SUUNTO Core Outdoor Sports Watch

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Sunnto Core attracts people from all walks of life - avid outdoorsmen, construction workers, businessmen (or women), and more. It is a great accessory to a formal or casual outfit. It is a basic ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) watch. Unfortunately, it does not have a GPS.

A few of the stand-out features include the long battery life, water-resistance, and reliability. It has five easy-to-use buttons that allow you to switch screens and scroll with ease.

If you are looking for an everyday watch with a few extra advanced features, yet not so many to distract you, the Sunnto Core Outdoor Watch might just fit the bill.
SUUNTO Core Outdoor Sports Watch Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Sleek design

Features function accurately

30-meter water resistance

Battery lasts up to 12 months

5 different styles available

Ability to lock buttons


No Bluetooth or other connectivity


Band durability concerns

Key Features


Sunnto seamlessly combines style and comfort in the Core. Depending on whether you choose the stainless steel or the composite material, a silicon or elastomer band is included. Either way, both options are very comfortable. Neither one catches on your arm hairs and each can be adjusted to hug your wrist perfectly.

The watch face is 1.93 inches wide, .57 inches thick and the band is about 25mm wide. While this is a big watch, it looks great on almost anyone. It is a unisex product, but if you have particularly dainty wrists or hands, it might look overpowering on you.

There are five buttons surrounding the watch face. There is a start/stop, view, +, - / light, and mode button. They do not stick out too much and do not catch on clothing or other materials.


How high can you go? The barometric (or air pressure-based) altimeter can accurately determine altitude up to 29,500 feet.

The barometer keeps you up to date with the current and future weather conditions. It has a storm alarm that will sound (depending on your personal settings) when inclement weather is approaching. This is especially convenient if you are hiking and will need to turn around or find a safe place to wait it out.

The third major feature is the digital compass. It is correct within five degrees. It is reliable but it is never a bad idea to keep a second one on hand.

Some people have complained about the altimeter and compass not functioning properly or not being precise. Depending on how often you travel and where, this could be true. But don’t worry, there is a way to recalibrate them easily.

The electromagnetic fields that are all around us alter the preciseness of the compass. Changes in weather and elevation (such as using an elevator, driving uphill) can slightly confuse the altimeter. To fix this issue, I recommend that you reset the altimeter and the compass once a week for optimal usage.

You don’t need to take the Sunnto Core off to go for a swim. It is water-resistant up to thirty meters. If you like snorkeling, you’ll enjoy the depth meter calculator that is accurate for up to 10 meters.

A few other simple, yet useful, features include the countdown/stopwatch, alarm, sunrise and sunset times, and, of course, time display. Depending on how you use the watch primarily, the battery can last up to twelve months. Once it comes time for a replacement, your watch will notify you and it is easy enough for you to do it yourself.

As for the display, of the five different style options, four of them have a negative display and one has a positive display. The Sunnto Core Outdoor Watch has a positive display and is easier to read.

However, it doesn’t look as sleek as the black-on-black options. Each option comes with a backlight button to illuminate the screen in dark areas.


First, we will discuss the less expensive version that comes with a composite case and elastomer strap. It has an aluminum bezel and is finished with mineral crystal glass. This outdoor watch weighs only 2.36 ounces. It is decently durable. You can expect to acquire a few scratches on the glass and you may need to replace the strap after a year.

The Brushed Steel version weighs 4.23 ounces. It boasts a steel bezel, sapphire crystal glass, a stainless steel case, and a silicon strap. This option is more durable than the other but, with heavy use, the strap will also likely need to be replaced. Some people do this upon receiving the item, others wait until it is necessary.

All around, it’s been said that the watch itself lasts for a very long time. Unless you are deep-sea diving, it never really needs to be taken off. Over a lifetime, you might replace the strap, buff the glass, and lubricate the buttons, but the watch mechanics will still be good as new.


In terms of price, this item is priced quite highly. As you know, there is the brushed stainless steel version and the composite version. Stainless steel is significantly more expensive. The Sunnto Core does have a handful of great features, but it is not a smartwatch. It has no Bluetooth connectivity and no GPS.

It does come with a two-year warranty. While this sounds great, many people have felt deceived. You would assume that Sunnto replaces the strap for free if it breaks within the first two years.

While this might be the case for some, other people have been asked to pay the price of a brand new strap. What good is the warranty if you still need to pay for the replacement parts because the original wasn’t strong enough?

Comparison to Similar Outdoor Watches

The Casio Pro-Trek PRT B-50 is similarly priced, weighs about the same, and also lacks a GPS. It is a bit bulkier and less sleek looking than the Core. However, it is incredibly durable. One feature that makes the Casio stand out is its Bluetooth sensor and app. It allows you to track your activities and access more data quickly and efficiently.

Another great option is the Coros Apex. This watch is slightly more expensive, but it includes a GPS. It is less focused on monitoring your health than other watches, but it does have many built-in sports modes for outdoor enthusiasts. It is aesthetically pleasing and could be worn to the office or camping. If you’re looking for something less rugged-looking, this is an impressive choice.


All in all, I’d say the Sunnto Core Outdoor Watch is a good watch for the casual hiker or for everyday wear. The altimeter, barometer, and compass are necessities on the trail and welcome additions to a normal watch.

A GPS would be nice, not only for the convenience but also for the price of this product. Keep in mind when you purchase it, that you will likely be switching out the band sooner or later. If you can get past that, you are likely to be very pleased with this product for many years to come.