The North Face Women’s Nuptse 2 Vest

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The North Face Women’s Nuptse 2 Vest Review Facts

The North Face Women’s Nuptse 2 Vest has a relaxed fit, a revised silhouette, and a high 700 loft fill of goose down. This new model is more streamlined to give a flattering look for the female figure and is available is many vivid solid colors. Made of durable polyester that is quilted, it is a weather-resistant protector for the body core as a mid-layer or an outer layer. The sturdy collar has a soft brushed lining, and the full front zipper includes a wind flap for added protection. Since it was designed mainly for hiking purposes, this incredible vest has double overlays on the shoulders for the longevity of the garment and added comfort for the shoulders. This aids when carrying heavy backpacks and duffels when traveling. The Nuptse 2 has many uses, as it is stylish enough to wear at work and rugged enough to endure the great outdoors. Other North Face products work well with this excellent vest, as the zippers are compatible. This item has two exterior hand pockets and an interior pocket for many small items. They all have strong zipper closures. One of the best features of this product is that it can be compressed into one of the hand pockets for storing and carrying. This makes it highly portable and desirable for travel purposes. We discuss the complete details and data of this wonderful North Face item in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Compatible with other The North Face garments
  • Has three pockets with zippers
  • Can be folded and stowed in a zip pocket
  • Use as an outer layer or a mid-layer
  • Available in many vivid solid colors
  • Made of polyester and down materials
  • Lining is recycled polyester; shell is polyester
  • Can be machine washed and dried
  • Designed for hiking, backpacking, and camping
  • For travel, it is highly compressible
  • Some said it was too big, bulky, or boxy for them
  • Colors were not true as pictured claimed a few people


Some buyers were excited about certain light colors that looked great to them being offered with this model of protective vest. It was mentioned that this particular model was seen in movies on certain popular actresses, making this the vest to have to be seen in around town. All colors offered are solid, but there are several lighter colors as well as dark colors available too. For fashion at work, school, or in the city, many women chose to wear the brighter more colorful versions of this item to look sporty and stylish. It makes a terrific addition over most any outfit and always looks superb with jeans. You may find yourself wanting a couple of these for the various times in your life when you want to wear different colors. Because of their versatility, they are a valuable addition to your wardrobe in any color you choose. A couple of buyers were not pleased with the hues they received. The colors, therefore, may be a bit different than what is pictured, if you are very particular about the exact color hue.


The Nuptse 2 Vest has a brushed lining on the stand collar and a relaxed fit for maximum comfort. You will love the feel of this extra-soft fabric when the vest is zipped up fully to the neck. The relaxed fit allows you to wear one or two layers underneath to keep the body core protected and warm. The front has a full zipper for venting and ease in dressing, plus this model is revised for a silhouette that is now more streamlined. Most women, depending on body shape, will enjoy with this version a less bulky and more form-fitting vest that fits their curves in the waist and hips much better than previous versions. Cold spots are eliminated because of the construction that is sewn-through. This allows the fill to stay in place to prevent places where there is no fill at all. For its versatility, fit, and warmth, the Nuptse 2 is a very comfortable piece of gear for women.


For carrying backpacks on the shoulders, this model has double overlays on the taffeta exterior of the shoulders. This increases the life of the vest and your comfort level in wearing it while backpacking, hiking, and camping. For these activities, the shoulders of outer garments take quite a beating from rugged use of just hauling our gear on our backs. This added support for the fabric is a much-needed addition that anyone who uses a backpack or duffel will appreciate. The durable polyester material and high-quality down ensure that this vest will give excellent service for many years of regular or rugged use.


Not only is this lightweight garment portable, but it is flexible as well. For the best portability, the entire vest can be folded and stowed in the zip pocket. When you are hiking or backpacking, in some areas a vest will be too warm. It is best to have just in case the weather turns colder. Because it compresses into such a small package, it is well worth space in the duffel or pack to guarantee your core protection if needed. The zippers of this outstanding product are compatible with the zippers of certain The North Face outer garments. In this way, you can add layers for increased warmth and protection from the weather elements. There are zip pockets on the exterior for the hands and one pocket on the interior. You can carry quite a bit of smaller items in the interior pocket and keep your hands warm easily with the outside pockets on the sides. The hem has a drawcord that is adjustable, which can be used to cut off the stream of cold air under the vest. This gives you the ability to fit it to your particular body shape or leave it loose for a more relaxed fit.

Key Features

-Has a soft lining on the durable collar
-Front has a full zipper for venting and dressing
-Remade for a silhouette that is streamlined
-Double overlays on the exterior of the shoulders
-Has two pockets outside and one inside with zippers
-Hem has a drawcord that is adjustable
-Insulation is high-loft goose down fill of 700
-Wind flap on the front zipper on the inside
-Has quilting in the fabric and is compressible
-Shell is water-repellent with a relaxed fit


The Nuptse 2 can be used as an outer layer in mild weather or as a mid-layer in extreme temperatures. It fits loose enough to be comfortable over a couple of base layers and is form-fitting enough to fit easily under heavier outer shell garments for added warmth and weather protection. The durable, quilted polyester fabric protects the user in light rain or snow but is not fully waterproof. This terrific vest is utilized more to hold in the body heat of the body core and to provide limited weather protection if used as the main outer layer. Used as a mid-layer, its sole purpose is body heat retention. The insulation is high-loft goose down fill of 700, which is excellent to give you the best lightweight defense from the elements. The wind flap on the front zipper on the inside is a small but necessary addition that will keep the cold air and moisture from entering through the metal teeth of the zipper. It is quite surprising how much warmer a garment can be with this simple feature.


The high-quality down used in this company’s products is tested for moisture resistance, loftiness, and loft response after compression. The fill power tells you how well the down compresses and what the warmth-to-weight ratio is on the loft scale. Goose down that is between 550 to 950 fill is considered to be the most excellent down that is available commercially. This vest has 700 fill which is fantastic when compared to competitor brands and models. Because it is so lightweight and compressible, you would not think that such a garment could give you the protection that it does. Many buyers are shocked at the comfort level and warmth that can be generated with this vest and their own body heat. It just goes to show that it is not the size, thickness, or heaviness of outer gear that determines how well they protect the body in extreme environments.


Sizing of this North Face item seems to be a bit of a problem for some women. As we researched the feedback from customers, it seems as though the vest could be boxy and bulky for some people and form-fitting and contoured well for others. it is hard to fit clothing items exactly as they were intended for every person who would like to wear them. Slimmer women may be more comfortable in this vest than those who have a fuller shape. It is designed to be more streamlined, but a few women felt like the vest made them bulky and square when they had it on. The waist is contoured to prevent this from occurring. Several women had to return their purchase because the item was too big for them. We noticed that this happened even of the regular jacket or coat size was bought. This indicates that sizes may run large, and women must try for a smaller size to get the proper fit.


There is quilting in the sturdy fabric of the Nuptse 2 to hold the insulation secure and in place. If this was not in place, the gravitational pull and vigorous activity would make the down from the shoulders and vest top travel to the bottom of the garment. With the created channels for the fill to stay in the horizontal sections, the fill is secure and full without empty spaces. The durable shell can shed rain that is light because it is water-repellent. You can depend on the stability of these two features for this incredible vest to keep you warm and protected from the harsh environment.


Available in many vivid solid colors, this North Face product is made of polyester and down materials and can be machine washed and tumble dried. The inner lining is recycled polyester, and the outer shell is polyester. We have noticed that The North Face does what it can in helping the environment when they select their materials for their products. This is a healthy green relationship they have with the earth, its suppliers, and its loyal customer base. Environment-conscious buyers will purchase such items over others because of the quality and the intent of the company to do what it can to protect the atmosphere we live in. this garment is so stylish that plenty of women purchased it for wearing at work and just to do outdoor chores or shopping. It is so trendy and modern, yet versatile to go well with almost any outfit you wear.


Designed for hiking, the Nuptse 2 can be used for an endless variety of duties, chores, activities, sports, and jobs. It is ideal for camping, backpacking, running, trekking, and climbing. For travel, it is highly compressible, as it folds and compacts into one of the exterior hand pockets that zip up. It makes a wonderful emergency item to have in a vehicle, especially for unpredictable weather areas. The added protection on the shoulders makes it perfect for hauling a backpack or duffel. This extends the life of the garment and aids in the comfort level of carrying such packs. This garment is good for a layer that stands alone or underneath a more waterproof outer layer in heavy rains and snow. It protects the body core while allowing excellent freedom of the arms to perform the many tasks you need to do.

The Bottom Line

Even though the fit and satisfaction level of the North Face Women’s Nuptse 2 Vest did not please all customers, the overwhelming consensus is that this is one versatile, comfortable, and warm vest that is highly prized for its excellence. We agree that its superiority in durable materials, workmanship, and design are outstanding. This is a revised model of the Nuptse Vest that has a streamlined form that is less bulky and boxy for most women. Based on our research and the customer feedback from loyal North Face buyers, this is one of the best rugged, stylish vests that are currently on the market.