and precision of the watch itself are excellent. The atomic clock and the battery that charged only on a light source are invaluable to some people. Travelers will love this watch if they can see the display and are not indifferent to the rubber band. It is not understood why Citizen would put a rubber band without ventilation holes on such a timepiece as the Navihawk, but they did. Bottom line is, if the band and the face visibility is not an issue for you, then this is a good atomic watch that is accurate, water-resistant, and free from charging with electricity or battery.