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HydroFlask Review Facts

The Hydro Flask Double Wall Vacuum with a wide mouth and straw in the lid is made of tough stainless steel and food-grade materials, so it is free of BPA plastics. Best used for multisport, this excellent item is perfect for the office, beach, trail, school, backpacking, camping, or any other type of adventure indoors or outdoors. Great for hot or cold liquids, it comes in a 32- or 40-ounce size which is ideal for carrying or clipping to a backpack. Drinks will remain hot for 6 hours or cold for 24 hours, and heat transfer or condensation is never an issue. With the incorporated TempShield insulation and Powder Coat on the exterior, you can enjoy a solid grip on the surface. There are thousands of reviews from well-satisfied customers online for this incredible Hydro Flask item, plus it has a superb rating too. Find out why in our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

The mouth is easy to access

A convenient size for carrying and toting

Free of BPA plastics

Made of food-grade materials

Choose the 32- or the 40-ounce bottle

For the trail, multisport, beach, day packing, or the office

Heat transfer or condensation is never a problem

Drinks stay hot for 6 hours or cold for 24 hours

Will clip easily to a backpack



Can form dents and scratches easily

Straw did not work properly for several people - more air than liquid



The manufacturer of this wonderful Hydro Flask has a mission to prevent the world from lukewarm beverages. The durable flasks that it creates will keep your beverages or water the coldest or the hottest possible from such a product. It is one of the leading global companies that create insulated, high-performance flasks of stainless-steel to be used on a daily basis for everyday purposes or for any type of outdoor adventure. The high-quality of their materials, craftsmanship, and design are very apparent when you use and own one of their insulated items. Some people may think that the prices these excellent flasks demand is too high, but in reality, you get more than you pay for with the long-lasting performance, flexibility, and durability.


The comfort of this wide mouth, straw flask comes from its easy use, durability, and convenience that it offers the user. The mouth is easy to access because it is wider than a regular flask and has a built-in straw to make drinking easier. One lid is included with the flask, but you can order others separately to change the usage of the product. Recyclable and stylish, this is a convenient size for carrying and toting on a backpack. Pouring from the flask is simple and quick with the wide-mouth lid opening. You know that you have an original Hydro Flask when you see the Hydro Flask logo printed on the front and the H-guy, so don’t fall for a cheap imitation product. Take comfort in knowing that wherever you go, you can remain hydrated and cool with one of these incredible flasks of your very own. Most people are so satisfied with them that purchase more for themselves and family members to have their own.


You will be able to enjoy the use of this superb flask for many years to come because of the outstanding durability of the product. Made of tough stainless steel, it is vacuum-insulated and double walled. Any type of adventure would be perfect for this item to bring along a drink that is either hot or cold for a long period. In online comments concerning the durability of this item, we noticed some negative comments that said this flask scratches easily with the paint coming off. If it is dropped even on carpet, dents are visible on the exterior. These were not widespread comments, but we want to mention all that we find that could be a determinant to future buyers. The straw did not work properly for some with them getting more air than liquid through the straw when they tried to drink. We did see that the manufacturer replaced a couple of these defective straws, but others were not compensated. Purchasing another lid could solve this problem too.


This wide-mouth straw lid flask holds the same amount of liquid as other popular brands but with a sleeker design. It allows you to go for longer and much further than competitor models. The drinkability and convenience are increased with the straw lid and the wide mouth. Made for superb portability, it has a handle to make lifting and grabbing much easier. The most flexible part of this product is the ability to change out the functional lids. This flask is compatible with other lids and caps that are wide-mouth from Hydro Flask. You can purchase additional lids separately for variation of lids. We discuss some of those options further down in this review.

Key Features

Built-in straw and a wide mouth
Vacuum-insulated and double walled
Made of tough stainless steel
Handle on the top makes lifting easy
Solid grip surface on the exterior
TempShield insulation and a Powder Coat
Weighs 14.1 ounces
Holds hot or cold liquids


Not only does this wonderful flask prevent things from getting into your drink, but it also maintains the temperature you want the liquid to be. Plus, the materials are the best to not cause you any health problems along the way from harmful substances. It is free of BPA plastics, as this incredible flask is only made of food-grade materials. The exterior has a solid grip surface with the powder coating. Condensation will not form on the outside of the flask because of the TempShield insulation and the Powder Coat that are incorporated into this fantastic product. Both you and your beverage are protected well by using this great flask with the wide mouth.


Choose the 32- or the 40-ounce bottle that are the options for this particular flask model. The 40-ounce bottle is one of the biggest containers that the company makes, and it weighs just 14.1 ounces. Good for the trail, beach, or the office, the places that this marvelous flask can be used and enjoyed are endless. It is equally at home both indoors and outdoors but is most appreciated for its insulating properties when you are away from home and refrigeration. It is hard to beat having a nice cold sip of water from your safe Hydro Flask when you are backpacking or hiking far from home. It is just like having a personal miniature refrigerator along with you.


The insulation that is double-walled keeps the temperature of the liquid cold or hot well. Honeycomb insulation is added for extra temperature retention security to keep liquids the correct temperature. Because it is made of stainless-steel, flavors will not be transferred or retained in the container from the contents. The superb insulation this item possesses redefines the outdoor bottle for water and other liquids. In addition, the interior has rounded corners and is non-porous to prevent lingering flavors, unwanted odors, and to discourage bacteria build-up. This Hydro Flask comes with a lifetime warranty for performance from the maker to keep you satisfied with their superb products. Easy to clean and durable, it should only be washed by hand with soapy hot water and rinsed clean. Store the flask only when it is completely dry.


This terrific drinking flask is an everyday delivery system for liquid refreshment to hold hot or cold drinks in a 32- or 40-ounce capacity. Offered in the bold and solid colors of black, flamingo, graphite, mint, pacific, and white, it has the popular figure logo on the outside along with the brand name. this wide-mouth version is best used when you want to put ice in a beverage or use it for hot soup with chunky vegetables or meats that you can eat right from the flask with a spoon. As one of the specialty products with the Hydro Flask name, it has its unique place among the many different types of flasks that you can collect and enjoy.


Compared to other flasks the company makes, there are not many differences, but enough to warrant having the various types in your collection. The Bottle with Flex Cap is leakproof but this Hydro Flask with the wide lid and straw is not. The Tumbler with Press-In Lid fits better in vehicle holders for cups than this Hydro does, but it is not compatible with most water filters in the backcountry. The Water Bottle with Sports Cap fits better in cup holders in vehicles and also bottle racks on bikes. The Coffee Flask with Hydro Flip lid has all of these features mentioned but is not leakproof. Depending on the features and characteristics that you deem to be most important, choosing a water bottle should be quite simple and straight-forward.


Other lids and caps that are compatible with the wide mouth flask that you can purchase separately are the Flex Caps, Hydro Flip Lids, and the Straw Lid like the one that comes with this flask. Flex caps are insulated, leakproof and free of toxins, phthalates, and BPA. Straw lids are insulated, free of toxins, phthalates, and BPA and permit one-handed use. The hydro flip lids are free of the toxins, BPA, and phthalates and permit one-handed use. by purchasing one or a few of these, you can alter the various types of liquids you put in your water bottle.


The desired temperature of this item is maintained for hours with the TempShield insulation that is used for all such Hydro Flask items. Made of the highest grade of 18/8 stainless-steel, heat transfer or condensation is never a problem. If you put in ice water during the morning, you will have ice remaining in the middle of the day. Some customers tested to see how long ice would remain in the flask. They still had ice after 48 hours of just being in a regular room all day long. that is pretty incredible considering the small size of the container. It just goes to show how excellent the insulating materials are in this water bottle.


We will not attempt to name all of the places or circumstances that this outstanding item could be used successfully. It is best for multisport and day packing to keep liquids very cold or very hot. Drinks will remain hot for 6 hours or cold for 24 hours, so you can always have your favorite drink with you and at the most desired temperature. It is so easy to put ice cubes in this wide-mouth version of a flask, which is what it used for most. Because of its wider form, it does not fit into vehicle cup holders well. if you are going to put carbonated drinks in this container, be sure to keep it in an upright position to prevent it from leaking from the lid.

Ease of Use

The wide mouth of the container will fit most water filters in the backcountry, plus it will not slip from the hand with the good grip. With the built-in straw lid, you can sip your beverage easily and without spilling the contents. This incredible lid works well with all bottles from this company with a wide mouth, but it is not resistant to leaking. It will clip easily to a backpack for carrying with the nifty finger loop to make your traveling much more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Bottom Line

This Hydro Flask Water Bottle may dent or scratch easily or the straw may cause a few people problems with an intake of the liquid. These are the only reoccurring complaints online from thousands of buyers who are overwhelmingly satisfied with this excellent product. The old saying of getting what you pay for could not be more appropriate than with this higher-priced sports water bottle. The craftsmanship, materials, design, and performance are outstanding and well worth the cost. this Hydro Flask is durable, flexible, well-insulated, long-lasting, and pleasurable to use. We think it is simply fantastic along with the scores of other people around the globe who are happily enjoying their water bottle as we speak. Start your collection of these incredible bottles today with this wide-mouth model with the straw in the lid.