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Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS Review Facts

The Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS is the perfect size for competitive cyclists and comes loaded with the most current and best features. It allows you to compare, contrast, and compete with others, as you become aware of your stats for your rides. This terrific Garmin model has a better approval rating from online customers and more reviews than other Garmin models and competitor devices. It is even more economical than similar Garmin products. This is the first computer for bikes that is usable with Strava segments live with in-ride challenges. You even get a free trial version of Strava Premium when you purchase this excellent device. It is ideal for adventures both on and off the road because it is compact and rugged. Some of the connected features include live tracking, automatic uploads, smart notifications, sharing on social media, and the weather. As long as you can receive a GPS signal, you will be able to track your speed. This only is possible outdoors because indoors the signal is lost. The Edge 520 pairs simply with other devices and are compatible with Android, Bluetooth, Apple, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. You can even use it with GPS/GLONASS satellites for the various locations you enjoy riding. Using the Garmin app or website, you can connect with the Garmin Community through Garmin Connect to compare and compete with others who share your interest in competitive cycling for sport. The display screen is easy to read, even on cloudy days or low-lit areas, plus this device comes with a USB Micro charger and the lithium battery that powers it. The Garmin Edge 520 uses real buttons to interact with instead of a touchscreen. This may not appeal to some users that would prefer the more modern technology of a touchscreen. We explore the finer details of these characteristics and qualities of this device in this complete review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is more economical than the other leading Garmin Bike GPS devices
  • Has a better rating and more reviews than the other models
  • Uses real buttons to interact with and not a touchscreen
  • Compact, water-resistant, and rugged
  • Loaded with the best features for cyclists
  • Tracks speed as long as you receive a GPS signal
  • Compatible with most Android, Bluetooth, Apple, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
  • Compatible with GPS/GLONASS satellites
  • Screen is easy to read on cloudy or bright days outdoors
  • Result can be instantly shared in Garmin Connect
  • Has a battery life of as much as fifteen hours
  • Comes with a trial version of Strava Premium
  • The weather alert can be annoying for some people – no way to disable it
  • The map zoom level has some issues with being user-friendly
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  • Most buyers are impressed by the range of features and functions this unit offers.
  • The app is easy to use and navigate through features and data.
  • Live track and accident detection features are cool and practical for safety.
  • This unit provides a large variety of metrics.
  • It is easy to sync with other devices such as heart rate straps.
  • Having physical buttons eliminates the trouble of touchscreens in rain or with gloves.
  • Silicon cases and screen protectors are available to extend the life of the unit.
  • The Edge 520 has a long battery life.
  • Backlighting makes this easy to read at night or in dark areas.
  • Connecting and syncing via bluetooth is simple.
  • The auto scroll feature allows for easy access to data and route maps.
  • The screen display can be customized to prioritize data.
  • Avid riders say this is worth the price.
  • The heart rate features in the app make heart zone training easy.
  • Early low battery warnings make it easier to plan out rides before losing all power.
  • Text and phone call alerts are a convenient bonus feature.
  • The 520 comes with mounts to customize to different bikes.
  • It's simple to connect with Strava and Myfitnesspal.
  • The gradient metric can lag on short grades.
  • Some buyers have had trouble configuring the map zoom feature.
  • Bad weather alerts can become repetitive and interrupt data tracking.
  • There is a learning curve to setting up and customizing the display.
  • It does not have a touchscreen.
  • Some buyers complain that there are too many buttons. Simplifying the button function may improve the device.
  • Without a protective case the unit is easily susceptible to cosmetic damage.
  • There are mixed reviews on the quality of screen contrast in bright daylight.
  • Increasing the on board data storage would be an improvement.
  • Several buyers have had issues with faulty or damaged units when buying from third party sellers.
  • Although rare, there are some reports of poor satellite reception.
  • There are some claims of inaccurate speed indicator readings.
  • Some buyers complain of units malfunctioning and losing all power within the first year.
  • Even though most buyers report no issues, a few note problems uploading to Strava and connecting to Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor.
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The Edge 520 is more economical than the other leading Garmin Bike GPS devices. It has a better rating and more reviews that the other Garmin models also. This incredible device uses real buttons to interact with instead of a touchscreen. Some online buyers liked this feature, while others did not. They would prefer a touchscreen that is easier to use and more modern with the technology that is available today for such devices. A touchscreen can be easily pressed accidentally. Physical buttons can be used well when wearing gloves or it is raining, unlike a touchscreen. You know when you have pressed or activated a command with real buttons because there is the tactile function that happens. With a touchscreen, anything can simply touch it to make it alter the screen or data. Among the several leading Garmin bike GPS models, the Edge 520 is certainly turning heads and catching plenty of attention in the cycling world.


Compact and rugged, this excellent device is great for adventures off the road. It is water-resistant with a water rating of IPX7, so you will be fine in light rain or a sprinkling of water. the Edge 520 is in a durable casing that can withstand most usual bumps and knocks that would naturally occur on the trail and in most biking environments. One great feature of this ideal product related to durability is that if there is ever a need for alarm or an emergency, it has a quality that detects accidents. It will alert family members if it is triggered to get you some help immediately. This is a nice feature to have, especially when you are off the trail and in remote areas while bike riding.


Just the perfect size for competitive cyclists and loaded with the best features, the Edge 520 is one of the smallest devices, if not the smallest, that Garmin makes. Its dimensions are 2.75L x 2.0W x .75H, which is much smaller than even some of the best competitor models. You get the mount with it for the bike that can be used in a couple of ways to attach. When the small size is considered for all this ideal product can do, it really is amazing what technology can do for such remote activities and sports.


When used with heart rate and power, the Garmin Edge 520 will report VO2 records time and max that is cycling-specific. It tells you how long the advised time is to wait before attempting another strenuous effort, so you do not overdo it. When used with Vector 2 and Vector power meters, it will track Functional Threshold Power (FTP), cycling dynamics, and watts/kg. This GPS mechanism helps you compare and compete with past performances, friends and family, and in the Garmin community in the leaderboards. There are many types of this kind of bike GPS on the market, but this is one of the most popular and the best-rated by online customers. Even those who have tried several brands and models claim that this device is one of the best and the most functional that they have seen. The numbers are accurate, and the information is dependable.


Best used for cycling, this Garmin device tracks and monitors many things for such a small piece of equipment. It has GPS tracking, maximum speed, current speed, average speed, odometer, speed comparator, trip distance, stopwatch, auto stop and start, clock, countdown timer, lap timer, alarm, cadence, pressure-based altimeter, HRM, temperature, exercise log, indicator of target zone, indicator for low battery, and a backlight. It is easy to read the display in both bright day and dim lighting. When conducting our research, we found that the weather alert can be quite annoying, especially to those in areas prone to bad weather. Even if there is just a thunderstorm nearby, you will receive numerous and continuous alerts on this device that you cannot disable. It can be disruptive to monitoring your performance and doing your best with your cycling. The map zoom level is hard to navigate and use according to a few buyers. Being that the interface is so small, the maps can be difficult to use well. getting them to zoom is something that needs practice, as there does not appear to be an easy way to do this, even with the automatic zoom. Other than these two user-friendly problems, we did not find any other issues people were having with the Edge 520 who had recently purchased it. for all it can do and monitor for you about your biking performance, it is well worth the few glitches in using it.


This version of the Garmin Edge 520 is much like the other similar models that the company has out currently, but it is smaller, more compact, and has a more affordable price tag than a few of the others. It tracks speed as long as you receive a GPS signal and gives you plenty of exciting features to analyze your bike ride now and for past rides. Outdoors the sensor for tracking is not needed, but it is required for indoor tracking because of the weaker or no signal from being indoors. It is best to compare all the capabilities of the Edge 520 models, as there are a few that Garmin has on the market. They each have slightly different features and connection possibilities. This is the first one for bikes that has a live connection to Strava though, and even includes a free version.


Get in-ride challenges with the live segments of Strava with this model of the Edge 520 Bike GPS. This is the first computer for bikes that works well with Strava segments that are live and comes with a trial version of Strava Premium for two months free of charge. For data control and display, it pairs with indoor trainers of ANT+, plus gives you alerts from finish to start, as well as rankings from the leaderboard when you finish the segment. Once you are connected to the compatible apps and programs, you will get renewed energy for the sport of cycling because of the many features you will want to try. The apps give you a competitive edge in competing and challenging others because you will know exactly where you stand in the lineup.


Connected features of the Garmin Edge 520 include live tracking, automatic uploads, smart notifications, sharing on social media, weather, and receiving and sending courses. It is compatible with most Android, Bluetooth, Apple, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, so you should have no problem finding one of these to connect your GPS to easily. Compatible with GPS/GLONASS satellites, you can get additional signal options for the many places you like to ride. Being connected is part of the thrill in competitive cycling and monitoring your progress will up your game when competing with friends, relatives, and in the leaderboards of the large and exciting Garmin community.

Ease of Use

Once you understand everything that this Garmin product can do for you and allow you to do, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. it is simple to navigate, sync, and understand once you have it connected to the devices, apps, and programs you want to use. It includes a USB Micro charger for recharging the battery, and it pairs easily with other devices. The simple screen is easy to read on cloudy or bright days outdoors with the display resolution of 200 x 265 pixels. Results can be instantly shared in Garmin Connect for further enjoyment of your rides most easily. There are other GPS devices that are easier to use than this Edge 520 model, but for the size and capabilities that it has, it is one of the simpler products for monitoring personal cycling data.

Power Source

The power source for the Edge 520 is a lithium battery that needs periodic charging. One is included with the purchase of the bike GPS, so it will be ready to use as soon as you receive it. in general, the battery life is as much as fifteen hours before it needs to be rebooted again. this is plenty of time for you to get in some fantastic rides on the trail, in the park, or even indoors. It is one of the longer lasting batteries when compared with other models and brands of GPS.

The Bottom Line

For those of you who love the sport and activity of cycling, it is challenging, exciting, and essential to monitor and track your activity level and compare it with others. Whether you like to ride off the road, on the trail, at the park, or even indoors, the Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS will be able to give you all the data you need to improve your ride and gain experience in keeping your stats.

We doubt that all that it can do will be used or needed by any one person, but it is there if you find each of these qualities important to your riding. The only concerns that we discovered that troubled users are the weather alerts and the map zoom.

All feedback we research had plenty of praise for this excellent model of GPS, as satisfied customers recommended purchasing it to others. These few minor issues are not major concerns and would certainly not keep us from purchasing this device. If you want to keep up with your cycling stats and progress, then the Edge 520 is a good model to buy.