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Saucony Kinvara 10 Review Facts

The Saucony Kinvara has easily been one of the top running shoes for quite a while, and their latest model is no exception to their continued dedication to innovation and quality. Leading the industry, Saucony’s Kinvara 10 fits like a glove. Offering premium comfort and lightness, they will lock down your foot with impressive support and stability.

The shoe that started the flex revolution is now in its tenth year, and the successor to the Kinvara 9 has the same excellent quality of the previous models. However, the 10 hints at the original design and has been updated with all the latest technological features. Developing a cult-like following amongst those that are serious about running, the Kinvaras are flexible road running shoes that stand out from the rest of the pack. This is a shoe that already had fans around the world eagerly awaiting their release.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Favoured by runners for ten years
  • Lightweight running shoes
  • Cushioning for comfort
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Not waterproof (but dry fairly quickly when wet)
  • Runs slightly small


Two years after the first Olympic marathon, four businessmen set about changing the way that we run. The Saucony brand was originally established in 1898 in Pennsylvania. Pronounced sock-a-knee, the company was named after the Saucony Creek which flowed through the town of Kutztown. By 1910, the company was producing up to 800 pairs of shoes a day. Today, technology has transformed the running shoe, and it is widely acknowledged that Saucony has been innovative leaders in the development of today’s running shoes, setting the stage for running shoes and transforming the market.

Celebrating a decade of innovation, the Kinvaras 10s are the latest in the line of shoes that were first debuted back in 2009, and they represent the latest and greatest in shoe technology. Kinvara translates to the ‘head of the sea’ and Saucony were inspired by a small coastal village in Ireland when they first created this shoe. For the past decade, runners have been tackling the roads with ease wearing the Saucony Kinvara, and the 10s are the newest models.


The Saucony Kinvaras are minimal running shoes, helping you to maintain excellent technique as you hit the road. They are the ideal choice for any runner who finds typical running shoes too heavy but requires more support than with the other minimal options.

The Kinvaras are versatile enough to wear for a whole host of different activities and are an ideal daily running shoe. They are particularly perfect for a neutral runner who appreciates the impact of a decent pair of trainers. Whilst the Saucony Kinvara 10 offers excellent traction, they are best suited on the track, roads or dry trails. The woven heel does allow for increased grip, which is particularly ideal for helping you to stay steady even when you are running up and down hills. If you are looking for a more heavy duty running shoe, check out the Saucony Kinvara TRs for trail runners that offer excellent grip and traction.

The Kinvaras have been the favorite shoe of neutral runners around the world for a while, and they are recommended for the most neutral pronators. This is when the runner has a slight inward movement of the ankle bone when the foot is in contact with the floor. The vast majority of people run in a neutral shoe. However, if you substantially over pronate or under pronate, these may not be the right shoes for you.


When a shoe gets to its tenth model, you can be pretty sure that these are favorites amongst the running community. Keeping up with the latest in technology, the Kinvaras have evolved over the years, although it could be said that some models have been better than others.

• One of the best upgrades for the 10 has to be the removal of the pro-lock that was featured on previous models, such as the Kinvara 9. This was not always comfortable, and many reviewers said that it had caused issues with the fit and flexibility of the shoe. Removing this is sure to be a welcome change amongst fans!

• In comparison with previous models, the 10 also features Formfit footbed insole to support the natural contours of your feet while you move. They have been ergonomically designed and offers the wearer maximum comfort and support.

• The 10s are reportedly more durable than the 9s. With added blown rubber to high wear areas providing additional durability in comparison with previous models.

• The 10th version of the Saucony Kinvaras also features more cushioning, including pods in the heel of the shoe to prevent it from moving and reducing in shoe slips. However, some reviewers have suggested that they preferred less cushioning, such as set up on the Kinvara 9s.

• Plus, the shoes come in a commemorative box to celebrate their tenth birthday!

However, it should be noted that some critics have suggested that the shoes are a little too similar the Kinvara 9s. A few commenters have proposed that if you already own a pair of the 9s that are in great shape- it might not make sense to upgrade.


Focusing on the biomechanics of the foot itself, the midsole of the Saucony Kinvara 10s has been designed to cradle and support your feet as you run.
Featuring a combination of EVERUN™ and EVA foam, this lightweight, neutral shoe is designed for speed and comfort. EVERUN™ is a breakthrough in cushioning and is reported to be more responsive, allowing for smoother landings. It truly is a breakthrough in continuous cushioning, allowing the shoe to expand and stretch with each movement. EVERUN™ is also associated with increased longevity, with evidence suggesting that this has up to three times the durability in comparison with EVA foam.

The introduction of the Form fit system definitely sets the Kinvara 10s apart from the rest. This contoured footbed has been ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable, and can also take the pressure off blister-causing hot-spots. The Form fit footbed includes three layers of foam, working to keep your feet locked in place. Finally, this high-end lightweight trainer also features woven heel support for added comfort.


Saucony has revamped the outsoles on the 10s, and they have created an impressively flexible shoe that offers premium grip and traction. The outsoles on the Kinvara 10s are made from EVA+, which enables the wearer to enjoy maximum flexibility. They have also added blown rubber at the big toe and lateral part of the heel for further durability. Some of the reviews have suggested though that the lack of blown rubber at the forefront of the Kinvaras causes some issues with traction. However, commenters loved the guidance lines from heel to toe, nothing that these allowed for proper technique and smooth transitions.

With Tri-Flex grooves for added movement, the outsole design will help to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and to reduce the risk of impact on your joints. This includes flex grooves in a three-pointed pattern. Imitating the natural movement of the human foot, and ensuring that you get the responsiveness that you need on the run.


The upper on the Saucony Kinvara 10s has been created using an engineered double-jacquard knit mesh, in which two knits have been woven together. The close-weave on the upper mesh also allows for maximum durability and a tight and secure fit. The upper is almost cloth-like, allowing for a more natural feel and a seamless and flexible experience. Your foot will naturally be able to relax and move naturally as you are on the go.

The minimal, lightweight upper design helps to ensure that these shoes are as light as possible and the addition of Flexfilm allows for fewer layers. Flexfilm is a thin film that is welded to the upper, providing a seamless and comfortable feel. Some extra padding has been added to the heel areas, but the unpopular pro-lock system is no more. Both the collar and the tongue on the Saucony Kinvara 10’s are also padded for extra comfort.

Ground Feel

If you are in the market for a highly responsive ride with superior cushioning, the Saucony Kinvara 10s could be the perfect option for you. They are sure to provide enough protection for your daily run, without limiting the ground feel or responsiveness. It is all about natural motion with the Kinvaras, and the small 4mm offset and contoured footbed mean that as your foot will be supported as it goes through the gait cycle.

From the online reviews, it does seem that they are better suited for a forefoot or mid-foot runner. Whereas, a heel striker may prefer a shoe with increased shock absorption in the rear. If you are looking to engage in more minimalist or barefoot running, the Kinvaras could also act as an ideal transition shoe before going on to a lighter pair.


The Saucony Kinvara is available in all standard measurements, with both men and women’s size available. Some have suggested that the shoes do run a little small, and advice to go up half a size. They are also only available in a standard width. The Kinvara 10s are also relatively lightweight, with the men’s averaging at 221g and women’s 192g.


These shoes are so comfortable! Throughout the decade, the Kinvaras have been exceptional in providing the perfect balance between extraordinary levels of support and maintaining ground feel, responsiveness and flexibility, and the 10s are no different. The technology that is embedded into these high-end running shoes will keep your feet feeling comfortable mile after mile. The premium breathability and ventilation throughout will make sure that your feet stay cool, and reduce the risk of sweat build-up.

The extra cushioning used in the Achilles section on the 10s will allow for increased comfort and support eventually, but it may take a little time to get used to this extra sensation. Many reviewers have also highlighted that the inclusion of a wide toe box allows for a comfortable toe splay, reducing the risk of blisters, and ensuring comfort throughout your work out.


The design of the Saucony Kinvara 10s is a nod to the original Kinvara, offering nostalgic style combined with the latest in technology. Featuring an aerodynamic design, the shoes have been styled to look and feel great.

They are undoubtedly good looking running shoes, and the Kinvaras are available in a range of different colors. Whether you would prefer eye-catching colors such as the bright orange/ blue options or the simple black, there are Kinvaras for everybody. 3D Print overlays have also been added to the shoe, as well as a heel badge that is a nod to the original design. Plus, there is also a special limited edition design available, if you can get your hands on it!

Key Features

The Kinvara 10s have been packed with the latest key features, including Saucony’s most recent technological developments, including:
• FLEXFILM™ upper
• Engineered mesh
• EVERUN™ top sole construction
• EVA+ midsole
• FORMFIT contoured footbed
• 4mm heel-to-toe offset

Bottom Line

The Saucony Kinvaras are performance-orientated running shoes, which have received positive reviews across the board. The minimal drop and sleek structure of the runners make these the ideal runners for someone who prefers an increased ground feel, with lots of reviews stated that the Saucony Kinvaras are ultra-responsive and supportive. They are reasonably priced in comparison with other running shoes and a great investment for anyone serious about their footwear.

Many runners have enjoyed the Kinvara range, following the shoes right up to their now tenth model. Hugging your feet comfortably, while offering increased flex and a softer ride, they truly are a top choice for runners or anyone who enjoys fitness. They have been around for a long time and yet they just keep getting better!