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Saucony Fastwitch 8 Review Facts

The Saucony Fastwitch 8 for men is ideal for running long-distance races, speedwork, training, and walking. It is the eighth model of the Fastwitch product line with improvements in traction, weight, and stability. Built for speed, it features the modern technology of Flexfilm material on the upper, an outsole of PWRTRAC, a midsole of SSL EVA, and an Ortholite, anti-microbial insole. The mesh upper is lightweight and breathable, and the premium sock liner is anti-odor and moisture-wicking. Enjoy a medium arch height, medium toe box width, and low toe box height. The Fastwitch 8 has normal pronation and a shaft that is low-top from the arch. The midfoot volume is low to medium with a narrow to medium width for the heel. The biggest advancement with this shoe model is the reduction of overall weight, as it only weighs 6.4 ounces. This is what makes it excellent footwear for runners and walkers on most flat surface types.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has normal pronation
  • Breathable with a secure and snug midfoot
  • Flexible, lightweight, and seamless
  • Narrow to medium width for the heel
  • Low height for the toe box
  • Medium arch and toe box width
  • Built for speed
  • Mesh upper is supportive and breathable
  • For road racing, speedwork, and long-distance running
  • Minimal to none support in the arch
  • Tongue is not joined to the upper and slides down when worn


Saucony is a trusted and respected name in the running shoe business. They make fantastic walking and running shoes in a wide variety. Saucony understands the biomechanics of great athletes, making their products with them in mind. With the correct equipment, runners can train faster, longer, and with more endurance. They have what they need to go the extra miles that cannot be accomplished with lesser gear. Saucony’s shoes maximize performance, so you can concentrate on the sport of running or walking and not be overly concerned with the performance of the shoes. This footwear is so excellent that there are many loyal customers who have been with this incredible model since its first few versions. This is the eighth model of the Fastwitch Running Shoe, so along with the improvements and technology upgrades, their supportive buyers purchase the newest advances.


As you know, we do not often give a whole section to the color of an item that we are reviewing unless the colors are exceptional or numerous, or there is a problem. The Fastwitch 8 is only offered in blue or black color combinations, which is a huge disappointment to their fan base. Several people wrote in their feedback comments that they were dissatisfied with the color choices and just picked one of them that they could tolerate better. We would think that runners, of all sports, would want a lighter color of shoe for visibility on the road or trail. Being this is a road shoe, it is best to offer people a lightly-colored shoe or one that is highly reflective for safety purposes. This model does have some reflective material on the upper, but that is not really adequate for road running. Hopefully, with the next model, Saucony will consider some additional user-friendly colors for their products.


Although running shoes should not be considered flexible items, you do want some versatility in the item. There is not much flexibility with the Fastwitch 8, as it has normal pronation and not much support in the arch. If you have flat feet or are looking for a product with some support in the arches, look elsewhere. Even the product description states that there is very little support in these shoes. We did notice that there is a wider-than-normal base to the heel that could prevent some minor pronation problems of the foot turning in or out. The heel is not much wider, but enough to help those that need it. Users will enjoy the premium and breathable sock liner that is anti-odor and moisture-wicking. This does give you some flexibility in being able to use the shoe with or without socks, as you prefer. Even the choice of light or heavy socks is afforded the wearer with these qualities. The Fastwitch model is also not flexible when it comes to water, as it is neither water-resistant nor waterproof. If you train or have a route that entails a rainy environment or puddles along the road, expect your feet to become wet with this item on.


The heel of the Fastwitch 8 has not been improved since the last model of the Fastwitch 7. It still has a regular heel base for stability and pronation, which the runner needs for good balance and support. As a matter of fact, the advances for this model over the previous versions are so slight that it takes someone really familiar with the product line of Fastwitch models to notice the differences besides the lighter weight of the shoe. the regular pronation that it does have will help those with turning problems of the foot when the foot hits the surface. It is usually heavier people or those that are on their feet a lot that have this issue when they walk. Pronation problems can affect the ankles, knees, hips, and back negatively, so it is best to have footwear that prevents them.


The midsole of this Saucony item is SSL EVA, which gives the user a feel of a responsive underfoot. The midfoot volume is low to medium, so there is just a bit of support for the arch and whole foot. As we stated in the comfort section, if you need a shoe with at least medium support for low arches or flat feet, this is not the running shoe for you. This construction and build are meant to give the user a breathable and soft shoe that has a secure and snug midfoot. It has an Ortholite, anti-microbial insole for greater step-in comfort that includes rebound properties. It seems the goal of Saucony with the Fastwitch 8 was to make a snug, lighter shoe than the Fastwitch 7 that is still stable for running. The arch support would have added more weight that obviously some people do not need.


Made of rubber, the PWRTRAC outsole has traction that is three times superior to regular rubber. There are greater abrasion resistance and traction with the durable and tacky PWRTRAC rubber material on the Fastwitch 8 that the previous models did not have. because this is a road shoe for running, it is important that it has good traction. It is a great improvement to the #7 model that did not have such a good tacky substance for multiple terrains and traction.


Saucony seems to have been more precise with the sizing and form of this Fastwitch model than previous versions. It is certainly not for anyone who has a wide foot or one that needs additional room inside for space. This footwear item is meant to be form-fitting to the foot, especially in the mid-section of the foot to increase performance and speed while running. It has a 4mm offset, a heel height of 18mm, and a forefoot height of 14mm. The weight is just 6.4 ounces, which is much lighter than the other models of this product line. The heel-to-toe 4mm measurement gives the user an enhanced natural ride for the best running comfort. The stability and the cushioning of the shoe are not depended on as much as the body and the feet for power. In other words, past models of footwear did the work for you in these areas, but now the human body must supply most of the cushioning and stability during its performance. This advancement makes for a flexible, lightweight, and seamless feeling when worn. The sizing is true-to-size with a narrow to medium width for the heel and medium width for the toe box. The height for the toe box is low, but the arch height is medium. Again, the goals of this product are lightness and stability and not support and cushioning.


This ideal shoe model is best for road surfaces because of the superior traction that it has on the outsole. It will grip a variety of surfaces much better than previous versions of the Fastwitch product line. This will give the user added confidence with each step that their foot placement will be more secure and less faulty. Even though it is best used on road surfaces, this item can also be used successfully indoors or other ground types. Many sports and activities would be enhanced with the use of this product for lightness and speed.


Made of a lightweight and flexible mesh material, the upper of this Saucony item is supportive and breathable. It also consists of a Flexfilm material that is lightweight, strong, and joined to the upper. This cuts down on so many layers for the shoe construction, thus making the overall product much lighter on the foot. The sturdy upper is stitched the full-length of the Strobel HRC Board that gives a soft feel underfoot and enhanced cushioning. Yes, there is some cushioning in this model, but not so much as to be able to absorb a great deal of shock. Lace-tie closures provide firmness on the foot, as the tightness is controlled by how taut they are tied. A few buyers noticed that the tongue is short and not connected to the upper to keep it in place when wearing the shoe. People returned this item because of this issue, even though they really liked the shoe. the short tongue sliding down to the toes was just something they did not want to deal with when running or walking.


Excellent for road racing, walking, speedwork, and running, the Fastwitch 8 is best for long distances. The lightweight qualities of this model make such long distances and time periods of use very possible and more comfortable for the runner and walker. With the additional traction of the outsole, it is valued as a shoe for road surfaces for those training for races or simply doing their daily runs on roads and trails. Other sports and activities could also be benefited with the use of this item if the user needed a very light shoe with good traction and little arch support.


As you can see by the name, this is the eighth version on the Fastwitch product that Saucony has engineered. With each new version, they tweak the features, materials, and manufacturing of the shoe to be something it was not before. Their loyal customer base has requirements and needs for their activities and sports that Saucony hopes to provide with their excellent products. The burning question to answer is, of course, How does this model differ from the other seven previous models? Well, to be quite honest, the differences are not that many or that significant. The midsole is softer rather than firm to give the user an enhanced response when running, but it is not considered a soft shoe at all. It has a good grip with the upgraded traction on wet surfaces and more mesh material on the upper makes the shoe lighter and more breathable. Added reflective material was placed on the upper for safety in low light or dark areas for those that like to run early in the morning or late in the evenings. That is about it for the differences.

Bottom Line

With a very precise fit that is snug for the foot and not much support to speak of, the Saucony Fastwitch 8 has improvements for stability, lightness of weight, and traction. The outsole is softer, but not so much that this could be considered a soft shoe. The reduction of the overall weight seems to be the major goal of the company with the creation of this product for runners who must endure the longer distances with training, races, daily exercises, and speedwork. It is durable, comfortable, and certainly much lighter with the lighter materials used for the construction. Online, this product has a reasonably good rating and mostly positive feedback from buyers. With a loyal fan base, almost anything with the Saucony name on it will sell well and be satisfying. The Fastwitch 8 model is one that we feel is a good dependable product worth investing in.