NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

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NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill Review Facts

This treadmill is a great option for someone looking to pick up a comfortable, user-oriented piece of home workout equipment. With the tracks Flex Select technology you’ll have full control over how soft or firm you want it, keeping the track realistic with the ground of the outside world or having a softer more cushion approach so that it doesn’t put to much strain on your joints. The twenty apps and iFit compatibility will help you develop, as well as choose personalized routines and circuits so that you’re able to more thoroughly enjoy your cardio workout. The adjustable ten percent incline and cardio grip will help you to monitor how your body is reacting to your workout and help you to push your body more where you feel it’s necessary so that you don’t overexert yourself.i

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Terrain Simulator
  • FlexSelect Cushioning lets you select the firmness
  • One Touch Controls
  • iFit Compatible
  • Doesn’t Have a Cooling Fan
  • Limited Incline and Speed
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  • This treadmill lives up to NordicTrack standards.
  • It is easy to use and a great option for people who are looking for a treadmill that is strong in basic features.
  • It doesn't take up much space and can fold up to push out of the way when not in use.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Many users like the incline options.
  • Pre-programed workouts are a great bonus.
  • Extra workouts can be downloaded.
  • The structure and construction are sturdy and can handle daily use.
  • It's a gym-quality treadmill for home use.
  • The belt runs smoothly.
  • Buyers like this treadmill for the convenience and comfort of using it at home.
  • The display shows a variety of data including speed, distance, calories, and heart rate.
  • Many reviewers are satisfied with the quality and claim it is worth the price.
  • During a regular walk or run, it is quiet.
  • The track is wider than on some other treadmills.
  • The adjustable cushioning makes this easier on knees and joints.
  • The speaker volume is low.
  • It can't be linked to a Fitbit device.
  • There is no fan.
  • Users are required to sign up for an iFit trial before using this treadmill.
  • Some reviewers complain of bad customer service from NordicTrack.
  • Several buyers received damaged packages and broken parts.
  • There are some reports of squeaking and noise at low speeds when starting and stopping.
  • The display does not have backlighting.
  • For people 6 feet and taller, the side and pulse bars are low.
  • The cup holders don't have lining to prevent rattling noises from plastic bottles or other contents.
  • There is no pause button.
  • Some reviewers claim it takes two people to set up and move.
  • Hitting or stepping on the front guard has been a problem for several users.
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The NordicTrack brand began in 1975 when its founder was developing a way to better train for an upcoming ski race and beat a local rival. Based out of a basement the company’s original products were skiing oriented with a ski specifically designed for leg handicapped skiers, displaying the company’s commitment to its customers and the inclusiveness they wanted everyone to feel about their product. As they moved towards more overall cardio oriented equipment, the company became larger and stronger, building a solid foundation for what consumers know today. Now the top-selling brand of treadmill, the NordicTrack company is still making the commitment they always have to their consumers and continue to provide a quality workout experience to all different levels of users. While their ski machine popularity as fallen their treadmills continue to be a sought after product all these years later and are part of the reason they’ve been able to stay in business for over four decades. This treadmill is an example of the values and quality that has kept the company going for so long.


This treadmill is designed with the user in mind. The ability to connect to smart devices and devise your own comfortable and enjoyable cardio workout is built right into the machine. With iFit compatibility, you’ll be able to select from custom workouts to predesigned ones provided by professionals with only the touch of a few buttons. Since this treadmill is built with the technology to simulate different terrains and locations you’ll also be able to select from an array of different geographical locations to test your mettle in without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The treadmill also comes with twenty different workout apps that have been designed by certified trainers. This allows you to benefit from the expertise that many individuals pay for at gyms by simply cycling through the apps list and selecting which circuit is suitable for you. This design feature will help you to work towards and attain your fitness goals easily. You’ll be doing it without having to go out of your way or set aside extra time every day to commute from your home. There is also the Intermix Acoustic Sound System integrated into the treadmill. By connecting your smart device or other audio players, you can enjoy your own music without interruption or tangled headphone wires. Simply connect your chosen device and play the music, podcast, or anything else you want to hear as you enjoy tailored workout from one of the twenty apps or go on your own cardio adventure by using the iFit app and selecting a destination.


This treadmill comes with an amazing list of features, all meant to make your cardio routine more enjoyable and the equipment you’re using more user-friendly. With iFit compatibility and terrain simulator you’ll be able to experience circuits and cardio routines that take you all over the world without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. By selecting a city such as Tokyo you can walk the terrain of its streets without having to take the flight there, and more hilly cities such as Seattle can be input to take you along the inclines of the northwest United States rolling mountains. The twenty workout apps that the treadmill comes equipped with will also help you to keep your circuit selection diverse and new almost every time you used it. Swapping between routines and workouts designed by certified professionals you’ll be able to work towards and meet your fitness goals without having to set aside the time or pay the price one would expect for an all-inclusive gym membership or private training routine. The built-in acoustic sound system also helps keep your workouts enjoyable and about you. By connecting your phone, smart device, or other audio players you’ll be able to enjoy whatever music or podcast you want through the treadmill’s audio system. This enjoyment will also come without the hassle and tangle of headphones interfering with your workout. The track also comes designed with Flex Select Cushioning, a feature that allows users to decide on the firmness of the track they’ll be on. By selecting softer more cushioned track you’ll be able to reduce the amount of stress and possible injury to your joints, while a firmer track will more accurately mirror the environments of the real world helping to emulate the outdoor experience.


This specific treadmill is going to be very comfortable and easy to use for most individuals. The treadmills track comes equipped with Flex Select cushioning, enabling users to select the firmness of the track that they will be using. This track technology will help prevent injury and stress, specifically on joints, when set to the softer more cushioned setting. Because this track is adjustable however there is still the option for a more firm and realistic track that emulates outside and natural running conditions like on a trail or running down the street. The treadmill is also designed and equipped with one touch controls making for a quick and easy feature or setting selection. By allowing for users to input commands and change settings with just the push of a button they’ll be able to keep their eyes up and body more focused as they run, limiting the chance for tripping or injury from losing concentration or becoming distracted by the touchpad. There is also a built-in cardio grip sensor to allow for easy heart rate monitoring. Great for anyone that is looking to improve their cardio health and monitor their exertion and recovery times, or for individuals who have a need to keep themselves from overexerting, the cardio grip sensor will allow you to track and stay aware of just how hard your heart and body are working and how much you’re getting out of your chosen cardio workout.


This treadmill is going to be an ideal option for someone looking for a light or beginner’s cardio workout from the comfort of their home. While the treadmill is not like many of the commercial models of treadmills you would see in gyms and fitness centers it is still a great choice for someone looking to get into and stay in shape. With the terrain simulator, you’ll be able to enjoy a cardio experience that is representative of the environments you would find in the real world. By connecting with google maps you can get a sense of what walking through the streets of Paris or climbing the hills of San Francisco. The treadmills ten percent incline while limiting will also help beginners to keep from overexerting themselves and experiencing injuries from pushing their bodies to do what they’re not prepared for. The treadmill also has a max speed of ten miles per hour, this allows for an individual who is already a bit more accustomed to more intense cardio workouts and routines to still hit that six-minute mile marker but will also prevent most people who are looking for an opportunity to sprint indoors from being able to do so. These features make this treadmill a great option for beginners and others who are getting back into cardio but more experienced and intense individuals may not be the best fit for this specific model.

Key Features

The most appealing features on this treadmill are going to be its terrain simulator, the comfortable and well designed Flex Select Cushioning on the track, and the immersive acoustic sound system. The terrain simulator will help keep all over your workouts feeling fresh and unique so that you never start your routine feeling bored. Keeping a sense of enthusiasm can be a great driver for meeting your goals and when you have the ability to change a sense of your environment you’ll be able to register different challenges and accomplishments as you go on your fitness journey. The terrain simulator also works through Google Maps so you’ll be able to select from a myriad of destinations an experience what it’s like to walk around some of the cities you’ve always wanted to go to. The flex-select cushioning is great for keeping you happy and healthy while pushing yourself to do your best. By adjusting the firmness of the track you’ll be able to reduce the amount of strain and pressure you experience on your joints, helping to prevent injury or emulate the ground outside of your home with relative ease. This will keep your workouts safe and immersive depending on your selection and you happy all the while. The Acoustic Sound System is also wonderful for keeping your workout personalized and catered to what you want to hear and enjoy while achieving your fitness goals. The ability to connect your phone and other audio playing smart devices give you full command over the audio that will be playing through your treadmill. This allows for you to enjoy your favorite show without having to get tangled in headphones or catch up on a podcast you’ve been listening to without having to worry about an earbud falling out. And because the sound will be coming directly from the treadmill’s audio system you’ll be able to hear it clearly and easily throughout the duration of your workout.

Bottom Line

This is going to be a great treadmill and piece of home workout equipment, especially for beginner runners and cardio enthusiasts who are looking to keep things lighter and safer but still stay in shape.
The amount of features that this treadmill comes with hurtles it into the digital age, and the connectivity helps keep it relevant and a reliable option for a diverse range of cardio routines. The Flex Select technology used for the track is an ideal option for people susceptible to joint pain and discomfort, allowing them to focus on their health in multiple different ways. Selecting a custom firmness will keep workouts comfortable and time won’t feel wasted because your body hurts or your joints are feeling the after effects of your routine too harshly. The cardio grip sensor is great for monitoring how your body is reacting at the moment and will help you set and reach goals as you vary the intensity of your workout, whether its speed, incline, or just your overall route that you decide to adjust. The twenty different apps and compatible iFit features will help keep your workouts feeling fresh so you don’t experience a sense of boredom or repetitiveness as your working towards your goals. With the different workouts to choose from and the customization options, you should be able to feel comfortable and content after every workout knowing that you’re working towards a better you and using programs that were designed by certified professionals to help get you there. All in all this treadmill is going to provide you with a comfortable and immersive experience that is going to be hard to come by elsewhere for its price. It is a fantastic beginner’s treadmill and great for helping you move along the stepping stones of getting more serious about your cardio routine without tripping you up in how hard it can push your body past its limits.