Arc’teryx Men’s Norvan Jacket

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Arc’teryx Men’s Norvan Jacket Review Facts

The Arc'teryx Men’s Norvan Jacket weighs only 7.5 ounces and is made with N20p 3L Gore-Tex material with backer Gore-C-Knit fabric. It is waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and tough for activities of high output in windy, wet weather environments. This excellent jacket model is ideal for trail running, mountain training, running, and other high-impact multisports and activities. Offered in the vibrant solid colors of blue, red, and black, this hip length jacket has a slim and trim fit that improves the breathability of performance. There are Venturi-style vents in the underarms of the garment to aid with ventilation of the upper body, plus a full front zipper that is watertight. The fitted hood has a brim with elastic as does the bottom hem of the jacket for sealing out the cold, wind, and precipitation. Other great features are special cuff tops for protection, reflective blazes on the sleeves and back, and articulate gussets and arms. These qualities and more are examined in the full review of the Norvan Jacket below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Highly breathable and exceptionally lightweight
  • Articulate gussets and arms
  • Reflective blazes on the sleeves and back
  • Protective fitted hood has a brim with elastic
  • Venturi-style vents in the underarms
  • Front zipper is watertight with a quiet pull
  • Inside pocket is laminated and zippered
  • Breathable waterproof Gore-Tex protection
  • The cuffed top is specially shaped for additional coverage
  • Good for trail running and high-impact multisports
  • The shape and fit are very specific
  • Was too small for many people in their regular size
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  • The material is protective and breathable.
  • Buyers say this works well for running, cycling, and trekking.
  • The material won't cause you to overheat even in heavy activity.
  • There is a lot of praise for the ShakeDry material.
  • It packs down well.
  • The logo is not flashy.
  • It is impressively lightweight.
  • The sleeves are cut at a comfortable length.
  • The material protects you from rain and wind.
  • The fabric is relatively quiet with movement.
  • A small stuff sack is included.
  • The hood packs into the collar to stay out of the way.
  • Wrinkles settle out quickly.
  • It has a stylish, athletic fit.
  • Reviewers say it works well over a warmer base layer.
  • It does not have a drawstring on the bottom which lets in some draft.
  • There are complaints that the zipper is not totally waterproof.
  • The material is not super durable. It is recommended to avoid areas that make it vulnerable to tears.
  • There are no reflective accents on the back.
  • The hood doesn't have a drawstring.
  • Backpack straps may damage the material.
  • There is only one internal pocket. There are no hand pockets.
  • The material can show a lot of wrinkles when initially taken out of the stuff sack.
  • It is expensive.
  • There are no reviews about the long term durability.
  • The material does not have much stretch or give so getting the right size is important.
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The lightness and breathability of this exceptional garment were the main focus in the creation of this sports jacket. Highly breathable and exceptionally lightweight, the fit of this jacket is trim to eliminate extra fabric, so the garment fits the body close for the best breathability possible. It is made for high-impact sports, tasks, and activities that must be performed outdoors. This item offers the best rain and wind protection in wet and windy conditions for anything that you must be outdoors on these less-than-ideal weather days.


The supple and soft Gore-Tex material is an ideal knit fabric that will feel terrific on the skin. You will remain dry when wearing this jacket in even the hardest rains for long periods. Whether the task is running, walking, or working in the rain, you will love how dry your upper body and head remains with this incredibly thin garment. It has a slim and trim fit which enhances breathability when participating in activities and makes it very light for the body. Although this slim and trim fit is perfect for plenty of those with an athletic build, it will not fit anyone that has a large waist and hips and a smaller chest. The chest is large, and the waist is small. We discuss size and fit in the size section, but this is also part of the comfort or discomfort of the jacket. if you are of this particular build, the jacket will fit you well and be very comfortable.


The Norvan is flexible in the smooth material it is made of and the ventilation under the arms. Comfort and mobility are increased with the articulate gussets and arms, which also add a versatile element to this jacket. most jacket models have aeration under the arms to prevent overheating of the upper body, but they have zippered slits there to allow the user to open the vents. This marvelous version of sports jacket has the vents there without the zippers. This makes them lighter in weight and eliminates any aggravation or discomfort from having zippers under the arms. The Norvan is lighter and more breathable than previous constructions of this model because of the durable thinner laminate of the Gore-Tex membrane system. This makes a smooth and soft circular knit that is quiet and comfortable for the skin. This special fabric also helps this garment slide easily off and on other clothing layers. Flexibility in use just may be the third most important aspect of the Norvan Jacket.


The protective features of the Norvan are its Gore-tex fabric, of course, to make it waterproof and windproof for the upper body core. However, there are two other qualities of this superb garment that make it one incredible sports and activities jacket for men. It has reflective blazes on the sleeves and back for increased visibility in dark and low light areas. This is important to have, especially for those of you who like to run or walk trails, roads, and areas in the early mornings or late afternoons. Others can see you well with this reflective material on the garment. The Norvan also includes a hood to protect the head from the wind and the rain. The protective fitted hood has a brim with elastic for added coverage and high visibility. The several characteristics of this jacket are well-planned and constructed to give you the best weather protection outdoors in wet and windy environments.


Being ever so responsive to the aeration needs of their loyal customers, Arc'teryx has incorporated special vents under the arms in this jacket model. It includes Venturi-style vents in the underarms to give airflow continuously when the user is moving. This eliminates the need for a zipper to open the vents as some other jacket models have for venting. Without the zippers in this area, there is less irritation under the arm, plus it makes the jacket even lighter in overall weight. Underarm vents keep the runner cool and prevent overheating when performing tasks and doing activities. Many buyers appreciate this feature and look for jackets and other outer garments that have this incorporated into the design.


While the sizes of this garment are true to regular sizes, it has a specific body shape that will only fit certain users well. The fit of this jacket is very specific to the human body shape that is athletic with a small waist and a large chest. Several complaints of the shape and fit of this garment are online from customers who were not satisfied with the construction and fit of the jacket. With a slim waist, it may fit perfectly, but if the chest is not large, then the top of the garment will be large on the user. Purchasing a larger size to accommodate the waist only makes the chest size bigger too. If you cannot fit in the waist size that is your normal size in a jacket, then you might want to look at other jacket models instead.


Two stable parts of the Norvan Jacket are the full front zipper and the zippered pocket on the interior. The front zipper is watertight with a soft quiet pull and is ideal for dressing with the jacket and ventilation purposes. The inside pocket is laminated and will hold and protect small items such as money, ID, or a small phone. It possesses a zipper closure and an elastic hem, so it can stretch when you need it to and guard your valuables inside. There are no hand pockets in this jacket because they would add extra weight with the needed material to create them. this jacket is so lightweight since it does not have these extra features.


With breathable, waterproof, ultra-minimalist Gore-Tex protection, the Norvan Jacket is made for activities of high output in windy, wet weather conditions. Made with N20p 3L Gore-Tex material with backer technology of Gore C-Knit, it is hip-length and of nylon fabric. Available in the bold solid colors of blue, red, and black, it has the famous company logo is on sleeve and chest. This jacket style is perfect for any activity, sport, or task that requires you to be outdoors in weather that is less than ideal with wind and precipitation. While it is not a jacket for warmth, it will keep your upper body the driest even in downpours of rain, even if exposed to such conditions for hours.


A few great qualities of this Arcteryx product give you added support to be able to do your tasks, chores, and duties in the rainy and windy outdoors. The front zipper goes to the chin for protection of the neck area, which along with the hood gives superior protection against the elements. The cuffed top on the sleeves is specially shaped for additional coverage to keep out precipitation and wind from the arms. Elastic on the bottom hem of the jacket aids with sealing out cold drafts and moisture from getting to the body core and making the user wet and uncomfortable. These may seem like very small characteristics of this garment that is not important alone, but when combined together, they create one extraordinary jacket to keep you dry and protected.


The Arcteryx Norvan Jacket is perfect for running, mountain training, trail running, and other high-impact activities or multisports. Made for running in hot or cold weather for rain protection, it can safeguard you all year long in the rain when you must be outdoors. It is thin enough to not pose a problem for running in the summer rain and can have a warm base layer underneath for colder conditions in the winter. You will find many uses for this incredible jacket that is so accommodating to various tasks and activities that must be performed outside.


The ability to protect the wearer from rain and wind is made possible by the triple layer of Gore-Tex material with the added backing of the Gore C-Knit fabric. It provides waterproof durable protection that is breathable for high output sports, tasks, and activities in windy, wet conditions. You will not find any complaints from buyers online that the waterproof abilities of this jacket are not the absolute best. Everyone loves the fabric and the fact that they remain dry in the worst wet weather they experience. The Norvan was constructed specifically to keep the outdoor person dry.


As efficient as this jacket is at keeping the wearer dry, it is also one of the lightest, if not the lightest, jacket that is available currently. At only 7.5 ounces, the Norvan is marvelously lightweight, so it does not add weight to the runner or to a backpack or duffel that must be carried. Every single ounce is monitored when manufacturers create jackets and outerwear of this type to ensure that the finished model is competitive in the factor of being lightweight. The focus of making this garment was on performance for the user with the lightweight, breathability, and thin construction. The final product is a high-quality jacket model that is highly protective and light on the body.

Ease of Use

You will find yourself wearing this terrific garment whenever it rains, and you must be outdoors. It is thin enough to not be hot in the summer, yet protective enough to be combined with a sweater or thick base layer underneath for runs in the cold weather of winter. You will also find that it is suitable for any type of climate to keep the body dry on runs and outdoor activities. Some might say that it is just a thin raincoat for activities, but they would be wrong. The underarm vents, extended cuffs, and durable Gore-Tex material make this an exceptional jacket that is like no other of its kind.

Bottom Line

Of the few negative comments we found regarding the Norvan Jacket from online customers, the only one that was common was the shape and fit of this garment. Guys who have a large chest and a small waist will fit into it nicely with no problem. Anyone that does not fit this description will have a hard time getting this jacket to fit properly. It was created for the athletic build to be protective in wet and windy weather conditions for many activity types, but especially for running. The seasoned runner will have this certain build type and love this jacket. although it is quite pricey, when you consider the advantageous characteristics that the Norvan possesses, it is well worth the additional cost. We recommend it highly for the outdoor person to remain dry and well ventilated for their outdoor sports and activities.