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NiteRider Lumina 750 Bike Light Review Facts

The NiteRider Lumina 750 Bike Light has optimal visibility with an LED light that is great for urban commuters, adventure riders, road riders, and mountain bikers. Water-resistant, durable, and lightweight, it has four steady light levels, one locking level, and one flash level to suit your riding needs. The beam pattern is wide or spot flood using different levels of the 750 lumens.

This excellent light will function well in many types of weather conditions such as high heat, freezing cold, humidity, fog, and rain. It is terrific for day or night use and for roads and trails. Besides the battery for operation, you get a handlebar mount and a cable for USB charging with the bike light. The Lumina 750 has a 4.1 rating from buyers who are largely satisfied with this product. A couple of issues about the bike mount keeps this NiteRider item from having a much higher rating. We explain why below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Four steady light levels and one flash level
  • Generous wide or spot flood beam
  • Water-resistant, durable, and a good weight
  • For urban commuters, adventure and road riders, and mountain bikers
  • Good for many types of extreme weather conditions
  • Great to use during the daytime or night time
  • Ideal for viewing the different surface areas of the road or trail
  • Might not be much brighter than the 650 model
  • Does not come with the wall charger
  • Mount is a rubber strap and not the one pictured
  • A helmet mount is not included as the product description states


The most flexible characteristic of the NiteRider Lumina 750 Bike Light is the various modes of lighting that are possible for the cyclist to use. There are four steady light levels and one flash level to meet the needs of your riding circumstances on the trail or on the road. Having various modes of light allows the rider to change the setting when encountering different needs during riding.

For example, if you leave from a city area with streetlights and go to a trail where there are no lights, then you can change the modes as you progress through the different environments during one bike trip. The controls are all done with just one large top button for changing the modes. It is easy to access on the handlebars and simple to operate. Of the six levels, the Daylight Flash is used when it is daylight, as it says, to warn motorists of the rider’s presence.

It flashes on and off on the front of the bike, so people can see you coming either head-on or in their rearview mirrors. At the same time, you should have a flashing red light on the rear of the bike too. The Boost mode is the brightest with 750 lumens to be used in very dark conditions.


The manufacturer of this incredible bike light gives the customer a breakdown of some estimated runtimes that you can expect for the fully charged battery to last. Of course, these will vary with use, but they are a good guide as to what you judge the light by.

On high using 750 lumens the maximum is 1 ½ hour, on medium using 350 lumens it is 3 hours, on low using 200 lumens it is 5 ½ hours, and on walk mode, it is 18 hours. The walk mode is not explained in the product description or on any other site of sellers, so we cannot give you a good description of this mode. You can tell by the expanded time that it lasts though that it is less bright than 200 lumens to be able to last 18 hours.

It seems as though this mode would be used for those walking instead of riding a bike, but this is not explicitly stated by the maker anywhere that we could find. We did find a few customer comments that said the 750 lumens setting does not last as long as the company claims. If your ride is longer than 1 ½ hour, you may have to adjust the lighting or go with another model for this brightness of the light.


The beam pattern of the NiteRider Lumina 750 has a generous wide or spot flood beam of the maximum 750 lumens. It is a good weight, size, durability, and luminosity for a bike. One button on the top is used for changing the modes and turning it on and off. It is not hard to learn and memorize the various patterns to press for each function. Holding the button down for so many seconds or pressing it multiple times will get the product to complete one of the operations.

The lock mode, one of the six modes, keeps the light from coming on accidentally when transporting it or having it in storage to save the battery life. If you receive the light in this mode, you will think it does not work properly right away. This happened to a few people who thought they had received defective products. Upon reading the manual, you will find out that just manipulating the operational button will get it out of the Lock mode and working correctly.


The NiteRider Lumina 750 is not the smallest or the lightest bike light offered on the market, but it is one of the best. It has optimal visibility with the 750 lumens with one LED bulb. This item is water-resistant and weighs 172 grams or 11.2 ounces. The dimensions are 7.4 x 5.1 x 1.9, so it is not tiny, but then again not too big for the handlebars of a bike. Included with the LED headlamp are the handlebar mount, a cable for USB charging, and a Lithium internal battery.

A helmet mount is stated as being part of this package in the description, which has caused plenty of buyers to be dissatisfied with this item. We will explain this misunderstanding in another section. To clarify here, though, a helmet mount does not come with this product. There is only one mount. This NiteRider Bike Light has a 4.1 rating online from buyers.

Since the product is excellent, it would probably have earned a much better rating without the problems of the mount. Yes, there is another problem with this mount that is included. Keep reading further, please.


The bike mount for the handlebar for this Lumina 750 product fits bikes to 31.8 mm. The maker says that the ride and design are tested to stay solidly on the bike whether you ride on pavement or the trail. We will say here that the mount that is pictured with the bike light online is not the one you actually receive.

This may have changed because of the negative reviews from unhappy customers, but currently, if you order this bike light, you will receive a different mount. These next few sentences describe the hardware mount that is said to come with the light. When mounting to the bike, you will hear a very audible click to ensure that the device is locked into place. A release lever easily releases the light from the bike when you want to remove it for recharging and so forth. Mounting it on a helmet would have the same operation. What you do indeed receive is a rubber strap for mounting the light to the bike handlebars, and there is no separate mount for a helmet.

Since the hardware mount is not the one that is sent (which would double for the helmet mount too), then it cannot be mounted on a helmet with the rubber strap. This is quite confusing to even explain the situation much less understand it. If the manufacturer would send the mount that it shows and take out the wording that there are two mounts sent, then there would not be a problem.


Great for urban commuters, adventure riders, road riders, and mountain bikers, the NiteRider Bike Light is best used for cycling both day and night. It will function well through many types of weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold, humidity, fog, and storms. This light is good to see the different surface areas of the road or trail to be able to differentiate between road, sand, rock, and muddy areas.

It helps you see pedestrians, other bikes, and cars much better in all light conditions. Many people use such lights during the daytime for motorists to see bicyclists and not hit them or endanger them on the road. Use the blinking mode for daytime riding on the front and have another light on the back of the bike blinking red. There will be no excuse for motorists to not see you and keep from running you down.

Ease of Use

As we have stated earlier, the mount that you receive for attaching the light device to the handlebars of the bike is a rubber strap. Some buyers say it will stretch eventually over time and become loose or weak. Bumps in the road could alter the position of the light, too, so you will continuously be repositioning it when trying to ride.

The mount needs to contain threaded clamps instead. When placing the product on the bike with this strap, it could be hard to get it tight enough without breaking it. If the mount in the photo was sent with the light instead of the rubber strap, then this would not be an issue. The solid mount would also work on a helmet, as the description tries to imply.

It says that a separate helmet mount is included but it is not. Not all buyers complained of receiving the rubber strap mount instead of the solid one with clamps, so it is possible that both types of mounts were sent out. If you order this light, which one will you get?

Power Source

Buyers that have bought and owned the previous 650 lumens model of this light product say that it holds a charge better than this newer 750 lumens model and is not much less for brightness level. They would have preferred to buy another 650 instead of this more recent version.

The battery included is a lithium battery, and the product has an alert for users when the battery power is low. It has an IntelliCharge function also that makes the battery charge doubly fast when it is connected to an AC adapter with higher amps. Much to the disappointment of several customers, you do not get a wall charger with this product. you must buy this separately or use one that you already have.

Bottom Line

Considering the several negative comments about the NiteRider Lumina 750 Bike Light, it is surprising that the rating is 4.1. some were unhappy that it is not much brighter than the company’s previous 650 lumens light model and that this item does not come with the wall charger to add life to the battery.

The product photo shows a solid mount when in fact some or all buyers received a rubber strap mount. This flexible mount is not adequate for such a product, especially when customers thought they were receiving the more substantial one. The description states that a helmet mount is also supplied with the purchase. This is not so. It intended for the solid mount to be usable on a helmet too. Because it is just a rubber strap, this is not possible.

If you purchase this bike light thinking that you are getting the solid mount and a helmet mount, you will not. If you think that the mount you get can go on a helmet anyway, it will not. When you receive the rubber strap, you may have to adjust it often while riding to keep it in position.

In reality, the actual light is great. You should consider purchasing the Lumina 750 among other things for the exceptional lighting the Lumina has to offer.