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In the world of running, having a well-made hydration vest makes life simpler. Whether you are an avid runner who chooses to participate in marathons and other types of competitive runs or just a lover of the outdoors and being healthy, hydration is the key to success. Taking off on short runs around the neighborhood, longer mountain runs where you plan on being out a few hours, or long distance runs to show others your skills means keeping your body nourished and your energy levels high. This is why the Nathan VaporAir is such an important investment for runners.

The features presented by the Nathan VaporAir makes it one of the top choices of users and reviewers everywhere. With the lack of large, awkward water bottles to be carried on a person’s chest and the convenience of pockets and extras, the popularity of this vest has skyrocketed. Couple all this with the versatility this vest provides, and you’ll quickly see why so many are turning to Nathan for their hydration needs. In this review, we will discuss all the pros this hydration vest has to offer while we also look at the cons.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Several pockets are offered for carrying additional items needed on short and longer runs
  • Comfort
  • Vest doesn’t bounce or move as much as others on the market
  • Easy to use hydration system
  • Lightweight
  • Reflective and safe for night running
  • Can be considered a bit pricey


Heading out on a run in a hydration vest that isn’t comfortable can make for an unpleasant experience. For those who want to keep their run both comfortable and enjoyable, choosing the Nathan VaporAir may be the answer. Reviewers have found this vest to be one of the most comfortable on the market when it comes to having a piece of equipment that not only offers the hydration you need but also the extra features you hope for. Using easy to adjust shoulder straps and side panels made from elastic mesh, Nathan has succeeded in providing runners with a vest they can enjoy wearing. To avoid issues that often plague runners such as a vest that bounces too much as your run or as the water bladders empty, an adjustable sternum strap is used to help tighten the vest and avoid this uncomfortable situation.

Pockets and Attachments

One thing that the Nathan VaporAir provides to those who own this hydration pack and use it for their daily runs or events are enough pockets and attachments to make any gear lover happy. Each pocket featured on the VaporAir is either water resistant or easy to wipe clean thanks to the materials used. This handy feature allows for easy clean up after a run when you're on the go snacks or gel packs have caused a mess inside one of your pockets.

This hydration vest is not considered huge, but you’ll find that you have enough space for your most basic items. On the back, you’ll find only two pouches. One of these is filled by the hydration bladder while the other offers enough room for accessories or extra clothing such as fresh running socks.

The VaporAir features two large breast pockets that are nice for carrying energy bars or extra gear you may need like your watch or other things you want to access quickly. An expandable zipper pocket is also located on this vest which is designed to allow runners the opportunity to carry their cellphone with them. This is good for those who are running alone and may need their phone in case of issues or accidents. A small pill pouch is also included for runners who need salt tablets or take other supplements while out and about. Two more sizable pockets are located on the size of this vest that allows runners to stash the items they may find themselves needing to reach easily. Two additional gel pockets are also part of the abundance of pockets. This allows runners to carry extra gel pack when needed.

In way of attachments, the VaporAir also provides an external bungee that can be used by runners to bring a change of clothing with them or an windbreaker when needed. This addition is handy when you have something else you must take care of after your run. This also ensures you have room to carry your other gear and most needed necessities without your clothing tying up your space.


Weighing in at 14 ounces when not supporting a filled hydration system, the Nathan VaporAir is one of the most lightweight hydration vests on the market. This light feel allows runners to enjoy themselves without feeling overloaded or weighted down. This lightweight design also makes carrying the gear you want a bonus. When running with a completely loaded vest, runners will quickly realize how much this light design means.


The breathability of this hydration vest is easily one of it’s biggest selling points. The elastic mesh material used to make parts such as the side panels allows for a bit of airflow. This keeps runners from feeling the heat that is often caused by the addition of the vest against their body. When out in the heat of the day exerting yourself while you’re running, this breathability is a bonus many buyers find themselves appreciating.


Nathan has gone above and beyond when it comes to ensuring this hydration vest lasts runners a good amount of time. With its sturdy construction, elastic edges, and stretch mesh pockets, using proper care can ensure a runner has a vest to last them. Add in the fact that Nathan has also taken into consideration ease of cleaning and this vest may be one to last a lifetime.


When speaking about hydration vests that offer lots of flexibility the Nathan VaporAir must be at the top of your list. Using mesh sides and elastic edges Nathan has ensured this vest has the ability to move with you. This is crucial when on a long ultra-run where you need the ability to maneuver without problems. Those who choose to run for themselves will also notice the flexibility this vest offers when taking on steep inclines or rough terrain.


Although the price for the Nathan VaporAir is considered a downside by many, this is something that should be decided by the individual. For some, paying top dollar for high-quality running equipment isn’t an issue. Those who want only the best gear like shoes, rain jackets, and other running gadgets will find the price of a well-made hydration vest like the VaporAir to be quite affordable. This comes from the features, brand name, and trust these experienced runners have in the Nathan company. Those new to running or those who simply run for themselves and their health may feel as though the price asked for is a bit too steep. To decide whether the Nathan VaporAir is the hydration pack for you, take all the features and extras into consideration while also thinking on how often you will be using it. This will allow you to decide whether the price is affordable for you.


When purchasing the Nathan VaporAir there are a few things to keep in mind. This vest is designed to fit the wearer snugly. Often, those who purchase this vest think they’ve made a mistake in sizing. This may not be the case. Nathan has done this on purpose. With a well-fitted hydration vest, runners will feel less discomfort when using this product.


The style of the Nathan VaporAir is quite appealing to true running enthusiasts. This vest slips on easily and doesn’t look or feel bulky. The sleek design gives runners more than just the hydration benefits they want, it also gives them a great look they can be proud to sport on their trek.


The Nathan VaporAir is great on any terrain. Many professional runners choose to use this particular hydration vest while running marathons or other competitive runs. The lightweight feel and ease of replenishing the water bladders are massive factors. However, this hydration vest can be used anywhere. If you are fond of running on mountain trails that take more time than the short, local, treks many people find themselves taking, this vest can aid you significantly. The hydration bladder offers you several liters of water while the bonus storage areas provide a place for you to carry a couple of extra bottles if you think you’ll be out and about longer than you expected.

Hydration Bladder

The reason runners choose the Nathan VaporAir is the top-notch hydration system that is included. The VaporAir uses the Hydrapak Bladder that offers users 2-liters of liquid to take on the go. This hydration system is quite easy to work with. The open bladder pouch design makes filling it and cleaning quick and simple. The hose can be threaded over the shoulder for those who prefer that style for their water or under the arm and around. The convenience of this hydration system is one of the main reasons people find themselves turning to the Nathan VaporAir when the time comes to choose a hydration pack for their needs.


When mentioning the Nathan VaporAir many people automatically assume this hydration vest is only intended for ultra-runners or for marathons. This isn’t the case. The VaporAir is lightweight enough to use on quicker runs or for taking on long mountain trails. This vest is considered quite versatile as runners can use it to carry enough gear and the hydration they need for several hours of adventure while it is also easy to use and can be carried for the quickest of runs when in need of storage or a bit of hydration to top off your energy levels. Even hikers have found themselves benefitting from the extras and amazing hydration system of the VaporAir.


Nathan offers consumers a large line of hydration vest. Each of their products offers users something a bit different but many reviewers agree the Nathan VaporAir is their most elite. Choosing a hydration vest from a top name like Nathan gives customers a sense of relief. Knowing they are buying from a quality company often means they are buying a quality product. That is definitely the case when it comes to the Nathan VaporAir.

Ease of Use

The Nathan VaporAir ranks high when it comes to being easy to use. Each of the pockets is easily accessible and do exactly what you would expect them to. The additional bungee is wonderful at storing extra clothing and is quite simple to figure out. This allows runners to quickly pack up when they are ready to take off for their next trek. The hydration system is also quite simple to work. The open bladder pouch is easy to fill and easy to clean. The drinking tube can be threaded by way of the shoulder or under the arm in only a few simple moves. When facing a run, simplicity is your best friend.

Key Features

A few of the key features of the Nathan VaporAir that haven't been mentioned above but deserve to be noted are listed below.

• Over the Shoulder Load Lifters
• Breathable material to allow maximum comfort
• Two front bottle pockets that are easy to access
• Soft touch elastic that prevents chafing
• Included loops for trek poles

The Bottom Line

To say the Nathan VaporAir is one of the most elite hydration vests on the market is an understatement. This vest offers runners, experts, beginners everything they can want in a vest to take on their run. The extra storage provided by the numerous pockets allows for easy carrying of needed gear while the adjustable straps provide comfort and breathability when facing the heat. When looking for an all-around vest that not only provides the needed hydration to stay energized while on a run but also the ease of use and design options suitable for the longest treks, the Nathan VaporAir is one of the best choices you can make.