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Under Armour Tech Quarter Zip Review Facts

The Under Armour Men’s Tech Quarter Zip has a loose fit with a comfortable fuller cut, making it roomy in the arms, chest, waist, and hips. It is not so tight on the body as a fitted shirt would be and features the technology of anti-odor to discourage odors. The sleeves and bottom are tapered on this long-sleeved shirt that can also be a light jacket. Made of durable polyester material it comes in a large assortment of solid colors and sizes with an ultra-soft, natural feel, and quick-drying properties.

The one-fourth zipper that comes down from the neck is a nice feature that can function as a vent when the user gets hot from activities, chores, work, and sports. The many uses for this garment are incredible. Once you have one of these, you will certainly want more in several of the other various colors offered. Since it is so versatile as a base-layer, mid-layer, or worn alone, this men’s garment can be used for a number of activities.

It is ideal for running, tennis, backpacking, working out, biking, snowboarding, and hiking, just to name a few ways it is enjoyed by highly satisfied buyers. You will discover many ways to wear this shirt also because it goes with just about any outfit (check also our review on Under Armour  HeatGear Compression Shirt). We discuss the many features and qualities of this item in our full information-packed review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a loose fit with a comfortable fuller cut
  • Roomy in the arms, chest, waist, and hips
  • Has the technology of anti-odor to prevent odors
  • The soft material dries quickly and wicks sweat away
  • Fabric is ultra-soft, has a natural feel, and is quick-drying
  • Comes in sizes from XS to 4XL
  • Offered in a multitude of solid vivid colors
  • Can be machine washed
  • Ideal for workouts, sports, activities, chores, errands, and work
  • Usable as a base-layer or a mid-layer for winter
  • Some people said this item is too thin – even see-through
  • The loose fit was deemed as being too large according to a few buyers


Under Armour is known for producing high-quality items for sports, activities, and general wear. This superb garment is no exception. It is a great example of their excellent craftsmanship and clothes designing for men. This great piece is not only durable, flexible, and comfortable, but it is also very stylish, trendy, and modern. It can be worn for going out on the town, in the city, to work, or for the many purposes of play. Under Armour has created such a versatile garment that is it hard to pinpoint a specific purpose or function. It is the flexibility of this piece, the superior materials, and the fine design that make it so worthy of the Under Armour brand.


With at least twenty bold and vivid colors available for this terrific shirt, you will have a hard time deciding which one you will choose first. Many online buyers decided to purchase more of this light sweater for themselves in different colors. They loved the first one so much and wanted to match more of their workout outfits or running gear with this shirt to be super comfortable. One of the best things about purchasing high-quality garments from makers like Under Armour is that the colors do not fade or wash out. They use the best materials and dyes, so you can experience the excellence of their workmanship when you wear their products. You too will want more than one of these shirts for yourself once you try one out. They go so well with so many outfits and outdoor gear.

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This light shirt jacket has a loose fit with a comfortable fuller cut that makes it ideal for so many types of activities. It is roomy in the arms, chest, waist, and hips, so it does not constrict the movements of the upper body at all. The length is ideal as well and will not ride up when you bend over or reach for things. It is not so close to the skin as a fitted shirt would be, so it gives you plenty of room for movements and venting. Many customers love this type of fit saying that it is very comfortable and fits them great. As a garment for sports and activities, it is perfect because it is thin, yet gives you light protection from chilly morning or evening weather and cooler conditions. For fall and spring outdoor activities, there is no better upper body garment to wear either alone or over a thin shirt than this Quarter Zip from Under Armour. You will find these so comfortable, as many buyers have already discovered that you will be purchasing more for your many adventures.


Featuring the technology of anti-odor to discourage the growth of microbes that cause odors, you will experience a shirt that is functional in combatting odor problems. This combined with the moisture-wicking function of the material will keep you dry and cool for the many vigorous activities you perform. Under Armour gear is constructed well to be a substantial part of your workout and sports equipment. Even if you just wear this product out on the town, it will still afford you the several odor-fighting and moisture-wicking properties it has. The material this shirt is made of is thinner than a jacket but thicker than a regular long-sleeved shirt. This gives it the added durability and superb quality that you would expect from this reputable company. Besides the durable fabric, the zipper and the pull work function well because it is one of the best types. You can expect to enjoy this garment for many years because it will not fade or bleed and can withstand many washes without showing its age. No matter if you choose to use this clothing for workouts, sports, activities, on the job, or lounging at home, it will serve you well and for a long time in pristine condition.


Ideal for many types of weather conditions and situations, this Under Armour product is quite versatile in how and when you can wear it. the possibilities are almost endless, as it can be worn in a multitude of settings. It is ideal for work, play, sports, and activities whether they are performed indoors or outdoors. Because of the relaxed loose fit, it will not feel constrictive on the body. This allows more venting when the body overheats. The soft material dries fast and wicks sweat and moisture away. Because it is thin, it can be worn by itself as a shirt. When the weather is cooler, you can wear it as a thin jacket or sweater over a thinner shirt. There are so many ways that you can mix and match this item with the various wardrobe pieces you have for the many situations this garment would be ideal to wear.

Key Features

Has a loose fit with a flexible fuller cut
Features the technology to combat odors
The soft material dries quickly and wicks away sweat
Fabric is ultra-soft, UA Tech, and has a natural feel
Offered in sizes from XS to 4XL and many vivid colors
Long-sleeved light sweater with tapered sleeves and bottom
Made of durable and long-lasting 100% polyester material
Has a zippered opening in the neck ¼ of the length


Even though this light sweater is on the thin side, it will give you some protection when the weather is chilly or cool. In a light wind or in the cool of the evening, it will aid in retaining body heat for you in the upper core. It can be worn as a jacket over other lighter garments or as a shirt by itself when the weather is milder.


The soft colorful fabric of this Tech garment is so comfortable to wear all the time. It has a natural feel, plus is quick-drying when you get overheated. This is a UA Tech material that can stand up to much-rugged use and still look great. Multiple washes will not break down the fabric or fade the colors at all. This is one zippered shirt that you will enjoy for many years of continuous wear.


Offered in sizes from XS to 4XL, the Quarter Zip from Under Armour can suit every body type and size. The majority of customers online loved this garment so much that they had to buy more than one in different colors. The loose fit makes it more comfortable than one with a tight fit because it does not hinder the body movements. The durable material is not thick like a sweatshirt or sweater, but it is thicker than a regular long-sleeved shirt. It is a medium thickness that can be used as a shirt or a jacket over other shirts. Some people said this item is too thin for what they wanted. A few even claimed that it is even see-through. This does not seem very possible with the darker colors, but the material may be see-through with the lighter hues. This comment was made by more than just one person. Also, the loose fit was deemed as being too large according to a few buyers. This may be because they were expecting the tight fit that is usually the norm from Under Armour garments. If you want a tighter fit, then order a size smaller or another model of the shirt. This one is not supposed to fit tight on the body because of the cut of the fabric and design of the product.

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Offered in a multitude of solid vivid colors, this long-sleeved light shirt or jacket has sleeves and a bottom that is tapered. It is made of 100% polyester material and can be machine washed easily. This flexible garment is one that men will love to wear because it goes well with casual wear or moderately formal wear equally well. it can also be used for sports, chores, tasks, and activities whether indoor or outdoors because it can take rugged use easily. The one-fourth zipper from the neck gives it added appeal and a way of venting the neck area when the user becomes overheated. It is a wonderful garment that many buyers purchase more than one of because of the loose fit and relaxed nature of the shirt. It is stylish, trendy, and so modern in its design that it looks great anywhere and anytime.


The endless number of uses for this incredible light jacket is almost too many to name, but we will tell you the interesting ways that recent buyers are using this thin jacket. It is ideal for workouts at the gym, running in the spring or fall, and as a base-layer for backpacking. You will love it for playing tennis, doing chores, or running errands. It can be layered for biking, snowboarding, and hiking to protect the body from cold air and temperatures and retain body heat. Because it can be used alone or with other various layers, you will continue to find many ways to enjoy this versatile shirt or jacket that has a superb zipper at the neck. The zipper offers quick venting when you become overheated during activities and sports. Many users just love to wear Under Armour products in their off times from work to relax and be comfortable around the house and for going out. Just as easy to wear and match with other garments as any type of long-sleeved shirt or thin jacket, the Quarter Zip offers you many possibilities of wearing it with almost anything.

The Bottom Line

Under Armour is one of the best-known manufacturers of sports and activities gear and clothing. The Men’s Tech Quarter Zip is a great example of their superior craftsmanship, choice of materials, and design skills. It pleases the majority of buyers with its loose fit, quality zippered neckline, comfortable fabric, and the large assortment of colors. Because the material is thinner than a jacket or sweater, it can be used alone as a shirt or layered as a jacket for colder conditions. It is this thinness of the fabric that has some customers displeased with the product. The loose fit was seen as being too big by others. these complaints are not widespread, so overall, the Quarter Zip is a great success among buyers. We love it too because it looks great, has many uses, and is comfortable for the wearer.