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Skyroam Solis Wifi Hotspot Review Facts

The Skyroam Solis Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot & Power Bank is a Wi-Fi solution that is pocket-sized, encrypted, and usable for as many as five separate devices. It connects automatically to mobile networks around the world in over 130 countries on the continents of the Middle East, the South Pacific, Africa, Europe, America, and Asia. Enjoy the direct access point of Wi-Fi that is private and secure for remote or questionable locations. This is a 4G LTE global hotspot with a 6000 mAh power bank in a pay-as-you-go plan. Purchase day passes just when you want them to last a full 24 hours. You won’t need SIM cards, equipment rentals, or roaming charges any longer with the Skyroam Solis portable hotspot. The battery life is long-lasting with more than sixteen hours of power, plus the product comes with a well-designed case that is ideal for travel purposes. The overall customer rating for this mobile device is not good based on the experiences of buyers. We elaborate why in the full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Connection is encrypted, shareable, and secure

Simultaneous online usage for as many as five devices

No more SIM cards, equipment rentals, or roaming charges

Connects automatically to mobile networks

Is a pay-as-you-go plan

Receive coverage in over 130 countries

Private Wi-Fi for remote or questionable locations

Purchase passes just when you require them

Battery life is long-lasting


Too expensive, slow to connect, and slow to charge

No screen on the device for internet status of the pass

Service is not reliable everywhere; larger than expected

Password and SSID cannot be changed


Catering to your global Internet needs, the Skyroam Solis Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot & Powerbank can power enough devices that you can share Wi-Fi with your family and friends. This highly flexible device has a connection that is encrypted and usable for as many as five separate mechanisms. Enjoy on-the-go charging as you travel around the world with the most current USB-C connection and mAh 6000 power bank. You will have simultaneous online usage for a reader, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with this service. There is no need for SIM cards, equipment rentals, or routing charges any longer when you have this great hotspot and power bank device. The Skyroam Solis is versatile for your lifestyle and where life takes you around the globe.

Key Features

Use for readers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
4G LTE global hotspot with a power bank embedded
Wi-Fi solution that is pocket-sized
Power bank of 6000 mAh
Is a pay-as-you-go plan
Comes with a well-designed case
Overall dimensions are 3.7 x 3.7 x 1 inches
Weight is 6.7 ounces
Private and secure access of Wi-Fi in remote areas
More than sixteen hours of battery power


Although some buyers complained in their online feedback of this device is too costly for the service and performance it provides, we want to address in this Price section the topic of the day passes that must be purchased to use this mobile Wi-Fi product. The company advertises in the product description of this item that you receive simple pricing that is cost-saving.
Data is received that is unlimited anywhere in the world with a daily pass that has a nominal fee. The day passes provide secure and unlimited internet service globally for 24 hours when activated. So, this means that in order to use the device, a day pass must be purchased each day that you want to use it. The usage is stated as unlimited, but as usual, there are some catches to this aspect. For the day pass, if you have a high usage of the Internet, the speed will slow from 4G to just 2G. You do not get high-speed Internet for the whole 24-hour period.
The 2G is still great for messaging, apps, social media, surfing the web, and email. As you can guess, this was a major issue in online feedback from customers. Other complaints concerned the overall cost of the device and the passes and the speed of the service once activated and connected. Just know that the price of the Skyroam Solis does not end with the purchase of the mechanism itself.


Skyroam Solis is Germany designed, the United States created, and China produced. The manufacturer claims that it is the highest quality, best performance, and smartest sleekest travel mechanism offered currently. It has the fastest 4G LTE Wi-Fi mobile speeds in the world. This hotspot and power bank connect automatically to mobile networks that are the best ones available where you are to provide internet access that is smooth and consistent. There are plenty of customers that have put this product to the test that has had a less than stellar experience with the Skyroam Solis. They confirm that it is not reliable or stable, as we discuss further in this review. Of the many people that have purchased this item and left feedback for others to read, not many give this device a good rating.


The Skyroam Solis Mobile Wi-Fi product is a 4G LTE global hotspot with a power bank embedded. It is a Wi-Fi solution that is pocket-sized on a pay-as-you-go plan. Monthly subscriptions are available for this item as we mention later on. The maker says that it is the most powerful and the latest Wi-Fi global hotspot of the company with this type of speed and coverage. The power bank of 6000 mAh keeps all gadgets charged while you are on the move. The virtual SIM of Skyroam connects you automatically to top destinations and the greatest speeds in Australia, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. To be fair to the company and the product, we found many reviews of praise for this device. People were able to use it perfectly on their vacation and business trips around the world with no problems at all. However, since the negative reviews outnumber the good ones, it would be safe to say that the Solis fails more often than it works.


Being that the focus of this product and the majority of customer reviews concern the performance and service of the Skyroam Solis, we want to mention some physical aspects of it also that support it. This power bank and hotspot comes with a well-designed case that is great for a backpack or a bag but was larger than some people expected and not a good size for their travel. It is about the size of a hockey puck and orange in color, so it is easily detected by sight. The overall dimensions are 3.7 x 3.7 x 1, and the weight is 6.7 ounces. Another quality of this product that makes it receive negative reviews from unhappy buyers is the fact that there is no screen on the device for checking the status of the Internet left for the daily pass. You must use the Internet with an iPad or phone to check the amount you have left, which in turn, decreases the amount of Internet you have left. A simple screen to alert customers of their usage remaining would be a great improvement to this item.


Receive coverage instantly in over 130 countries with this mobile hotspot on the continents of the Middle East, the South Pacific, Africa, Europe, America, and Asia. The goal of the Skyroam Solis is to allow users in all the corners of the world to remain connected with this simple solution. On the Amazon site and the company’s site, you can check a complete list of all the countries that this device will work in, as they are each specifically named. Since this device is a portable hotspot, you would not expect it to work perfectly all the time, but for some users the service was terrible. They say that the service is not reliable in all areas of the world. Even in some capital cities, it was spotty and unreliable where it should not have been. Users discovered that it does not even work in some states of the United States at all and were completely disappointed with his product.


When this portable hotspot and power bank does work properly, it gives you an access point of Wi-Fi that is private, which is perfect for remote or questionable locations that are public and insecure. This is the whole point behind the creation of this mechanism to make life much easier for travelers to stay connected through Wi-Fi anywhere in the world safely and securely. Many people say that it works just fine anywhere they traveled, so it does have a good performance for some users. It is unclear why it does not work for everyone in the same manner, as those that complained of the service were in areas that are covered by the device. Even if the service is slow in some areas, several customers said that the added security makes it worth the trouble. Connection times were long for some buyers, and they suggested that it might only be great for those that do not do a lot with the Internet. Just occasional browsing or checking email would be better suited to the use of the Skyroam Solis. It may be too slow and not enough usage for the average internet user today. This mechanism has its own internal antenna for connecting.

Ease of Use

The makers of the Solis Hotspot and Power Bank intended for this item to be the easiest for obtaining Wi-Fi anywhere in the world quickly and easily. You purchase passes just when you desire them that is shareable and secure. Purchase of these passes occurs simply with a click using the account portal of Skyroam. Each day pass resets the usage amount you get back to the beginning 4G of power. A monthly subscription is also offered for frequent travelers. You will not be bothered with contracts or activations, plus you can cancel it anytime. Many reviewers gave bad ratings for these features too. The daily data limit did not last more than a few hours for some users leaving them with slow Wi-Fi for the remainder of the day. Basically, if you use it a lot, then the speed slows even though it is unlimited. Another point of frustration for customers is that the password and SSID cannot be changed once you have it. Imagine the trouble this will cause when you are sharing it with family and friends. They have the password and can use the high-speed Wi-Fi up before you do.

Power Source

As if the Skyroam needed another point against it, many were not satisfied with the battery life of this portable Wi-Fi hotspot. The maker says that the battery life is long-lasting with more than sixteen hours of power. This device requires two lithium batteries that are included with the purchase for operation. Buyers state that charging can take as long as 6 to 8 hours to get the full power. When it is used, it drains quickly and needs recharging soon afterward. This does depend on the amount of usage, so the battery will last longer the less you use the device.

Bottom Line

This is one product where, unfortunately, the cons seem to outweigh the pros. According to unsatisfied users, the Skyroam Solis is too expensive, slow to connect, slow to charge, unreliable, and too big for traveling. It does not have a screen to keep you informed of the Internet you have left for a daily pass, and the one-time password and SSID cannot be altered or customized. The idea for this portable device is excellent. To have secure, reliable, and mobile Wi-Fi anywhere in the world for travelers in a use-as-you-go form. The execution of the service and performance needs plenty of work for it to please the majority of customers. Hopefully, the next version of this product will have these glitches worked out to be a mobile device worthy of the cost and not an aggravation to users. There certainly is a huge need for such an item, but the Skyroam Solis has too many issues to be recommendable to future buyers.