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Meater Smart Thermometer Review Facts
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The Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer is made of stainless steel that is food-grade and water-resistant with a heat-resistant handle. This is the first smart thermometer for meat that is truly wireless and can be used for the grill, oven, BBQ, kitchen, rotisserie, and smoker. Designed in the USA, this terrific product can be used on all types of meat including but not limited to fish, chicken, lamb, pork, and beef. It takes the guesswork out of cooking meat correctly without butchering it with testing every few minutes.

This wireless smart thermometer uses an advanced algorithm, an internal sensor, and an external sensor to cook meat perfectly every time. Each cooking mode has its own particular range that you can be away from it, so you can cook and go on to do other things. This hands-free operation is easy to set up and use with the company’s app. Use Android or iOS phones to monitor alerts and notifications of the cooking meat based on time and temperature.

This amazing product also utilizes the Meater Cloud, a Wi-Fi Link, and Bluetooth to customize your Meater for range and types of meats you want to cook. It comes with a magnetic storage box that conveniently attaches to the fridge to be out of the way and ready to cook. Almost half of the people who purchased and left a review online had not so positive experience with this Meater product, thus the overall review is somewhat average.

Editor's Pros & Cons

For the grill, oven, BBQ, kitchen, rotisserie, and smoker

Notifications are set using the time or the temperature

Using Bluetooth monitor with a tablet or phone

Use on fish, chicken, lamb, pork, or beef

Perfect cooked meat every time

So easy to use and set up; water-resistant

Easy to clean, hands-free operation, and rechargeable

No more cutting into meat to see if it is done


Did not work for more than just a few feet away for many people

Would not work well in some types of meat

Temperatures and cooking times were off for buyers

Disconnections from the app to monitor cooking happened a lot


Made of stainless steel that is food-grade, the Meater is a well-designed item according to some buyers. The handle is ceramic that is heat-resistant and the whole product is water-resistant for good durability. It has internal sensors that go into the meat and an ambient sensor that remains on the outermost tip which stays on the outside of the meat. The thought and technology that are behind this amazing product are innovative and wonderful. However, as you will see from what we have retrieved from customer reviews and feedback, the Meater is not flawless not did it perform practically for a huge portion of the people that purchased it.


No fuss and no wires are the promises of this terrific product for cooking meats in an assortment of ways in an effortless way. The Meater Smart Meat Thermometer has one probe and two sensors, so the internal temperature of the meat is monitored better. This fabulous item uses a cooking system that is guided and an algorithm. The algorithm estimates exactly how long food should cook and then rest for the best time management and meal planning. This ideal product measures a temperature of as much as 212 degrees Fahrenheit for meat and as much as 527 degrees Fahrenheit for the external temperature at the same time. It is flexible to what you want to cook, how you want it cooked, and by what method you want to cook it. The idea is to have perfect meat every time without having to test cut it every so often. Using the “stab it and test it” method usually results in meat that is either undercooked or overcooked, as we are all too familiar with having. This incredible wireless, smart thermometer is meant to prevent this.


Using the Meater Link Wi-Fi you have coverage throughout the whole house of as much as 165 feet or 50 meters. When you use Bluetooth, which is the standard connection, you have a range of 33 feet or 10 meters. Using the Meater Cloud, the wireless range is unlimited. Amazon Alexa and Meater work together to properly monitor your meat dish and let you know how long the cooking time is while it cooks. Ask Alexa how long until the meat is done, and she can tell you precisely. This hands-free operation is a time-saver for those that are too busy to be tied to a cooking piece of meat but who still want a great meal. We do provide some feedback from buyers in the Ease of Use section concerning these workable ranges that do not always work as intended.


Weighing in at just seven ounces, the Meater Thermometer has the dimensions of 6.2 x 1.5 x 1.1 inches. It is a small but powerful instrument to use in the kitchen to perfect your main entrée for every meal. Why settle for undercooked or overcooked food when you can have this device that takes the guesswork out of cooking? We want to also address in this section on size how far away you can be from the cooking apparatus and still be within range to receive notifications and alerts on your smartphone of the meat cooking. Each cooking mode has its own particular range for the Meater. You can be as much as ten feet or three meters away for a smoker or a kettle grill that is used outdoors. A gas grill, oven, or a kamado outdoor cooker has a range of as much as 33 feet or 10 meters. A rotisserie has the longest range that you can be away at 50 feet or 15 meters. It is precisely these distances that are stated by the manufacturer that most people had problems with resulting in bad reviews.


The maker states that the Meater is the first smart thermometer for meat that is truly wireless. It was designed in the USA and can be used for the grill, oven, BBQ, kitchen, rotisserie, and smoker. Using the company’s app that is free, you can monitor the cooking constantly, as it is compatible with Android and iOS phones. You get results that are consistent and perfect every time guaranteed since it takes you each step of the way in the process of cooking. Plenty of people experienced many problems with this device, as we discuss in later sections in better detail. Judging by the online reviews, 55% of people liked the Meater and gave positive feedback, while 45% of customers gave a bad review because of a defective or unsuitable product.


Notifications and alerts can be set for the cooking meat using the time or the temperature. Using Bluetooth, you can monitor with a tablet or phone the cooking of your meat entrée. Access the Meater Cloud and Wi-Fi Link to increase the wireless range on a computer. This is an overlooked aspect of this product that plenty of users did not catch. It was not mentioned strongly in the product description, so the majority of customers missed it. You can increase the range that you are away from the cooking system you are using to accommodate your needs better. The Meater Thermometer is cloud-enabled to serve you better with the changes you want to make to the product’s operation. If you get out of the designated range for notifications and monitoring of cooking, the app lets you know that you are out of the range. The only way that you will burn any type of meat using this item is if you ignore the alerts or fall asleep while it cooks, as a few people did accidentally.


Plenty of users tested the Meater Wireless Thermometer for accuracy against regular meat thermometer that was both wireless and wired. The temperatures for this product, according to customers, are very accurate and right on track. They were even more appropriate than some of the devices that were being used currently. It outperforms wired probes with its stunning accuracy and makes an ideal gift for those that love to cook or who have problems cooking meat correctly. Perhaps if more people could have gotten their Meater to work properly, they could have chimed in on the accuracy quality of the product. If working properly, it seems to be perfect with the temperatures and timing for the desired doneness of the meat.


With the Meater Smart app you choose the type of meat you want to cook, and the level of cooking, such as well done, medium well, medium, medium rare, and rare. Use it on fish, chicken, lamb, pork, or beef. Users discovered through the app that various cuts of meat can be chosen for a more precise cooking experience. These include steak, brisket, and rib-eye just for the beef category, which is more precise than just selecting beef. Some found videos on YouTube to be quite helpful in expanding the range times for cooking. This is done with a computer or the app. You get the app one of several ways. It is available on Google Play, Amazon, or the Apple App Store to connect the Meater and begin your perfect meat cooking experiences.


So easy to use and set up, this wireless meat thermometer offers operation that is hands-free. It allows you to monitor the cooking away from the phone using Alexa and takes the guessing out of cooking meat correctly. Once the majority of people use this item, they toss their other thermometers, wireless or not. It works reliably for them and they only use for each meal. You will not have to cut into meat anymore to see if it is done before it is really ready. Testing for doneness the hard way results in a large piece of meat that is practically carved and gouged to death from testing it so often. Now, you can present a nice piece of meat to your family, guests, and friends, that has never been punctured for testing. On top of that, it will be cooked to perfection, as the app and the thermometer do all the work for you.

Ease of Use

The Meater did not work for more than just a few feet away for many people when they used it creating disappointment with the product. Some buyers also said that it would not work well in some types of meat, and the temperatures and cooking times were off. Disconnections from the app to monitor cooking happened a lot also. These numerous problems are the reason for the poor overall rating of this item online. The innovation is certainly interesting and needed for the busy lives we lead today, but the company needs to work on the issues that keep the Meater from working properly every time and for every person.

Power Source

The Meater comes with one battery that is required for operation. It has a charging base that can be mounted on the refrigerator or any other metal surface area. The storage box is magnetic for this purpose of keeping the item out of the way, but ready when you need it. It is rechargeable with this box, so you can always have it ready to go for the next wonderful meal you plan to cook.

Bottom Line

This revolutionary product for the kitchen and every outdoor type of cooking apparatus is desirable and needed by nearly every household today. We all need to save time and multitask where we can to get everything completed in a day. Gadgets like the Meater can certainly help with that. The online complaints about this item include that the range of operation was just a few feet, it would not work for some meat types, the temperatures and cooking times were not correct, and many disconnections from the app resulting in delayed or stalled cooking. We love new products just like you but when they do not work as promised, they create nothing but unhappy customers who are sorry they took a chance with something new. To top it off, the customer service was not great for many people that complained. We suggest waiting for a revised Meater to come out, or just be aware of some of the cons of the product before you decide to purchase it.