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Echo Dot Smart Speaker Review Facts

The Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa is the third-generation product in the Echo line. It is preceded by the Echo Plus and the Echo which each have a large command of satisfied customers and a fantastic online rating. Improvements with this version are an improved speaker system, a smaller device, an economical price, and a vastly increased supply of skills by Alexa. Compatible with most iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices, this excellent product comes ready for Wi-Fi connection. The technology of Alexa is ongoing and constantly improving to enhance your daily life. Currently, there are more than 50,000 skills programmed in the Echo Dot to serve you better with just a single command by voice. Control many home devices as there are more than 10,000 smart devices that are compatible with this technology, such as TVs, thermostats, and lights. Make hands-free calls enjoy podcasts, radio stations, and Fire TV for entertainment and movies. Your favorite genres, artists, and songs can be accessed so easily with Alexa and the Echo Dot using Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music among others. Buyers agree that this is an outstanding device that they love and enjoy daily. The satisfaction for it certainly is apparent in the marvelous approval rating that the Echo Dot currently has.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Listen to favorite genres, artists, and songs

Uses Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music

Podcasts, radio stations, or Fire TV for entertainment and movies

Make hands-free calls to others

Single command by voice controls home devices

More than 10,000 smart devices that are compatible

Comes ready for Wi-Fi connection

Works with iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices

More than 50,000 skills of Alexa to serve you


Was not compatible with services and music for some users

Low-quality microphone; huge AC adaptor

App was unfriendly for users; Alexa misunderstands commands


The Echo Dot uses the technology of Alexa which has more than 50,000 skills to serve you better. This wonderful technology is ongoing and constantly improving to be more accommodating to the needs of your daily life. Use the provided app to see which skills are available to you and the Alexa Skills Blueprints to customize and add the wanted skills to your own device. In this way, no two Echo Dots are the same because you can make them have just the skills and qualities that you need and desire. It is this flexibility that makes this Amazon Alexa mechanism so popular and appealing.


Of course, we cannot go through all of the possible tasks and duties that Alexa can help you within this short review, but we can give you an idea of how others are using this incredible Amazon Echo Dot in their lives. You can play games and track your fitness performance, plus check the traffic, weather, and news. Listen to favorite genres, artists, and songs using Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others. Enjoy podcasts, radio stations, or link with Fire TV for voice control of entertainment and movies. Use your voice and Alexa to create calendar reminders and events, add list items, and set timers in the home. Even with all of these excellent capabilities, users still say that the Echo is a better device for sound quality and performance. Some people claim that the Alexa with this Echo Dot misunderstands commands a lot. This is possible because of the speakers that a few individuals think are not as good as the other Echo products.


The Amazon Echo is the third generation of the Echo product line that is at the ready to aid you with your daily life and make it much easier and pleasant. It has an outstanding rating from buyers and almost 30,000 online customer reviews that are largely positive. The overall dimensions are 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.7 inches (99mm x 99mm x 43 mm), and the weight is 10.6 ounces (300 grams). We noticed mentioned in user feedback that many people are buying this economical and user-friendly device in bulk and putting one in every room of their house. This way, they have access to Alexa wherever they go at home, and when music is playing, it creates a stereo sound all over. Thousands of people are thrilled with this marvelous simple mechanism that makes their life so interesting and fun.


We mentioned the entertaining ways that Alexa and the Echo Dot can spruce up your life, but there are daily tasks and chores that this technology can aid you with too. It can lock doors, adjust the home thermostat, turn off lights, replenish the pantry, and stock the fridge. It does this by adding thousands of preprogrammed items to your shopping list with the simple commands. Helping with ordering and reordering of household items is a great aid, especially when you are doing something else and cannot make a list right away. Ask for information, restaurant hours of operation, movie showtimes, and sports scores. You can also sit on the couch and dim the lights, turn the coffee maker on as you walk into the kitchen, and remain in the bed and switch the bedside lamp on. All of this is done by just the sound of your voice telling Alexa what you want to be done. Customers noticed that there is an alarm function for this product but no display screen. This could be a nice addition to a future model of the Echo line.


Choose your favorite of the three offered color variations of gray of this company’s most popular type of smart speaker. It uses Alexa for the smart speaker to obey your voice commands. This Echo model has a speaker that is improved for a louder and richer sound and a fabric design. Control your music with your voice and listen to Audible audiobooks too. Use this Amazon mechanism to stream tunes from Sirius XM, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more to have to play in the home. As we will discuss in detail later, many people did not like the improvements made to this model after having owned the Echo version before it.


The Echo Dot with Alexa allows you to make hands-free calls to others and with just a single command by voice, you can control many home devices. You do not need to lift a finger to do simple tasks anymore. It comes with a Quick Start Guide and a power adapter. A few people say that this power adaptor is huge and takes the whole outlet. Others state that this version was not compatible with some of the stated services and music choices. This has to be just a few complaints that are not widespread when you consider the excellent rating and the gigantic number of reviews. We try to mention all problems discovered though to give you the best all-around review loaded with information and issues that bothered others.


Compared to the other two Echo products in this line, the Echo Dot is cheaper than the Echo and the Echo Plus, which is understandable since it is smaller in size. It has more reviews than the Echo Plus but only half of the Echo. The overall ratings are about the same for all three, but the speaker size is different for all three. The Echo Dot has a 1.6” speaker, the Echo has a 0.6” tweeter and a 2.5” woofer, and the Echo Plus has a 0.8” tweeter and a 3” neodymium woofer. All three can be paired with another similar device for stereo sound and controlling devices in the home. All of them can stream music and support free calls to Canada, Mexico, and the US. The Echo Dot does not have dual speakers but the other two do. The Echo Plus has a built-in home hub of Zigbee that is smart and a line-in. Simply put from customer feedback – if you can afford the Echo, get it. The quality and sound are not beaten by the other two products. If cost is an issue, then get the Echo Dot. It is good but not the best of the three.


From what we discovered about the improved sound that the maker says is one of the changes for this model, it is louder with a stronger sound. Well, no one complained about it being too low in volume, but many said that it can become too loud, has bass issues, and has a low-quality microphone. The product detail boasts that you get sound that is better and bigger by using two Echo Dot devices for a stereo sound that is rich and enjoyable. A few people intended to do this and purchased more than one device. They found out that one mechanism is more than loud enough, so two were not needed to carry the music to other rooms. It is useable with other speakers and better than the Echo for enclosed spaces. One user mentioned that the Echo Dot does better with close walls to act as deflectors for the sound. This makes it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. Use the Echo for living rooms or larger areas with better sound quality.


Connect speakers of your own with an audio cable of 3.5mm or Bluetooth to improve the sound quality. Connected devices that are compatible with this system can be voice controlled. There are more than 10,000 smart devices in the home that are compatible with this technology such as TVs, thermostats, and lights. It is so simple to connect and use and comes ready for Wi-Fi connection. All you have to do is to plug in the Echo Dot, use the Alexa app to connect with the Internet, and begin asking for the things you need or completed. That is it! The Amazon Echo Dot is compatible with most iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices plus a web browser. Use Drop-In to connect with other Echo products or send announcements over the devices to others in other rooms with Echo devices. Once you have one or two of these simple devices, you will wonder how you ever got along without them.

Ease of Use

As we have stated, this is one of the easiest smart speakers with Alexa that you will ever encounter. The only way it could be any simpler is if it set itself up without any help from you. Just three easy steps get it up and running in your life to make chores and tasks fun and listening to music so much more enjoyable. Control the volume, on/off, and action with simple buttons on the top of the item. The back has the audio output and power port. A light ring surrounds the top circumference of the product. Remarks of the Alexa app being unfriendly to users with a confusing process of setting up the product were expressed by some buyers. There seems to be confusion for customers that have to repeat commands because of the microphone they think is not adequate or they have to speak in long descriptive sentences to get Alexa to understand them. again, this was not a largely complained issue but is worth mentioning to future buyers.

Bottom Line

The Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa surprisingly has a few negative concerns. Customers said that it was not compatible with services and music, has a low-quality microphone, a huge Ac adaptor, was unfriendly for users, and Alexa misunderstands commands frequently. Now, consider that there are almost 30,000 online reviews from buyers for this item, and the overall approval rating is equal to 92%. This means that out of the 30,000 that posted feedback, 27,600 like the Echo Dot and would purchase it again. That is saying a lot for an excellent product! As the Echo line improves, so do its capabilities and rate of popularity with buyers. This terrific Echo version is economical and appealing to anyone with its huge assortment of tasks and chores that are completed by Alexa. We are sure that you will be just like most of the 27,600 users who love this device and have purchased more than one to better their lives. The little Echo Dot is phenomenally adorable and addictive!