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When you get hungry out on the trail or you want a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, you can have a tiny stove in your pocket. This is one of the smallest outdoor stoves available for all of your cooking needs. The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Backpacking Stove is ideal for backpacking, trekking, camping, hiking, global travel, or hunting. It is compact in size at just two inches wide and three inches tall and is very light at just under three ounces in weight. This amazing product operates and sets up easily and does not need to be preheated, primed, or pressurized to use.

Since it has WindClip protection, you will always have a solid persistent flame, even in very windy conditions. It is so small that it is hardly noticeable in a backpack or duffel bag, works quickly, and contains a precision control for the flame. The Pocket Rocket has three pot supports that fold making this unit able to fit in the tiniest of spaces. The included carrying case has a hard shell to protect the stove when not in use and only adds minimal weight to the item when stored. The fuel is isobutane-propane available in high-performance canisters. These should be available in the majority of areas that have sporting goods stores or hardware stores. Let’s look at the additional features and advantages of having this product on your next outdoor adventure.

Editor's Pros & Cons

One of the smallest stoves on the market currently

Operates quietly and quickly to give you a constant flame

Includes the WindClip technology for extra windy areas

Contains foldable pot supports that allow it to tuck in small spaces

Durable supports will accommodate a huge assortment of cooking vessels


Does not come with an igniter

There are lighter stove options available


If this outdoor stove is anything, it is durable and dependable. You can count on it to always ignite a flame when you need one and to also stay lit provided you stay supplied with fuel. The pot supports of the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 are robust and provide you with fantastic stability for all of your cooking necessities. This model has the manufacturer’s well-known feature of WindClip protection. Because of it, you will always have a trusted, solid flame that is persistent, even in extremely windy environments. The included carrying case has a hard shell to protect the stove when not in use and only adds minimal weight to the item when stored. This protection is much needed in backpacks because of the jostling around they receive from often rapid movement. This fabulous backpacking stove can boil two liters of water for each one ounce of fuel, so one canister can boil sixteen liters of water. This is an accomplishment for such a small stove. One canister of fuel that is eight ounces full will last about one hour of constant burn time. This gives you plenty of cooking time to boil water for coffee or tea, hot breakfast cereals, or cooking up that fresh caught trout or perch for dinner.


This handy stove has some of the best features that you could ask for in a piece of outdoor equipment. The fuel used is isobutane-propane in high-performance canisters, so you will want to stock up on these before your adventure or trip. These should be offered in the majority of places, particularly at outdoor sporting stores or hardware outlets that would sell propane gas. The Pocket Rocket is so incredibly compact and miniature in size that it is hardly detectable in a bag, duffel, or backpack. It works quickly and efficiently, plus maintains a precise constant flame while you use it.

This product includes the WindClip windshield technology that allows it to keep the stove lit and operating in windy conditions. It features folding pot supports that make this incredible stove able to hide away in the most cramped spaces. Since you need so many things for outdoor adventures, it helps when such a necessity as a cooking stove can be so well-matched to small spaces. The sturdy long-lasting supports will accommodate cooking pots and pans in a wide range of sizes and weights. The manufacturer suggests pairing this fabulous stove with their MSR Titan Kettle for the best performance in outdoor cooking equipment.


Outdoor excursions are more exciting and fun when you have all of the things you need to make you comfortable. Flexible items make this possible. From the clothing, you wear to the tent you sleep in while away from home in the vast wilderness, everything you decide to bring along must be worth its weight in keeping you safe and happy. Flexible items, such as the MRS Pocket Rocket, will pull its weight as a versatile tool to help make your experiences the ultimate best. This item was voted Editor’s Choice for this year from the Outdoor Gear Club because of its flexibility and usefulness. It is a vital product that every outdoor adventurist should have. This excellent backpacking stove includes a protective case that is lightweight and packable in the tiniest of spaces. The heat source is very adjustable to go from full heat or rocket level to just simmering. The speed of how hot this unit can get is amazing for its size and has to be seen to be believed. For the choice of the fuel, it is best to use MSR butane fuel tanks for this stove. Other standard-size tanks may be used, but it is not recommended. If the threads of the connection do not match, then take that as a safety warning to not connect it. for the safest operation of this unique stove, always go with the fuel tanks that were made to be used in coordination with it.


The minimal price and the extraordinary value of the MSR Pocket Rocket go hand-in-hand. It has a very high satisfaction rating from customers online, with 82% of them giving this product a perfect rating. It is comparable in price to the Jetboil MightyMo Backpacking Stove but is smaller in size, has a higher review rate, and weighs less. Against the Jetboil Zip Cooking System, it is much lower in price, more versatile in use, and lighter in weight. The Primus Classic Trail Stove is no match either for the Pocket Rocket because although the Primus is cheaper and comes with the ignition, it is much heavier and is not as well-liked by customers as the Pocket Rocket.


Usage of the Pocket Rocket should always occur outdoors, as that is its intended purpose. You do not want to have this open flame indoors or enclosed with the combustible fuel canister attached or nearby. Its ideal usage is out in the open for the many times that adventurous individuals love to connect with the great outdoors. This trustworthy and reliable stove is best used while backpacking, trekking, camping, hiking, global travel, or hunting. Any place you can think of that you could use a stove to cook or warm up food or make coffee and tea would be a superb place to have this outstanding stove. In just over three minutes it can boil a one-liter amount of water, so it is certainly fast. The flame can be altered from simmering to a rapid boil for all sorts of meals in the wild outdoors. Being that the supports measure just over four inches in diameter, you could even cook with a pan or pot that is just over three inches wide.

Weight & Size

When it comes to camping and backpacking equipment and supplies, you want to make sure you have the most lightweight items you can find. It is quite often that we must choose between convenience, performance, and being lightweight for our outdoor necessities. The MSR Pocket Rocket is very compact in size at two inches wide and three inches tall, plus it is very light at just under three ounces in weight. If you include the case that comes with the product, then the remarkable stove still only weighs 4.2 ounces. For what it can do for you, this is impressive. In use and open, the splendid cooking stove measures just under five inches across and less than four inches tall. A few of the many satisfied online customers claimed that the storage case this stove comes with adds unnecessary weight to their pack and they sometimes do not bring it along to save on weight and space. This fantastic stove is so small that it can be packed away in a coffee mug with a mini Bic lighter, according to one backpacking consumer.

Ease of Use

This is one of the most simple stoves on the market that operates and sets up easily.
There is no need for preheating, priming, or pressurizing the stove to get it ready for use, as you just connect the fuel canister, turn it on, and put on a pot. It is that simple! The supports for pots and cooking ware are serrated and support plenty of pot styles and sizes. Even the smallest of cooking vessels can be used on this stove. It can be used in extreme weather such as cold and wind, so do not worry about losing the flame in these elements. Plenty of customer feedback online attests to being able to use this is adverse outdoor conditions well. One great precaution to using the Pocket Rocket or any outdoor stove is to only attach the fuel canister to the stove when it is in use. You do not ever want to store the fuel source and the stove when they are still connected to each other. Once the unit has cooled after cooking, just unscrew the stove from the canister of fuel and store them separately. Never store the igniting item, such as the small Bic lighter or the pack of matches, near the fuel canister either.

Power Source

This cooking stove uses IsoPro fuel tanks, which are compatible with the threads on the connector. Do not try to use regular propane canisters because the threads will not fit. They do not fit because they are not the correct fuel to use with his type of stove. Do not try to use adapters to make it fit or usable because you will be placing yourself and others in great danger. This unit does not come with anything to ignite the flame, so you must have or bring along on your trips a source of a flame. The safest and smallest option for this would be a small Bic lighter or a pack of matches. A small lighter can be kept in the box with the stove. How many canisters of fuel you will require per trip will depend greatly on how much you plan on using it. The cooking or heating up of items you plan to do and how many people you are cooking for will determine this figure for you. Also, consider how many days you will be outdoors and in need of the stove. One eight-ounce canister of fuel can last four people for a two-night trip. This is if you are just boiling water for dinner and breakfast. You always want to have some fuel left over, so plan for a bit over your needed amount of fuel. Two cans for a week may be enough for three or four people on a trip.

The Bottom Line

Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, backpacking, and hunting require a portable stove because you need a way to warm up water and cook food. The MSR Pocket Rocket Backpacking Stove is one of the smallest, lightweight, flexible, and compact stoves that is offered currently online. For durability, weight, and size, other camping stoves do not compare with this product. It weighs less than three ounces and opens up to hold cooking vessels to a five-inch span. With foldable pot supports and a sturdy build, it is a reliable trustworthy tool to carry with you anywhere. For the average price of outdoor cooking stoves, it outperforms and satisfies customers better than other popular models that are available. the Pocket Rocket is easy to operate and will last for many years of use wherever you need it for your outdoor needs. Get cooking on your next trip into the wild unknown with this little marvel of a cooking stove.