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TheraGun G2PRO Professional Massager Review Facts

The TheraGun G2PRO Professional Massager is cordless, rechargeable, sturdy, and easy to grip. It provides full body reach with the four different angles of the rotating arm to give deep treatment for muscles that is not like typical body massagers. The arm of the device rotates for the best angle and leverage to give ideal pain management that often doctors and chiropractors cannot resolve. The ergonomic handle is designed to provide a comfortable reach of the feet, back, neck, and every other body part that causes you pain and stress. Precise, portable, and powerful, this handheld massager uses Rapid Muscle Recovery to increase blood flow in problem areas, release knots, and break up body scar tissue. It is perfect for the pain of arthritis and plantar fasciitis with its terrific mix of torque, frequency, and amplitude. Those that need relaxed muscles for hard to perform yoga positions can use the G2PRO, as it relieves stiffness, spasms, fatigue, soreness, tightness, and pain. This superb massager is physician-calibrated, constructed of industrial top-quality materials, and is used on athletes and in professional massage therapy sessions. Customize your own treatment for trigger points, joints, and muscles with the great TheraGun G2PRO.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Relieves pain, stiffness, spasms, and fatigue
  • Relaxes muscles for difficult yoga positions
  • Gets into the deep muscle tissues
  • Very sturdy and easy to grip
  • Rapid Muscle Recovery
  • Releases knots; increases blood flow
  • Breaks up body scar tissue
  • Good for plantar fasciitis and arthritis pain
  • Precise, portable, and powerful
  • Terrific for pains that doctors cannot resolve
  • Loud sound is mentioned by nearly every customer
  • Has only one speed – needs more
  • Batteries do not last long - new ones must be purchased


This percussion massager is easy to use and comfortable as it gets into the deep muscle tissues of the body. It will relieve stiffness, spasms, and fatigue that is often associated with workouts, exercise, and overuse of muscles. The G2PRO is ideal for the relief of soreness, tightness, and pain of muscles and to activate muscles that need extra help. Good for arthritis pain, it can also be used to relax muscles for difficult yoga positions. Many users have found that this product is terrific for pain management that often doctors or chiropractors cannot resolve with their treatment therapies. Using this item each day can get you pain-free from the aches and pains that cause you discomfort. Whether you use this mechanism on your own or you get someone to help you, it will provide the relief you need and desire from the hurt our muscles can cause us.


Made to be long-lasting and durable for years of use, this home medics massager has a unique mix of torque, frequency, and amplitude. Tested for quality and performance for years, it has a motor with high torque and is very sturdy and easy to grip. You can see how strong this item is built from just looking at the thick handle that is comfortable to grip and hold. Whether you need daily massages or just occasional ones, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure and pain release that the TheraGun G2PRO provides for years to come. The sturdy design and craftsmanship of this item are evident especially when you use it. For it to have the force that it does for in-depth massages, it has to be strong and powerful.


The ergonomic handle of this professional massager is specifically designed to permit the comfortable reach of feet, the back, the neck, and every other body part. Full body reach is obtained with the four different angles of the rotating arm. It positions into four various settings to get the best angle for use. the AmBIT is detachable to give you flexibility in the tip of the part that touches the skin. Customize your own treatment for trigger points, joints, and muscles. It can be used on by one person on themselves or by another person on you for the best comfort and muscle pain relief. There are many ways to position this flexible and portable massager on the body parts that trouble you the most. The G2PRO is one of the few products of its kind on the market that allows such versatility for single-person use. you don’t always have someone else around to work out muscle pain, so it is great that anyone can use this alone.


The large price was mentioned as a negative point even among buyers who love the performance of this item. Most positive reviews mention the cost but then say that it is worth every cent to have such a powerful device capable of relieving their pain and discomfort. Something as powerful as this product has to come at a hefty cost because it is so effective. If you watch the video online of this machine working on parts of the body, you will get an idea of just how strong this item is. It will work your muscles much more than any human hands could possibly work getting deeper into the center muscles that cause us the most pain. Sometimes relieving agonizing pain is priceless and many people would give anything to be free of such discomfort that keeps them from being their best at exercise, workouts, and general daily movement.


Each second of operation, the G2PRO handheld massager has 40 percussions for the best pain relief and muscle activation. This speed and quickness are shown in the video which everyone considering purchasing this massager should watch. You will be sold just on the video alone of how it works the muscles so well. you can almost see the increased mobility that the people in the videos have when using this incredible device. The overall weight is 2.47 pounds, and the dimensions are 5.5 x 3 x 8.5 inches. It is not too big to be cumbersome and awkward to handle, yet large enough to do some good and work the muscles into relaxing quickly.


The G2PRO is loud (85 decibels) and powerful with a single speed
Physician-calibrated and constructed of industrial high-quality components, the TheraGun G2Pro Professional Massager is calibrated at 2,400 percussions each minute combined with 16mm amplitude. It is the best muscle percussion deep treatments offered without stalling since it gives deep treatment for muscles that is not like typical massagers. The G2PRO Massager is loud at 85 decibels and powerful with a single speed. Plenty of buyers took issue with the single speed choice of this instrument, as they would prefer to have multiple speed settings. The loud sound we will discuss later, but just know that this product is like having a regular power drill up close to your body. It is that loud. Many people returned it because of the noise it makes.


Almost anything muscular that causes a person pain can be helped with this portable handheld massager quickly and easily. It is not only good for the general public but is also used by athletes and in professional massage therapy sessions. This marvelous item uses Rapid Muscle Recovery to increase blood flow in problem body areas, decrease lactic acid and improves lymphatic flow. It can also release knots, break up body scar tissue, and help with plantar fasciitis pain. Many people purchased this for pains they have had for years or months that would not go away but did when this terrific massager was used on the areas. We even noticed that some people employed the TheraGun G2PRO for everyday use on their problem sections. Harder areas that have persisted for long periods may need continual use of the massager to work these muscles into shape, but it does happen over time.


The G2PRO is loud when used and customers complained a lot. In fact, they yelled about it so much that the company quickly produced another version of this device that decreases the noise level. The company responded to the customer outcry with a new quieter version, the G3PRO. It has half the loudness of the G2PRO, more attachments, and a battery life that is longer. We do not want to promote this more recent model here, but we do want buyers to know that there is an improved model they can purchase that has only half the noise level of the G2PRO. Some users were so grateful for their pain to be gone or alleviated with this product that they did not care about the noise it made. They considered it a small price to pay for being pain-free when other methods and therapies could do nothing for them. even the company has an apology and a redirect message for buyers to go to the G3PRO site for purchasing one of their devices. They listened to the customers and made a substitute product to be more user-friendly. We applaud them for that.

Ease of Use

Giving you precise, portable, and powerful relief from aching muscles, tightness, and soreness on-the-go, this handheld massager is usable by one person alone. It makes reaching the back and hard to get to areas easy because it has a switch to turn it on and off, unlike the trigger that other models have. using the mechanism with a friend or family member is of course so much better than using it alone since another person can get the leverage or greatness of angles that you cannot. Some reviewers say this is just a regular noisy power drill with a special attachment for massaging. They claim that this is why the item is so noisy. The loud noise is what bothered people the most and is mentioned in almost every single review online. Besides wearing something in your ears to drown out the sound, you will have to endure the noise up close and personal. Users have said that it sounds just like a common workman’s drill that makes others in the household upset.

Power Source

Battery life and usage is unlimited and portioned out in 40 to 45-minute sessions. The necessary lithium batteries come with the device, but many customers complained about the battery life too. They said that they do not last long or that they received dead batteries with the item. New ones have to be repurchased every so often for the massager to function. Lithium batteries are costly, and most people were highly upset that they had to purchase more batteries so often. On the handle, you will see an LED indicator for power to keep you knowledgeable about the battery status. There is only one speed for this device and one simple power button. It is cordless and rechargeable to be long-lasting and sturdy for your continued use of relieving muscles and pain.

Bottom Line

While this product does have a decent and fairly good rating online, it is not the best. For such a high-performing mechanism, the customer rating should be much higher. It is because buyers say the sound is terribly loud, the device only has one single speed of operation, and the lithium batteries do not last very long. More batteries must be purchased to use the massager further. The noise level is so bad for this item that the manufacturer has diverted buyers to their newer model of this device, the G3PRO. It is only half as loud as the G2PRO and has a longer battery life and more features. Companies that are willing to go back to the drawing board and make improved models of their products, such as this one, must be applauded for sheer effort. They try to please their customer base and make them happy with their purchase. The G2PRO does have its problems, but without it, we would not have the G3PRO. Innovation must begin somewhere and for this product line of powerful handheld body massagers, it starts and continues with models such as this one. Even with its loudness, the G2PRO is still a highly-functional, strong, and useful product for helping resolve painful muscle issues.