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La Sportiva TX2 Hiking Shoe Review Facts

Great for slab climbing because of the adhesive rubber outsole of Vibram Mega-Grip, the La Sportiva TX2 Men’s Hiking Shoe can manage nearly any terrain type. Being a lightweight form of the TX3, it is well-accomplished footwear built perfectly for high performance. This excellent shoe will make you agile in tough environments, such as rocky mountainous expanses because it has wonderful traction on rocks. It is quite steady when in use and has an impressive grip.

For a hiking shoe, it breaks in very quickly and has a snug fit just as a regular climbing shoe would. The TX2 fits like a slipper but does not fit tight. Online customers just love the fit and feel of this dependable shoe for climbing, backpacking, and hiking. It has a wide toe compartment that raises the comfort level greatly, plus the upper of a breathable mesh is quick-drying. When going across creeks and shallow water spots, this is important to dry out the feet rapidly. The laces are indeed superb on this shoe because they will not come untied or tangle into double knots, even when you are on long excursions or walks. It has a ComboCord feature that will wrap around the heels, so these shoes can be tucked away easily into a pack or strung on a climbing harness for flexibility. Let’s look at some of the other features of this design that makes it have such a high satisfaction rating with consumers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Features the ComboCord for wrapping into a tight bundle

Great for hiking, climbing, and backpacking in slick or rocky areas

Will dry out quickly because of the breathable mesh upper

Laces are durable and will not untie or knot on long hikes

Toe box is wider than some other hiking models


Laces may not do well in heavy rain or being submerged

Eyelets are too small to thread stronger regular laces


Being a hiking shoe, the La Sportiva must fit the foot in a conforming way. It is not tight but does hug the foot much like a slipper, according to happy customers. It breaks in easily and fits snug just like climbing footwear, says another buyer. For edging, the rubber is soft and it feels good on the foot with socks of lightweight thickness or with no socks at all. For even without socks, the shoe is very protective of the foot against hard and soft surfaces. It has a wonderful all-around design says veteran hikers with a roomy toe box that is much appreciated for long durations of activity. The added toe room gives the foot flexibility and grip that would not be possible in a more confined shoe. This extra space enhances the breathability and quick drying abilities in wetter conditions also. The mesh upper is comfortable on the foot and will not rub on or irritate the skin, even if worn barefoot. Most of the TX2 comfort lies in the adhesive rubber outsole and the breathable mesh upper that allows the foot to walk on the difficult ground and still remain well-protected.


Long-time runners use the TX2 hard, and they have lasted for more than a year reports some customers. It holds up well and is a dependable shoe that you can count on for numerous outdoor adventures. This incredible hiking or backpacking shoe has a rubber rand that is highly protective and is known as high-performance footwear that is well-executed. Reviewers boast about the laces of this shoe saying that even after long hikes, the laces do not untie or contort into double knots. This is a common problem from excessive footwear usage in rough conditions. The ComboCord that straps the shoes together for storage or hauling is reliable and rugged, thus making every part of the TX2 durable and dependable for all of your backpacking and hiking needs.


There are many features that make the TX2 an exceptional shoe for outdoor excursions in the roughest country. The torsional rigidity and stability are enhanced because the area of the fifth metatarsal is flared, plus the rubber rand on the upper is liquid and holds up great. This impressive model sports a toe rand of PU TechLite and the ComboCord to bind the shoes tightly while you are climbing in mountainous areas. This added cord is wrapped around the platforms of the shoes to pack them away neatly in a backpack or to hang on the climbing cord. Having so little weight, they barely add any added burden to the climbing hiker. This wonderful footwear is offered in the color combinations of black/yellow, carbon/tangerine, and Sulphur, and they all have a midsole with Traverse lite MEMlex injection. With the Mega-Grip Vibram Traverse-Lite technology on the outsoles, the TX2 has many capabilities that other hiking shoes do not. This is a super adhesive layer that gives the hiker added possibilities in the ground that can be covered. This great model is equally at home on rocky surfaces as it is on smooth slabs, soft mud or sand, and wet marshes or creeks. When you must encounter multiple environments, the TX2 is the footwear you want to have with you.


This hiking shoe is flexible and allows the user to make incredible versatile movements with the feet that is necessary to maneuver in hostile areas. The TX2 has been called the lighter version of the Tx3 by experienced hikers who own both models of this La Sportiva footwear. Besides being flexible to wear, the TX2 allows much flexibility in its ability to be packed away discreetly or hung while climbing. This is possible because of the included elastic ComboCord on the shoe that is used to make a neat package of them to hang on the harness. The loops are wound around the platforms of the heels to do this. Whether you stow them away in a backpack or hook them on the climbing harness when you are in tougher terrain, the flexibility of the TX2 gives you many options in foot surfaces and wearing abilities as you need them.

Ground Feel

The purpose of a hiking and backpacking shoe is to give you a protective shoe for the foot but to still allow the foot to comfortably walk in places where regular shoes or climbing footwear would be cumbersome. Therein lies the need for such a shoe as the TX2 because it is protective yet yielding to the needs of the hiker in traversing the sophisticated landscapes one encounters in multiple environments. Even though this shoe is not very stable for climbing, it is perfect for slab climbing in addition to backpacking and hiking. Many buyers attest to its precision in allowing them to conquer even slick slabs with ease. Since the lining is non-slip, the shoe is ideal for such areas as the foot will not slide as it grips these difficult surfaces.


The outsole of the TX2 is its best feature because of the excellent grip and traction that it affords the user. The construction is Strobel lasted and is made of the Mega-Grip Vibram Traverse-Lite technology. This adhesive rubber outsole is sticky and gives enhanced support in precarious situations. This is where the true value of the shoe comes into play in the outdoors because it will keep you from slipping, even on slick slab surfaces. The multiple terrains that this model can handle are remarkable with even experienced hikers are impressed by its gripping abilities and holding talents. Whether you like to explore where there are creeks, rain puddles, soft sand and mud, rocks and boulders, or slick slabs, this La Sportiva model will give you the swiftness and foothold talents you need to be successful.


The La Sportiva TX2 will make you sure-footed in rough terrains such as mountainous areas and slippery slabs, as it is comfortably used for steep scrambles, creek crossings, and technical approaches. This advantageous footwear can handle almost any terrain and even works well on hanging and belaying at the crag plus on slick granite. Wet surroundings are no match for this fabulous shoe either because of the breathable mesh fabric that comprises the upper section. When you must walk in rain puddles or across shallow creeks, the TX2 drains well and dries fast to avoid any discomfort from a wet soggy shoe. Whether you wear a light sock when you hike or no socks at all, this wonderful model will allow great foot feel to gain the best traction on almost any terrain you will encounter while hiking and backpacking.


The traction of this excellent shoe allows its use in many difficult terrains that the hiker encounters. You need a shoe that will comfortably allow you to glide over rocks and have a fantastic grip. Numerous satisfied consumers remark at how stable this model is when underfoot because of the superb grip. The TX2 is confidence-inspiring and will encourage the hiker to challenge the most defying terrains because of the fabulous traction. Some hikers even wear this shoe without socks because it feels great and still gives great foot protection without them. Without socks, the hiker experiences enhanced toe grab and more foot flexibility. Most users do wear the TX2 with a light sock to prevent possible blistering and give added foot warmth.


The lining of the TX2 is a durable mesh that is non-slip and comfortable. This highly flexible upper made of polyester is quick-drying and breathable. Perspiration from the foot will not be held in the shoe, and any encountered moisture will dry off rapidly. Breathability, comfort, and drainage are maximized with the knit uppers that are made in one piece that is seamless. Since hikers come across many wet environments, such as puddles and creeks, the mesh upper for this hiking shoe is a necessity. one downside to having such a porous upper on a shoe is that they will allow dirt in on trails that are dusty. Buyers do find that this is one drawback in such dry areas, even though the breathability is much appreciated otherwise. This model also sports a wider toe box than most other brands of a hiking shoe. The wider forefoot gives the toes more room to move around. Normally this would cause problems in the foot being able to move so freely in the shoe when conquering rocky surfaces, but combined with the no-slip lining, the foot will slip in the footwear because of the added room. It just adds to the flexibility and comfort that will be highly appreciated while on foot.

The Bottom Line

Take the advice from veteran hikers when they say that the La Sportiva TX2 Men’s Hiking Shoe is one of the best models of footwear for this activity. It is ideal for hiking, backpacking, and climbing in rocky areas because of the Mega-Grip Vibram Traverse-Lite technology of the manufacturer. The adhesive outsole allows the hiker to explore many landscape types that would normally be either unattainable or unsuccessfully challenged with inappropriate footwear. The ability of this terrific shoe to dry out quickly because of the lightweight breathable upper of mesh material is a huge advantage to the hiker that goes in wetter surroundings. With the wider toe compartment on the TX2, more room in the forefront of the shoe is allowed for the flexibility, comfort, and grip of the foot. As significant as they may seem, the laces on outdoor footwear are cumbersome if they untie frequently or form into knots along the way. the laces on this remarkable model will not give the hiker this problem, even on long adventures. The ComboCord that wraps the shoes in a tight bundle when not in use, so they can be packed away neatly or hung on the climbing rope is a much-valued aspect of this model. For excellent comfort, flexibility, versatility, and traction, try the La Sportiva TX2 Men’s Hiking Shoe for your next adventurous hike.