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Ring Video Doorbell Review Facts

The Ring Video Doorbell is weather-resistant and functional with Alexa and Echo devices to alert you with announcements and illumination. It is smart security for your front door in which you can interact with visitors on the outside of the home with a PC, tablet, or phone.

Using the on-demand Live View video, you can check on the property at any time and speak, hear, and see the people at the door with this device. It is activated when the doorbell is touched or there is detected motion in the view area. This version of the security doorbell uses night infrared vision and HD video to monitor the home. The field of view is 110 degrees vertical and 180 degrees horizontal. Along with the device, you get all the necessary tools to install it and the helpful apps of Neighborhood and Ring. Due to the several negative aspects of this mechanism, it does not have a great rating online, but it has over 32,000 customer reviews and buyers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is weather-resistant
  • Has alerts that are motion activated
  • Includes the necessary tools for installation
  • Using Alexa see who is at the door without being there
  • Visitors can be heard, seen, and spoken to
  • Interact with visitors with a PC, tablet, or phone
  • On-demand Live View video allows you access anytime
  • Motion detection response is delayed after doorbell rings
  • Does not tilt or move for viewing other parts of the exterior
  • Internal battery may not last long
  • Charging times get longer and longer as the device ages
  • Has no on and off button which ultimately drains the battery

Key Features

-Smart security for your front door
-Field of view is 110 degrees vertical and 180 horizontal
-Night vision, live view, 720p HD video
-Recommendations and Wi-Fi assessments
-Uses Echo and Alexa for speaking and hearing
-Look in on the property any time you want
-Access to the apps of Neighborhood and Ring
-Uses night infrared vision and HD video for monitoring


The Ring Video Doorbell is flexible in a few ways to provide exactly the type of security you want for your home. The motion sensor sensitivity has a few settings and options for you to select that is the best for front door circumstances.

You can even place it where it would not be covered by a roof or awning since the device is weather-resistant. Even so, it is best to place it out of the sun and rain for the best performance. This security doorbell comes in several offered colors, so choose the one that best matches your front door exterior. You can select from Venetian Bronze, Antique Brass, or Satin Nickel.

We did notice in some customer comments that right after installing this incredible safety mechanism, they detected strangers coming to the front door and stealing packages. Others had the button damaged by people they did not know. If the device is stolen, the company will replace it free of charge with the Lifetime Theft plan that comes with the purchase. Thieves will not like this on your home and will try to dismantle or get around it somehow.


If you have had some security issues at your door then you will want the stability that this product can offer. It is easy to install and can be viewed from inside the home or while you are away. As we explain later, it works with the Echo devices and Alexa to allow you to interact with the people at your door without even letting them in or letting them see you.

The dimensions are 4.98 x 2.43 x .87 inches (12.65 x 6.17 x 2.21cm), so you can judge the size and where it would fit best on the front exterior wall. Included with this product is a diode, a mounting bracket, charging USB cable, screws and tools, a security sticker, and a user manual. You get everything needed to install the device and will not have to purchase anything extra.

In our research for problems and issues with the Ring Video Doorbell, we found that buyers have been having some serious concerns. The motion detection response is delayed after someone rings the doorbell, so you do not get immediate images of them right away. This could give them time to walk away or try to enter the home another way. Other people said that it often fails to detect motion at the door. They had visitors near the device, and they were not captured on the video at all.


This video doorbell product has an adequate rating online from customers and has over 32,800 buyer feedback reviews. That means that at least this many people bought the mechanism with many more that did not give a review. It is the best of its type on the market currently with all of the features you would want in such a security doorbell.

The problem is that it has several major glitches that have caused it to not receive a great rating from users. It has night infrared vision, live view, 720p HD video and alerts that are motion activated to monitor the home.

It is smart security for your front door with a field of view of 110 degrees vertical and 180 degrees horizontal. A protection policy is included if you have any problems.


One confusing aspect that we ran into in just researching the product description online and the information about the mechanism is about an existing doorbell. At one point, the company claims that an existing doorbell is required to connect this device, but then later in the description, it says that existing wires of a doorbell are not needed and will function on any type of home.

It also states that new installations of doorbells are not included and that the product comes with the necessary tools for installation. It would be safe to assume that there are many potential buyers out there wondering what we are – Do you need an existing doorbell or not? It would seem so if you continue reading their lengthy and sometimes repetitive literature on this mechanism.

The manufacturer claims that the existing doorbell can be dismantled and removed and that this device needs to be installed by drilling and mounting in the original doorbell’s place. It does not include directions or hardware for installing on surfaces of glass, marble, or metal. This can be confusing and misleading.


As with most products that do not do excellent with the public, the company has put out a Video Doorbell 2 right after the release of this original Ring Video Doorbell. They tried to satisfy the problem of the internal battery draining so quickly by providing an extra battery pack that is rechargeable with the second one. (we address the problem of the battery life in the Power Source section.) The other similar doorbell items of this company are Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Pro, and the Video Doorbell Elite.

All have different costs with the Video Doorbell being the least expensive of all four. It also has the least amount of video resolution at 720p HD, while the others have 1080p HD. Only the Video Doorbell and the Video Doorbell 2 have a dual power source of hardwire or battery. The Pro is only hardwired, and the Elite is hardwired with Ethernet power. The Video Doorbell has the least amount of install time just like Doorbell 2.

Physically, it is the same length and width as the Doorbell 2 but just a tad bit thinner. The Pro is smaller in all dimension numbers, but the Elite is wider and thicker in form. All have the same Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, except the Pro and Elite that also have the choice of 5 GHz. All of them have on-demand video, talk that is two-way, and motion alerts that are motion activated. All but this device has interchangeable faceplates. The Doorbell 2 has a battery pack that is rechargeable and quick release. The Pro and the Elite have detection motion detection that is advanced.


You do get several perks with the purchase of the Video Doorbell, such as access to the apps of Neighborhood and Ring. There is also a free trial for thirty days of Ring Protect Plus that allows you to save, record, and share the captured video at your door by Unlimited Ring Doorbells and Cameras. Members that have Protect Plus enjoy Ring Alarm professional monitoring 24/7 plus warranties and discounts. These extra incentives can make the security doorbell a valued item to have for added safety at your door.


Functional with Alexa, this product works in unison with Echo devices to alert you with announcements and illumination when the doorbell is touched or there is detected motion. Alexa allows you to see who is at your door without actually being there. This would come in handy if you are away and the kids, a spouse, or elderly relatives are alone at home. A strong signal of Wi-Fi is best for the location you are using. This item comes with recommendations and Wi-Fi assessment to get the best from the video performance. The scores of people who have left their comments online agree that it is easy to set up and connect in a short amount of time.

Ease of Use

Visitors can be heard, seen, and spoken to using Echo Spot or Echo Show and Alexa. You can interact with visitors at your door with a PC, tablet, or phone. The on-demand Live View video allows you to look in on the property any time you want. Another issue of using the Ring Doorbell with HD Video is that it does not tilt or move for the viewing of various parts of the exterior. For the people who had the packages stolen, they could not show in the video the packages at the door before the person came to the door. Sometimes it can be vital to be able to pan the area of the door for security reasons. Some people had problems with it uploading the video or seeing directly the person that is there before the video loads.

Power Source

Plenty of the numerous negative reviews concerning this security mechanism addressed the battery life. The internal battery may not last long and charging times get longer and longer as the device ages. For some buyers, this happened within a few months of owning and using the device. Charging the battery means that it is not usable when it is charging.

This is the reason for the battery pack improvement for the Video Doorbell 2 that is out now. It has an extra battery pack that you can charge while the other one is used in the product. Switching of the batteries does occur often, but at least you will not have any downtime for operation with the Doorbell 2 item. Another point of interest is that this original product has no on and off button. It is on constantly and ultimately drains the battery in a short amount of time. It is not clear whether or not this was changed on the Doorbell 2 to fix this problem.

Bottom Line

Based on the issues we have discovered from buyers of the Ring Video Doorbell we do not recommend purchasing this mechanism to interested customers. The problems include delayed responses to the doorbell, the inability to tilt or move the camera, the short life of the internal battery, long charging times, and no button to turn the device on or off.

The overall rating is not bad and could even be considered adequate. However, when you realize that the thousands of people that purchase this item did so because the other current options do not match up to its features, the rating could be and should be much better. Some of these glitches have been fixed with the Doorbell 2, which is out now for sale. The innovation is excellent, but the execution of these ideas did not result in a product that pleased everyone. The majority of folks are dealing with the issues because they want the security device and have nothing else to replace it. We recommend getting the Doorbell 2 that at least has some of these problems solved.