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La Sportiva Tarantulace Review Facts

The La Sportiva Men’s Tarantulace Performance Shoe is best-suited for rock climbing both outdoors and indoors and has a medium width. Made of leather, the rubber soles are grippy, and the heel is rugged rubber to provide lots of sensitivity, support, and grip for the user.

This climbing shoe model will not slide off the feet from perspiration buildup inside the footwear since the tongue is lined. This lined tongue is comfortable to the skin, enhances breathability, and manages moisture well. The durable lacing harness is quick-pull for volume regulation, and the sole is thick at five millimeters. This is almost twice as thick as competitor brands to add to the longevity and sturdiness of the item. Buyers love the Tarantulace climbing shoe, even though finding the perfect size can be a challenge. It has a current 4.4 rating with satisfied customers and many reviews online.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Made of leather material with medium width
  • Has sensitivity, support, and grip for the wearer
  • Used for both outdoor and indoor climbing
  • Best used for rock climbing
  • Can be worn by both men and women
  • Lined tongue for breathability and controlling moisture
  • Won’t slide off the feet from sweat buildup inside
  • Sizing is a problem because the fit has to be just right
  • Not a shoe for advanced climbers
  • Eyelet holes can tear after a few months of use


Climbing shoes often have issues with interior sweating and condensation build-up that affects the performance of the wearer. You will not have to worry about this problem with the Tarantulace Shoe because the lined tongue it is comfortable on the skin and manages moisture very well. The rest of the footwear is not lined but having the tongue lined is enough to keep down odors and enhance breathability and moisture control.

This model will not slide off the foot from sweat being in the shoe. If for no other reason than safety, it is best to keep the shoe the driest at all times. Slipping is too easy to do with this sport and slipping in the shoes can be a huge problem. Made of sturdy materials that are high quality, the leather is better at keeping down foot odors than synthetic footwear. We did not find any negative comments concerning the breathability or moisture control in this La Sportiva item.


If you are an avid climber or even just beginning, if you plan to rock climb often, then you will have to have the most comfortable shoes you can find. Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy an activity and not having the right equipment or gear that does not fit properly.

It takes away any enjoyment you can have and makes you miserable the whole time you climb. Made of leather material, the Tarantulace has a lacing harness that is quick-pull for inner volume precise regulation.

It snugly wraps the foot for terrific comfort, fit, and support. The classic leather unlined upper is comfortable and soft for the crags and the gym. Enjoy the right amount of support with the overlays of synthetic leather.


The one aspect a climber need is a shoe that will last for a long time to allow him the moves and footing that is necessary. Your shoe must be very durable and sturdy because footholds are so important on some of the roughest surfaces possible. The heel rand of this La Sportiva model is comprised of rugged rubber that is five millimeters thick.

They are grippy and good for regular use. The midsole is 1.8 millimeters thick, and re-soling is possible for this shoe. It is about two millimeters thicker than regular climbing shoes to give better cushion and comfort and be more durable and long lasting too. Even with this thicker sole, we noticed several climbers that used this shoe regularly and quickly wore out the soles in several spots.


With lots of sensitivity, support, and grip for the wearer, the Tarantulace has a shoe shape that is low-asymmetry and is a neutral shoe for rock climbing. With experience, you will find that perfect shoe further down the line, but for novices to the sport, this product is a great place to start. Climbers that are beginners through mid-level will appreciate the supportive lacing harness.

These are easy to maneuver quickly when putting on and taking off since the lacing is minimal. This specific model combines great features of both climbing and hiking in one shoe since it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor climbing activities. Buyers have noted in their online feedback that the Tarantulace can be worn for several hours without pain and having to be removed.

If you try hard to find your perfect size, then you will enjoy a very comfortable shoe that you can use for hours at a time. The eyelet holes that are used to hold the laces have been known to tear after a few months of use. We saw this mentioned in a few customer reviews. The footwear is still usable when this begins, but they should not be worn long before purchasing another pair.

It is possible for those buyers that the correct size was not obtained, or the shoes were laced too tightly putting undue strain on the eyelets. The 4.4 rating of this rock-climbing shoe confirms that users love it and it is effective for its intended purpose.


This performance shoe is responsive to the needs of the novice rock climber as they gain the skills required to be advanced. It features an RN45 build of low-asymmetry, FriXion RS sticky rubber soles, and a heel rand of aggressive rubber. The thicker outer sole and the regular thickness of midsole make it long-lasting, durable, stable, and sturdy for your rock-climbing needs.

Unfortunately, the rubber wears away on the sole fast said a few people in their remarks. However, because it is so hard to find a really good fit for the foot with climbing shoes that will not hurt, people are buying more than one pair of the Tarantulace product. In this way, if they purchase three pairs of the same model that know fits them as they want, then the ones with the worn out soles can be repaired easily.

Buyers will always have a pair they can use, even if one or two have worn outsoles. It seems like a lot to go through but the comfort and reliability of having a comfortable shoe for the activity are very much worth it.


Sizing is the biggest problem when it comes to anything that we must put on our bodies. This is because we are all so different in size, shape, and preference, and this is just for shoes. It is difficult enough to find regular shoes that will fit out foot types and widths, but climbing shoes pose many other problems.

The sizes, even for this model, are given in US and UK measurements, so plenty of people are confused right from the start. It seems just wrong to order a shoe that is sized at 42 or 43 because we do not have those sizes in the US. This conversion must be made with the use of the provided chart the company has graciously posted. Don’t be stubborn and just order your regular shoe size – use the chart. Unlike regular shoes with cushioning, lining, and the use of several fabrics or materials comprising the footwear, climbing shoes are made completely different.

They are not lined and are made of leather to be conforming to the foot for great performance when climbing. They have to help you conquer those footholds and advance to the upper levels. You would not even try some of the moves you can do with normal shoes on a cliff or rock wall. Aim for a fit that is not painful, but tight, and minus any pressure points.

Some advanced climbers recommend for beginners to go to a local store to find their perfect size and then purchase the shoes they want online. They are generally cheaper online than in the store. Once you know the size in a climbing shoe that you are, it will be much easier to get it right with various brands online.


A stable aspect of any climbing shoe (or regular shoe for that matter) is the level of comfort it provides and how it fits the foot. It may take purchasing several brand types and models before you discover the very one that makes you feel like it was designed specifically just for you. This great medium width model should be easy to get on and take off because of the lacing system it has.

We noticed that a few customers that have wide feet have searched in vain for a climbing shoe that would fit them well. They have found their perfect match with the Tarnatulace item and are very happy. It is not advertised or described as being suitable for those with wide feet, but just in case you have the same issue, you may want to give this footwear a try. Even though it was not created for wide feet, this La Sportiva item may just be the ideal one that is great for those users.

A leather shoe, such as this one, should experience a bit of stretching after it has been worn a while. Some customers say they did not experience any stretching while others said they did stretch with use. This may greatly depend on how often and how much the product is worn. If you rock climb three or more days a week, then chances are that you will have them broken in fast, may develop some stretching, and will wear out the soles quicker than normal.


Made to aid climbers with intermediate skills edge, hook, and smear like professionals, the Tarnatulace item is good for beginners to the sport and in most of the usual places for rock climbing. This combination of qualities lets users find purchase with fabulous sensitivity on edges without cramping or pain.

The toes in these shoes must be pressed to the end of the footwear to be the most effective for climbing particularly small ledges. Again, this is where the perfect sizing comes into play once more. If you have room in the toe, then you will not be able to get the best performance from the shoe. You will not be able to advance in the activity and experience the more difficult moves if the shoe is not right. Get the shoe correct as long as it takes, and you will get more enjoyment and skills in this favored sport.

Ease of Use

Used for both outdoor and indoor climbing, this performance climbing shoe allows you to have comfortable climbs. While most people prefer to climb either inside or outside, there are those that love to do both. According to users of the Tarantulace, this model is best for indoor climbing.

The reasons were not given, but if we had to guess, we would think it would be because this is generally where beginners start, and the soles would last much longer indoors than outdoors. A couple of customers claimed that this item is not the best for smaller footholds or difficult routes. As with everything, we all have our own mind when choosing what we like best, so try the various moves and decide for yourself.

Bottom Line

Items that must couture to the human body are always problematic for a portion of the population of customers. Therefore, the sizing of the Tarantulace can be difficult to get correct on the first try. Some say that it is not a shoe for beginners to the sport, while others experienced tearing in the eyelets when worn. The high rating pretty much says it all that this La Sportiva model is largely satisfactory for the needs of outdoor and indoor rock climbers to develop their skill set.

The soles might wear out fast, but the ideal fit makes it worth purchasing several pairs and having one always at the ready for climbing. From our research, we think it is a wonderful climbing shoe that offers the user much for comfort, durability, performance, and flexibility. We certainly recommend it to future buyers.