Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review Facts

The Polar FT7 is a heart rate monitor with smart coaching features that include Energy Pointer, OwnCal, and Training Load. Energy Pointer uses a linear meter to report if you are burning fat or improving your fitness. OwnCal uses your personalized information to track calories burned and is one of the most accurate calorie counters available. Training Load has a dual purpose; it helps athletes to get enough rest by advising when a rest day is needed and to keep up on their training by prompting additional workouts. The monitor also includes body measurement, data transfer, web-based functionality, recording, training, and watch features. Data can be uploaded from the watch to your computer for further training evaluation or the watch can store up to 99 workouts in its internal memory. The watch provides a summary each week with feedback on your most recent workouts. The target heart rate zone is set automatically, but it can be adjusted manually. It is easy to change the display during your workouts touch-free, you just hold the watch close to the chest strap briefly. All of these features come together to create a relevant and valuable heart rate monitor for athletes of any level.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Designed for swimming up to 30m
  • Highly accurate heart rate readings
  • Touch-free operation during use
  • Lightweight design
  • Instant feedback
  • Strap is adjustable but doesn’t fit all
  • No GPS functionality
  • Instructions could be better
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  • Reviewers like the simplicity of this device for tracking workouts.
  • The chest strap is included.
  • Compared to wrist heart rate monitors, this is more accurate.
  • It is easy to use.
  • With just the push of a button you can check your heart rate at any point.
  • If you have a Polar Flowlink, then it is easy to download your complete workout data to a computer.
  • The price is reasonable for an accurate heart rate monitor.
  • Some reviewers claim their FT7s have lasted years of use.
  • It doesn't require regular charging.
  • The battery can be replaced by the buyer when needed so there is no need to send it in for replacement.
  • For those experienced with heart rate monitor devices, it is simple to set up.
  • The chest strap works well for swimming.
  • After adding in your data such as age, height, and weight; the FT7 will use your heart rate to calculate calories burned during your activity.
  • With this device you can track the time you spend in fat burning and fitness zones.
  • Reviewers who have tried a variety of other heart rate monitors claim this one is the best they have used.
  • The screen is large, but overall it isn't too bulky.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • Buyers have been able to use this device to track their fitness journey and learn more about the intensity and range of their workouts.
  • This is a heart rate monitor that focuses on that function. It does not have as many features as some other fitness trackers on the market.
  • The Polar Flowlink is sold separately.
  • It does not have GPS.
  • Some of the displays are difficult to read because of the screen and font colors.
  • The backlighting is dim.
  • The chest strap is thin, and there are some complaints of it being uncomfortable for heavier users.
  • The buttons can be a little difficult to press.
  • There are reports of buyers receiving defective devices that failed within a few months.
  • It does not have bluetooth capability.
  • Buyers unfamiliar with personal heart rate monitors or fitness trackers feel there is a bit of a learning curve in setting up and using this device.
  • There are mixed reviews on how the FT7 compares to other Polar devices.
  • It does not have movement reminders.
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The Polar FT7’s watch band is a flexible material that is sweat resistant and comes with a comfortable fabric chest strap. The chest strap conforms to the shape of your body for a close fit that is comfortable. It is also hand-washable to keep it fresh and free of that old sweat smell! The strap is adjustable and designed to fit most people, but additional sizes can be bought online. The watch itself is lightweight and sturdy enough to stay clasped during activities ranging from light exercise to cardio workouts to swimming. The face of the watch is small enough that it fits practically any size wrist without interfering with movement.

Key Features

-Notification when the user leaves personalized zone
-Tracks calories burned during workout
-Weekly training reports are compiled on the watch
-Touch-free operation
-Functions for most cardio workouts, including swimming
-Web-based functionality with training programs
-Resists water up to 30m
-Smart Coaching
-Gymlink is supported

Ease of Use

How many times have you wanted to change the display on your watch, but you had gloves on and pushing buttons wasn’t possible? The Polar FT7 operates without the need to push any buttons; if the watch is held near the chest strap for just a few seconds, it changes the display automatically. The main display is your heart rate so that it’s easy to see if you are within your zone. Your heart rate zone can also be shown during your workout using a graph, for a quick look at whether you are meeting your intensity goals. Some users have reported that the quick start instructions are not clear enough. If the included instructions are not clear, a full user guide can be found online. Workout information can be synced to your computer without limit, whether it is a Mac or a PC. If your workout equipment supports the use of gymlink, you will be able to see your heart rate information on the equipment screen as well.


A chest strap is included with the Polar FT7 because chest straps are typically more accurate than wrist monitors. Also, the transmission from the chest strap to the watch is coded to help prevent interference from nearby signals and provide uninterrupted readings. Since the watch only receives data from its coded chest strap, readings are much more accurate and reliable than competitors’ monitors. Many reviewers have stated that they have tested the heart rate reading on their watch while counting heartbeats and it is consistently accurate. The contacts on the chest strap are made from cloth and must be wet before each use in order to function properly.


Polar has been producing quality products since 1977, with these products helping customers to understand and make the most of their training. The company is proud of its skill in providing a line of fitness products for users of any ability level. Polar offers a limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product. Power Systems has been operating since 1986 and has been devoted to quality customer experience from the beginning. Power Systems’ mission is to make sure that people have the best resources for living active lives with high-quality products, the latest and greatest educational materials, and outstanding customer service.

Power Source

The battery within the watch is user-replaceable using the CR2032 lithium coin cell battery Some users report that changing the watch battery is an easy process, but others state that their watch stopped functioning after changing the battery for the first time. If you want to attempt avoiding user error in changing the battery, the watch can be taken to a jewelry store. Battery life will vary based on the amount of use the watch gets. The chest strap itself does not have a power source that needs to be replaced.


Data can be uploaded to polarpersonaltrainer.com using a Polar FlowLink. This accessory is not included with the heart rate monitor and needs to be purchased separately. Uploading your data to polarpersonaltrainer.com offers analysis of your training, a record of all past workouts, training programs, and insight into your training load. The website also has a feature that allows you to share your workout progress with your friends. Access to the website itself is free, so the FlowLink would be a one-time only purchase. The chest strap is replaceable should you need a different size or prefer a different model.

Basic Features

The Polar FT7 has both basic and advanced features which will help you to meet your goals. The basic watch features include: a backlight, a display for the current date and day of the week, multiple language availability, the ability to show two time zones at once, KeyLock, notification of low battery, military time setting, wake-up alarm with a snooze button, battery that is replaceable by the user, and resistance to water up to 30m. Other features include: touch-free operability (Polar advises you not push buttons while the device is wet), saved workout summaries for up to 99 entries, a weekly report of your workouts, and the ability to transfer your data to Macs or PCs. Your target zone can be changed manually to either be a BPM set number, a percent of your chosen max heart rate, or a percent of your specific heart rate reserve.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a heart rate monitor that is more than just a watch, then the Polar FT7 is for you. Some of the Polar FT7 features that help it stand out are: its ability to provide high accuracy readings based off of your personalized demographics, adjustable zone goals, notifications when you are working out too much or too little, and when used with the website - daily, weekly, and monthly reports with free training programs. These features give you the resources to achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.