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Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review Facts

The Coleman Quad LED Lantern operates as if you have four lanterns in one that is individually portable. The four separate panels snap onto the base of the product and can be detached to use as individual lights much like flashlights. It is ideal to use for vehicle camping trips or emergencies at home, especially when there are multiple people in the group. Each piece has its own handle, operating-switch, LEDs, and rechargeable battery. They are simple for kids to use and maneuver and are perfect for taking bathroom trips or going to separate tents when a light is needed. The terrific lights recharge at the base of the lantern which takes eight batteries of the D-cell size. There are 24 LED lights on the whole unit, which are durable, permanent, and safe. Even when the lantern or the panels have been on for some time, the lights do not become hot to the touch. The range of light for both the lantern and the panels is 26 feet or 8 meters in distance. Each panel has 47.5 lumens that are quite bright and a runtime of 1.5 hours. The runtime for the full lantern is 75 hours with 190 super-bright lumens. This excellent model is water-resistant, and the bright light is diffused with the lenses. This allows users to be close to the lights without having to fight the glare. The Quad is a larger size among other lanterns of its type, which is perfect for a multi-use light needed by a small cluster of people. The Coleman brand is a trusted one for excellence and high-quality. The Quad Lantern does not disappoint and is a fine specimen of their handiwork. We discuss in detail the superb qualities and features of this portable lantern in this full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Is water-resistant to splashing and rain
  • Safe and easy to use for small kids
  • Glare is reduced with the diffused lenses
  • You can remove panels to be flashlights in emergencies
  • Great when you need to light more than one spot
  • Durable LEDs never have to be replaced
  • LEDs are safe and do not get hot
  • Ideal for camping trips with multiple people
  • Each panel has on and off switch, handle, battery, and LEDs
  • Is like having four lanterns that are portable in one unit
  • Base can be difficult to put back on when batteries are inserted
  • Not good for backpacking – too heavy and large
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  • This lantern has worked well for people on camping trips and during power outages.
  • Works well as a large lantern or as four individual lights.
  • Many buyers agree that this is a durable lantern that, with basic care, can last for years.
  • The LEDs put off an impressive amount of light.
  • Although larger than many other lanterns, it is not overly bulky or heavy.
  • This is a kid-friendly light. It is safe and easy to use.
  • There is no need to mess with matches, mantles, or propane.
  • This is significantly safer than gas or propane lanterns for indoor use.
  • Only a basic level of care is needed for this lantern to last years.
  • Both the base and each panel have a handle making it easily portable.
  • When detached, individual panels can stand up on their own.
  • The light is bright without being harsh on eyes.
  • As a whole, the lantern provides a wide range of light.
  • Panels can be detached and arranged to redistribute light as needed.
  • Buyers who have only used gas or propane lanterns before say this lantern has changed their opinion on battery-operated lanterns.
  • When comparing propane to batteries, this is less expensive to keep working over time.
  • The light panels do not generate a lot of heat making them easy and safe to handle.
  • A lot of plastic is used in the construction.
  • Batteries in the base unit will need to be replaced periodically.
  • The base unit is not rechargeable.
  • There are no solar or hand-crank charging options.
  • It is advised to keep batteries separate when stored.
  • There are some reports of easy battery corrosion.
  • The lights are not dimmable.
  • The base requires D batteries.
  • Some buyers complain that the battery pack in the base is difficult to close.
  • There are some reports of quality control issues causing the light panels to not charge when docked on base.
  • Some buyers feel this lantern is overpriced.
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The Coleman Quad is water-resistant to water splashing and rain and comes with a warranty five years. The glare from the light is reduced with the diffused lenses, so it is not blinding when you are near it. being safe and easy to use for small kids makes it the perfect light to have for families with several children. As far as the body or panels of the Quad being durable to being dropped or bumped, as one buyer stated, there is not much noticeable protection on the lantern to aid with this. If it were dropped hard enough or hit with some force, it would probably cause some permanent damage. A harder shell or body would be a good suggestion for Coleman to work on to improve this already excellent model.


The Quad is one of the most flexible portable lanterns you can find on the market currently with its capabilities. It is great when you need to light more than one spot, plus the removable light panels are highly flexible to use. Remove one or all of the panels to be separate flashlights in emergencies or while camping. They are ideal for bathroom trips or to check on supplies while others stay in another spot. Each one will recharge in power when it is placed back on the lantern body. The individual panel time of running is 1.5 hours and the total run time of the lantern is 75 hours. The range of light for both the panels and the lantern is 26 feet or 8 meters. You will be hard-pressed to find a more flexible portable lantern with the same features as the Coleman Quad.

Key Features

-Glare is decreased by the diffused lenses
-Lantern run time is 75 hours; panel run time is 1.5 hours
-Range of light for panels and lantern is 26 feet or 8 meters
-Handles make the lantern and each piece easy to tote
-Top of lantern and panels have switches for operation
-LEDs can be touched even if the light has been on for a long time
-Complete lantern has 24 LED lights
-Four light panels individually snap to the body
-Panels have 47.5 lumens; lantern has 190 extra-bright lumens total
-Lantern weighs 6.15 pounds with the batteries in it
-At the base the lights recharge
-Powered by eight batteries of the D-cell size


The larger price of this Coleman product does set some people back a bit. It is a steep price for a lantern, but when you realize the benefits of its features, you see the great value of it. it is larger than most people expect and much brighter also. You are not going to get Coleman’s high-quality at a cheap price. The name brand alone is worth a higher price because of the excellent items they make. The brightness, flexibility, longevity, durability, and ease of use of the Quad make it very much worth the extra money for this model. When you need such a lantern for camping or emergencies, you will be so glad you have it to use. The beauty of its detachable panels is most appreciated and valued when there are a few people in your group. It is a priceless gem at those moments.


Besides the heavier weight, the size of the Quad was surprising for some buyers when they received it. It is considerably larger than most portable Led lanterns of its type, but it has to be a bit bigger for the possibilities it possesses. No lantern could be this bright for so long a period without the batteries it requires. The size allows for the four detachable panels which are individual flashlights on their own. This item is meant to be used by multiple people because of this feature, so the larger size is to accommodate for that. It would not make sense for a single user to need such a light as the Quad because of its size, weight, and detachable panels. There are much lighter and user-friendly lanterns out there for single use.


Attached individual handles make the lantern and each panel easy to tote and the durable LEDs never have to be replaced on this terrific model. The lights can be touched by bare hands because they are safe and do not become hot even when on for long periods of time. The top of the lantern and the panels have switches for turning on and off to make operation quick and simple. Even children can handle this lantern with ease as a whole unit or as separate panels. The complete lantern has 24 LED lights that give off a large amount of light for the area it is used. The style and design of the Quad are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition as far as flexibility, ease of use, and simplicity for the user. Coleman has always been a leader in such products for camping and emergencies, and the design of the Quad is one of their best-loved products.


The Quad can be used night or day and is ideal for camping trips with multiple people. Each person could take a panel of the lantern for their own personal use to use during bathroom trips and going into individual tents. As panels are taken, as long as there is one panel on the body of the lantern, it will still be lit. all four panel works separately from the main body. Each panel has its own on and off switch, handle, rechargeable battery, and LEDs to be completely independent of the lantern body. The best use for this product is for camping from vehicles, as opposed to on-foot camping, and for home emergencies. It can be useful for on-foot camping if it is the sole light source for several people and the only light brought. Only then would the extra weight of the lantern not be a burden.


This single lantern has four light panels that are individual and snap on to the main body. It is a very smart design that has a total of 190 lumens of extra-bright shine. Each separate panel has 47.5 lumens, and the full lantern weighs 6.15 pounds with the eight batteries in it. Owning the Quad is like having four lanterns that are portable in one unit. This is perfect if you are with several children or with a group of people when a light is needed. For camping with tents, it is an incredible convenience to have one lantern with detachable lights. Each person can take one to navigate safely to their tent or bathroom area in the dark.


The weight of the Quad has caused some concern among buyers, as well as the large size. It is the large D batteries that give this product its heavy weight, just like any other battery-operated device that has a heavy job. When used at home or for vehicle camping trips, it is perfect. It would be terrific for backpacking if it was the only light source for several people. It would eliminate the need for everyone to carry their own light source. The weight of each panel is not heavy because the charging batteries stay in the base of the lantern. This is what makes it ideal for children and adults to be able to take a panel to go on bathroom trips or to separate tents while camping or at home. For all its capabilities, the weight of the lantern is not a major concern.

Ease of Use

The Coleman Quad is a simple device to use for your emergency and camping needs. We have found several complaints in our research of buyer feedback about the base where the batteries go being hard to put back on when replacing the batteries. Some people said there is a trick to it, while others were not deterred much at all by the battery compartment. The included instructions should guide you in doing this procedure, as well as the user guides and manuals that we noticed on the Coleman website for the product. The huge draw for the Quad is the simplicity in using the four light panels that detach. This is perfect when camping or sitting out emergencies with others, as each person can take “a piece” of the lantern. It is also simple and safe for children to handle on bathroom trips or going off into separate tents or rooms. Portable lights do not get much simpler, safer, or easier to use than this incredible Quad from Coleman.

Power Source

At the base of the lantern, the lights recharge. This item is powered by eight batteries of the D-cell size, which does add a good bit of weight to the overall product. It is because of these heavy batteries that the Quad is not ideal for backpacking or camping on foot. It also works good with D-Polaroid batteries, if you use those. For the amount of light that this terrific lantern puts out and the flexibility of the removable individual lights, the added weight of the large batteries is not considered much of a hindrance.

The Bottom Line

We think that despite it few negative concerns, the Coleman Quad LED Lantern is an ingenious product that deserves much praise. We appreciate manufacturers such as Coleman who continually strive to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants by pushing the limits of their designing and creativity. We have Coleman to thank for many smart and incredible products that we depend on today for camping, backpacking, and emergency needs. The Quad is one of those items that many buyers love and are excited to own and use. Yes, it is heavier than some other similar lanterns and may not be the best choice for backpacking, but the positive capabilities and flexibility of this excellent lantern far outweigh its minor setbacks. We love the Coleman Quad and hope you give it a try to put in your emergency and camping gear.