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Sony Hear On 2 Wireless Headphones Review Facts

Headphones with the earcups. Remember listening to them back in the day? The Sony Hear On 2 Wireless Headphones are just like those physically, but so much better listening-wise. Using Bluetooth technology, the Sony Connect app, and your smartphone, this economically priced headphone set can bring you incredible audio streaming. With the mode of ambient sound, there is canceling of digital noise and any surrounding noises of up to 40%. With the app, you adjust the sound frequencies to your taste.

There are no buttons to press, just a control panel of touch sensors with this futuristic and modern design. You can activate your digital assistant for your phone, adjust the playback of music, and answer your calls right from this headset. The Sony Hear On 2 folds up neatly for transport and storage. It has leather cushions on the earcups and weighs a mere twelve ounces. The battery lasts for 28 hours, so you can use it for quite some time before recharging.

Read our detailed review if you want to learn more about this Sony's product. If you want to check other over-ear models of headphones, read here more! The review takes a careful look at Sony Hear On 2 headphones. It will present a thorough outline of the product so you can make a smart decision.


Editor's Pros & Cons

Up to 30 to 40% less noise when using

Weighs just 12 ounces

Terrific sound for the price

Futuristic and modern design

Wireless playback enjoyable all day long

Good for flights, waiting in airports, and on the job

Folds up for transport and portability

Sound frequencies adjust with the Sony app

Bass is good and changeable with the Sony app

Range of Bluetooth is good; app works well


Earpads can get warm making the ears sweat

Headband can be large and bulky and not discreet

Fold pinches the fingers of some users

Key Features

-Cancelling of digital noise with ambient sound
-Wind reduction for those working outdoors
-Headphone style of closed-back dynamic with closed cups
-No buttons to press - all control is by touch
-Activate phone assistant, adjust playback, and answer calls
-Comes with instructions, USB cable, connection cable, and a pouch
-Sony Connect app to fine-tune sounds
-Audio compatible and high resolution
-Leather cushions for the ear cups
-28 hours of battery life; recharge time of six hours
-Run time of 34 hours with noise cancellation; 28 hours without it


Since the ear cups on these headphones are made of leather material, the ears can become warm or even hot if they are worn for long periods. They seem to trap the body heat around the ears in the cups and make them warm. Some buyers expressed their disappointment with this aspect in their feedback with a couple of them returning the product for this one reason. The leather material is soft and feels good for the first few hours, but if you are in a location where it can be warm, you may experience this extra warmth from the device.


The Sony Hear On 2 Wireless Headphones has noise-canceling technology that allows you to use the ambient noise function to eliminate surrounding sounds. You have the flexibility to change and control how much noise to let in with the ambient mode, such as traffic noises when in a vehicle. With this function, those noises are 30 to 40% less, according to customers.

There is also the option with the app to get wind reduction for those working outdoors or doing activities outside. It is nice to have this choice of being able to use the noise reduction if you want or not depending on where you are and what is going on around you.


Considering that these are not the highest-priced headphones on the market, buyers agree that they are the best for the asking price. There are other models such as Bose that are much better, according to some buyers. However, those also command a much higher cost.

Many people were surprised with the high-quality of sound from this item and were glad to get in on the deal of it being offered online. There is a previous version of this model, but the company does not specify the changes to it with this version. It may just be refurbished some users think.


In this age of wireless and earbuds, it seems strange to be purchasing a full headphone set again. In some of the buyer feedback, we did see mention of this by several people. They felt that this product was bulky and large to wear, but they wanted it for the great sound and noise cancellation features.

It can feel strange having the ear cups again for listening to music as we did way years ago. Even so, this model does have its perks that make the large size and bulkiness not so important anymore.


Futuristic and modern, the headphone style of this Sony item is closed-back dynamic. The cup type for the headphones is closed. The material used is long-lasting and very durable.

The entire device weighs just twelve ounces to be quite lightweight on the head. Buyers have left many comments online about how good the sound and noise reduction are for these fabulous headphones for the price. This model is like the headphones that were popular long ago with the ear cups that consume the ears entirely. They are needed for the level of sound that this device is capable of putting out.


Wireless playback can be enjoyed all day with the Sony Hear On 2 Wireless Headphones.They are perfect for any activity you want to engage in that allows you to listen to music. When you are on a plane for a trip or waiting in an airport for your flight, you can use these headphones to drown out everything else but the music.

This set folds up for transport and storage in a bag or backpack easily. There are no buttons to press for functions because it is all by touch.The control panel of touch sensors are used for simple operation of the headphones.

They are positioned on the side of the earcup for easy access. These controls allow you to activate your digital assistant for your phone, adjust playback of music, and answer your phone calls right from the headphones.


There are a few extra items that come with the purchase of the Sony Hear On 2 Headphones. These include operating instructions, a warranty card, USB cable, connection cable, and a carrying pouch. There is a remark online from a buyer who claims that Sony stated that a USB hub is not the best way to charge this product.

The customer goes on to say that the ideal ways of charging are by computer or laptop. No one else mentioned this, and we cannot find anything about it in the product information from the company. We want to address it because it is an important comment that could sway a potential future buyer into not purchasing this item.

If Sony doesn’t think that a USB hub is the best way to charge these headphones, then why do they supply you with the cable for doing it this way? Travelers and those on the move away from home must be able to charge this device somehow as they might not have a laptop with them. If you see this remark online, know that it is the only time we saw it mentioned by anyone.


If the controls on the headphones are just for phone calls, skipping songs, and accessing your phone’s virtual assistant, then how do you change the sound of the music? Good question! You get access to the Sony Connect app to fine-tune the sound of your Wireless Headphones.Buyers say that the app works well.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to use it to adjust the sound frequencies and change the bass if you like more or less bass. The app is easy to use and has all the functions you need to customize the sound you want and the noise reduction feature too.


You get wireless Bluetooth and a removable cable with this wireless item from Sony. It is audio compatible for streaming with high resolution and a range of Bluetooth that is good. The sound is the best that some users have heard that have large collections of headsets.

Based on their experience of audio systems, these Sony Headphones are fantastic for the price. It has been described as having a “set of subwoofers on your head”by a couple of people. Unfortunately, everyone is not as pleased with this product’s sound quality.

Some buyers experienced static and popping sounds when they used their headphones. Not enough information was given to be able to tell why this was happening, so we have to assume that these were just isolated cases.

Ease of Use

Even though the Sony Hear On 2 has a high rating with buyers, there are several negative aspects that we want to share with you that we read from customers. Due to the large size and our frequent use of earbuds, the headband can seem significant; the earcups can stick out too much. The whole product is not very discreet at first.

They can be deemed as bulky on the head or even in a backpack or bag. However, users say that the sound quality and noise cancellation are worth it. The earpads on the cups are leather cushions that can become warm after a while of wearing them. If you are interested in small earbuds check this guide.

For some people, it took hours for this part to get warm on them, but for others, it was only a few minutes. Depending on the room or outside temperature, this could cause the ears to sweat uncomfortably. It is not a problem with earbuds thankfully.

The Sony Headphones fold for storage. A couple of buyers said that they get pinched on the fingers every time they fold them to put them away. The best solution is to hold them where they do not fold when you are handling these.

Power Source

How often you use the Sony Hear On 2 Wireless Headphones will determine how often you must charge them. We said it just to be precise. The battery life of this device is pretty great.

You get 34 hours of continuous run time without using the noise cancellation and 28 hours with it on.For some people, recharging may only happen once a week or every other week. This product requires one lithium battery, but it is not specified anywhere that it comes with the headphones.

Be ready to purchase a battery when you receive these. Total recharge time for a full charge is six hours. It will charge very fast with ten minutes of charge getting you a quick 65 minutes of playback. It is good to know if you cannot wait for the whole six hours for a full charge.

Bottom Line

With the iPod generation, we have become used to earbuds that give us quality sound, a discreet appearance, and freedom for our ears. The Sony Hear On 2 Wireless Headphones backtracks this a bit with the over-ear earcups of leather material that physically covers the ears when in use. The ears can become warm after some time with these on, which makes some people uncomfortable.

The earcups are a soft leather meant to be very comforting for the ears. However, the Sony Hear On 2 can get warm, resulting in sweaty ears. The non-discreet headband and protruding earcups can be hard to adjust to at first, too. Even so, the Sony Hear On 2 audio quality and price are likely to help you adjust quickly.

The ability to eliminate surrounding and digital noise and to adjust the sound setting with the Sony app outweigh the negatives by far. For an economical price, this is a superb headphone set for work, activities, play, and relaxing that you will enjoy.