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The North Face Base Camp Duffel Review Facts

If you are hiking up a mountain this week, visiting friends, or just running to the gym, grab The North Face Base Camp Duffel. This bag offers the room needed for all your gear with the piece of mind that your gear will make it in one piece. It is great for an expedition or heading out for a hunt. This bag provides all the space needed and is a best overall option compared to other duffel bags on the market.  It will also hold up to any weather one may encounter from rain and snow to the heat of the desert. The bag is also versatile for easy carrying and storing in a vehicle. The North Face Base Camp Duffel is the only bag that anyone may need and it will last for a long time.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Use as a duffel bag or a backpack
  • Water, dirt, and weather resistant
  • 4 Compression straps to reduce size for easy storage
  • Multiple pockets for easy organization
  • D shaped lid for you to be able to see all the contents inside
  • Multiple colors
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Side handles for strapping down or carrying
  • Lack of a single shoulder strap
  • Heavier than other comparable duffel bags

Ease of Use

The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag is perfect for all season hiking, backpacking, and camping trips. The product is also great for cross-country skiing, hunting, fishing, biking and traveling. The extra large duffel is perfect for heading up the mountain for a week-long backpacking trip and the medium duffel is great for a weekend hike with friends. The extra small duffel is a choice for kayaking because the product is large enough to hold keys, money, camera, and a change of clothes.


The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag comes in six available sizes. The North Face Base Camp XS Duffel Bag is a great choice for packing your gym clothes, overnight stay or a day trip. The duffel bag is designed for your essential items and is perfect for when you are biking, kayaking or just running to the gym. The extra small duffel weights 2 LB 0.8oz, holds 31 Liters and measures at 11.03” X 17.72” X 11.03”.

The North Face Base Camp Small Duffel Bag offers great style combined with good use of materials and is perfect for short trips. The style and size make it the perfect choice for flying because it is the best carry on bag. In the small duffel, you can pack a few pairs of clothes and essential items. It also has a mesh organizer to keep all small items organized. The North Face Base Camp Small Duffel weights 2 LB 11.39oz, holds 50 Liter and measures at 12.8” X 20.87” X 12.8”.

The medium-sized duffel is perfect for everything from hiking to traveling for work. It is easy to pack and carry comfortably as a backpack. The medium duffel weights 3 LB 8.09oz, hold 71 Liters and measures at 13.98” X 25.4” X 13.98”.

The North Face Base Camp Large Duffel is the second most popular duffel bag that North Face offers. This duffel bag will hold everything needed and more, you can pack multiple outfits, shoes, and gear. It is on the large side so it will need to be checked when flying because it will not fit in an overhead compartment. The large duffel is still easy to be carried as a backpack. Just remember to pack it appropriately with the amount of weight one is able to carry because of the size it can easily be overpacked which will make it hard to carry. It is essential to ensure the duffel is packed appropriately to reduce strain when carrying the bag as a backpack. The North Face Base Camp Large Duffel weights 4 LB 0.9oz, holds 90 Liters and measures at 15.75” X 27.56” X 15.75”.

The North Face Base Camp XL Duffel is quite large though easy to use. The XL duffel is perfect for carrying everything one may need for an extended trip overseas. The duffel can hold multiple changes of clothes, shoes, gear and anything else that may be needed for an extended trip. It has multiple compartments designed into it to make it easy to retrieve anything inside without having to dig around and remove items. The North Face Base Camp XL Duffel weights 4 LB 6.9oz, holds 132 Liters and measures at 17.72” X 29.73” X 17.72”.

The North Face Base Camp XXL Duffel bag makes good use of a combination of materials and design features. The XXL duffel bag is very large and can hold just about everything needed for an extended trip for the whole family. The North Face Base Camp XXL Duffel weighs 4 LB 10.78oz, holds 150 Liters and measures at 18.9” X 31.5” X 18.9”.

Each size duffel has detachable, alpine cut shoulder straps that are adjustable for comfort. There are also side handles on the duffel to make carrying easy and comfortable. Each duffel has a zipper opening in the shape of a D with a mesh pocket on the inside of the opening for easy organization. Each size duffel bag has four compression straps and a waterproof ID pocket on the top of the bag. No matter what size you choose the North Face Base Camp Duffel comes with a lifetime warranty.


The North Face Base Camp Duffel bag comes in six different sizes from extra small to XX-Large. There are multiple colors and patterns available of this product to ensure all your travel and adventure needs will be met. With the multiple different color choices, you should be able to find the perfect duffel to carry your teams sporting gearing to the next game showing off your team spirit.
The medium, large and extra-large duffel bag has mesh dividers inside to help with organizing the contents inside. The duffel is durable, water and weather resistant, so this duffel can be taken anywhere, from the mountains to the desert. No matter where you are going or how you are getting there, this duffel will hold up to the job.


The duffel is designed with weather-resistant material making this a versatile duffel that can be used just about anywhere. The duffel will give one confidence that everything stowed into the bag will be fully protected from all types of weather. Due to the quality of material built into each bag, it makes the product very water-resistant and can withstand exposure to rain and snow, but it is not recommended to submerge the product directly into the water. With the material, you can feel confident to take this product on a fish trip. The extra-large and XXL large bag have additional material, which makes the product waterproof.


The North Face Base Camp Duffel bag is constructed of Phthalate Free 1000D TPE Laminate 840 Denier Jr. Ballistic Nylon material. The XL and XXL size also have additional bartacks material to make the product material waterproof.
The North Face is a quality brand which provides quality products. Each size duffel was designed with comfort and stability in mind. Each product is designed to last and provide the confidence knowing you can depend on it. The North Face backs all of their products to ensure their customers are satisfied. Each duffel was designed to be taken and used everyone one may want to go.


The North Face Base Camp Duffel bag is can be used as a duffel or be carried as a backpack using the two available straps which are also detachable. This duffel also offers multiple carrying handles for convenient hauling. It is also designed to compress down by using the four compression straps on the sides to reduce the size to make traveling and storing easier. If the bag is filled to the max don’t worry because the duffel has outer external daisy chains so you can easily attach items using carabiners.


The North Face Base Camp Medium Duffel Bag is the most popular duffel. This duffel is easy to carry and is spacious enough to pack enough stuff inside for a week-long trip. The medium duffel bag is large enough for a week's worth of clothes and supplies needed for a week-long trip. The medium size duffel will also fit in an overhead compartment so no need to check a bag. No matter what size product you choose, where or how long you are traveling, the quality and durability of these products are perfect. Also, the bigger size duffels are great for storing team gear for away sporting tournaments.
This duffel is also a great bag for traveling and it will provide all the space needed. The average duffel bag is not designed like The North Face Base Camp Duffel, for the average duffel bag all the weight goes on one shoulder but with this duffel bag, it is designed to distribute the weight and be carried like a backpack for easy travel and comfort or the straps can be removed for packing into tight spots. Based on the size and the length of one’s trip this bag provides the space needed to pack everything in a single bag. This bag is not super light, the large size duffel is just over four pounds one ounce but durability and versatility of the bag make it alright.


Durability is a key central feature of this duffel. The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag is not a new product, this duffel bag has been part of The North Face products for a quite some time. The available duffel on the market has only had minor improvements since the first duffel bag was introduced. This duffel is one of the top products on the market for a reason, the durability. Due to the high quality of material, this duffel may be the last duffel bag you purchase but you might want to invest in a couple of different sizes to ensure you have the perfect duffel for the trip. It is designed for multiple environmental conditions and it can withstand the cold winter temperatures to the heat of the desert due to the quality and durability built into the material. The design of the duffel is made for convenience to strapping it to a cargo rack to compressing it down to fit on a dog sled.

Key Features

-Phthalate Free 1000D TPE Laminate 840 denier Jr. Ballistic Nylon material
-The North Face offers a Lifetime Warranty
-Good straps design offers adjustable, detachable, alpine cut shoulder straps for a comfortable fit
-User-friendly carrying through side handles for both duffel carry handles and haul handles
-D shaped opening which is weather resistant
-Organized storage via a mesh pocket in the main compartment
Protective for all types of weather
-Designed for minimum storage with the use of the four compression straps
-A waterproof ID pocket on the top of the bag
-Useful end cap zippered compartment
-More storage within the end caps of the duffel via a mesh sleeves


The North Face Base Camp Duffel is constructed from high-quality material, Phthalate Free 1000D TPE Laminate 840 Denier Jr. Ballistic Nylon. Due to the high quality of the material of the duffel, it is on the more expensive side. When comparing it to other similar products on the market with the same type of material, durability, and versatility this product outstands most. This duffel will outlast most and you will have the peace of mind it will last you a very long time.

The Bottom Line

The North Face Base Camp Duffel is overall a great choice because of the versatility, durability and the multiple sizes offered to suit one's needs. The duffel is designed to carry everything everywhere. No matter what size you choose, you will not be disappointed because each size is designed for multiple different uses from an expedition to Africa to the top of a mountain or a weekend getaway or just heading the gym. The North Face offers a lifetime warranty because they stand behind their products and want to ensure their customers satisfied.