Training Mask 2.0

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Training Mask 2.0 Review Facts

The Training Mask 2.0 is the TRAININGMASK company's second version of their popular and wide hit training mask. This high altitude training mask is meant to simulate the conditions you would experience when it comes to breathing and oxygen consumption if you were to take your standard training routine and relocate it to another harsher environment with less oxygen. By mimicking these conditions the mask aims to improve the way you breathe by training your breathing muscles and help you to become a more competitive athlete as well as a more fit individual. Designed with six individual levels the mask can be easily worn and used by amateur people who are just looking to amp up the workouts they already doing or even professional athletes that are hoping to get a more competitive edge over the competition and get themselves into better shape. The mask also comes in several different sizes so that all types of athletes can benefit from it while still remaining compact. This high altitude training mask is going to be one of the most compact and easy to carry pieces of equipment you'll buy and is intended to last you years so that you can keep training.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Fits Easily into Gym Bag

Easy To Begin Training With


Helps your breathing techniques


Can pool moisture



This altitude training mask comes in three different sizes so that you can find one that fits your face correctly and jump into more intense training. With a small, medium, and large size option available you're sure to find the right fit for you and begin taking advantage of the high-intensity training that is associated with simulated high altitude training.

The training mask itself at all three sizes is still a compact piece of training equipment that is also made from malleable material so that you don't have to worry about room. This means that this high altitude training mask is capable of being scrunched and stuffed in your pocket when you want to take it off and easily fits inside your gym bag with taking up too much space. There's a lot of workout equipment that takes up more space than some people would like and be able to have that extra piece of equipment that will not only help to bring your workouts up to the next level of intensity but also is capable of fitting in your hand or stuffed in your pocket when you don't need it is great.

Many people go through a lot of hoops to find a way to experience the high altitude workouts that this mask simulates whether it is finding a mountain or limiting their oxygen through large heavy contraptions, but with this training mask you will be able to push your body to the absolute limits and force yourself to take the next step in your fitness and workout routine without having to had a considerable amount of weight to the equipment you might already be using or strapping on some kind of heavy vest or another piece of workout equipment. This mask is truly designed to be the little helper that could be easily stowed away when it's not helping you become the fitness beast that you want to be.


While this high altitude training mask is small in size it still has some run of the mill features that continue to be important no matter what. This high altitude training mask comes with a three-year warranty that in case anything happens to it so that you know when you're investing in this new piece of workout equipment you'll be able to get as much benefit from it as you possibly can. This high altitude training mask is also designed with six levels of graded resistance. This resistance is intended to be used by beginner levels all the way up to the hardcore trainers who are familiar with the company's previous products. This helps you too either start working yourself as hard as possible right away or for more novice individuals that need to train themselves up to more begin your training on one of the lower settings. These resistances grades simulate different altitude heights by limiting your air intake through the different valves and caps so that you know right away you're not only getting the training that you paid for but you're doing so in an easy to manage way.


This high altitude training mask also comes with a DVD and a booklet. These peripheral supplies are meant to help you get started on your way and show you the proper way to use this high altitude training mask in your cardio your other fitness routines. The booklets will instruct you on not only what the mask is but provide a way for you to be guided through customizing your workout with the mask and making sure that you are correctly setting the valves and resistance levels. By following these helpfully provided guides you should be able to reap the most out of your workouts regardless of if you're doing cardio or weights while also using the mask to its fullest potential.


This high altitude training mask is designed to be used in all different types of training settings making it an adaptable and diverse mask for your training needs. Primarily focused on lung training this high altitude training mask is intended to work on your lungs and respiratory muscles, essentially strengthening your diaphragm. This diaphragm training and strengthening is intended to build up your respiratory strength so that you are getting the most out of your oxygen and air intake when you're not using the mask as a means to make you a more competitive athlete and help you to recover better by forcing your body to use its oxygen in a more strategic manner.

With cardio training, you can expect for your breath and breathing to become more precise and efficient. This will improve how you breathe while running or performing in other types of cardio areas as your body becomes more focused on its air intake and you become able to do more with fewer amounts of oxygen over time. This can be extremely beneficiary for an athlete that is required to run competitively whether it be in track and field events, swimming, or other physical sports such as soccer and American football.

Ease of use

This high altitude training mask accomplishes the breathing muscle training goal by mimicking the conditions you would experience breath wise in a higher altitude situation. The mask is intended to work by you using it for training and performing without it resulting in your performance not being hindered by your oxygen intake so you can compete even better than you would have otherwise now that you fully have the ability to breathe in and out without any type of obstruction or added stressors to your physical activity. The altitudes for this training are created by adjusting the valves and plugs used in the design of the mask so that you can experience the intensity of what it would be like to workout in those six different height environments without ever having to actually leave the comfort of your own city. This simulated high altitude training is also meant to be able to benefit you regardless of what kind of training you're doing.


This mask helps you to not become as exhausted and fatigued as early on in sports events while helping you to push yourself to your limits while training for sports events, making you a more competitive athlete than your counterparts. The mask can also be used during weight training as a means to help you focus on your breathing and forcing you to add another layer of control to how you train and develop your strength. In the athletic world that has come to be nowadays virtually no one only focuses on cardio or weights meaning that you should be able to train, workout, and perform at your maximum by focusing on different muscle groups and many different types of physical training. This will help you in not only becoming physically stronger but will also help your overall endurance so that you're getting the most out of your reps and able to come back and do more in the future, pushing your body to become what you want and what it can be rather than being limited by not getting as much out of your workouts as you possibly could. And if you're a beginner just starting your fitness journey or someone that hasn't dedicated large portions of their life to training for sports don't let this talk of high-intensity training and more difficult workouts deter you.

This high altitude training mask is designed to be able to be used by both novice and amateur level individuals as well as professional athletes. This high altitude mask is designed with the idea that anyone and everyone can benefit from using this mask to not only make them a more competitive individual but at their core a more fit individual. Whether you're someone who can run a mile in under ten minutes or you just looking to get in shape so you're not winded on the office stairs or at a disadvantage during a zombie apocalypse this mask will be a useful product for you as well as an easy to store and compact piece of workout equipment.

Flexibility and Fit

Fitting easily around your face and being a compact size you can take this training mask with you on the go wherever you are whether you're an athlete that has to travel city to city and practice on rival courts or fields or just someone looking to increase the intensity of the cardio routine and want to start by running to point B with the mask on and back home with it of this compact piece of sports equipment will be able to travel with you wherever you go. This high altitude training mask also ships with the instructional booklet and DVD so that when you get it you can easily be prepared and ready to train. Designed to be easy to used this peripheral stuff will help you get on your fitness journey and use the mask in the best way possible so that you're getting as much out of your investment as you can. This means guiding you through the six different levels and helping you to understand the correct way for you to be able to train with the mask and get what you're looking for in your cardio, weight training, or other physical routines.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that this high altitude training mask is a product designed to bring even more intensity to your workouts whether you are a seasoned athlete who quite literally is a pro or you're just someone that is looking to get into better shape and wants to make the absolute most of their time. This high altitude training mask is designed with six different altitude grades so you can experience new levels of training like never before and push your body to its limit. These different grades allow you to start small and work your way up so that you aren't taken back by the training process and continue to be able to reap its benefits month after month.

The targeted breath muscle training helps with your diaphragm and is aimed at improving your lung capacity as well as how your body uses up its oxygen. By training with this mask reduced air intake style you should be able to see your performance improve when you're not wearing by having better breath control and being able to recover faster. The three-year warranty that this piece of workout equipment comes with will allow you to test your limits and train harder month after month year after year so that you can be satisfied with your training regimen and reap the most rewards.

Whether you're training for aerobic sports and need to focus on your breath control to improve your endurance or you're doing weight training and want to get the most out of your muscles this high altitude training mask is designed so that you can do it and do it better.