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Saucony Ride 9 Review Facts

A great shoe is a must for anyone who plans on spending time on their feet. Whether you are a lover of running, walking, or simply a comfortable shoe, picking the right one can make or break the experience. For runners, keeping their feet not only comfortable but well supported while out on a run is a must. If special attention isn’t paid to the shoes you wear, you may find yourself with blisters, sores, and even cramps that can leave you sidelined from taking part in one of your favorite activities. To avoid this issue, it’s best to learn as much as possible about the shoes you are considering purchasing.

Saucony has long tried to ensure runners have access to the best running shoes possible. This is why they upped their game and brought forth the Ride 9. These lightweight runners not only provide comfort but are light and supportive on a runner’s feet. In this review, we will learn more about the Ride 9. We’ll discuss both the good and the bad in hopes of helping you decide whether this lightweight runner is the shoe you’ve been looking for to keep you on the road.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Fits comfortably
  • Durable
  • Toe box loses overlay
  • Laces lose flexibility
  • Needs break-in time


When picking the right running shoe, whether you are new to this activity, or someone who runs daily, comfort is a must. No one wants to spend their run in pain or having to stop constantly to adjust their shoe. An uncomfortable shoe can cause more than pain. Runners can find themselves suffering from blisters or other major issues that can put them off their feet for days at a time. This is why Saucony has upped their designs and ensured the Ride 9 is one of the most comfortable shoes you can find on the market. Some reviewers even compare it to running on air. For the Ride 9, Saucony uses EVERUN technology to provide these trainers with the most comfortable feel available.


Most runners love having a trainer that is light on their feet. If you are a fan of a lightweight shoe, the Ride 9 has you covered. This shoe doesn’t weigh you down as you’re running. Considered a neutral shoe, the Ride 9 allows you to feel lighter on your feet, move faster, and simply enjoy the run you are partaking in.


Another thing you want to ensure your new shoes has is durability. No one wants to spend their money on pair shoes that won’t hold up to the work and activity a person is used to doing. The Ride 9s are not a shoe that will fall down on the job. On the contrary, this shoe is built to be durable and last you for miles. By using two different types of rubber on the outsole, Saucony has gone past the design of their older Ride models to provide those in need of trainers they can trust, a shoe that will last them quite a while.


A shoe needs to move with you. This is where flexibility comes into play. The flexible materials used in the soles and forefront of the Ride 9 allows this shoe to move with your foot. When running, this can be crucial. When slips or twists occur, a shoe that holds itself in place too well can leave you with a serious injury. The Ride 9 flexes easily, allowing you to make sharp turns to avoid obstacles. It also provides the cushion needed to protect your foot from mishaps and missteps. Although accidents can happen in any shoe, Ride 9’s flexibility gives you great movement during your run.


Most reviewers consider the Ride 9s to be quite breathable. One reason for this is the open mesh in the upper that allows the shoe to breathe easily. This lightweight material is great for keeping your feet dry during exertion. Another factor in the Ride 9’s breathability is the RUNDRY material used in the shoe’s heel. This aids in ridding the Ride 9s of excess moisture that can build up inside a shoe. If you are runner whose feet perspire during a run, this shoe may be the answer to ridding yourself of wet feet while training.


If you are like most people, finding the perfect sized shoe is difficult. Many people find themselves needed different sizes according to the type of shoe they are wearing. Dress shoes and work shoes often fit a bit different than trainers. This is why it's important to know your sizing preferences and arch needs before choosing any shoe you plan on spending a lot of time in. When it comes to Saucony’s Ride 9 some reviewers feel they are made somewhat narrow. Those who had this issue noticed the problem worked itself out after around 20 miles of running. This is due to the need to break in the Ride 9. Considering their neutrality, these shoes aren’t made to be perfect straight out of the box. Slip them on your feet and take on a few miles and you’ll find size and fit may not be an issue once you’ve broken them in.


The Ride 9 is geared toward neutral runners. This means they over good stability, while still providing the cushioning one wants from their running shoes. Many reviewers mention the Ride 9s being best for runners with a medium to high arch. For this reason, it helps to know your arch type. If you normally have difficulty with needing supportive shoes, you may find yourself in need of a shoe specifically geared for support.


The stability provided by the Ride 9s can be considered pretty basic. Yes, most runners felt they were great on the landing but noted they didn’t offer much more stability than that. If you need extra stability during your training or runs, choosing a different shoe may be important. This will ensure you feel steady on your feet when the time comes.


The layout of the outsole of the Ride 9 provides great traction when on a run. Using the tri-flex layout for the bottom of this shoe allows you better ground contact. This is great for those who may find themselves running in the rain or mud. You’ll find yourself being able to traverse easily without worry of falling or slipping.


One of the best things about the Saucony Ride 9 trainers is the fact they can be used almost anywhere. Sure, these are exactly hiking shoes, but if you are a fan of running on the track, the road outside your home, or even on gravel you’ll find these shoes have no issue handling those terrains. For those who train mostly indoors, you’ll even realize they are great for using with your treadmill or at the local gym.


The outsole of the Ride 9 is one of the biggest reasons for the support and traction you’ll experience from these shoes. Saucony decided to change things up when they designed their Ride 9s by combining two types of rubber. By using carbon rubber, or XT-900 and blown rubber also called iBR+ with the tri-force layout, the ground contact is considerably better than with previous models. The material used in the sole is EVERUN. This material claims to have better energy return and is more durable than the EVA foam most shoes use. Another addition to the outsole that allows the Ride 9 to excel is the extra cushion near the heel that allows for better shock absorption.


As the newest edition of Saucony’s Ride series, the Ride 9 received a newly redesigned upper. To provide a more attractive, sleeker look, Saucony incorporated more FlexFilm in this new design, especially in the toe box. Unfortunately, some reviewers experienced issues with separation where the FlexFilm was used, most notably in the toe box.

The laces of the Ride 9 are not what you’d expect. These laces are made of a stretchy material that appears flat. These laces have the ability to expand to almost an extra 30% longer. The extra give is great for those whose feet expand somewhat when out on a run. This will allow you to experience a snug feel even when this type of expansion occurs. The laces of the Ride 9s are also an area many reviewers have found to be an area of issue. The laces, unfortunately, can stretch out over time, losing their elasticity. This leaves the laces looking a bit worn and misshapen in certain areas.

The last addition to the upper to discuss is the thin, diamond pattern, mesh that covers most of the front part of this shoe. A thinner version of this mesh also covers the back, heel area, of the Ride 9. This mesh helps with the breathability of this shoe by aiding with the shoe’s ability to keep the feet dry and cool when on a great run.


If you are a fan of running or training, you normally expect to drop a hefty amount of pocket change on a great pair of shoes to keep you comfortable while active. Luckily, when it comes to the Saucony Ride 9s, the price you pay can be quite modest. With the long list of trainers in the Ride series, Saucony has attempted to keep their prices competitive. If you are in search of a great shoe that can keep you comfortable while on the track, then snatching up a pair of Ride 9s may be a great option for you whether you need to save money or have a large budget to shop with.

Best Applications

The Saucony Ride 9s are actually very versatile. Yes, these shoes are designed for the neutral runner but with all the great attributes included in the design, you’ll find they work great for almost anything you want to do.

The Ride 9 is amazing for short runs or training sessions. Whether you decided you want to hit the open road or venture off on a gravel or dirt track, you’ll find your feet are well cushioned and cared for while working out. The same can be said for inside training such as treadmills and ellipticals. Oddly enough, many reviewers feel that with the cushioning, increased rubbed, and support offered by the Ride 9s also make it a great shoe to use while on longer, marathon type runs. The available breathability and traction control offer runners of all levels the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable, lightweight, shoe while taking part in any host of activities. This makes the Ride 9’s a smart investment for athletes and everyday enthusiasts who may be on the lookout for a shoe they can use for all their work and play.


When discussing the Ride 9 trainer, one cannot leave out the rest of the Ride series Saucony has on the market. Yes, with each addition to the series you will find great upgrades and modifications to make each one slightly better than the next. The Ride 9 brings its own modifications to the table in the form of the redesigned rubber and cushioning that offer maximum comfort.

Bottom Line

When discussing the Saucony Ride 9 trainer, it is impossible to overlook the complete comfort and support provided by this shoe. Those who intend on putting this shoe to daily use will be pleased with the newly designed rubber of the outsole and the changes incorporated into the uppers since the introduction of the Ride 8s. Whether you are a fan of long runs, short runs, or off-road travel you’ll find the cushioning and traction of these shoes are quite beneficial enough to provide you with an excellent run no matter the terrain.

If you’ve been looking for the right shoe for your training needs and aren’t in the market to spend a ton of money, the Ride 9 is actually quite affordable. Grabbing a pair of these shoes won’t break your bank and will allow you to enjoy all the training activities you are accustomed to. It is important to keep in mind, however, that over time these shoes can show signs of wear and tear. The stretchy laces can lose their elasticity and the toe box does show an issue with separation but all in all this shoe will provide you with a great feel when on the run.