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Morakniv Companion Blade Review Facts

The Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife is created in Mora, Sweden and can handle all your camping and outdoor needs. The uses are many for survival, emergency, hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping to cut tinder, prepare food, skin animals, clean fish, and carve limbs or other needed tools. With an overall satisfaction rating from more than 3,200 customers, who are mostly well-pleased with their purchase, this amazing knife is made of hardened Sandvik stainless-steel.

Choose from nine terrific colors of this product that has a handle with an ergonomic fit. The wonderful grip is high-friction and will fit in the palm quite comfortably. Included is a plastic sheath with a belt clip in the same color as the handle edges to protect the knife and people from harm when not in use. You will love the edge performance, plus the resistance for corrosion is fabulous and the toughness is remarkable.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Outdoor knife for all camping and outdoor needs
  • For cutting tinder, food prep, filleting, skinning and carving
  • Best for emergency, survival, fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping
  • Used for marine and outdoor applications
  • Remains sharper longer than steel
  • Razor sharp with a high rating for hardness
  • Perfect for giving as gifts to friends and family
  • Blade might be too thick for slicing food items
  • Can be imperfection on the blade obtained when made
  • Sheath is plastic and not long-lasting
  • May not be sharp when received

Key Features

-Fixed blade is hardened Sandvik steel
-Nine solid color choices for the handle and sheath
-Includes a plastic sheath with a belt clip
-Grip is high friction with an ergonomic fit
-Resistant to corrosion and tough
-Edge performance is excellent
-Comes pre-sharpened
-Is economical for multiple purchases


The grip of the Morakniv Companion is high-friction and patterned to fit in your hand comfortably. It gives a great performance, control, and safety even in cold and wet conditions. The center of the handle is a soft rubber coating, and the ends are a harder plastic for an excellent grip.

The user has more safety and control when handling the knife with the high-performance grip of the handle with the ergonomic fit. Satisfied customers say that the grasp on the handle of this outdoor knife is so great that even when cleaning game or gutting fish, and the handle gets animal matter on it, you do not lose your grip. It is comfortable to hold for any task great or small and for long periods of time.

Especially hunters and fisherman will love how long you can use this knife without it becoming uncomfortable to hold. It takes long periods to clean, gut, and fillet fish and animals, and this handy comfortable knife can do it all.


Constructed of hardened Sandvik stainless-steel, the Companion Fixed Blade has edge performance that is excellent. The resistance to corrosion is superior and the toughness is exceptional. Corrosion resistance is improved when the knife is oiled and cleaned often, so it is best to care for it properly.

Buyers have noted that this knife model is thicker than older Mora knives that they own. Others have stated that the blade is so thick that it is not a good slicing blade. It is better to have a stainless-steel blade when working near or around water, as it is better than a carbon blade.

Many users have said this in their online feedback. We found a few people who received knives that had imperfections on the blade which are possibly tool marks when the knife was made.


Offered in nine solid bright colors for the handle ends and the sheath, this Morakniv item comes with a plastic sheath that matches the knife handle in color. This plastic sheath keeps the knife secure when it is not in use and comes with a belt clip. Users have said in their reviews that the belt clip will only release when it is intended to and not by accident. If the knife is inverted upside down, it will remain in the sheath for the best protection.

Even though the color-coded sheath and knife handle are great, some people have commented that the sheath is made of cheap plastic and will not last long. A few customers have made their own sheaths and holders from leather to be longer lasting than the included sheath. The one you receive will probably last a long time if you care for it well, but we all know that something that is plastic will not last as long as the stainless-steel knife.

For those that do not want to sharpen the blade when the time comes, some have mentioned that this item is economical enough to just toss it and get another one. this would help with the sheath situation, as you will get a brand new one with a newly sharpened knife blade.


The Morakniv Companion is one knife in a product line of small knives that this company makes. The blade is 4.1 inches (104mm) long and 0.125 inches thick. It weighs 4.1 ounces (116g) with the sheath included and has an overall length of 9.25 inches.

As you will see in the Version section, this company makes a few similarly sized knives for both outdoor and indoor uses. It is a wonderfully small size for pockets, backpacks, and other types of bags that are used to haul gear for activities and sports. Another good idea for this product is what some buyers are doing for their many outdoor knife needs.

Since the cost is not that much when you consider what this item can do for you, especially in an emergency situation, people are purchasing more than one. One user has one in each of his vehicles, at home, in the shed, and at his campsite. This way, he always has one of these knives at the ready for himself and his family.


With a fixed blade, this excellent outdoor knife is created in Sweden. This is where the name comes from, as it is made in Mora, Sweden. The company got its start in 1891 manufacturing knives, so they have plenty of experience when it comes to making fine products such as this outdoor knife. This brand is known globally for its fine craftsmanship that professionals and outdoorsmen around the world trust and depend on.

You get a limited lifetime warranty for life from the manufacturer. For the low price that is asked, the Companion is a splendid knife that can handle all of your camping and outdoor adventure needs. It performs like a knife that costs much more, so it surprises people when they try it for the first time.


We won’t even try to tell you all of the ways that you could possibly use this knife both outdoors and indoors, but we will give you some suggested ones from our research of customer feedback and the manufacturer. The Companion Fixed Blade is great for cutting tinder, food prep, and carving.

It is an all-in-one piece of gear that is necessary for emergency, survival, preparedness, fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. It is mostly used for carving fresh tinder to make a feather stick or tinder for fire starting. You can chop small tree limbs or carve useful survival or campsite tools. For filleting a fish or skinning animals, it is superb.

Those who did not believe that the same knife could handle tree limbs and delicate slicing bought the knife just to see. They were shocked that it could and are happy with their purchase. It can create thin slices easily and complete the delicate preparation of camp food according to the maker. A few customers said that the blade is too thick for this, but others were able to manage food prep nicely.


Since there are four other similar knives that this company makes and sells, we will try to shed some light on the similarities and the differences for buyers who cannot decide which to get. The others are the Companion Carbon MG, the Companion Heavy Duty, the Companion Rescue, and the Companion Serrated.

The Carbon and the Heavy Duty are made of carbon steel while the other three are made of stainless steel. All have about the same blade length, blade thickness, overall length, weight, and plastic sheath type. The only serrated blades are the Rescue and the Serrated, and the only one with a blunt knife tip is the Rescue.

To choose one, you must first know if you want a blunt tip, a serrated edge, and stainless steel or carbon. This will determine which knife is best for you.


Yes, we know that knives are waterproof, so please don’t think this section is a mistake. We address the difference of the steel types here since it is mainly water environments that determine which kind you need. The Morakniv Companion is used for marine and outdoor applications that are commonly exposed to moisture and dirt.

This is because the stainless-steel blade can handle water better than blades of carbon. It can even be used as a diving knife according to buyers as it does not rust even after years of use in saltwater.

Others claim that this outstanding product is the only tool for cutting that you will need for outdoor adventures besides an ax or a saw. Even the manufacturer states that this knife will adapt to the tasks you need to be performed.


Online we noticed many comments concerning the sharpness of the Morakniv Companion when it is received by customers. Some said that it was razor sharp when they got it, while others claim that it was not sharp or not even sharp at all when they opened their packages.

The company says in its product description that it does arrive razor sharp, so how yours will come if you decide to get one is a mystery. The Swedish high-quality steel is exceptionally tough and razor sharp with a high rating for hardness. It remains sharp much longer than steel or carbon and is not as rust prone according to the maker.

However, some buyers said that it is their experience that stainless steel does not hold a sharpened edge as long as carbon steel, but it is better for wet environments than carbon. The point is – just be ready to sharpen your Companion Knife when you get it.

Bottom Line

The odd thing about the negative comments of this exceptional product is that they are not expressed by plenty of customers. The four noted issues were only mentioned by several people, thus resulting in such a high approval rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 for the Morakniv Companion Outdoor Knife.

Some said the blade is too thick for slicing, it could have imperfections from the manufacturing, and may not be sharp when you get it. The sheath is plastic and might not last as long as you need it. Well, the plastic sheath is understandably not going to last the whole life of the knife, especially if used outdoors on a regular or extended basis.

Expect to replace the sheath when you can get another one. Other than these few possible problems, there are no other bad things to say about this superb knife. It is a good size, can handle plenty of outdoor and indoor tasks, is resistant to corrosion, does not need sharpening much, is great for wet or soil environments, and performs cutting tasks of all sorts of materials.

For the small price, you could not ask for a better quality of cutting tool for any type of outdoor need. Once you have one, you will probably be like many other buyers and start getting more of them for family and friends too.