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Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses Review Facts

Want to own a small part of mountaineering history? Get a pair of the Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses that have mirrored round lenses and detachable leather pieces on the nose and sides to fight glare, debris, wind, and sun. The round brown tinted lenses are unisex with a medium fit width and temple arms that fully encircle the ears. Best used for hiking and mountaineering, the Julbo Vermont Classic is terrific for driving into the sun in desert areas, glare when climbing mountains, and side glare when driving a vehicle.

The Spectron 3CF lenses give 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC-ray sunlight protection for extreme conditions. The flash-coated lenses possess a mirrored effect to block visible light of 95%. Eye-catching and functional, the Vermont Classic is a timeless piece of history that we can all enjoy in these modern times. Why not wear a Julbo Vermont Classic sunglasses and promote the high-quality craftsmanship of this time-honored company at the same time?

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Unisex glasses with a medium fit width
  • Snug temple arms go around the ear
  • Comfortable secure fit for all-day wear
  • Harsh sunlight protection for extreme conditions
  • Timeless and important part of history for mountaineering
  • Great for driving into the sun, snow glare, and desert areas
  • Best used for mountaineering and hiking
  • Fits narrow on the face; fogging problems
  • Lenses fell out of frames; earpieces can break easily
  • Will limit peripheral vision with the leather sides
  • No hard case as other versions had

Key Features

-Mirrored lenses of brown tint
-Polycarbonate lenses for great shock resistance
-Ear temples are molded for a customized fit
-Side shields and nose piece of leather
-Glare, debris, wind, and sun protection with side shields
-Has Spectron 3CF lenses
-Gives 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC ray protection
-Mirror effect blocks visible light of 95%


The special tint of the Julbo Vermont Classic mirrored lens is brown and constructed of sturdy polycarbonate material. These unisex glasses have received mixed reviews online as many love them, but others found them to be problematic. Since the lenses are quite dark, some say that they are too dark for everyday wear in the city or general use. This would much depend on the conditions and climate of the surroundings since many places can be considered harsh with extreme sun or glare.

Strong lenses of a dark color are needed for low sun areas such as the desert region of the US or snow-covered areas with the high glare. The dark color of the lenses helps with navigating in such surroundings. It is posted in the product description online that this model blocks 95% of direct light with these tinted lenses. The darkness of the lenses should not be a total surprise to buyers.


Most buyers find this Julbo very comfortable to wear every day with the snug fit of the temples arms that go around the ear. These wraparounds of the ears keep the glasses from falling from the face during activities, and the glass frames have a medium fit width. Some people found these unusual earpieces to be uncomfortable, however. They are made of a rubber material and cannot be adjusted to fit the face as past models allowed. However, they are formed; they will remain in that position when worn.

Several users found the overall fit of the product to be narrow or too small for their face. A couple of people even went as far as to say that the sunglasses would fit a child better than an adult. These customers did admit to having large faces, so that might be part of the problem. The flexible rubber wraparounds should accommodate for the different sizes of faces and heads of the public. The Vermont Classic Eyeglasses can be used with prescription lenses if you have them fitted for your prescription.


The most important choice when wearing the Vermont Classic Glasses is whether or not to leave the side leather shields in place or not. The front nose leather piece can be removed easily if you prefer, but the ones on the side take a bit of precise handling to take off. The side shields and nose piece along with the round gold-colored lenses are the characteristics that make these glasses so appealing and eye-catching.

Without them, the product looks just like a regular pair of sunglasses. It is to the advantage of the wearer to try to get used to these seemingly odd aspects of the old glasses to use them properly. Since the leather sides limit peripheral vision, some argue that they are not suitable for driving or using on the city streets with these pieces intact. Even for general wear, you will have to turn your head quite often to be able to have a full vision of your surroundings, as these leather pieces block the sides entirely.

There are those that prefer the sides to be on the glasses to block the glare and sun rays that can bother the eyes from the side. As you can see, this is a personal preference, and there is no right or wrong solution. Years ago, when this eyewear was fashionable, it was the way that makers blocked the glare and sun for the wearer.


The primary purpose of any pair of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the sun and glare that can be encountered anywhere and anytime. The Julbo Vermont Classic Sunglasses are perfect for that. The user gets glare, debris, wind, and sun protection with the detachable side shields of leather.

This great item provides harsh sunlight maximum protection for extreme conditions with its Spectron 3CF lenses that give 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC ray protection. The flash-coated lenses have a mirror effect of blocking visible light of 95%, which is ideal for activities of a wide range. Peripheral light is blocked with the leather sides and the nose piece to give just 5% light transmission.

The leather pieces have a vital purpose in protecting the eyes and are not just attachments or adornments to make the glasses look good. The cool appearance of the glasses is the reason why many people purchased them and not for the protection they could provide for their eyes.


Perfect for the bright sunlight and glare when climbing in the mountains, the Vermont Classic Sunglasses are just as great for hiking as they are for mountaineering. Whether the bright sun rays bother you or the glare off the white snow does, these glasses will protect your eyes with their terrific shading and complete coverage protection. For low sun places or places where you must drive into the sun often, such as desert plains, you will need sunglasses as durable as these to be able to navigate safely on the road.

Even though several people mentioned that these are not good for driving with the side leather pieces intact, they can block side glare that often bothers drivers. Glare from this angle can be just as problematic while driving as having a blind spot on the side.

At least with the leather sides, you can turn your head for adjustments in the vision field. When you are blinded by glare, there is no getting away from it except by blocking it. A few customers experienced fogging with this eyeglass model during their activities and sports. We did not see this comment on many reviews, so maybe it was just a few circumstances.


This timeless item and an essential part of history for mountaineering have guarded many decades of mountain athletes. To have a part of that history alive and well today is remarkable and a privilege to wear. If you do purchase them and wear them in public, expect to draw plenty of attention from others who see them because the Vermont Classic product is genuinely something to catch your eye.

Many are stopped and asked questions about them and certainly where they got them. You do not see such vintage items in general use anymore. This company has more than 125 years of creating high-quality products of performance in the eyeglass wear field. They know exactly how to create an excellent pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes in extreme outdoor conditions.


Previous Julbo sunglass models included a hard case to protect and keep the product in for safekeeping. It was noted by many people that this version comes in a soft sock-like sleeve only and no hard case. This upset those who knew of the hard cases for previous products. Such an argument is needed for keeping the item in pockets or backpacks when mountaineering, hiking or traveling. One buyer did mention that he purchased a hard case separately from the company for an economical price.

However, the consensus from disgruntled customers is that considering the high cost, the case should have been included with the product. This is probably so, but no promise of even a soft case is given in the product description. We would not have known about the hard case offered with other models but found out in our research of customer comments.


The polycarbonate lightweight lenses of this Julbo item give terrific shock resistance as they take plenty of abuse in backpacks and pockets. The ear temples are molded for a customized and secure fit and are great for running and moving fast as they stay on wonderfully.

Since the modern sunglasses lack this feature of the curling or wraparound ear temples, they can take some getting used to. It was the style back in the early days of sunglass manufacturing that has not made it through the decades of modernization and fashion changes that society desires. The frames are made of a durable metal that users can trust to be long lasting and viable for years. Some wearers had problems with the durability of this product as they commented that the lenses fell out of their frames after wearing them a few times and the earpieces broke quickly too.

They feel that the company created this model with cheaper and lighter materials as it is not of the same high quality as their other fine products. These negative reviews are the reason for the not-so-great 4.0 approval rating of the glasses.

Ease of Use

Using the Vermont Classic Sunglasses is just as easy as wearing any other type of sunglasses except you have the choice to leave the leather nose and side pieces on or take them off. If you remove them, then you have just a regular pair of sunglasses that could probably have been purchased for much less money.

They are highly functional and useful to defend the eyes against the glare, sun, and other problems only if the extra pieces are left on. These are not just nostalgia glasses that are fun to look at even though they are that. If you purchase them, do try to leave the leather parts on them for the protection they offer. You will be glad you did.

Bottom Line

With just a 4.0 approval rating from buyers online, the Julbo Vermont Classic has some features that not everyone likes. The negative reviews state that these sunglasses fit narrow on the face, have fogging problems, comes without a hard case, and has limited peripheral vision. Some experienced issues of durability with the earpieces breaking easily and the lenses coming out of the frames.

Combined, these complaints look bad, but when you consider that none of these issues were widespread, then the picture is not so bleak. These things could happen, but most likely will not. The lack of peripheral vision is not a shocker if you look at the photos of the product. The leather pieces can be removed, so the peripheral vision can be restored if you want.

The Julbo company is offering its customers a piece of functional mountaineering history that they can enjoy today for all of their activities and general wear. Most people purchase Julbo Vermont Classic for the appearance because they are just so awesome to look at. The unique craftsmanship is reason enough to grab a pair today!