The North Face Gotham Jacket III

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The North Face Gotham Jacket III Review Facts

The North Face Gotham Jacket III is made of faux fur, down, polyester, nylon, and polyurethane materials, and is perfect for a number of uses from work, general wear, activities, and sports outdoors. Offered in nine bold solid colors, it has a great selection of hues that are not generally offered is such down-filled jackets. You will certainly find one that is ideal for your wardrobe with this outstanding choice. This is a bomber-style jacket that fits tighter than some other loose-fitting jackets of the same type. It should be close to the body, but not loose or snug. A base layer can easily fit underneath to provide the extra warmth needed for extreme weather conditions. One of the first features you notice about this incredible jacket is the faux-fur ruff. This is detachable, so you can wear it sometimes or not at all, depending on your preference. It helps protect the face when the weather kicks up. With the DryVent 2L material, your experience in the Gotham III will be waterproof and windproof to protect you in mild weather and downpours. The added storm-flap closure over the front zipper ensures that no precipitation gets through to you or your clothing when wearing this excellent garment. It is also quite warm because of the down fill in the 550 to 950 range. This is known as high-power fill that can protect the body in extreme weather environments. Durable, lightweight, and stylish, the Gotham III has both internal and external pockets and ribbing on the bottom hem and cuffs. It is a highly-flexible garment that is suitable for several climates and winter conditions. The North Face items are known for their incredible build and performance, and this jacket model does not disappoint. Let us now take a look at these features and qualities closer in our full review of this magnificent garment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Offered in nine bold solid colors
  • Waterproof, lightweight, durable, and windproof
  • Can be used with or without it the faux fur ruff
  • A storm flap covers the front zipper
  • The ribbed trim, storm flap, and hood are all adjustable
  • Not bulky with a high-fill power of warm down
  • Field- and lab-tested and machine-washable
  • Stylish for the city and durable for rugged activities
  • A few complaints that this garment is not warm enough for the price
  • Some say the quality and warmth of the North Face Aconcagua is better


The North Face is a well-known company for excellent products in equipment, apparel, and footwear for use in the outdoors. It has been in operation for over fifty years. They push the limits of technology and innovation, so their customers can reach their limits and expectations in exploration and discovery. Many loyal customers trust their products and will buy nothing else than this brand of gear for their outdoor adventures. They may jump from model to model but often remain with the outstanding quality that makes The North Face so popular. The Gotham III is much warmer according to buyers than competitor jackets with the same fill rating because the weight of the Gotham III is different. It has been said that it is more stylish than the Gotham I and II models that preceded it. it is great that The North Face improves and changes its models, such as this one, to best suit its customer based and their wants and needs.


An outdoor jacket without pockets is not one that most people would be happy with at all. Pockets are an important feature in outer gear to make it comfortable for the wearer and convenient. The bicep and the chest of this North Face item have patch pockets, and the secure-zip internal pocket is media compatible. It looks great and is not bulky, according to customers who love this bomber-style jacket that should not fit snug or too loose. you should be able to fit a base layer underneath of at least a thin shirt or sweater to hold in the body heat well. it is not uncommon for wearers to become too warm and even break a sweat in freezing temperatures in this jacket. Whether you use it to just take the dog out for his daily walk or every day going to work, you will appreciate the high level of warmth that the Gotham III affords. The removable ruff of faux fur makes the jacket even warmer for protection around the face and neck. It seems the majority of buyers preferred to not use it in their daily wearing of the garment. With the proper size and fit, you will have a durable and protective jacket that will last for many years.


Field- and lab-tested for ideal function and durability, the Gotham III is quite durable and long-lasting. It was created for rough and rugged outdoor wear for sports, activities, and chores that must be performed in some of the toughest conditions. It is waterproof and windproof to protect you well in most known winter conditions and environments. It sheds the snow, rain, and sleet very well, making customers very happy with their purchase of this product. It is machine-washable, but the fur ruff is not. It must be hand-washed separately because machines would be too rough with it. We noticed in the online feedback that many fans of The North Face keep their jackets and coats for many years. They only purchase new ones when they want a new style or color of an outer garment. It is important to note that they keep both the old and the new because the old piece is still wearable and good. This says plenty for the durability, construction, and longevity of their trusted items.


There is much flexibility in the Gotham III in the way of wearing it open or zipped up fully, the use of the several interiors and exterior pockets, the versatile hood, and whether you want to wear the fur ruff or not. It has a full-frontal zipper closure with a snap closure storm flap over that. This provided added protection from the elements when the weather is extreme. Snow and rain will not penetrate this double security in the front of the jacket. The removable ruff of faux-fur snaps off easily, so the product can be used without it. We noticed in the customer feedback that quite a few people preferred not to wear the fur ruff. They liked having it if they needed it for extreme weather but did not find that they needed it for general wear for chores, work, and basic activities. The ribbed trim, storm flap, and hood are all adjustable to cover completely or partially when and if you need it. most people get warm or hot before they become cold in this garment because of the high-quality down it is filled with. Combined with the durability and weather-resistant material, the Gotham III is one tough jacket to beat for withstanding the cold and precipitation in winter.

Key Features

-Made of faux fur, down, polyester, nylon, and polyurethane
-Has a seam-sealed shell of DryVent 2L
-Includes a full-frontal zipper closure
-Removable ruff of faux-fur snaps off easily
-Has a high power to fill with a 550 to 950 range
-Bicep and the chest have patch pockets
-Field- and lab-tested and machine-washable


For the lightness and the style of the Gotham III, you could not ask for a better jacket. A few loyal customers feel that some of the other North Face jackets can be warmer or more protective, but all in all, this one can stand on its own for a high-quality piece of gear from this terrific company. It is Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Certified by the Control Union and has added protection with the rib-knit cuffs and hem. The warm down has a high count, which we discuss in full in another section, to give you the protection from the freezing cold. Several buyers claimed that they were very warm with only a light shirt underneath this jacket when outdoors in near zero-degree weather. It provides you with the trusted excellence in protection that you would expect from The North Face and their technology.


The down used in this garment is certified by the Control Union to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). This means that the down is not taken from animals that have been harmed in any way, for example, live-plucking or force-feeding. It also aids in tracking the company’s products from start to finish. The fill power indicates two factors – the compressibility of the down and the weight ratio of the down. This garment has a high power to fill with a 550 to 950 range of fill. Even when compared to other brands with equal or more fill, the Gotham III is warmer and lighter than they are. This makes the jacket very responsive to your needs in the outdoors for the best winter protection you can get from such a jacket. It not only looks great but will come to your defense when the weather gets harsh and blistery.


Made of faux fur, down, polyester, nylon, and polyurethane materials, this North Face item is offered in nine bold solid colors. You will be able to find a favorite color or one that matches your wardrobe well because of the large assortment. The back shoulder and chest carry the company’s TNF embroidered logo, so the high-quality of the garment will not be missed. You will be proud to display the namesake with this terrific outerwear because it is so stylish and warm. It is a bomber-type jacket that fits close to the body, but not tightly. It is not a loose model either than can fit over several layers of clothing unless you purchase a larger size for that purpose. In that instance, however, you may experience a jacket that is too long in the waist and arms, which would not look appropriate or perform well for you. It is best to purchase the size you regularly wear in such a jacket, as the sizes run true to normal jacket sizes.


The Gotham Jacket is waterproof with a seam-sealed shell of DryVent 2L, plus the fabric is also windproof. This strong layer of protection comes from the DryVent material. The technology of DryVent provides a breathable waterproof coating made of a multi-layer tri-component formula for durability, moisture permeability, and waterproof protection. Whether you are in the snow, rain, or sleet, even in downpour conditions, you will not even feel damp in this jacket. This makes it ideal for many weather conditions and climates because it can handle some of the toughest outdoor environments.

The Bottom Line

We agree with the majority of buyers who loved The North Face Men’s Gotham Jacket III. As a matter of fact, we were hard-pressed to find any negative comments about this garment online. The few that we did find were not widely expressed by customers, as most of the consumers seemed to be loyal North Face fans that knew of the quality they were buying. this jacket could probably use a few more pockets because jackets and coats never seem to have enough. There are only the one internal pocket and the exterior pockets on the bicep and chest. We never seem to have enough places to put the little things we want to carry around. The outstanding features of the Gotham III are the faux-fur ruff that is detachable and the warm high-fill down. The durable waterproof and windproof DryVent material is what makes this garment the fine high-quality piece of craftsmanship that it is. It is breathable, warm, versatile, and comfortable for the many types of climates and weather conditions that can be endured with such a jacket. The Gotham III is perfect for snow, rain, and sleet in winter and will keep the wear very warm and dry inside. It is exactly as one would expect as a reliable product from a reputable company like The North Face.