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WACACO Nanopresso Review Facts
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The Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is well-built, innovative, portable, and powerful with solid construction for durability and longevity. Perfect for travel, camping, and backpacking, it makes a number of styles of espresso that you may like such as cold brew, café lingo, doppio, single shot, and ristretto. Making your own certainly tastes better than expensive regular machines.

This product creates perfect cups of espresso with a dense layer of crema on top each time. Offered in several solid colors of black, orange, red, and yellow, this portable espresso machine does not require electricity or batteries to operate. It is pumped by your hand to build the pressure in the machine and then to release the coffee from the device. Both the cup and the tank have a heatsink pattern that absorbs heat to protect your hands from burning or getting hot. Encapsulated pods of coffee or freshly ground product is best for this maker.

The overall dimensions of this miniature espresso wonder are 7.3 x 3.4 x 3.1 inches. You get with this product a built-in cup, a pouch, a brush, a filter basket, and instructions to guide you in making the perfect cup of espresso every time. The customer ratings for the Nanopresso are great, and there are many satisfied customers with this item.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Perfect for travel and camping
  • Well- built, powerful, and portable
  • Makes cold brew, café lingo, doppio, single shot, and ristretto
  • Rich tasting and stronger than regular coffee
  • Perfect espresso with a dense layer of crema
  • Does not require electricity or batteries
  • Uses less force than the Minipresso
  • Lightest and smallest coffee companion
  • Use encapsulated pods or freshly ground coffee
  • Those with arthritis will have trouble with pumping
  • Stopped working well for some people after a few months

Key Features

-Short length and ergonomic design
-Solid construction for durability and longevity
-Tastes better than expensive regular machines
-Weighs 0.74 pounds (336g)
-Water tank capacity of 80ml (2.70 ounces)
-Overall dimensions are 7.3 x 3.4 x 3.1 inches
-Cup and the tank absorb heat to protect hands
-Colors include black, orange, red, and yellow

-You get a built-in cup, pouch, brush, filter basket, and instruction booklet
-Stable pressure of 18 bars (261 PSI) with your hands
-Outperforms some home espresso machines
-Any type of ground coffee will do


The shorter length and the ergonomic design of the Nanopresso make it perfect for traveling and carrying with you wherever you go. It has a solid construction for durability and longevity and is a versatile machine to fulfill your coffee needs. Perfect for camping and backpacking, you never have to be without a fresh cup of java whenever you want it. happy customers say that it is well-built with innovation and design.

You can see the dynamics and quality craftsmanship that went into this device when you take it apart for cleaning. it really is a long-lasting and strong product that you can depend on for years of great coffee anywhere.


Not only can the portable Nanopresso be used wherever you are, but it also makes several different styles of coffee. Make a number of styles of espresso such as cold brew, café lingo, doppio, single shot, and ristretto. It is rich tasting and stronger than regular coffee, as buyers say, it tastes much better than expensive regular machines they use at home or work.

The coffee that it produces even makes a great crema on top with each espresso every time. The stability and reliability of the product and its performance is incredible and satisfying to thrilled customers. Being able to use it anywhere is just amazing for such high-quality coffee from this small device. You no longer have to pay the high prices demanded at coffee shops or have to take the so-so espresso at work or home with this product.


Besides the terrific performance of this portable espresso maker, the miniature size of it just makes you shake your head in amazement. How can something so small make such a marvelous cup of espresso and without any power other than your hand for pumping?

The technology just astounds the brain at how far coffee advances have come in recent years! The Nanopresso is just 6.14 inches (15.6cm) long with a weight of only 0.74 pounds (336g). the overall dimensions are 7.3 x 3.4 x 3.1 inches, and the water tank is 2.70 ounces (80ml).

The water tank is protected and lined by the cup that detaches to perfect the overall design of the item. When you see the miniature size of this splendid device, you too will be excited to see it in action for your first cup of coffee made just by the force of your own hands.


Both the cup and the tank of the Nanopresso have a heatsink pattern that absorbs heat to protect your hands as you hold the device to make the coffee.
It operates best with coffee that is finely ground in a tamped hard form, but any type of coffee grounds will work just fine. You will find that purchasing and using this machine is much more economical than paying commercial prices per cup for espresso.

Even those with normal espresso machines at work or at home are using this small device each day because of the high quality of the coffee it makes. You will appreciate the reliability and the stability that it offers since every single cup of espresso you make with it is exactly like the ones before it. It is uniform in its process of making a delicious cup of coffee.


The Nanopresso is one espresso machine in a complete line of portable espresso machines that this company has. It is the lightest and the smallest coffee companion that makes such a powerful cup of java. The patent system for pumping is new technology that does not require electricity or batteries for its operation.

Available in several solid colors including black, orange, red, and yellow, this highly portable machine makes espresso anywhere you go. It is so simple and quick to make your coffee favorite, plus also easy to manipulate the device. To pump the espresso maker takes a force that is 15% less to operate than the Minpresso that the company sells. It will be hard for the manufacturer to improve on this version of a portable and powerful espresso maker on the go since it seems to have everything going for it.


We thought it would be a good idea to briefly tell you in this review just how simple it is to make a cup of espresso with this incredible product. You put the coffee grounds in the filter basket (8gr), screw the outlet head tightly on the body of the product, and put boiling water in the tank. Next, you unlock from the travel position the piston and hold the item with both hands to begin pumping over a cup. The protective materials of the mechanism will keep your hands from becoming hot or burned during this process. The pressure is created inside with the beginning eight strokes. It is at this point you can steep the brew a bit before releasing it into the cup for a stronger flavor. Continue pumping until you have all of the coffee from inside device now in the cup. It automatically makes the crema top for you without any additional effort. That is all there is to it! Just remember, you can do this anywhere, even in the most remote location in the world, as long as you have the hot water and the coffee grounds.


With the Nanopresso NS Adapter, you can utilize the capsules and accessories of the previous Nespresso model plus create double shots of espresso. There is also a Nanopresso Barista Kit that will work with this device too. There is a special Nano-Mini Case for this device that you can purchase separately online to hold the espresso maker and all of its accessories in one neat package.

This product includes a built-in a cup, a pouch, a brush, a filter basket, stickers, a warranty card, and an instruction booklet in several languages. The pouch is a drawstring bag and not like the case that is a separate buy. Some people complained that the Barista Kit was not included with this item, but it is worth getting if you want the extra supplies to make your coffee. From online customers who gave valuable feedback and hints as to how they are using the Nanopresso, we have learned that each user will develop their own particular method for making their own espresso with this device. Some let it steep while others use special blends of coffees for a unique flavor and drinking experience. You too will create your own system of perfecting that ideal cup of java.


This section is just a few additional tips, product information, and suggestions on making the coffee that we found online in buyers’ remarks and feedback. Stable pressure of 18 bars (261 PSI) is created with just your hands for unparalleled coffee during extraction, which is how this maker functions without batteries or any external power. After boiling water is put in the tank, the mechanism is pumped manually with your hand.

Stopping after the pressure has formed in the device allows the coffee to then drip out of the product and into the cup. You will get a nice crema on top when it is finished. We noticed that some users waited after pumping the machine to let the water and coffee grounds steep a bit before they released the completed coffee. The flavor was improved by doing this simple trick. It is similar to letting tea steep before putting it in the cup for drinking. Use encapsulated pods of coffee or freshly ground product for the best-flavored espresso every time.
Those with arthritis or even carpal tunnel syndrome may have some trouble with the operation and pumping the Nanopresso device. It is best to know this especially if you plan on giving the product as a gift to someone else.

Ease of Use

Many comments online from very satisfied customers say how well this espresso maker outperforms some home espresso machines with its excellent results consistently. Any type of ground coffee will work in it, and a good buy is the Barista Kit as a separate purchase to complement this machine. Not everyone had a great experience with the Nanopresso when they purchased it. A few stated that it was hard to clean and not really worth the trouble to do so each time they wanted a cup of coffee. Others claimed that the device stopped working well for them after a short time period of a few months or so. If you follow the directions for operation, there should not be any problems down the road. Cleaning the mechanism is just good practice for ensuring your own safety for cleanliness, germ-prevention, and a great tasting cup of coffee every time.

Bottom Line

Of course, if you have any type of muscle or joint problem with your hands or wrists, you will most likely not be able to use the Nanospresso well. Some people had trouble with the machine working after using it for a few months, but just enough users to mention the issue in this review. The majority of customers are thrilled with this extraordinary device and its incredible performance in making a superb cup of coffee anywhere and at any time. You cannot beat the convenience and the flexibility that it offers for coffee lovers who often find themselves without a source for a good cup of coffee. The best solution is to bring your own. You can do just that with this little device that is so powerful and functional to give you just what you want. We think that you will be pleased with this product’s technology and consistent results, as many other users are currently enjoying it in their lives.