MSR WindBurner Personal Stove System

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Editor’s Conclusion
The MSR WindBurner stove is an option that includes a selection of some of the best features offered by other similar fuel canister stove models.

Surprisingly, this camp stove does not have a built-in Piezo ignition, so you will need a lighter, an electronic ignitor or a box of matches. Leaving out electronic ignitors does mean less weight and less possibility of damage.

The design is sturdy and looks stable for cooking and the built-in Radiant Burner Tech certainly works for efficient fuel burning. Fuel efficiency is increased by the highly protective windshield which is part of the stove structure; it really works.

This is an integrated stove plus a cookware system. The pot can be securely locked to the stove and this model comes with both a pot and a personal drinking mug. There's designed-in insulation for the pot and mug for safely holding while drinking or eating.

This is an impressive stove with reliable performance and if you add it to your kit, you will need a 4 oz. IsoPr0 fuel-canister.
MSR WindBurner Personal Stove System Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Good durability

Quick to assemble

Easy to use

Works very well in windy conditions

Efficient fuel use


Weight (for some)

No built in ignition system

Key Features

User Friendly

The MSR WindBurner hits the mark as user friendly so long as you master how to make it work for you. Setting-up is easy enough and the pot needs to be locked onto the stove. Without a built in ignitor, timing is important for turning on the fuel and lighting up if in windy weather. Once lit, the stove stays lit, even in the wind.

The all-in-one system dispenses with any separate parts; the fuel canister, stove, wind shield and pot are locked together and this makes control really easy. There is no need to look for a compatible pot or mug as they come with the stove.

The WindBurner includes a foldable canister stand which is reliably stable. Even in strong wind, the stand will keep the stove stable and upright. A unique feature for the design of the stand is that it can stay stable for cooking even on uneven ground.

The brand makers MSR have focused on creating a stove which even a beginner can quickly master and use.

Burner Head Efficiency

The MSR WindBurner has a radiant burner head which is of very good quality. Heating up liquids or foods is quick, equal to many and better than some similar-sized stoves on the market.

There are heavier stoves which cook quickly and have a good windshield but the MSR WindBurner is light and very impressive in windy weather. The flame is well shielded so it can burn efficiently and quickly to boil water or cook up rehydrated foods.

The design means this works anyplace and the wind is not a problem; the cooking performance is consistent with or without breezes and wind.

Many campers know that strong wind can stop a stove's efficiency and it can take far too long even for just boiling water. One of the top features for the WindBurner is that it won't be put out of use by windy weather, it is reliable and can be used in any weather and location.

The burner head sucks in air through multiple little ports to ensure instant combustion and it is fully protected by the shield and pot. It's so effective that to lose a flame, it usually requires turning off the stove.

In windy weather, lighting up can be a challenge; you need to position the pot quickly after lighting up, to play its part in shielding the flame. Some users claim that MSR should include a Piezo ignitor which could be designed in as part of the wind-shield protection.

No Extra Items Needed

The MSR WindBurner is an all in one deal; you get everything you need for your cooking needs. You don't need to search out a compatible pot or buy a drinking mug. Your only extra outlay will be for a fuel canister.

The pot comes with a locking lid. A good sized mug, which can also be used for measuring, is provided with the stove kit. Caution: if you stow the mug inside the pot while hiking, users have pointed out the mug can get stuck to the stove base. This can be very inconvenient and time consuming when you stop to boil up water.

There are two stove sizes to choose from. The larger version can hold and boil 1.8 liters while the smaller version holds and boils 1 liter. Both options come as a complete stove kit.

Durability and Safety

The stove is not only well designed for performance, it is also easy to stow away in a hiking backpack. All stove parts will fit into the pot which has a secure lid to keep the contents protected.

Remember, when you pack the mug into the pot, give attention to packing it so it does not get stuck to the base of the stove. It's not a huge issue but this does require thoughtful packing. The pot can also carry a small sized fuel canister.

Safety is very important and the stability for this stove is a result of sturdy designing. This model is not prone to tipping over and can even stand on an uneven surface. Another feature for safety is that at times, a stove can become far too hot; however, the WindBurner will switch off in such situations. An over-heated fuel canister can explode and cause serious harm; this model is designed to prevent such accident.

If the stove shuts down due to over-heating, make sure you have studied the instructions for this model. After shutting down, it can be a little tricky to get the stove back into action,unless you have read and understood the instructions.

For assured durability, the stove is built from tough steel.

Quick Boiling

Boiling a full pot of water takes a few seconds over 5 minutes. This puts the WindBurner at average for boiling time when compared to other integrated canister stoves. However, add in the wind and this stove pushes ahead of many other models and will still hit the same amount of time to boil a pot full of water.

Comparison to Similar Camping Stoves

At 1.3 pounds, the weight is a little hefty but this contributes towards the high level of balance and stability. When compared to the Primus Eta Lite stove, there are similar performance levels. The comparable differences are the Eta Lite is lighter and not as stable but it does have a built-in lighter system for firing up.

Another good stove that does perform better than the MSR Windburner is the MSR Reactor Stove System. The price is higher; however, it does feature an enclosed radiant burner head and surprisingly, it works even better than the WindBurner in bad weather. The higher volume for cooking capability outperforms the WindBurner.

If you want to compare weight and prefer lighter stoves, the Flash Personal Cooking System is a very impressive option. At only 1.5 pounds it is a lot lighter yet it performs favorably against this MSR stove.


Think about those stories about windy chilly weather and stoves which will not fully boil water when you most need it. MSR maintains that the WindBurner will work wherever you set it up; in fact, it burns at the same rate in or out of the wind. For campers and hikers, this is very important, it can make all the difference for an enjoyable experience camping out or hiking and stopping to brew up.

The price is slightly higher than some other stoves in this size range but in return, you do gain on performance. The stove is stable and less likely to fall over. The MSR Windburner offers safety and stability. The boiling time is average and consistent whatever the weather. Durability is fine so this means good value for what you spend.

This model is for those that want a stove that will always perform efficiently in all seasons and they don't mind a few ounces of extra weight.