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Nike Flyknit Review Facts

Imagine what it would be like to walk around town all day long without feeling any pain in the feet and without having to sacrifice one’s sense of style. Ok, I know what you are thinking - looking great shoe and feeling comfortable shoe, well, kind of do not go together! 

Good news! Whether you’re an avid runner and athlete looking for a new and comfortable shoe to replace your old pair or just someone that happens to be seeking out a fashionable athletic sneaker this shoe might be right for you. Want to learn more? Wondering what do I have in mind? 

Nike Free RN Flyknit! So let’s take a closer look at this pair of shoes and see how you can benefit from wearing them and what makes them a popular and fashionable option for all of us in search of smart looking sneaker. 

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Cushioned
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Colors
  • Flexible
  • A little pricey
  • The heel can be a little tight


When asked what the first thing you are looking for when buying a sneaker is, most people cannot decide between quality and comfort. Sounds familiar? It sure does, as no-one wants to compromise either of these features.

Well, guess what?! Now, you do not have to. Nike has been a synonym of quality for years and this shoe is remarkably comfortable thanks to a number of design features that are intended to benefit the wearer's foot.

Are you thinking, what I am thinking?! What makes them comfortable? Let me answer that question. The outsole design! This allows the sneaker to bend while maintaining its shape and also continue to absorb impact and shock through the thick foam that is used on the bottom.

Nike Free RN Flyknit also gains substantial cushioning from this foam intensive design creating a soft and comfortable walking surface for the wearers' feet while a specially designed sole still maintains the traction necessary to continue to deliver a comfortable feeling that keeps the wearer's confidence without having to sacrifice the ability to be soft and absorb shock from the incoming ground.


By now you started wondering - Do they have my size? Nike Free RN Flyknit comes in multiple sizes and most wearers enjoy the way that it feels on their feet. However, one thing to be aware of is that the shoe sizes have been reported to run a little bit larger than what some wearers were expecting. General shoe size is not always going to be perfect and the diverse nature of everyone's feet means that sometimes the size they get may feel smaller from one brand, larger from another, and just right from a third.

In this case, it is best recommended that you be aware of how shoes tend to fit your feet and make your sizing decision based on that. If your foot feels rather snug in most shoes than the possibility that these shoes run larger will benefit you, but if you find that you often can sense too much extra space considering downsizing could be a practical option for. The width does remain rather regular with these shoes, following the standard D width, and many users that reported size discrepancies mostly reported on the shoe length and the flexibility of the mesh playing into how it fits on their feet.


Like many, if not all of the company's products this model of the shoe comes in a few different colors and designs. Since they're so well known for the abundant amount of colorways for simultaneous releases, you can count on being able to find a fashionable pair of shoes that compliments you without having to worry about a change in price.

However, it should be noted that for some styles they are no longer easily obtainable on the first-hand market from direct sellers so be wary about any purchases that are coming secondhand or from aftermarket sales. These prices generally will not reflect other styles and you may want to consider changing your desired colorway. Due to the numerous colors, however, you should be more than able to find a shoe that fits your sense of style whether you're making the purchase for fashionable reasons or you just want to be able to train in a comfortable shoe that you also still find aesthetically pleasing.


Have you ever wondered why the sneakers were called "sneakers"? Someone wearing them can easily "sneak up" as the outsoles were made of rubber and opposite to the standard dress shoe usually made of leather, this type of shoe did not produce any noise. So, perfect for sneaking up!

This Nike Free RN Flyknit's outsole has also been thoroughly designed to benefit the wearer in a number of different ways. Firstly, the thick foam used is designed to provide a comfortable and reliable cushioning, which will help to absorb that incoming shock and pressure that is experienced from your feet making contact with the ground as you run and train in these shoes. This will help to keep both your feet and legs from being as sore from training and provides a comfortable experience for you while you're wearing them.

Moreover, the shoe's outsole is also extremely flexible partly due to the grooves that have been designed into the bottom of the shoe. These grooves create hinge-like areas that allow for the shoe to twist and bend with your feet and the surface you're running on so that they don't feel rigid and accidentally trip you up. One would agree, this is a really nice feature, isn't it?

To top it off, the grooves also act as an ample form of traction creating areas that allow for the shoe to grip down on the surface that you're training on so that you can remain flexible but also don't risk the chance of slipping. This is great for athletes that train on tracks and pavement in areas where the terrain may be a little more mixed. You won't always be able to run on the cleanest surface but with the traction necessary you'll still be able to feel confident even if there is a little bit of debris in your way.


The shoe's midsole is designed with EVA which helps to provide a cushioning and absorbing layer while providing support so that your body doesn't receive the full stress of the ground but still is able to hold form.

This combined with the shoe's outsole creates a durable shock absorption system to reduce the effects of your feet making contact with the concrete and other surfaces you may be running on so you won't feel as much wear on your self and hopefully stay healthier as you train.

The outsole itself is also designed with deep grooves that act as a source of traction for the shoe so that you aren't slipping and falling. As with any shoe, this traction is going to be important in helping you to maintain your form and grip to the surfaces you're running on.


For anyone that has ever experienced the uncomfortable sensation of sweaty and hot feet while walking, hiking, or running the mesh upper creates a great and reliable way to help avoid that. The mesh also keeps the same lightweight profile that the rest of the shoe maintains helping to reduce the feel and weight of the shoe while it's on the wearer's feet. Seriously, how would you feel if you wear shoes but do not feel their weight? Something like walking barefoot or maybe even floating! That would be a nice feeling!

What's more, is that the featured mesh upper makes the sneaker not only light but breathable. This upper allows for air to be able to pass through the shoe as the user wears it helping to reduce the overall temperature inside the shoe and continue to keep the wearer's foot environment cool and comfortable.

This upper is not only lightweight but allows for air to easily flow in and out of the shoe to help keep your overall foot environment cool. This helps to prevent the uncomfortable sensation you can get from sweaty feet by bringing fresh air and allowing the hot air that may build up around your feet to ventilate out into the world around you.


These shoes are not going to be the most diverse or adaptive shoes you can have in your running repertoire use wise. Primarily manufactured as pavement and track running shoe they are going to benefit you the most in urban settings. This means that the shoes will see their best performance running the city streets or along the track at your local gym or high school. They are still able to perform reliably and are a comfortable fit for almost all wearers but any hardcore runners or marathoners that see themselves competing on terrains one might consider off road or more rugged should consider an alternative option for their shoes.

The shoes, however, do also excel as a fashion option. While many individuals still use and enjoy them as their primary walking, running, and workout shoe that can still be used to hike around their city they've also seen life as well incorporated pieces to peoples outfits. This comes from the shoes many different colors ways that both compliment bold and mute colors. You may not be able to run across the Sahara in these shoes or trek up a mountain but you can still have a fashionable day out in aesthetic sneakers.


Whether you're looking for something light and aesthetically pleasing for walking around town in or you simply don't want to abandon your sense of style and self when you workout this shoe can provide you with a simple style that compliments and pleases you. This is amplified by the shoe's comfortable design which puts your foot health forward as a priority. The foam outsole doesn't clash with the coloring but also provides a soft environment that helps to absorb shock so that your body doesn't have to. Training can be challenging and intense already while deciding what you want to wear can get annoying, why have to shop for different shoes when you can buy one that will help to keep you healthy and fit to run while also benefitting you and where ever you plan to go that day.

Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that the Nike Free RN Flyknit is going to be an investment that you'll feel comfortable with pretty much regardless of why you're buying them. If you're buying them to be a walking, running, or light hiking shoe then these shoes are going to be a rewarding buy.

Their mesh upper allows for airflow through the shoe so that your feet aren't experiencing any avoidable overheating and you're exposed to uncomfortable sensations of sweaty and swampy feet. The foam outsole has been designed with a number of different aspects in mind making it reliable. The deep grooves that are used are not only ideal for generating traction but also act as pseudo hinge points so that you don't have to worry about the shoe tearing.

What this means is that while the surfaces that your run or train on might not always be the most ideal or clear, being exposed to some local debris and other obstacles, you'll still be able to get a good grip on the ground and your shoe won't feel rigid an uneven while you do so. This is important for helping you to feel confident in the shoe while also keeping your runs safe. The many different styles and colorways that the shoes come in also make them great as a fashion piece. You'll have a wide array of options that you can choose from.