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BioLite Campstove 2 Review Facts

The BioLite CampStove 2 is a wood burning camp stove that is designed to help live green and camp green even while using your electronic devices. Thanks to the rechargeable battery that the stove is designed with the heat you generate from using this camp stove become the power for the battery that you can then use later for charging your phone or other electronic devices.

This camp stove also features a number of peripheral accessories that resemble those you would use for other camp stoves. Thanks to the pot stand you can use a kettle pot, grill, and coffee press along with other items so that the qualities you enjoy at home can still be used while you're on the go.

This camp stove is designed to bring the best of life to the beautiful wilderness so you never have to spend a camping or backpacking trip wishing that you had the ability to cook or do more with your camp stove. And thanks to the stoves compact design it's easy to bring with you wherever you choose to go in the outdoors.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Nearly Smokeless Fire
  • Charges Electronics
  • Rechargeable Battery Charges Regardless of Fire
  • Portable
  • Not large Fires
  • Can overheat


This camp stove has a few different features that make it not only a great camp stove but just a great piece of equipment to have in general if you're camping or backpacking.

The biggest draw for a lot of people is definitely going to be the camp stoves onboard battery which happens to be rechargeable by way of fire. This battery will allow you to charge your electronic device through the USB port that it uses and can do so with or without a fire. This is great because you may not want to keep your phone or other electronic devices so close to an open flame but once you extinguish it you can benefit from charging your phone or other electronic devices overnight while you get to sleep some.

The camp stove is designed with lightweight aluminum legs so that it can hold itself upright without assistance and also be able to withstand the weight of any accessories you may choose to attach to it. This is a great design feature because there are quite a few different attachments that you can use for this camp stove in conjunction with the pot stand. There's a kettle pot, grill, and coffee press that can be used in conjunction with this camp stove so you can get all the beauty and wonder of the outdoors without necessarily having to abandon those things from home that you love so much and help make your life easier.

The many features it comes with are designed to make your experience everything it can be while avoiding everything you don't. Whether that means keeping your phone charged or giving you a way to make some coffee this camp stove is designed to do the job for you.


This camp and backpacking stove has quite a few available accessories that will work great for pretty much anyone. While it should be noted that these accessories are peripheral items and need to be bought separately they are still worthy purchases and investments especially if you're someone who sees themselves using this camp stove pretty regularly whether you're doing a simple camping trip or backpacking through some hills.

The coffee press accessory is great for most campers and any caffeine head that just wants to be able to enjoy a warm cup of coffee while watching the sunrise while they're out on the trail. This press accessory is going to be useful for making coffee and keeping you on the go. The kettle pot accessory will work well for boiling water as well as helping you to brew tea for the more sophisticated caffeine enthusiast out there.

A lot of people will use instant noodles and other fuss-free meals while camping or backpack which makes the kettle pot an invaluable attachment. You can simply attach the kettle pot accessory, boil your water, and boom you are ready to eat your noodles or sip some green tea while you get ready for bed and the end of your day. The portable grill might come off as a little bit more of a luxury item especially if you plan on using this stove for backpacking more than camping.

That, however, doesn't change the fact that it will still come in handy. Being able to grill up some warm food is something you take for granted until you're down to your last beef jerky stick staring at the stars wondering where you went wrong. With the grill accessory, you'll be able to attach it and cook up some small meals for yourself and not have to feel like you're eating scraps day in and day out just to get by. The flex light attachment is a little more of a quality of life item.

This accessory will come in hand for having a makeshift flashlight and can be useful for those situations where your batteries for other supplies may have run out. It is always good to have an extra light source on you though so having this accessory available to you is going to be a good investment especially if you're out backpacking by yourself you'll need some way to see the ground on a cloudy moonless night.


This camp stove is going to work great for backpackers and campers alike. Because of its compact and lightweight design you won't feel weighed down by it too much and the fuel source being wood relieves you of having to carry any propane or liquid fuel. As a result, most places that you end up backpacking or camping are going to be readily able to supply you with the necessary fuel. And because of the camp stoves, small size and internal fans having fuel can mean anything from tossing a handful of wood chips into the stove or breaking up some larger stick so that they can fit inside.

Either way, you'll be able to charge the camp stove's battery and use that extra power for later. This is great for keeping your electronic devices charged as well as generating a cleaner way for you to power your stuff. The camp stove's jets make fuel burning almost smokeless and you know you won't be relying on fossil fuels like gas or coal to get your electricity. This camp stove is great for any camper or hiker and you'll be able to get a lot out of it whether you're looking to abandon society for a few days or you want to do some light glamping under the stars.

Power Source

The camp stove also features an onboard LED dashboard that will let you know the battery's charge status so you can be aware and confident in your battery's available power supply without hoping that everything is charged only to need to start an unnecessary fire. The camp stove's internal fan jets help to keep your fire going and hot while also reducing the amount of smoke that your fire is putting out. This helps to make the camp stove a clean fuel source while preventing you from inhaling or being covered in smoke from using the camp stove. The fans also help you to choose the intensity of the fire you're having whether you just need a small flame to get things going or are in a rush for your morning cup of joe and want that intense heat to boiling your water as fast as you can.


The camp stove is also designed with a honeycomb heat mesh. This heat mesh's honeycomb design helps to protect the outside from the inner burn chamber so that you and your devices can be protected while you're using the camp stove's energy generating features to charge and electronics you might need to be charged.

For a camp stove of this size, this heat mesh also comes in handy quite literally in helping to prevent you from getting burned. Burns can cause serious damage and pain even when you immediately have the right personnel and equipment for treating them but when camping or backpacking alone they can become even more severe.

This honeycomb mesh will help to protect you from the heated elements inside the camp stove so that you can get as much use and enjoyment out of it as possible without having to deal with something so unfortunate happening to you. No one wants to be in a painful situation like that when they're out camping, and this stove aims to prevent that.


This camp stove also features a number of different peripherals you can purchase that make your life that much easier. To not name them all but just a few there's the coffee press, and attachable grill, as well as kettle pot. These all come in handy when it comes to being able to cook your own meals, helping you to eat well while still being out in the wilderness. Eating just salted foods and easy to make noodles can get tiring and these camp stove accessories let you eat what you bring with or catch and find while you're out in the woods. It doesn't matter how into nature you are the ability to have a warm meal is something you take for granted until you really want one and this camp stove provides you with the ability to make one when you want.

Ease of Use

The camp stove can also change the intensity of the heat and fire by adjusting these internal jet fans. As a result, you can have your fire raging in your little camp stove so that you can charge and cook as fast as possible or you can slowly take your time using as little fuel as you need to. The chargeable battery that is attached to the stove stands out from its peers, especially in this price range. A feature that could cost you more money with other camp stoves is built right into this one and uses the heat from your already burning fires to generate its charge. This is great for allowing you not only to charge while you're cooking a meal but also to charge your electronics when the fire is out, giving you the option to stay charged and connected at pretty much any time.


Priced at medium range, this camp stove hits not only the average price range that a lot of camp stoves tend to carry but also brings features with it that other camp stoves would charge you more for. The most glaring of these is the ability to use your camp stove as a reliable power source. The stove itself only requires wood burning fuel which means pretty much any wood chips, sticks, and dried leaves you can fit in it will work as a way to charge the battery.

And because this camp stove uses the internal fan jets you can easily decide on your heat intensity so that larger pieces of material will burn hotter and faster. This helps you to charge the rechargeable battery and have power for your electronics but also makes your cooking easier. The stove has a number of compatible accessories that work great with it while also being design to protect you and your electronic devices from the heat through its honeycomb heat mesh.

For an affordable price, this camp stove brings a lot to the table and gives you a reliable way to enjoy the beauty of the natural world without having to give up all the amenities you enjoy from your life back home.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that this specific camp stove is a fantastic buy and investment and beats its competition to the punch on a lot of different things both design wise and accessory wise.

First and foremost, it doesn't require you to haul the fuel you need for it with you wherever you go. This camp stove uses wood and kindling in an effective manner so that you can scavenge for what you need without having to lug around heavy propane fuel cells to keep it going. This helps to make a cleaner fuel burning process by using a fuel source that is readily available to you at almost all times while the internal jet fans help to create an almost smokeless fire.

Overall this camp stove has really shown what it means to be a piece of equipment that is designed for today's campers. You have the ability to keep your electronics charges thanks to the USB port on the rechargeable battery and you can also easily make yourself meals thanks to the temperature control from the internal fan jets and the available accessories you can get to accompany this camp stove.