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Hoka One One Gaviota Review Facts

The Hoka One One Gaviota Running Shoe features the latest technology of a Puff 3D Print Frame, an Ortholite molded sock liner, a Rmat J-frame, a Meta-Rocker late-stage profile, and Eva/rubber midsoles. Lightweight and well-ventilated, it has a shaft that is low-top from the arch, a smooth heel transition, and a moderate level in the heel. They are made for men, but women are finding these very comfortable too because of the superior cushioning and support that this footwear offers. Best for road terrain, the Gaviota is equally effective for exercise, walking, gym workouts, school, work, and general use. Since it has a high arch and good cushioning, the Gaviota is recommended by podiatrists for foot aches and issues, such as Plantar Fasciitis. It can be worn with or without orthotics and benefits those with flat feet too. This footwear has a wider than normal heel for ideal balance when walking or running and is manufactured without harsh or rigid materials. Many people are buying multiple pairs of the Gaviota because of its many helpful qualities and excellent comfort level.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Superior cushioning and great arch support
  • Lightweight and well-ventilated
  • Terrific for those with foot problems
  • Wear with or without orthotics
  • Suggested by podiatrists for foot issues
  • Fit is true-to-size
  • Ankle height
  • Protection and support without rigid materials
  • Good traction and stable support
  • Best used for road terrain
  • Perfect for those on their feet long hours
  • Sizes were too small and narrow for a few buyers
  • Some people experienced seams tearing after minimal use


It is more often than not that running shoes or shoes that offer plenty of support for aching and tired feet do not offer a good choice of colors for buyers. This is not so with the Gaviota Running Shoe, as it is available in several eye-catching hues that will please all tastes with one selection or another. The color choices include black/formula one, wild/dove/true/blue, Niagra/midnight, and bright green/blue. If you are like most people who have fallen in love with this incredible footwear, you won’t have to choose, as you will probably buy one of each color. We noticed in our research of this splendid item that customers are so satisfied with the feel and fit of this shoe that they are buying multiple pairs and even some for their spouses or partners. When you find something that works, you get it.


Shoes must be two things to be great – comfortable and protective. Made for runners, this shoe model is being purchased for the comfort level alone by people from all walks of life. As a matter of fact, we found more customers that purchased these for foot problems or because doctors recommended them for aching feet than those that got them for running purposes. What makes them so comfortable is the cushioning that is superior and the EVA/rubber midsoles. Many buyers commented online about the very cushiony and terrific arch support that their currently non-aching feet enjoy. Because our feet take much abuse all day long from prolonged standing, walking, and foot issues in general, most of us need special shoes that accommodate these things. Lightweight and well-ventilated, the Gaviota is even being bought by women who find a men’s shoe more comfortable on their feet. We discuss the beneficial technology that this shoe model sports below in other sections. Many have searched for shoes they can wear all the time without pain and discomfort, and they are very pleased with this brand and model.


With a blend of rubber and EVA for durability that makes up the soles of the Gaviota, it has an upper of engineered mesh material. they are built to last for many years of continued use, whether you buy them for running, walking, the gym, workouts, work, school, exercises, or just general use. we did find a few customers comments about the side seams tearing a little after minimal use. this was mentioned by more than a few people, so it is worthy of this review. Most of the tears were in the outer section where the toes join the foot. This is an area of high pressure when walking or running, and it takes the most abuse from the feet. Otherwise, you should be able to enjoy the comfort and support of these incredible shoes for many years to come.

Ground Feel

The shaft of the Gaviota model is low-top from the arch (the heel-to-toe drop is 5mm) with a heel transition that is smooth with a moderate level in the heel. Besides the excellent cushioning, this is another reason why so many people prefer this footwear over other models so much. The heel is also wider than most other shoe models too to prevent the foot from turning on its side one way or another. Many people suffer from this problem of shoes turning in or out, which can not only cause foot soreness and problems but also issues with other parts of the body as well. shoes like this one help prevent this from occurring in the first place. A Meta-Rocker late-stage profile keeps the forefoot firmly planted on the ground surface a bit longer than usual for greater stability. This is why it is such a great shoe for running, walking, and exercising. It gives you the stability and support you need for long periods on your feet and sure footing with each step.

Key Features

Moderate bevel in the heel
Meta-Rocker late-stage profile
Heel-to-toe drop is 5mm
Plush cushioning and midsoles of EVA/rubber
High arch, a wide heel, and superior cushioning
Mesh uppers have a 3D puff print for security
Lace-up closure
Mid-foot support with arch-lock wings
Ortholite molded sock liner
Durable and supportive Rmat J-frame


Although help with foot problems is not technically protection that footwear can provide, we think that the Gaviota is so beneficial for those with foot issues that we included the information here. So many people commented about how these exquisite running shoes are helping them with their common foot problems. This model is terrific for those with foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, as it can be worn with or without orthotics that you need for painless walking and running. These shoes are even highly suggested by podiatrists and other doctors for foot aches, pains, and problems. You would not think that a running shoe would be so helpful with such serious issues, but there is no denying the huge number of people that are very happy with this product. Thanks to the plush cushioning and midsoles of EVA/rubber, so many buyers are being aided with their foot problems. They can walk without pain and even exercise and workout for their continued good health.


The Gaviota model is responsive to two problems in particular than thousands of people have with their feet on a daily basis. Those with flat feet will enjoy the comfort of the high arches in these incredible shoes. Plenty of current footwear models that are supposed to be for running or walking purposes have no or very little support for the arches. You won’t have this concern with this running shoe item. Another common issue that usually heavier people have is their shoes turning to one side, either in or out at the heel. Shoes with narrow heels are primarily the cause of this problem. The Gaviota has a wider heel to better balance the heel and keep it from turning over. When the foot turns in this manner, not only do the feet and ankles suffer, but the rest of the body is at risk of complications also. A turned heel makes the leg muscles and knees work harder to keep the body upright and straight. This, in turn, places stress on the hips and the back. It is terrible to have back pain because of shoes that allow the foot to turn. The wider heel on the Gaviota model eliminates that issue for you. The uppers have a 3D puff print for security in the midfoot and arch sections that further makes this footwear so comfortable and enjoyable on the feet.


Sizing was one of the main issues mentioned in feedback from buyers online. Some customers said their particular size was too small or narrow to be the most comfortable on their feet. They might not have experienced the discomfort until walking in them for a while, but the shoes eventually pinched in the midfoot area where the most weight stress occurs. Even though this product is the answer to many people’s foot aches and pains, it is not a shoe for wide feet. This may be the reason some found the item to be narrow. The model fits true to size, as there are not many mentions of having to size up from online customers.


If you are looking for stability in a shoe for exercising, running or walking, then this is a great choice. The Gaviota is a premium, stable piece of footwear that is ideal for running. It is ankle high with a lace-up closure to obtain a secure and comfortable fit on the foot. The technology of the Hoka One One J-frame provides this stability to this unique and high-quality product. As a matter of fact, it is so stable that the Road Runner Sports System gives this shoe model a stability level of 5 for support for the runner. This was noted by a happy customer online in their feedback praise of the Gaviota model. The stability of this footwear is one of the reasons that buyers are purchasing them in multiple amounts. They have found a shoe that not only keeps their feet from hurting, but it also makes them feel comfortable and supported. If this aspect were put on a number line, it would be equal to moving from a -5 upward past zero and up to +5 for those living with foot issues. That is a remarkable improvement to the quality of life from just a pair of running shoes.


You may think that support and stability are very close qualities when it comes to discussing running shoes, but really, they are quite different. The Gaviota includes terrific mid-foot support with the arch-lock wings and added lightweight features with the Puff 3D Print Frame. There is also an Ortholite molded sock liner to further support the foot during sports, exercise, and activities. It features rebound, support, and durability with the Rmat J-frame, plus gives protection and support to the foot without using harsh or rigid materials. This aspect is important for many people because supportive shoes often incorporate really rough materials that could be harmful to the feet and other parts of the body. The Gaviota has good traction and stable support, plus it cushions impacts well. if runners can depend on it for impact and cushioning, then it is a nice everyday shoe for general wear and those that are long on their feet at work.


Because there are plenty of sizes and colors available, many customers are purchasing these superb shoes for everyday wear, work, school, play, exercise, sports, and many activities. This terrific model is best for road terrain in running or walking but is equally great for those working long hours on their feet, such as doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and first responders. Online you will find many, many comments from people who are not comfortable in any other shoe model than this one. Again, another reason they are purchasing more than just one pair.

Bottom Line

Although it is not a shoe model for wide feet, the Gaviota does seem to address and comfort most other foot issues well. It is ideal for those with flat feet and those that usually turn the heels in most shoes. It is a highly-cushioned and very supportive footwear model that is perfect for runners, walkers, and those that are on their feet for long periods of time. Some people found the product to be narrow or small in their size, which was the main negative concern online from buyers. Since the positive comments and high reviews far outweigh the negatives for the Gaviota Running Shoe, we think it is reliable, supportive, comfortable, and durable shoe model that you will love and enjoy. Give it a try and you might be purchasing one of every color yourself like many other happy customers are doing.