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Garmin Epix World Wide GPS Watch Review Facts

The Garmin Epix World Wide GPS Watch is a multisport, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant device that provides you with quick and easy access to plenty of traceable sports and activities. Monitor your progress, routes, and navigation in such things as swimming, running, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and indoor workouts. It has fingertip access for the 3-axis compass, the barometer, and the altimeter. This newer model has a very different look than other Garmin products with its larger face and simple buttons.

It has a sunlight-visible, high-resolution touchscreen display with a rugged finish and a lens of mineral glass. One of the most exciting features of this Garmin device is the map feature. A large variety of map types can be loaded easily and quickly, such as CityNavigator NT, BlueChart g2 maps, BirdsEye Satellite Imagery,  and TOPO U.S. 24K. Buyers are very satisfied with this incredible aspect of the Epix along with the Connect !Q app.

With it, you can upload data to LiveTrack, Connect, and social media to share with others. the Smart Notification4 quality permits users to keep up with texts, emails, and alerts from a smartphone. The battery life is long for the Epix, so you will not have to worry about charging in remote environments. As the technology of Garmin advances, they keep making the GPS watch models that will benefit their customers the most. We further explore the many characteristics and qualities of the Garmin Epix in this full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Large face that is ideal for big hands
  • Has a fresh look from other Garmin and competitor models
  • Easy access to trackable activities and sports
  • Is water-resistant to fifty meters and scratch-resistant
  • Is a multisport device with the Connect IQ app
  • Includes a 3-axis compass, barometer, and altimeter
  • Uploads data to LiveTrack, Connect, and social media
  • Access maps with City Navigator NT, BirdsEye, and TOPO U.S.
  • Obtain texts, emails, and alerts directly
  • Has fingertip access and long battery life
  • Can take a while to load the maps and connect to the various features
  • Side buttons are easy to press or hit accidentally


Lightweight and durable, the GarminEpix has a different look than other Garmin watches and even other competitor models with its fresh new look. Devoted Garmin followers and buyers love this exciting new face that is much easier to navigate and use. The larger face is great for those with big hands, as they can maneuver the controls much better than previous models. As with other Garmin products, the Epix is quite flexible in the many uses it has for the sports person who wants to monitor plenty or a few activities. Load it with the ones you want from the Garmin site and the easy-to-use app to use wherever you are and the many places you want to go.


The Epix model has quick and easy access to many of your trackable activities and sports such as swimming, mountaineering, indoor workouts, running, navigation, and hiking. It is water-resistant to fifty meters, so you can participate in water sports and not have to remove it. it will respond to the many requests, goals, and challenges that you set for yourself, keeping track of your progress and stats as you go along. The built-in maps are incredible and dependable for the activities of running, hiking, camping, trekking, and mountaineering. You will never be lost or not have a bearing on your location and destination again with the Epix.


This multisport device has an EXO stainless-steel antenna with the reception of GPS/GLONASS. Buyers really love the maps that are possible with this superb device. It is one of the best, upgraded features that Garmin has made as a focal point of this upgrade. It will trace your steps, alert you for pace, monitor interval training, track burned calories, follow your sleep patterns, recognize pool laps and strokes, program routes, and, of course, display the time. It is unbelievable what this small device can do for you every day, as you learn how to use it more and more in your daily life. We noticed that some customers said even after months of having the Epix, they are still discovering things it can do and capabilities they have in using it. it is such an in-depth device that only by using it regularly will you be enlightened with its many competencies.


Included are a 3-axis compass, a barometer, a pedometer, a sensor for heart rate, and an altimeter. The pedometer is 3-axis digital, and the heart rate sensor uses a chest for monitoring. Accurately descent or scent with the elevation data from the pressure-based altimeter. Weather changes can be predicted with the barometer that will indicate short-term air pressure trends. Use the electronic 3-axis compass whether you are stopped or moving to keep your bearings. The sleep monitor determines how many hours you have of deep sleep or light sleep in the night. you will wonder how you managed to get through the day and night without this incredible device on your wrist. If you are a Garmin fan, you will appreciate the updated and added features of this new model.


With the Connect IQ app, you can customize the Garmin Epix with an assortment of data fields, watch faces, applications, and widgets. This is how you make this ideal GPS watch your own with the features and characteristics that you love best. Wirelessly and automatically upload data to LiveTrack, Connect, and social media with a smartphone and the Garmin Connect Mobile app easily. You can share all of your trackable information with your family and friends and maintain your own log of your activities. This is the highly-flexible part of the Garmin device that gives you plenty of options for displaying just what you want to have on your marvelous GPS watch.


The expanded internal memory of 8 GB allows you to load maps in a wide variety, including City Navigator NT, BlueChart g2 maps, BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, and TOPO U.S. 24K. This is the one feature that customers are so excited about.

The maps and tracking are accurate and easy to use. the choices of maps are extended with this Garmin version, and the larger interface and color coordination makes them easier to see and navigate. With Smart Notifcation4 connection, you can obtain texts, emails, and alerts on the watch directly.

You will never miss any of your messages, even when you are on the trail or out for the weekend on a backpacking adventure (check also this model, which is great for wearing it on outdoor adventures). Just sync the Epix with your smartphone, and you will be connected anywhere you go. It includes the EXO revolutionary antenna for quick fixes and better strength of the signal. This allows it to work in places and even remotely where other popular models may not.

Ease of Use

This is one of the easiest of the Garmin GPS watches to use because of the ideal accessibility of the functions. Online users did say that it may take some time to work with the device to learn about everything it is capable of doing, but within a little while, you will have it mastered. The more you use it and familiarize yourself with the instructions, you will discover plenty of ways that the Epix can aid you in your daily life. When compared to a few of the other Garmin GPs watch models, the Epix is the top model that buyers are preferring. The colors are bright than the Fenix3 model and, the display is more vibrant and bigger. It is much better than the Fenix 3 for navigation because you can point simply to your destination on the interface. The Epix is also better than the Fenix3 for tracking destination maps and routes, making it the better model over the Tacix, Fenix3 and Fenix 2. Some customers said it can take a while to load the maps and connect to the various features, while a few others feel it is not the best of its kind on the market. A couple of users were told from the Garmin site that the apps were not up-to-date. These are the only major negative issues that buyers are having with the Epix currently. One user commented that the side buttons are easy to press or hit accidentally. It is possible that a lock of some kind would remedy this problem.


The user face of the Epix is a sunlight-visible, high-resolution 1.4” touchscreen display of color Chroma that is scratch-resistant. It has fingertip access with pan or swipe on the display for detailed maps such as the shaded worldwide relief base maps that are built in. Made of a PVD rugged finish and a lens of mineral glass, it can handle rugged use and is a long-lived model that will provide years of dependable service that you can rely on. With the wider face, many users are pleased because it is easier to operate than some previous models with smaller screens. The screen size is a balance between the device being too large and bulky yet being lightweight and too small to use. it seems as though Garmin has found a nice balance with the Epix that is pleasing the majority of its customers both new and seasoned.

Power Source

The Garmin Epix uses and comes with one battery of lithium ion. According to buyers, the battery life of this version is quite long. in our research, we did not see any complaints from customers about the battery life being short or a problem for anyone. A charged battery will last for up to fifty hours in the UltraTrac mode, up to twenty-four hours in the GPS or training modes, or up to sixteen weeks in the regular watch mode. These measurements are hard to beat, as the Garmin models become more advanced with the newer technologies to make them last longer with a simple charge and have more features than the competitors.


Just like the Fenix 3 and the Fenix 3 HR models, the Epix has a display of negative mode, color display, vibration alerts, GPS and GLONASS, custom POIs, TracBack, and Connect IQ apps. The previous two versions are not compatible with Garmin Maps but the Epix has this capability that is easy to access. When compared to the other Garmin models of eTrex 30x Handheld Navigator, Fenix 3, and Foretrex 401 Hiking GPS, the Epix is more expensive than the other three. It weighs more and is slightly larger than the Fenix 3 in dimension and screen size. It is only beaten by one hour of battery life by the eTrex 30x but lasts longer than the other Garmin models. As you can see, Garmin is listening to its customers’ suggestions and dislikes and is making strides in giving its buyers the qualities and characteristics they need from their GPS devices. As their technology advances and new discoveries are made to improve the lives of their buyers, Garmin’s innovations not only keep up with the pack of offered GPS watches, but they are one of the foremost leading manufacturers in this product category.

The Bottom Line

As the majority of online customers are quite pleased with this model of Garmin technology and craftsmanship, we too think that it is a splendid version that users will be happy with. The operational buttons on the side can be problematic if hit accidentally, and some people had instances where the maps did not load quickly. Some loyal Garmin users feel that the Epix is not the best work of the company, as they prefer previous GPS watch models that the manufacturer makes. The Epix has a larger user face with better maps that are easier to use than some others. Loyal fans of Garmin that have previous models, prefer this more accurate version because of the new technology and capabilities. It certainly has so many features that it takes a while to discover all of them. However, exploration is part of the fun in owning a GPS device to see how it can enhance the activities and sports you like to do. The Epix is a great GPS watch model that we highly recommend to track and monitor the many things that you like to accomplish.