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Helinox Chair Zero Review Facts
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Do you want a real chair to put in your backpack for hiking and camping? Look no further than the Helinox Chair Zero that weighs only 1.1 pounds and folds up to the tiny size of a regular water bottle. This award-winning product is the most compact and lightest chair that Helinox makes, but if you want to see which chairs are on the list of best-camping chairs, check this guide.

Incredibly, it will hold weights up to 260 pounds and is comfortable enough to sit in all day and for many days in a row. It is a great luxury at the end of the hiking and backpacking day to be able to sit in a real chair that is comfy.

Assembly is simple since the aluminum alloy pole structure contains a bungee shock cord inside that just snaps into place when the chair is twisted open. Helinox Chair Zero is superb for any type of outdoor event or travel, trekking, hiking, backpacking, or camping trip. If you want to learn more about what else do you need when heading to the trails, take a look at our guide on ultralight backpacking gear.

You get a stuff sack to store and carry the compact chair in and there is a groundsheet that can be purchased separately. Plenty of buyers are already loving the Helinox Chair Zero as it has an overall positive approval rating from happy customers. Thus said, if you are want to find out more, all you have to do is read our detailed review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable enough for all-day sitting
  • Low-level seat ideal for cooking over a campfire
  • Maximum weight is 260 pounds
  • Folds to the size of a water bottle
  • Winner of two product awards in 2017
  • Comes in grey, sand, and black solid colors
  • Perfect for travel, trekking, backpacking, hiking, and camping
  • Seat is very low; small chair feet will sink into soft ground
  • Groundsheet has to be ordered separately


You do not get many luxuries when camping or backpacking because you are essentially roughing it, but when a luxury does come along that can provide some comfort, we jump at getting it. The Helinox Chair Zero is a great luxury at the end of the day of hiking and backpacking to be able to sit in a comfy chair.

Customers say that it is comfortable enough to sit in all day for many days at a time. The main problem is that it sits low to the ground, which can be ideal for cooking over a campfire.

Getting up and sitting is a challenge, especially for those that have trouble rising from chairs or a low seated position. The seat part is only eleven inches high, but so many people say that it is worth the cost and the few ounces to carry it just to have a chair out into the wild.


This foldable camping chair is sturdy for the build, as it includes a pole structure with a single shock cord. It will hold a maximum weight of 260 pounds and comes with a warranty of five years from the manufacturer.

The frame of the chair is built of proprietary advanced aluminum alloy for the best strength for the minimum weight. The carry sack and seat are made of lightweight and durable ripstop polyester which will resist UV rays and harsh weather.

Buyers must realize the durability limitations of this lightweight and highly compressible item. It can seem a bit unstable when placed on surfaces or ground that is not level. For the price, size, and technology, it is a superb chair that has excellent versatility.

Key Features

-Built of proprietary advanced aluminum alloy
-Material is lightweight and durable ripstop polyester
-Polyester resists UV rays and harsh weather
-Pole structure of single shock cord
-Stuff sack for carrying and storing
-Weighs only 1.1 pounds; Seat is 11” high
-Packed dimensions are 4 x 4 x 14 inches
-Assembled dimensions are 20.5” W x 19” D x 25.5” H


The whole idea and purpose of the Helinox Chair Zero is to give you the flexibility you want and need when you are away from home. It can be used anywhere that you can put it on a solid ground whether you are high in the mountains or deep in forested areas along a trail. Compact and featherweight, this amazing product is the ideal backpacking and camping chair, as it even comes with a stuff sack for carrying and storing.

The material sections of the chair and the sack can be machine-washed and air dried for easy cleaning. A bungee cord on the inside assembles the structural poles for a fast setup
that has to be seen to believe. Everyone has their own method for unfolding the legs of the chair, but the best way we found was from customers who use it regularly. To set it up, buyers say to just twirl the shaft in the center to make all other sections pop into place. How easy is this?


The somewhat higher than normal price for this compact and portable chair has some buyers upset because it does not include the groundsheet. The Helinox Chair Zero is substantially more expensive than competitor models that are sturdier and more comfortable according to some users.

For the higher price, many think that the groundsheet should be included with the purchase. It is usually the case with things that we buy that a higher price means a higher quality product. This is the case for the Helinox Chair Zero, as it is a high-quality item that is durable and long-lasting. The groundsheet is an accessory item that the company offers to those who want it.


A chair that holds an adult and folds into a tight package no bigger than a water bottle cannot be true, right? Guess again because this Helinox chair is terrifically just that.

The total weight is only 1.1 pounds making it so easy to carry in a travel bag or backpack. It is the most compact and lightest chair offered in the Helinox product line. In its packed state, the Chair Zero has the unbelievable dimensions of 4 x 4 x 14 inches!

When assembled, the complete product is 20.5 inches wide x 19 inches deep x 25.5 inches high. Yes, it is a bit narrow, but plenty of tall and large customers say it is comfortable for them. Because it is a minimalistic chair, the seat portion is not very high from the ground level. It is just eleven inches high
, so it is about as high as a standing person’s shin.


A ground sheet is available from Helinox that attaches to the legs of the chair to prevent the feet and legs from sinking into soft ground. It does not come with the chair much to the disappointment of users who find this a possibly aggravating problem.

For soft ground and surfaces, the groundsheet is almost a must since the feet of the chair are small and will go into the ground with some weight. You could fit the chair legs with larger homemade feet to prevent this from happening as some buyers are doing instead of purchasing the groundsheet separately. Otherwise, the Helinox Chair Zero is a fairly stable item for sitting outdoors.


This marvelous Helinox item has won the 2017 Backpacker Gear of the Year Award and the 2017 Outdoor Industry Award for product quality and excellence. The customer approval rating online is 4.3, which is a splendid average considering it is not the only model of folding camping chair offered by this company or competitors.

When trying to choose your next camping chair, you will find that others generally have bigger feet to prevent sinking, can be roomier in the seat, and are a bit sturdier than the Chair Zero.

However, competing models are most likely lower to the ground that this product and certainly do not compact down to the tiny size of a water bottle. Small size and low weight usually win the battle when we are searching for the best camping and backpacking gear. That is why so many people choose this Helinox Zero Chair. You also get to choose a favorite color from the three choices of solid grey, sand, or black.


Users must take care to pick spots for sitting with this compact camping chair that will not allow the feet and legs to sink into the ground. This could be difficult along the trail or when camping on soft ground. Harder surfaces that are level are the best for this flexible item that could pose problems if not secured properly.

Of course, having the ground sheet that must be bought separately would eliminate the worry of terrain and ground softness. We elaborate on this product more in another section but wanted to mention it here too, as it pertains to the terrain.


Perfect for any type of outdoor event or travel, trekking, backpacking, hiking, and camping, the Helinox Chair Zero is ideal for socializing around camp. It is best if everyone has one to sit and talk or enjoy the morning or evening atmosphere outdoors.

You can sit and tend the campfire at the perfect level that requires no stooping.
It is best for surfaces that are level to prevent any mishaps from tipping over, so choose your chair location wisely. If you put it on a slope or incline, then you will tip over toward the back or slide out the seat front.

Even though we read stories of people tipping over accidentally with this chair, you will be interested to know that no one said anything about it breaking, coming apart, or even tearing. It is a long-lasting and sturdy piece of outdoor gear that you can trust and depend on for your trips.


As we have stated in the Size section, the low weight of this ultralight camping chair is remarkable. You might have to see it to believe that a full chair with four working legs can weigh just one pound. Add to that the fact that it folds up tightly into an area no bigger than a water bottle, and you have one incredibly lightweight and small chair for your outdoor adventures and excursions. The extra pack weight of a pound is so worth the comfort that this item can afford you a long way from home.

Ease of Use

While the Chair Zero is quite easy to set up and take down to pack, it can be a challenge to sit in it and get up from it. This is because it is so low to the ground at a mere eleven inches from the surface. This is lower than a standing person’s knee, so it can pose problems when placed on the ground.

When there is a bit of sinking of the feet and legs into soft surfaces, such as sand or soft soil, this problem is increased. We did find a couple of people who flipped the chair over on its back to use it as a seat on the ground. In other words, they sat in the back part of the chair and used the seat bottom for the back. The legs of the chair sit out towards the back or are not unfolded at all.

Bottom Line

To have a real chair for lounging and enjoying the camp area seems too good to be true until you experience the Helinox Chair Zero Camping Chair. Issues that customers have pointed out are minimal with the seat being low to the ground, the ground sheet must be bought separately, and it can tip over when the surface area is not stable. The tipping problem would be a concern with any type of chair, and the height of the product is given in the product description.

We found no actual flaws with this item that users were having such as tears, rips, or breakage, and that is why it has a 4.3 online rating which is great. If you do not have the expectation that this compact and lightweight chair will feel like your big overstuffed recliner at home, then you will be overjoyed to have a real chair with four legs that you can fold up and put in your backpack or bag. Join everyone else in being able to sit comfortably and enjoy nature at camping in your very own Helinox Chair Zero!