Salomon Women’s XR Mission Shoe

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Salomon Women’s XR Mission Shoe Review Facts

If you are a lover of the great outdoors, especially the feel of running the best trails, then having the best shoe is a must. Often, people choose a shoe they don’t feel completely comfortable in simply due to the fact their running mates, or others they meet on the trail may wear them. Unfortunately, those other runners may not have the same drive as you. They may not need a shoe that is not only comfortable when hitting their favorite mountain trail but one that can stand up to whatever you throw at it on a run. If that is the type of shoe you need, then perhaps the Salomon XR Mission is what you’re looking for.

Salomon has been around for quite a while. One can easily say they are no stranger to offering great trail shoes. The XR Mission is one they trust to take runners from the road to the trail with no issue. This shoe is not loaded down with tons of extras. It is geared toward runners who love mountain trails and deep woods running. This means there is no need in all the fancy features you’ll find in other shoes. What Salomon does offer is streamlined to make this shoe meet the needs of a true trail runner.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Quick lacing system
  • Supportive
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Slippage issue on descent
  • Complaints with stiffness of toe box
  • Not most recent version


When choosing a great trail running shoe, one must always consider the outsole. What exactly is the outsole? This is the area on the bottom of the shoe and the outside. Often, this is the first part of the shoe you will see. This is also one of the most important parts of any shoe, especially trail running shoes.

The outsole of the Salomon XR Mission has quite a bit to look at. The lugs of the XR Mission are great at gripping when ascending trails. The spacing of these lugs also makes it possible for one to shed debris such as mud easily. With the traction and grip provided by these lugs on the ascent, some reviewers did mention issue when on the descent. This is something to keep in mind when taking on slippery mountain slopes.

The middle area of the outsole features an OS tendon. This tendon is used for energy return. When dealing with areas of bad terrain such as broken trails or rocky areas, this tendon flexes and returns to make traversing much easier.

At the heel of the outsole, a more dependable and durable material is needed. This is why Salomon opted to use Contagrip HA. This carbon rubber is used to provide the XR Mission with great impact resistance and the ability to grip to the road, even in wet conditions.


The midsole of a shoe is the area between the outsole, or bottom, and the upper. This is area features EVA foam to offer a springy feel. Salomon has ensured the XR Mission has a great amount of cushion in this area to keep the shoe feeling very comfortable. The addition of a roomy toe box only helps aid in this comfort by allowing the wearer enough room to splay their toes and not feel confined. It is important to note that most reviewers praised the midsole on the trail but didn’t seem to love the way it felt on the road. Several mentioned a slappy feel and even mentioned it making them feel sluggish.


The upper of the XR Mission is constructed of ripstop nylon that Salomon loves using in most of their shoes. This nylon is quite durable and works hard to keep things like dirt and rocks from getting inside the shoe. The upper is also designed to move with you. Whether you are running rougher trails or those that are simple and easy terrain, you’ll find little to no discomfort when it comes to moving freely.

The lacing of the XR Mission can be considered quite basic but it still gets the job done. The overlays are made from vinyl and microsuede then stitched on. The quick lace system is made up of Kevlar laces. Most reviewers found this system quite easy to work with. When tightening the laces, you may initially feel a bit of snugness. Most reviewers noted that this issue worked itself out after spending a bit of time on the trail and was barely noticeable afterward.

The tongue of the XR Mission easily allows a place to hide away your laces when you are on a run. The tongue also comes with a mesh trampoline for added comfort when mobile.

The heel of the XR Mission is designed with extra foam padding to provide support. For trail running, this extra support can be an amazing addition. If you are using this shoe on the road, you may find it a bit off-putting. This is one of the instances when keeping the true design of this shoe in mind may come in handy. Yes, the XR Mission is designed to provide an easy transition from road to the trail but in the end, it is a trail running shoe.


When considering the type of shoe the XR Mission truly is, it isn’t that weighty. Normal running shoes often weigh in much less than trail running shoes. This is common. The XR Mission weighs in around 11 ounces and can be considered on the lighter side of weight for trail running shoes. If you are a fan of a shoe that feels light on your feet, and you are used to the weight of normal trail shoes, then you may love the lighter feel the Mission provides.


When choosing a shoe, whether it’s a runner or a hiking shoe, breathability is an important factor. If a shoe isn’t able to breathe, you’ll find your feet feeling overheated which can cause cramping and issues. The nylon and mesh design of the XR Mission’s uppers provides this trail running shoe with an adequate amount of breathability. Normal running shoes are often more breathable than trail runners. This is due to the fact that trail running shoes need to keep problems such as dirt and debris at bay. This is why the XR Mission can’t be considered one of the most breathable shoes on the market but when comparing it to other trail running shoes it offers wearers a solid shoe with enough breathability to keep from becoming uncomfortable.


One of the most important things to take into consideration when buying a new pair of shoes is the comfort they provide. This is especially true for a pair of shoes you plan on putting a ton of miles on. For active people, who love to run trails or the open road, choosing the perfect shoes can make or break their experience. Salomon understands this and have done quite a bit when designing the XR Mission to ensure those who choose this shoe for their trail running activities not only enjoy their time on the trail but are comfortable while doing so.

The upper area of the XR mission can be considered quite comfortable. The ability to move with you, and the lightweight feel, make this part of the shoe a mostly non-issue when comfort is being considered. Most issues come from the toe box and heel. Although many reviewers love the roomy toe box, others have shown to have issue with the stiffness used to provide protection to the toes. These reviewers felt as though their toes were cramped and the toe area was a source of discomfort. Other reviewers found the extra padding in the heel to be troublesome at certain points in their run. Most notably, these issues seemed to pop up when on a descent.

Keep in mind, if you experience any type of discomfort when trying a shoe, whether it’s a normal trainer or a trail running shoe, it is crucial you make adjustments early on. Shoes that are uncomfortable can cause severe issues such as blisters and cramps that can make your runs painful instead of fun.


Durability is something you must keep in mind when you find yourself in the market to add a new shoe to your wardrobe. Whether you are choosing trainers or trail runners, knowing you have chosen a shoe that has the ability to hold up to whatever you throw its way is important. The Salomon XR Mission can be considered a very durable shoe to invest in.

When designing the XR Mission, Salomon chose to use materials that have the ability to withstand daily use and often abuse. The outsole is sturdy meaning you can put your feet to work as often as you like. The same can be said for the foam in the midsole. It molds to your feet, allowing you to get the most use from the shoe as possible. The supportive upper is flexible enough to move with you and is made from ripcord nylon which is one of the most durable materials used in the shoe making process. All this comes together to ensure those who choose to go with the XR Mission as their trail running shoe don’t find themselves worrying about needing a new shoe in a few months. Instead, they will find themselves with a shoe that could last quite a while.


In the area of protectiveness, the Salomon XR Mission is a leader. The upper is designed to protect your feet from problems such as loose rock getting inside or dirt slipping through. This means you can enjoy your run without having to constantly stop to clean out your shoes or suffering when a rock slips inside. The design of the toe box also aids in offering a level of protection. The sturdiness of the toe box keeps toes, which are usually quite susceptible to injury, safe when on the trail. Trail runners understand the need for this extra protection due to the ease of toe related injuries when taking on more treacherous terrain.


The Salomon XR Mission can be considered one of the most supportive trail shoes on the market. The upper is designed to support your foot while on a run due to its solid design and the efforts taken by Salomon to ensure a flexible yet secure run. The same can be said about the outsole. The thick design and excellent materials used in the construction of the outsole provides runners with a level of support they are looking for when choosing the right shoe for them. The frame of this shoe provides great support with each step taken, making a run one trail lovers can enjoy without the pain often associated with wearing a less supportive shoe.


The responsiveness of the Salomon XR Mission is common for a trail running shoe. The midsole of this shoe is constructed for EPA foam that allows for spring in your step and an overall feel of connection with each stride. Unfortunately, no great strides have been made to increase the responsiveness of this shoe, still, it can be considered decently responsive when on the trail.


Salomon created the XR Mission to provide their customers with a shoe that could traverse both street running and trail running without any issue. This is what the Mission does. Although this shoe clearly does better on trails than on the open road, users can still hit the pavement with ease and comfort. If you are in the market for a shoe that offers the best of both worlds, looking into the XR Mission may be a smart move to make.


Considering the fact that a newer version of the Mission has been released, the XR has gone down in price. When it first hit the market, this shoe was quite expensive but now it is average price for a trail running shoe. If you want a solid running shoe without paying high prices, the XR could be a great investment for you whether you are new to running or an old pro.

The Bottom Line

The Salomon XR Mission is simply a solid shoe. This trail runner was designed to allow users the ease of going from pavement to off-road running without the need to switch gear. Although the XR Mission doesn’t over excel in areas it does offer comfort, support, and great traction when you find yourself on a run. All these attributes combine to provide you with a great experience whether you are hitting the road or the trail.