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Suunto Spartan Ultra Review Facts

The Suunto Spartan Ultra sports watch is a high-end activity tracker for any athlete from individual looking to just getting into sports tracking to advanced athletes. This watch comes with 80 preprogram activity trackers so it basically can be used for just about any sports activity. The watch features a touch screen that is in full color along with side analog buttons for navigation through the menu screens and starts a new lap during an activity. The watch face display provides great clarity and the screen is easy to see in direct sunlight.  The software built into this watch is pretty amazing compared to other trackers on the market. The software built into this and the Movecount app you can track everything to help you get the most out of all your activities. Overall the Suunto Spartan Ultra watch is comfortable, very easy to use, has a great display interface, provides versatility, durability, and it looks like and feels like a luxury watch.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Large display face

Provides tracking capabilities for just about any sport activity

Comfortable while remaining durable

Compatible with the other apps besides the Movecount app

Long battery life

GPS capabilities


No heart rate monitor, need to purchase the heart rate band separately

Bulky on the wrist

High price point

Not able to change the present activities

Key Features

-GLONASS/GPS navigation and tracking technology.
-Full charge battery will last up to 15 days on a single charge with limited GPS usage
-16 hours of full battery life when using the GPS and the full capabilities
-GPS altitude measuring descent and ascent values during workout activities
-FuseAlti which combines GPS with barometric altitude for altitude information
-State of the art touch screen with great visibility outdoors and in direct sunlight
-80 sports modes that pre-installed on the watch so the watch can be used right out of the box
-Receive email, phone call, and text message notifications from your smartphone


The Suunto Spartan Ultra has over 80 different built-in activities that can be tracked. The watch has some amazing built-in technology to include a compass, altimeter, GPS, and barometer. From the basic menu, the user is able to choose which activity to complete along sports mode to tracking mode. The tracking mode tracks time, distance, pace, and elevation gain. The elevation gain tracking technology only tracks depending on the terrain. The watch will also calculate peak training effects, post-exercise oxygen consumption, and workout recovery time. One downfall with the Spartan Ultra is that there are no customizable options for the data fields and you are limited to the Suunto presets in the watch.

The basic menu options that are included is exercise, navigation, settings, training, logbook, recovery, and activity. The logbook setting allows the user to see past workouts and compare progress and you can also log how you feel after each activity completed. All the settings on the watch have a purpose and are great tools for the user like the activity section will show how many calories were burned and steps that were taken.

Advanced Features

The Suunto Spartan Ultra features a built-in GPS and the GPS is utilized in many ways. The GPS is used for providing paths for a run, tracking and mapping out your run. The watch is like a routing system that will show the user where they are, the direction they are heading and where they have been. The Movescount app allows you to create a route on a map by using the GPS points from the tracker so you can view the route, share it with others, and keep track of advancements in traveling farther.

The Spartan Ultra even comes with a built-in Compass and FuseAlti which combines GPS with barometric altitude for altitude information. This is a great technology for hikers, backpackers or any activity that requires to head out into the woods or up a mountain. With this technology, you keep track how far up the mountain you are heading and the compass will help to ensure you stay on the right course throughout the hike.


The Suunto Spartan ultra sports tracker is able to track time and distance with good accuracy. Some users did notice a distance of a block or two off when checking the distance accuracy. The built-in GPS does well when tracking and some users found the tracking points veered off slightly at times but some of the issues the GPS tracking could come from the loss of signal. The GPS tracking is able to be set at a different setting which is Best, Good, and Ok. When setting the watch at the Best setting it will provide the most accurate reading but at the same time it will run the battery out way quicker.


Bluetooth technology connects your smartphone to the Spartan Ultra which uploads the data to the Movescount app. The data can also be uploaded into third-party compatible apps or websites. Another cool feature this watch has is that you can connect it with your smartphone to receive notifications to include social media alerts, emails, texts, and phone calls. The technology built into the watch only allows you to view the notifications, you are not able to respond directly from the watch.


The main connecting app for the Suunto Spartan Ultra is the Movecount app. The Movecount app is the app used to view workouts, simple sync the watch to the app on your smartphone or tablet. One downfall of the Suunto Spartan Ultra sports watch software and the Movescount app is that the sport mode settings and other fields cannot be adjusted and the user is unable to view data such as daily step totals and recovery time in the Movescount app. Some of the settings that can be adjusted are the user's body information along with the sports profiles.


When looking at the Spartan Ultra you cannot miss the watch face because it is noticeably large. The watch face features a full-color display and you can tell it is a watch full of technology. The watch features a sleek black design with silicon material. It has three large buttons for access to the features the watch has to offer. Some users of the watch find it to be bulky compared to other sports watches on the market but this watch sits close enough to the skin to stay out of the way on clothes and other things while working out.


The Suunto Spartan Ultra is not the smallest and it is relatively large but it fits comfortably on the wrist. The watch band is an adjustable silicone material that does not cause skin irritation The watch remains comfortable during strenuous activity and sweet does not build up under the watch band. The watch face is a circular flat design that sits close to the skin so it will not get in the way when wearing it.


The watch is constructed for durability. It features a solid outdoor resistant glass, it can withstand and operate in temperatures from 140 down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit. The watch is water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. The watch is constructed and designed to be functional in a wide array of sports from skiing to swimming.

Display Face

When looking at the Spartan Ultra the most noticeable part of it is the large display face. If you look at all the stuff the smartwatch is able to do, it is reasonable that is has a larger display face. The display face features an outdoor resistant glass and it features a 320 x 300-pixel display which a large than other comparable smartwatches on the market.


The watch features a fully adjustable silicone band that is lightweight and feels comfortable when wearing it. The band is designed to stay firmly in place while running, skiing to obstacle racing. The band can be worn securely to the wrist and it will not cause skin irritation. It is recommended to wash the band with water to help reduce residue build up. You should also avoid exposing the Spartan Ultra with oils, bug spray, perfumes, lotions, sanitizers, and sunscreen.

Ease of Use

The Spartan Ultra is very easy to use with analog buttons on the side and the touchscreen display. Compared to other smartwatches the Sparta Ultra does take an extra step or so when navigating through the screens. The side analog buttons are like navigation buttons. When you press the middle button on the side it opens the main menu and when in the menu it acts as a back button. The bottom and top buttons are scrolling buttons that can be used instead of the touchscreen option. This is a nice feature because individuals have a hard time using the touchscreen because of the size of their fingers. Another use for the side buttons is while working out you can press a side button and it starts a new lap.


The Spartan Ultra is a one size fits all smartwatch. It is on the large size but the size is expected with it is able to do. When comparing it to other smartwatches on the market in the same price range it is noticeably larger and heavier. It weighs about 77 grams.

Power Source

The Suunto Spartan Ultra comes with a stand-alone charger. The battery life of the Spartan Ultra is great when using it on the stand by mode because it will last about 15 days on a full charge. The watch will only last 26 hours on a full charge if the GPS functions if in continuous use. The GPS settings can be configured to limit the use of the GPS to help prolong the battery life. It takes an average of 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the battery of the Spartan Ultra when it is completely dead.


The Suunto Spartan Ultra watch does not have a built-in heart rate monitor but it is compatible with a heart rate monitor strap made by Suunto that is sold separately. If you also purchase a heart rate monitor, you will be able to see information from the monitor on the screen of the watch. Also, available for purchase is a sensor belt and a belt strap that provides further measurements the accelerometer is not able to measure.


The price of the Suunto Spartan Ultra may cause some sticker shock at first because comes in at a higher price compared other similar watches on the market. When you look more into this watch you will see that it is a high-end fitness watch and provides tracking capabilities for 80 plus activities, this technology may be worth the price. When looking at the watch remember that the watch is an investment and it provides key features to just about any workout and sports activity.

Bottom Line

The Suunto Spartan Ultra is a high-end and luxurious smartwatch and it is a high-quality activity tracker. It features a full-color touchscreen, designed with durable construction and is very versatile. This watch is perfect for triathlon training, mountain climbing, paddle boarding and everything else in between. This watch does come at a high price point but if you want to invest in a high-quality watch with a lot of technology then this is the watch for you. The Spartan Ultra offers a lot of technology and ability that not a lot of smartwatches offer and this piece is great for any sports activity.


The Suunto Spartan Ultra fitness tracker watch is very versatile. The watch is able to track just about everything and it is perfect for exercise and sports enthusiasts. This tracker is also water resistant making it good water sports. Like most trackers on the market, it is able to track running activities to include outdoor and indoor running along with triathlon running and it has lap tracking too. The watch can also track skiing, swimming, hiking, biking, obstacle racing, open water swimming, martial arts, surfing, and many other activities.