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Insta360 One X Action Camera Review Facts
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If you are in the market for a great action camera that will capture every minute of your adventure from every direction, the Insta360 One X could very well be your passport to picture quality perfection.

Recreating a gimbal effect without the need for one, it will capture all manner of peripherals. This is a top quality piece of tech that offers an exceptional user experience. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy set-up that can start shooting in seconds or one that offers precise customization and professional quality editing, the Insta360 One X is sure to impress everyone from beginners to pros.

Images are crisp, and videos are detailed, and the dual fisheye lenses provide 360-degree seamless stitching. With pocketable dimensions and extensive software support, you can easily get the perfect shot every time. The Insta360 One X truly is an impressive piece of kit, with the vast majority of reviews online singing its praises.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 5.7K video
  • 18MP photos
  • Excellent editing app
  • User- friendly
  • Stream live
  • Desktop software not as detailed as the app
  • Some issues in overcast conditions


The Insta360 One X is an impressive action camera, the detail is excellent, and it provides exceptional clarity. With 5.7 k resolution at 30 fps and HDR video capabilities, it is one of the most capable cameras available at the time of writing.

The inclusion of FlowState will keep your video stabilised, providing a drone-like effect to your shot. Create top-quality widescreen videos and stunning panoramic shots, or use FreeCapture to choose the frame that you want from the 360-degree perspective.

The Insta360 ONE X is probably better suited for creating videos rather than photos, but the camera is still quality, with the ability to capture 18MP spherical images. Allowing precise manual exposure, there is a vast range of shutter speeds- from 1/8000 to 120 seconds.

You will need a decent memory card for the camera to be able to record imagery of the highest quality, but this can be improved by reducing the resolution to 4K. The battery performance on the One X is excellent, with around 60 minutes of filming time with the Wi-Fi turned on. This is significant than comparable cameras, and most users have stated that this is a fair estimate.

Overall, the performance of this sports camera is excellent, but there have also been some suggestions that the quality does diminish slightly in low light conditions. Several reviewers online have stated that on overcast days, we do lose the detail to some extent.

This can be addressed in the editing room, and the accompanying app and software for the Insta3650 One X ensures that you can completely manipulate the footage to create the effect that you desire. Ensuring that you can complete even the most advanced tasks, the software allows for complete customization of your content. You can easily tweak settings such as ISO, exposure, value, white balance, shutter speed and more, and you can manually insert pivot points to create a cutaway shot.


The highlight of the Insta360 range has to be the software with its extensive support and in-depth approach that allows for intricate customization. The 360 design of this action camera means that you will be able to capture everything and edit it to create professional quality videos from the comfort of your own home using their app.

Connecting by both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can share your experiences with your friends and family and live stream to Facebook, YouTube, and other such sites. Plus, via the app, you can use your smartphone as a remote to control the camera and edit content before you begin recording.

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and it truly is a pocket-sized editing room with in-depth customization at your fingertips. There is a wide variety of settings and modes that will allow you to create impressive special effects on the fly.

Whether it is the Bullet Time feature for Matrix-style videos and cool special effects or the Smart Track which will allow you to follow a subject, the creative possibilities with this sports camera are endless. The Viewfinder mode means that you can rec4ord 360-degree content and then extract a 16:9 standard video, with the option to recycle footage and manipulate chronological order.

There have been some issues reported online regarding the camera's connectivity, with some reviewers stating that their phone did not always recognize the device. This camera is definitely better suited to more high-end smartphones, with older models struggling a little bit.

The One X also comes with a cable to transfer files; this is much faster than a wireless transfer and has been celebrated by fans. Insta360 also have an app for Mac and PC but it is definitely not as comprehensive as the app for your phone or tablet, and some have suggested that improved desktop editing software would further allow for better user experience. However, Insta360 is continually adding new features and updating their software options, and this has been improved recently.

Ease of Use

The Insta360 is a flexible and versatile piece of kit that has the potential to create so many different effects. Even a beginner can make professional looking footage with the impressive capabilities that this camera has to offer. You don’t need to be concerned about the direction that the camera is facing; this device provides a shoot first point later experience. The high resolution means that you can extract a standard 16:9 video from your video content by tracking the subject that you wish to follow using their person tracing feature.

If you are looking for the ideal camera for hiking, cycling, running, or exploring, the Insta360 One X has been designed to capture the perfect shot. It features a streamlined pocketable design and a micro SD card slot that is compatible with up to 128GB. Take a picture of yourself wherever you are with the self-timer feature and see what the camera is seeing via your phone. Furthermore, the QuickCapture feature means that the camera can go from off to recording in just a few seconds.

The camera is pretty much ready to go straight out of the box, and with only two buttons, it is pretty easy to use. You will use the buttons to start and stop recording and also navigate through the menus on the display screen. It can take a little time to figure it all out, but the camera comes with clear instructions, and it is a simple enough design. However, it should also be noted that some reviews have suggested that it can be challenging to read the display on the One X in particularly bright conditions. Although it is relatively simple to control via the buttons, the vast majority of people tend to use their phones. You can easily manage everything through the app on your smartphone, and you can even see what the camera is seeing; allowing for in-camera editing before you take your picture or shoot your video.

Editing can get a little more complicated, but the app is fairly intuitive, and each of the different features clearly signposted. Plus, with automatic options, you can easily create great-looking footage with just a couple of clicks. The camera can connect to your phone using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but Insta360 also comes with a cable for speedy transfers. Insta 360 provides you with a wide selection of different cables so that you will have the right one for your device. Although most users have reported that the user-friendliness is good, there have been some problems when the user is connecting the camera to an older smartphone. It is important that you check compatibility as some previous models will not have the ability to handle such hi-res files. If this is an issue, you can always reduce the resolution for improved compatibility.


The Insta360 One X features a streamlined pill shape design, elongated with a flattened base that means it can stand up on flat surfaces. On the camera itself, you will find two buttons and a small circular OLED display. The battery is removable, but most users have said that they have not needed to take it out at any time.

At the bottom of the device, there is also a standard tripod mount for attaching it to the vast majority of selfie sticks and tripods. It is compact and lightweight; with a much more natural shape that the squared Go Pro. It easily fits into your hand at just 11m in length, and the soft-touch finish allows for improved grip. Measuring in at 4.5 x 1.9 x 1.1 inches and weighing 155g, this is a lightweight, compact camera.


The Insta360 One X is an update on the One, which was released back in 2017. The One was widely acclaimed as being an excellent sports camera, and the X features all of the same features, as well as some added upgrades. The most significant updates to this device have to be the 4k to 5.7k resolution, resulting in sharp video and top-notch picture clarity.

It also has a higher bit rate, at 70 Mbps in comparison to the original 40Mbps. As a result, the One X is slightly larger than the previous One, but they have also recently reconfigured the lenses. By placing them closer together, the camera now allows for improved stitching and a smoother capture. You can also change up your frame rates and shoot in slow motion, and create impressive effects.

Several reviews online have noted that the One X also has the ability to overlay data onto your video. For example, you can include a map in the corner, which will draw itself as you are moving. However, this will require a phone with GPS capabilities. Just download Insta360 Stats on Android or from the Apple store to find out more.


There are quite a few accessories available that will transform your use of the Insta360 One X. Some of which include:

Invisible Selfie Stick: I would definitely recommend a selfie stick as this does allow for a complete shot, and the camera will completely remove the stick from the image. It is a lightweight and robust stick and available for an affordable price.

Venture Case: If you are looking to use your phone in the outdoors often, the venture case is a tough and durable protective cover that will look after your camera.

Dive Case: If you are want to film underwater, the Dive case is a necessity. This also includes the use of spherical lenses to negate issues regarding water refraction.

Drifter: A slightly unusual accessory that offers a unique camera angle, the Drifter is a throwable case that is fun to use. It is particularly awesome when paired with slo-mo, but users have suggested that this is probably more of a niche accessory.

Bullet Time: You use this to achieve the Matrix-style bullet time effect. Just attach your camera and spin it above your head for this unusual video style.

Remote: If you would like to use your camera from a distance, there is also a Bluetooth remote available.

Bottom Line

It is difficult to decipher the reviews for the Insta3650 One X because the company has already addressed so many of the issues that are highlighted online in one of their many improvements. This Chinese upstart company is dedicated to ensuring that this camera provides picture perfection, and there have been various firmware and software updates that have attempted to address any limitations.

If you are looking for a camera that is tough and durable, you may prefer to opt for the latest GoPro or another that has been designed for harsher conditions. This is not the most durable of devices, but the accessories available mean that it does have the potential to be, for an additional cost.

Overall, if you are looking for a camera that offers exceptional quality, this compact sports camera from Insta360 has been jam-packed with the latest technologies. It is considered by some to the best, and the advanced features of this device set it out from the rest of the pack.