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Bose SoundLink Mini Review Facts
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The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II has a transmission range of 33 feet and works with tablets, laptops, and phones. The listening experience is full range with deep bass and big sound that is ideal for office or home. Ultra-compact and wireless, this miniature speaker is small enough to fit in a bag, coat pocket, or backpack with its sleek and modern design that will match any room or desk décor.

You do not need Wi-Fi to operate this item that charges with most USB sources of power and will play for hours unplugged. Get up to ten hours of play with a full charge and clear sounds for calls. It uses Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri for support and will remember the eight devices you connected to last for quicker functioning.

Included with the speaker that has a durable and attractive aluminum casing are a cable, wall charger, and a charging cradle. This improved model of the Bose SoundLink Speaker has an excellent rating from buyers and over 4,700 online reviews from mostly satisfied customers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ultra-compact and wireless
  • Design is sleek and modern to match any décor
  • Great for office or home
  • The listening experience is a full range
  • Works with tablets, laptops, and phones
  • Does not need Wi-Fi to operate
  • Will play for hours unplugged
  • Charges with most USB sources of power
  • Can be heavy for a backpack or pocket
  • Verbal prompts annoy many people
  • Possible powering problems when battery < 80%


Ultra-compact and wireless, the Bose Mini Speaker II has a wonderful design that is sleek and modern to match any décor. The durable and attractive aluminum casing is great for the office or home, as it fits right in with all your other furniture and devices well.

Unfortunately, we read many reviews of people who had dropped their speakers on solid surfaces from high vantage points, such as down a flight of stairs. Even though this device is durable and can take some rugged use, it will most likely not withstand such rough treatment. Not many speaker products could take such punishment and still function well.

If you decide to get one of the soft covers that we talk about later in this review, your level of décor matching is increased greatly. These also help with keeping the device in great condition for longer use. This product can be heavy for a backpack some said, even though it is designed for portability using these modes. It weighs just over a pound in total weight so it might be heavier than some other models, but when the performance is considered, there is no comparison. This model is one of the best being offered currently.


The greatest aspect of this improved version of the Bose Mini Speaker is its flexibility and versatility in where it can be used. There is hardly a place where it will not fit and be heard well since it is so small and compact. It is always at the ready for you to enjoy music and talking on the phone.

This product can fit in the hand palm easily and can slide easily into a bag, coat pocket, or a backpack. It gives you the freedom to listen to what you want when and where you want with its small form and simple operation. You can have the freedom of listening to your music anywhere with wireless technology, even in remote locations where most speakers cannot operate.

We are not always in a location with access to electricity or another device for powering up, so products such as this one are needed for those when we still want to listen to music or make a phone call.

Key Features

-Durable and attractive aluminum casing
-Small to fit in a bag, coat pocket, or backpack
-Deep bass and big sound
-Clear sound for calls
-Transmission range of 33 feet
-Includes the speaker, cable, wall charger, and a charging cradle
-Remembers the eight devices you connected last
-Uses Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri
-Ten hours of play with a full charge
-Includes the needed lithium battery


The several control buttons on this incredible device include activate Bluetooth, previous track, next track, play/pause, call answer, volume, on/off power and mute. It is so easy to manipulate and use that it would be hard to go back to what you are using now since the Bose item is so accommodating to your needs. When you touch the power buttons, Bluetooth connection, or the power controls, you get a loud pro verbal prompt from the speaker.

It lets you know when changes are being made of when a button was pressed to alert you of the change. We noticed several feedback comments that addressed this, as it annoyed them greatly. After a while, it could be a problem to hear it often, especially if you touch the controls or connections often. The sound of the voice also irritated a few users, so it made using the device quite unpleasant for them.


The big pitch for this improved product is the deep bass and big sound from such a small item. The listening experience is a full range which is unmatched by competitor models.

Many people that had the original speaker previous to this one, gave theirs away to relatives or friends so they could get this one instead for the improvements. Users are happy to report that the small physical size does not match the huge sound that comes out of it. you will be surprised too at how good the music sounds with this highly portable device.

It allows you to take calls from your smartphone which are very clear and audible on both ends. There were a few complaints of this feature not working well for folks, but the circumstances were not explained. Since some buyers reported dropping their devices and damaging them, it could be the case for the speakerphones not working as they should.


This mode of speaker for music and phone calls has a transmission range of 33 feet. This is quite surprising when the size of the product is considered. The speakerphone is built-in so you can accept out loud calls without having to use earbuds or headphones.

This incredible model gives you music just where you desire it without the hassle of the wires that are so common with similar devices. Busy lifestyles have demanded such an item for the portability and sound quality that is desired by customers. There are many instances in daily life that require or could use such a speaker to improve your day and enjoyment of your surroundings. The huge number of both positive and negative reviews indicates the vast need for such a speaker to fit our hurried lives.

Compared to other mini speakers, this version has outsold the others by extraordinary margins. This is credited to the needed improvements that the company made to the original version of this speaker.


The manufacturer listened to the public who was dissatisfied with the original Bose SoundLink Mini Speaker and made some necessary changes to please a wider range of buyers.

This Speaker II version is much more economical and lighter than the original Mini Bluetooth Speaker. The lighter weight allows the increased portability of this model that the original did not have. It also has 4,600 more reviews online from buyers and has AC and battery power unlike the original with just battery power. The ability to plug in the device and leave it connected made it more desirable to people. They are both the same size and dimension.

The second version has the Bluetooth, wireless, and USB technology for connecting and the original does not. The battery life is better too with the new technology and design. Without the voice of the customers, improvements would not be made, and companies would not be pushed to create the products that we all desire and enjoy. Everyone is better off when opinions are expressed.


Included with this fabulous product are the speaker, cable, wall charger, and a charging cradle. You get everything you need to connect the speaker to one of your devices for fabulous listening pleasure. Even the required battery is included, so you are ready to go as soon as you receive the package.

Soft covers are available separately to give a different look and color to the speaker if you want something other than the black or gray that is offered. The available colors are deep red, energy green, navy blue, charcoal black, and gray for a burst of color in your home or office. These will help protect the speaker from scratches and signs of wear, as well as give your speaker a new interesting color and feel. Some people thought that these covers could or might affect the sound or call quality, but this is highly unlikely.


With a 33-foot range of transmission with Bluetooth, the mini Bluetooth Speaker II works well with tablets, laptops, and phones. It might not work with all types of mobile devices, but it can operate without Wi-Fi for functioning.

Using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri for assistant support, it is super easy to pair the product with Bluetooth as a voice prompt walks you through the process. This is the one that plenty of people did not like or did not like hearing so often. Maybe with the next advancement to this model, the company will do something about this annoying voice control.

One incredible characteristic of this superb speaker is that it will remember the eight devices you connected last for easier and faster connections. Even when one disconnects, while another one is still connected, it will automatically switch you over to the one it has access to at the time. This is pretty impressive for a speaker to do on its own! It is surely designed to make your life easier and more trouble-free with the advancements made to the original model.

Power Source

The manufacturer states that you get up to ten hours of play with a full charge with the included lithium battery. It will play for hours unplugged and charges with most USB sources of power. Use car chargers and laptops on the go to power up or when at home, you can leave the device in the included charging cradle.

Some people had noted powering problems when the battery was less than 80%. They had to plug it in for it to work at all. We did see that some users experienced a decline in the battery function as the product got older. It may show signs of decline after months of use, as some buyers said. Again, we do not know the full circumstances of the condition of the product and if it was ever damaged beforehand.
Either way, you can plug the speaker in for continuous functioning or depend on the charged battery for wireless connection and listening anywhere.

Bottom Line

The complaints about this speaker from Bose online are that it can still be too heavy for some modes of transportation, the verbal prompts can be annoying, and the battery power can act up a bit when the charge is less than 80%.

Even with these issues from some people, the number of reviews is enormous, and the rating is excellent. This second version has left the original SoundLink Speaker in the dust based on this information. Those that love the first version are switching in droves to get this enhanced model to enjoy its benefits.

The first one is good, but this one is outstanding! With improved battery life, enhanced sound and bass, better connections available, Bluetooth technology, and the ability to make and take calls, the Speaker II version is winning over many people who desire a portable great-sounding speaker in their life.

We agree that it is not only much better than the original but just may be the best small speaker on the market currently with its level of portability, high-quality features, and amazing sound.