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Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker Rated & Reviewed Review Facts

The Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker is more compact and weighs less than other models of trackers. It will sync to a computer, tablet, or Bluetooth smartphone automatically to allow you to view activity progress, set goals, and earn performance badges. This excellent device is best used for exercise, fitness, running, and an outdoor lifestyle. Analyze your workout summaries, trends, or track your daily habits of nutrition. The Zip is a basic device that tracks distance, active minutes, steps, and calories and permits you to set up a monthly calendar for exercise. You can join in the leaderboards and connect with friends in the Fitbit community via the easy app. The tracker comes encased in a plastic form with a handy clip, so you can comfortably wear it attached to clothing or a belt. It also fits nicely into a pocket because of its small size. For kids and older folks, it is easy to use, navigate, and understand because it has just the data you need, large numbers on the display, and an easy download process. There are no buttons to press, as the screen is tapped when you want your personal information. The Fitbit Zip comes with a replaceable battery, silicon clip, battery door tool, and the sync wireless dongle. We explore in detail the several qualities and features of this device in this full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fastens securely to clothes or a bra
  • Clips easily to a belt or placed in a pocket
  • Gets you to compete with your previous activity
  • Do not have to charge batteries
  • Tracks distance, active minutes, steps, and calories
  • Helps you track your overall physical activity
  • Smaller, lighter, and more compact than any other Fitbit
  • Participate in the leaderboards and connect with friends
  • View progress, set goals and earn badges
  • Log the food you eat, set up a calendar, analyze summaries
  • Will sync to a computer, tablet, or smartphones automatically
  • Is discreet, accurate, simple to use, comfortable, and colorful
  • Does not come with instructions, according to buyers
  • Claims to be water-resistant, but customers say it is not
  • Does not have a backlight so it cannot be read in low light or at night
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  • This is a simple, yet effective activity tracker.
  • It can easily be clipped to clothing, straps, or laces. It is small and unobtrusive.
  • Compared to some other activity trackers, this one is reasonably priced for its convenience and usefulness.
  • The design is sleek with an easy-to-read display.
  • The app dashboard is informative and motivating.
  • It is simple to set up and use.
  • This Fitbit can be linked to the MyFitnessPal app.
  • There is no need to keep up with a charger or remember to charge batteries.
  • You don't need a lot of technical know-how to set up or use this fitness tracker.
  • When needed, replacement batteries can be found online or in many stores.
  • This activity tracker comes with a protective silicone cover with clip.
  • The badges on the Fitbit app are a bonus motivator.
  • Through the Fitbit app, you are able to connect with friends and family to share goals and encourage each other.
  • The clip is sturdy.
  • Many buyers have had good experiences with Fitbit customer service.
  • Most reviewers have had no issues keeping their Fitbit Zips synced.
  • It's easy to extend the battery life by only syncing with one device a few times a day.
  • Some parents have found this is a good device to motivate their kids to be more active.
  • The batteries are not rechargeable and will need to be replaced over time.
  • This only has basic tracking features. It does not track sleep or count flights of stairs.
  • Some buyers have found the small size a problem leading to lost or misplaced trackers.
  • There are reports of occasional issues with inaccurate step counts.
  • It is not very sensitive to touch so a strong tap is required to activate the screen.
  • There are multiple complaints that after the batteries are replaced they will drain quickly.
  • Some buyers report issues pairing and syncing with some Samsung and Amazon phones and tablets.
  • Website and software problems are noted in negative reviews.
  • There is no feature to track hourly goals as on some other activity trackers.
  • The silicone case can loosen over time.
  • There are mixed reviews on the quality of water resistance.
  • Replacing the battery requires a tool included with the tracker, but it is small and easy to misplace.
  • Not all buyers are satisfied with the level of customer service they have received from Fitbit regarding this device.
  • Adding other fastening options such as a band or stronger clip would be an improvement.
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The Fitbit Zip has a higher customer satisfaction rating and twice as many reviews as other leading brands and models. Even within the same Fitbit family of devices, it is more popular and more talked about than other Fitbit products. It weighs less than other models of trackers and has the same voltage of the battery or better than competitors. The Zip gives you just the data you want and need and not all the extras to waste battery power or space on the display. The Zip is a real contender in the world of activity trackers for those on the go and needing just a simple smart device to give them their most pertinent data.


You could not get a more comfortable or accommodating activity tracker than this device. It clips securely to clothes, is comfortable to wear, and very colorful to look at. It is discreet for those who do not want to advertise their activity monitoring to others. a tracker could not be any lighter in weight or smaller than this terrific product that does so much. The nice colors, small size, and activity tracking motivate kids to start great habits of monitoring their own activity for a good life pattern of healthy living. It is almost like a toy for children, as they want to compete with each other to see who they can outdo with stats. It makes a healthy habit out of being active on a daily basis. Simple enough for kids and older folks to navigate and enjoy, the Fitbit Zip gives you just the information you need to monitor your activity and health progress. Without buttons to press, it is simple to navigate with the touch of the screen.


The manufacturer says that this device is resistant to splashes, rain, and sweat but is not swim-proof. It is encased in a plastic casing that has the durable clip on it to keep it as dry as possible. Ensuring that the product remains dry increases its life and performance level. It should not be in direct contact with the skin for the best performance. When clipped to a bra during exercise, ensure that the digital display does not face the skin to keep it dry. It attaches easily to a belt or bra or can be placed simply in a pocket. This excellent device is best used clean and dry to make sure you get the most accurate information about your activity.


Simply tap the display to see the time and daily stats and get all of your connected data from your account online. The Zip gets you to compete with your previous activity sort of like a personal game to be better each day. You can connect with friends in the Fitbit Community to be cheered on and motivated to give each day your best. It has an alert alarm to let you know when the battery is low and needs to be replaced and fits easily in a pocket or on a belt loop. You do not have to charge batteries with this incredible model. Just use the extra battery the device comes with for a replacement when the original runs low. You can use this tracker anywhere, anytime, and at any level of your activity, whether you are just starting out or have been quite active for years. It is a fun, interactive way to monitor your progress of physical activity.


The Fitbit Zip tracks distance, active minutes, steps, and burned calories, as well as monitors the foods that you eat. It is as simple as that. You will not be overloaded with extra information or be overwhelmed with a device that is hard to navigate. Stats instantly load to a computer wirelessly, so you know when you have met a goal or are close to one. It forces you to be knowledgeable about your level of physical activity on a daily basis simply because you have it and want to do better. The device will cheer you on when you reach or exceed your personal goals to motivate you. It is as if you have your own personal trainer in the tiny little tracker.


Smaller and more compact than any other Fitbit product, the Fitbit Zip weighs only .32 ounces and has the dimensions of .2 x 1.2 x 1.8 inches in size. It comes with a replaceable battery, silicon clip, battery door tool, and the sync wireless dongle. As you can see, it is probably the smallest, most compact, and smartest device for its size than any you have seen yet. It has certainly caused quite a stir online with customers and potential buyers who have fallen in love with this cute and personal little gadget. It is so small if fact that you may risk losing it if you are not careful. A few buyers did just that but quickly purchased another one because they like the Zip so much.


Offered in the solid bold colors of blue, charcoal, magenta, and white, this Fitbit item has no buttons to use or to be pressed accidentally when wearing. It is quite appealing to kids because of the many offered bright colors. The design is simple as is the number display. You just tap the screen when you want your figures or data shown. The tracker is built of thermoplastic, and the clip is comprised of metal and silicone. It is very durable for its size and will last a long time for daily tracking and enjoyment.


There is much support when it comes the Fitbit community that you can be a part of when you purchase this product. Once you create your free account, you can compete and share your information with your friends and family during the day. Participate in the leaderboards in the Fitbit community to challenge others. Tracking your activity with the Zip keeps you motivated to do your best for your own health. Even if you have never tracked your activity before, it is never too late to start, especially with such a user-friendly device like the Fitbit Zip.


You can view your daily progress, set goals, and earn badges with the Zip, as it is best used for exercise, fitness, running, and an outdoor lifestyle. Set up a monthly calendar for exercise or analyze your workout summaries, trends, and track your habits of nutrition. You can also log the food you eat with the calorie estimator, barcode scanner, food database, and meal shortcuts to make sure you are getting the proper nutrition. The Zip even adjusts its data according to the calories you burn, allowing you to consume more calories for the day as your activity increases. Even though it does not track all the things that other devices keep tabs on, for its size, the capabilities are astounding. many online customers are so happy with this product that they purchase more for family members, friends, and co-workers to join in the healthy fun.


To track the activity, you set up a free Fitbit account with a password to monitor your progress. It will track up to seven days of detailed data from motions and activities each minute. It is so easy to download your data from the tracker to a phone or computer with the included dongle that comes with the purchase. Very simple to use and interact with, the Zip will keep up with past daily totals for 23 days.


You need Internet access to set up your account online and your goals. The Zip has free Android and iPhone applications and will sync to a computer, tablet, or Bluetooth smartphones automatically. Automatically and wirelessly sync stats to more than 150 popular smartphones and computer by using the dongle to load information from the tracker to your computer. Once you have this connection and your free account on, you will be able to monitor your progress and be a part of the Fitbit community for healthy living.

Ease of Use

The Fitbit Zip is very accurate with its data, as some customers have tested it against other devices. It is right on the nose every time, which is remarkable for such a small device. It is very simple in that it gives you just the basic activity data you need and none of the added in complicated figures as other models do. It is discreet if you do not want others to know you are wearing or using it. You will want to wear it every day to the point of it being addictive. It is a healthy addiction that is contagious even. That is why there is the Fitbit community to cheer you on and get you to be your most active.

Power Source

This activity tracker uses a battery that is 3v coin-sized, which is better known as a watch battery. It is replaceable and will last for six months without recharging. You get an extra battery with the purchase of the Zip, so you will have power for good long while. It is so simple to replace the battery, and the manufacturer has the directions online if you need them. You never have to recharge these batteries, as they are easily attainable in most areas and store locations sold as watch batteries.

The Bottom Line

We agree with most online buyers when we say that the Fitbit Zip is a marvelous product that is taking the fitness world by storm. Many people do not want the complicated devices that are flooding the market and are looking for such a smart simple item to monitor their daily activity. The Zip is simple enough for kids and older people to use and understand, plus is flexible to use anywhere and anytime. It connects easily to a computer or smartphone for the monitoring and can become a healthy addictive habit for you to enjoy. The few flaws that it has do not in any way outnumber its many positive aspects. We love the Fitbit Zip and hope you will too.