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La Sportiva Akyra Review Facts

Don’t lose your footing with these top trail running shoes! With excellent execution and a commitment to quality, La Sportiva Akyra is second to none when it comes to grip and traction. Whether you are heading out into the rugged mountains or hiking in snowy conditions, this well-cushioned shoe can handle all of the highs and lows of the trail. Boost your stride on your all-terrain adventure and get the protection you need with the Akyras.

An excellent addition at La Sportiva, the Akyras have been popular amongst trail runners and hikers who would prefer a more lightweight hiking shoe for their trek. Packing a heavyweight punch yet inspired by the grace of origami, the Akyra offers next level protection and can be worn on even the most technical of terrains. If you would like to know more about this running shoe, check out our handy review for a breakdown of all the key features and concerns, as well as an overview of the public opinion about these heavyweight running shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Robust
  • Ready to tackle all terrains
  • Premium durability
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Extra protective features
  • Sole collects mud easily
  • Heavy for a running shoe


Dominating the trail, the La Sportiva Akyras are 4-season running shoes that are ready to tackle mountain terrain. Go off the beaten path, and explore the great outdoors, the Akyras will keep your feet safe and protected throughout your journey.

If you enjoy trail running or you are going backpacking or hiking, these lightweight runners could be a great shoe for you. They will keep you dry and comfortable, provide protection from nature and the elements, and still be lightweight enough to wear for hours. In comparison to the other La Sportiva models, the Akyras are similar to the Akasha with regard to strength and yet offer more agility than the Ultra Raptors.

The La Sportive Akyras may not be suitable if you prefer a lightweight running shoe and if you are all about the barefoot or minimalist running, you may prefer to opt for a lighter pair with increased responsiveness or ground feel. They are also reported not to be the best for technical trails, particularly those that feature steady inclines and declines. There have been some concerns regarding the breathability and reviews have suggested that they might be too hot and heavy for summer runs.

Overall, many commentators have stated that they have walked or run miles upon miles in these shoes, with the impressive support and protection keeping their feet from discomfort.


At 670g, on average, the La Sportiva Akyra is definitely on the heavier side of the running shoe market. These are burly shoes that are suitable for running on a wide range of different terrains. Although, several reviews have suggested that the Akyras may be too heavy for running, and that would prefer a lighter model.

However, shoes that feature the level of protection that the Akyras offer are never going to be ultra-lightweight, and it is about choosing what is important to you. You will need to consider whether the added protection and durability of the performance-driven La Sportiva Akyra, is worth the extra weight or not.


The La Sportive Akyra running shoes lead the way when it comes to protection. In comparison with other running shoes, the La Sportive Akyras provide excellent protection, and these shoes have been designed for just about any epic adventure.

The TPU toe cap provides protection from the rocks and any other obstacles that you may face on the trail. Plus, the heel cushioning further prevents any dirt and debris from getting into your shoes as you run. Although the shoes are not waterproof, many commentators have suggested that they dry relatively quickly after getting wet. Plus, over reviewers have worn these shoes in both snowy and icy conditions, and their feet have remained snug and dry.

Keeping your feet comfortable and safe from common trail hazards, you are going to be so impressed by the quality and level of protection that this shoe has to offer. If you are looking for a shoe with even more protection, La Sportiva’s Ultra Raptors are heavy-duty shoes that are ready to tackle just about any environment.


Performing well on even the most technical of terrains, the La Sportiva Akyra is an excellent choice for any trail runner. Running a cross country can be a welcome break from the roads or the gym and is a great way to get back to nature and appreciate the joy of the great outdoors.

Confidently handling any surface, including snow, these shoes offer supreme grip and traction and will protect your feet whilst keeping out any dirt or debris. Although, it should be noted that some reviews have suggested that dirt does tend to collect in the lugs when running on particularly muddy terrains.


Getting the right size will ensure that your La Sportive Akyras reach maximum performance, and the La Sportiva Akyra is available in standard sizes for both men and women. However, there is only one width available, and they do have a reputation for running narrow.

A few reviewers have also suggested that the fit is rather accommodating on the La Sportiva Akyras, which is ideal if you are looking for a shoe that you can comfortably wear with socks.


The commitment to innovation and use of the latest technology on the Akyras ensures comfort mile after mile. The spacious toe box gives you plenty of space to naturally splay your toes as you run, and the midsole has been ergonomically designed to cradle your foot naturally. These shoes have efficient ventilation to keep your feet cool and great padding for extra support. If you are on the lookout for a lightweight pair of hiking shoes or trail runners, the Akyra could be an excellent choice.

These shoes have been created to be breathable. Despite the extra layers of protection and slightly high weight of the shoes, they continue to provide excellent ventilation. Keeping your feet cool and comfortable as you move, this focus on breathability reduces the probability of sweat build up. However, some commenters have suggested that they are a little hot and heavy, preventing them from feeling as comfortable as they should.

The La Sportive Akyras have been designed for people who do not pronate or supinate excessively. They are neutrally cushioned to allow for more flexibility, but if you have high arches, they are not likely to be suitable.


It is always nice to get footwear that combines both fashion and functionality, but La Sportiva Akyra is a great option. The shoes are based on an origami theme with the illusion of folds and bends in the upper material. The Akyra is available in a wide selection of different colors for men and women, from the bright yellows that will make an impact and promote visibility, to the classic black with vivid details.

Overall, these La Sportiva trail runners are a stylish pair of trail shoes that will look and feel great during your outdoor adventure.


Although the La Sportiva Akyras are relatively bulky in comparison with other models, they do feel fairly responsive, and this is due to the excellent midsole that has been used to form the base of this shoe.

Injection Shock Absorbing Memlex is a full-length EVA midsole engineered for enhanced cushioning and offering added protection. Some reviews have suggested that this does feel relatively stiff, but others have praised the manner in which it supports and cradles the feet. The Akyras also feature insoles created by Ortholite. Created using a unique open cell system to reduce moisture, this also adds extra comfort and includes anti-microbial agents to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

The incorporation of the FlexGuard Microfiber inserts also enhances the comfort of the shoe, and the heel collar in this shoe, in particular, provides excellent hold and support, whilst also stopping dirt and debris.


The La Sportiva Akyra has prioritized protection, and they are packed with the latest features, the soles of the shoes are no exception.

One of the best things features on the La Sportiva Akyras has to be the Trail Rocker System. This allows for a natural outer heel-inner toe support and will help to promote a rolling heel to toe motion for a smooth ride on the trails. The La Sportive Akyra also features an impact brake system, which is a lugged system designed to lessen impact forces and increase uphill/downhill traction. The unique position of the lugs on the Akyras ensures that as many of them as possible come into contact with the ground.

FriXion XT is a full length versatile sticky compound that has been designed for premium grip on technical and rocky terrain. Using FriXion rubber for the dual compound outsole means that the soles are slightly sticky and so provide superb traction- and will even adhere to wet rock. The traction has been praised throughout the online reviews, with many noting that these shoes provide amazing footing in comparison with other models. The sole is almost similar to a lightweight hiking shoe and with tougher rubber in high-stress areas, they are exceptionally durable.

The La Sportiva Akyras have a traditional 9mm drop. However, some have suggested that the heel is a little tall for a trail running shoe. However, the pattern on the sole alone is highly innovative. With deep and widely spaced hexagon shaped lugs and chevrons to allow for premium comfort on a multitude of surfaces; making them the ideal shoes for running on rough and rocky terrain.


The upper section of the La Sportiva Akyras is inspired by complex origami, a design that has been creating to improve flexibility and support. The three-layer construction system will keep your feet snug and secure. The TPU Microlite Skeleton structure will keep your feet secure and stable. Air Mesh covers the upper to keep feet cool and ventilated and features moisture-wicking properties to prevent sweat build up. You will find the shoes have ample space, and the laces are easily adjustable so that you can customize the perfect fit.

The TrailCage midfoot wrap refers to the technology that is used to create an ideal upper layer that will provide support and lateral stability. Finally, the gusseted tongue works to keep out rocks, and other bits and the toe guard will prevent direct hits.

Bottom Line

Conquer the mountain and explore the great outdoors as aggressive protection meets traction and agility with the La Sportiva Akyra. Although not suitable for road running and slightly heavy, the Akyras will provide soft comfort and plenty of the breathability. La Sportiva makes some of the best trail shoes in the business, and the Akyra are no exception. Lots of customers note that this shoe is particularly robust and that they have lasted for many years. Plus, as a nice added bonus the La Sportiva Akyras are vegan-friendly!

While it is sold as a trail running shoe, the La Sportiva Akyra is also an excellent hiking shoe; offering comfort and protection when you are out on the trail. If you are looking for a heavy duty running shoe or a lightweight trail shoe, the La Sportiva Akyras are strong, stable and structured. They are protective enough to take you across all terrains and will keep your feet secure and comfortable in even the toughest of conditions. However, the increased protection does come at a cost, with the very little ground feel and extra weight which could slow you down on the trail.

Overall, the La Sportiva Akyras offer premium support; they are strong and stable and will keep your feet snug. If you are in the market for all-terrain traction, comfort, and protection, the La Sportive Akyras could be the perfect option for you. Securing the foot while you move, they are the ideal shoe for your next outdoor adventure.