ASICS Gel Solution Speed 3

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ASICS Gel Solution Speed 3 Review Facts

The ASICS Gel Solution Speed 3 is a tennis shoe that ensures a great running feel that provides a low to the ground feeling. These shoes provide a lightweight performance with a high-performance upper, midsole, and outsole. They feature a polyurethane material that offers flexibility and support around the foot. The outsole and midsole offer superior structure that provides comfort and support on the court while providing superior performance. ASICS has been making amazing running shoes for a long time and now they have designed an amazing tennis shoe that keeps you ready for anything on the tennis court. The design of these tennis shoes is great because they are designed for quick movement n the court from running, stopping to even jumping. Overall, these shoes are designed for the impact of the tennis court.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Lightweight feel

Superior support, stability, durability, and fit

Great traction

Available multiple sizes and color schemes

Rearfoot and forefoot Gel cushioning that provides maximum comfort

Great toe area durability


Some find it to feel heavier than the Solution Speed 3

Not as breathability as one would like

Narrow fit, so a better shoe for someone with narrow feet

Ankle cut is higher and may not be comfortable in the ankle area

Key Features

-Forefoot and Rearfoot GEL technology
-Upper flexion fit
-Lateral Propulsion Trusstic
-Solyte Midsole
-Ahar outsole with ASICS high abrasion rubber that is placed in the right areas of the outsole that provides great durability


The ASICS Gel Solution Speed 3 has a slightly narrow fit compared to previous versions of these shoes. uppers of the shoes do a good job with holding the feet and you will be able to feel supportive material with every step. The shoes have a full TPU wrap that goes around the upper which lock the foot in place. These shoes are one of the most premium performance and comfortable tennis shoes available on the market. Comfort comes from the plush cushioning that is all around the feet and arch support, One downfall of the shoes that some testers reported is that they do run a little warm. However, there are quite a few comments from users complaining about the fit of these tennis shoes, claiming their feet hurt while wearing them.


The Gel Solution Speed 3 is designed as tennis shoe but not just tennis players can wear these shoes. You can wear these shoes for running, jogging, walking, or everyday use. They are a good tennis shoe, and they are one of the top tennis shoes on the market for tennis players. Another cool thing about these shoes is the availability of colors because you will be able to find the perfect color to match your team colors.


The Gel Solution Speed 3 provides strength and durability. The shoes provide a fast feeling performance and one of the top shoes on the market today. They have a low to the ground feel and they have a natural flex to them when the foot strikes the ground. These shoes are not the lightest shoes on the market but in terms of performance, they are hard to beat. This shoes also feature a low profile and they sit closer to the ground which provides a comfortable feel with the weight of the shoe.


If you are looking for great traction they the Gel Solution Speed 3s are the best choice. Look at the previous two versions Gel Solution Speed, they had a slippery outsole but the new update to the Gel Solution Speed 3 took care of that issue. The shoes are now constructed with more grip which provides more confidence when wearing the shoes. When looking at these shoes for tennis use, they will allow enough slide to move freely on the court while offering enough grip needed. The traction of the shoes will provide the confidence needed when needing to change directions or dark back and forth when needed on the tennis court.


When it comes to a long tennis match you need ultra comfortable tennis shoes that will provide the endurance needed. ASICS is known for its attention to comfort and stability in all of their shoes. The forefoot and the rearfoot have a Gel Cushioning Systems that attenuates shock during toe-off phases and impact, and also allows foot transitions on multiple planes. The midsole is constructed of Solyte material which lightweight and it helps to prevent stress placed on the lower limb muscles during a match. The midsole also features FluideRide constructions in the forefoot and mid area which provides underfoot comfort. Then you get the Impact Guidance System which is specifically designed into these shoes to enhance the foot's natural gait along with encouraging the foot to perform more naturally. The Solution Speed 3 shoes are designed to fit like a glove and this comes from the biomorphic fit upper. These shoes have a form-fitting comfort that comes from the Flexion Fit in proprietary upper. The Flexion Fit does not sacrifice support, it adds lateral support brace that provides maximum stability for the foot. The last piece in terms of endurance come in at the collar. There are two layers of memory foam that lines the collar and molds around the feel, this is known as PHF (personal heel fit). The PHF gives you the feeling that the shoes are designed perfectly to fit your feet.


When looking at these shoes you will see that they are speed oriented and lightweight and sometimes most do not thing durability and feel they shoes will wear out or not hold up over time. That is not the story with the Gel Solution Speed 3. Some think that if you have lightweight shoe than the manufacturer may skimp on the durability but not with these shoes. The shoes have a formed toe area to withstand toe drag. The shoes also feature toe durability because of the PGuard Toe Protector. Strategically positioned is AHARPlus material in the most important areas of the outsole to provide comfort and durability.


One great feature of the Gel Solution Speed 3 is the TPU wrap. This type of design provides stability for users that make aggressive stops and starts when darting around the tennis court. The chassis of the shoes naturally flex and provide comfort with each step. The shoes are designed to provide stability, protection, and support throughout the entire shoe.


When looking for lightweight running shoes most think of Asics because engineering built into their shoes. They are known for acceleration-optimizing and now that technology is available in tennis shoes, the Gel Solution Speed 3. These shoes are a perfect blend of speed technology and moderate support while keeping a low profile. They are designed with a Trusstic System that makes the sole weightless while still providing structural integrity.


The Gel Solution Speed 3 features a rubberized PU upper which provides support and stability for the foot. The upper is also has a breathable open mesh that has a seamless construction. The Gel Solution Speed 3 is engineered with ASICS’ Flexion Fit, this makes the shoes comfortable with a form-fitting upper. The proprietary technology provides impressive support, along with responding to every move. This technology provides the user to be able to make fast movements and quick cuts on the court.

The ASICS Gel Solution Speed 3 is designed with a California Slip Lasting upper construction. Basically the upper is directly attached to the midsole which provides comfort and stability.


The Gel Solution Speed 3 has a DuoMax, dual-density support system midsole. The DuoMax design provides a reduction in stress on the foot that can be caused by overpronation which is the heel rolls inward. The DuoMax design provides a comfortable running experience along with the support needed. The DuoMax structure is a firm sponge on the inside of the midsole. This structure controls the inward rolling of the heel which happens at the end of each step.

These shoes feature Solyte lightweight midsole. This technology makes the shoe lightweight without losing durability. The benefits of the technology are that it provides cushioning, responsiveness, durability and it makes the shoe lightweight. The shoes also feature Trusstic System technology, this technology links the front foot with the rearfoot. This technology is kept in terms of propulsion, basically, its driving force in the shoes.


The ASICS Gel Solution Speed 3 features AHAR and AHARPLUS outer sole materials. These material provide great abrasion resistance along with sponge-like cushioning. This material provides durability of the shoes that maintain grip and necessary function. The abrasion resistance comes from a rubber material that is also used in car tires that are required to provide high durability. The AHAR and AHARPLUS material is three times higher than your conventional rubber. This is a sponge type material that is 50% more in a reduction in weight to the average conventional products.

The AHAR sponge material is located around the toe and midfoot area of the shoe while the AHARPLUS material is located around mid to heel area of the shoe. The placement of this material is in the key areas to ensure comfort and stability.


The Gel Solution Speed 3 is available in men, women, and children sizes. Most users of the shoes feel that they run narrow if you have a wider foot than these shoes may not be the most comfortable. The shoes also come in multiple different colors, to include black, blue, pink, white or other mixed colors. Asics is known to provide their shoes in multiple colors to ensure their customers get the perfect shoe in the right color to make the user's personality or team colors. When ordering shoes make sure to check out the size chart to ensure you get the right size. Some customers who purchased these shoes felt the shoes run on the narrow size and needed to get a larger size to ensure the perfect fit.


ASICS stands behind all of their products and they want to make sure all of their customers are happy. If you would find yourself dissatisfied with a product They are more than willing to assist if there are issues with the quality and/or performance of their gear.

Asics provides a one year warranty from the date of purchase on manufacture defects for all their footwear and six months for accessories and apparel. The item must have been purchased through an authorized retailer or ASICS themselves for the warranty to apply. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, improper fit, damage from misuse, negligence, or alterations to the product. If you have any questions if your product fits under the warranty policy, simply call or go online and fill out a warrant form.

Bottom Line

The Gel Solution Speed 3 features superior responsiveness and underfoot cushioning. The shoe feature forefoot and rearfoot midsole GEL cushioning system along with the DuoMax system that provides attenuating shock impacts with each step. The Gel Solution Speed 3 shoes ensure a natural stance transition, gait efficiency and also the Impact Guidance System. You cannot forget the amazing hybrid rubber, AHARPLUS that provides enhanced traction and durability. Overall, ASICS has been providing great running shoes for years. However, it's important to be cautious before making the purchase due to the multiple reviews of users dissatisfied with its comfort.