Coleman Powerhouse Dual-Fuel Lantern

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Coleman Powerhouse Dual-Fuel Lantern Review Facts

The Coleman Powerhouse Dual-Fuel Lantern is an ideal choice for campsite meals, reading, or games and is a two-mantle design. This sturdy lantern for outdoor and camping use is constructed of real glass and metal for a durable build that is made to last for years. It lights simply with regular matches and is longer lasting than battery-powered LED lanterns. The Powerhouse has dual-fuel technology which allows you to use unleaded gasoline or Coleman Liquid Fuel to power it. It shines as much as 800 lumens at a maximum distance of 72 feet that is 25% brighter than other similar Coleman lanterns. Coleman lanterns, such as this one, do not use wicks to burn the fuel but use mantles, or socks as some people refer to them. A few come with the purchase of the excellent lantern, and they can be bought separately. use it on low for twenty hours of light or on high for five hours of light with just one pint of fuel. You can achieve the perfect level of brightness with the control knobs once the lantern is lit. carrying or hanging this outstanding item is easy with the bail handle that is attached to it. the powerhouse Lantern will operate in all sorts of weather conditions because of the incorporated All-Season Strong Technology that makes it durable and reliable. Coleman is a trusted name for all sorts of camping accessories but is best known for their dependable lanterns, such as this Powerhouse version. We fully explore the details of the superb features and qualities of this remarkable product in this full review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Will operate in all sorts of weather with reliable operation
  • Durable fuel tank is a steady base for the lantern
  • Made to last with a solid build of real glass and metal
  • Hanging and carrying is easy with the bail handle
  • The perfect brightness can be obtained with the controls
  • Is longer lasting than battery-powered lights
  • A sturdy lantern for outdoor and camping use
  • Is ideal for campsite meals, reading, or games
  • Lights simply with regular matches
  • Glass globe will not crack from the heat of the flame
  • Comes with a filtering funnel and two string-tie mantles
  • Is 25% brighter than other similar Coleman lanterns
  • Cannot be brought inside a tent to use or inside a building without super ventilation
  • May not be as bright as the older models of this same product
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  • According to most buyers, this outperforms most other gas and propane lanterns.
  • Good for car camping and other outdoor uses.
  • Most buyers are impressed by the brightness.
  • With proper care, these lanterns are durable and long lasting.
  • Coleman sells durable storage cases to fit this lantern.
  • The quality and performance live up to the Coleman name.
  • It is easy to install new mantles when needed.
  • Many buyers agree that this lantern is a good value for the price.
  • It provides a pleasant amount of heat for chilly nights.
  • It can provide hours of light on a single tank.
  • Dual fuel capability adds convenience and a sense of security on longer camping trips.
  • There is no need to worry about possible tank freezes that can happen when using propane.
  • The light is bright white instead of the yellowish light from some other lanterns.
  • Easy to use and care for.
  • Many buyers have trusted their Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Lanterns for years.
  • Some buyers report that this lantern uses a bit more fuel than some others.
  • This lantern does not have push button lighting.
  • Several buyers have had issues with lighting their lantern. This may be due to receiving a defective product.
  • There are reports of quality control issues from poor storage or packaging resulting in dented or damaged tanks.
  • The case is not included. It must be purchased separately.
  • Some buyers claim that newer Coleman lanterns do not burn as long or as brightly as older versions.
  • Some smell is emitted when using gas.
  • Although rare, there are some complaints of underperformance of the included mantles.
  • As a gas-burning lantern, some noise can be expected.
  • This lantern is too bulky for backpacking.
  • This lantern is not intended for indoor use due to the amount of carbon monoxide emitted.
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Coleman lanterns have been around for decades with their bright lights, dependable and sturdy build, and real fuel power. Many people will not use any other type of light for emergencies or camping because of the following of this well-known brand. There are other lights that are battery-powered with LED lights, but they tend to not last as long or shine as brightly as the Coleman products of a real flame and genuine fuel. It is a trusted brand that has durable creations that are still in service reliably decades later. Just by changing the mantles, or socks as some people call them, you can have an almost brand-new lantern no matter what the body of it looks like. The Powerhouse Dual-Fuel Lantern is from this excellent product line from Coleman, which means dependable quality simply put.


The Powerhouse will operate in all sorts of weather conditions with the reliable operation because of the All-Season Strong Technology incorporated. It will resist rust and corrosion with the two-tier porcelain-coated ventilator and is made to last. The sturdy build is from real glass and metal that is still the structure used since long ago when the company first started making the lanterns. It is the real deal with a real flame and real gas to power the light. When placed on a flat surface, the durable fuel tank is a steady base for the lantern to rest and be stable. The solid frame of a Coleman lantern can bring back childhood memories just from the sight of it and the light hissing of the gas as it burns. It is a durable fixture for campsites that is ever-lasting and loved.


Hanging and carrying the lantern is simple and easy with the bail handle. When the lantern is on, this handle just like the glass globe is hot to the touch. To move the lantern after it has been on for a while, you must use a pad or a thick glove to grab the handle to prevent burning. The perfect level of brightness can be obtained with the adjustable knob on the controls. You can dim the lights or have the mon full blast for whatever you need to do. The Powerhouse is longer lasting than battery-powered lights, as most Coleman lanterns are usually. A real flame is naturally brighter than an LED light that is powered by batteries. One happy customer commented online that when in a camping group, the other people had LED lanterns and they were quite dim on the second night out. His light was still going strong on the original tank of fuel that he had. this excellent lantern is flexible in it use for many areas outdoors and circumstances. It is ideal for emergencies but is best for camping. When it is not in use, the Powerhouse does not have to be taken apart to store it properly. It is best stored in an upright position. It is recommended to remove the fuel, according to the manufacturer, but most users store it with the fuel in it safely. As long as it is upright, out of the way of being knocked, and not enclosed tightly, it should be fine.

Key Features

-Features the All-Season Strong Technology for durability
-Has a solid build with a steady base
-Made to last from real glass and metal
-Includes a bail handle for ease in carrying and hanging
-Has perfect brightness with the adjustable knob on the controls
-Is a two-mantle design for brightness and efficiency
-Shines as much as 800 lumens as far as 72 feet in distance
-Comes with a filtering funnel and two #21 string-tie mantles
-Has dual-fuel technology for flexibility in powering
-Uses unleaded gasoline or Coleman Liquid Fuel for the power
-Burns on high for five hours or on low for twenty hours
-Uses mantles that are powered under pressure by gasoline


You will find many uses for your new Coleman lantern once you have it. They are excellent to have for emergencies that occur at night or when the power goes out during storms. One user reliably uses her every time a hurricane hits her area because the power always goes out. Unfortunately, some of us live in areas with weak power lines that go down with just a strong wind or a vehicle running into a pole. That is why it is a relief to have such a trusted lantern in your assortment of gear to keep you in the light. The Powerhouse is a sturdy lantern for outdoor and camping use that lights very simply with regular matches. It is an ideal choice for campsite meals, reading, or games because the light is strong with a far reach. Anything you would do in regular light can be done with this incredible light because of its power. Besides the fantastic bright light, the other main difference in this lantern and others is the glass globe and the power source. The glass globe will not crack from the heat of the flame because it is resistant to high temperatures. You should never put anything close to the lantern when it is on because of the flame and the heat that it generates. If you are accustomed to LED lights that are battery-powered, this may be something that you have to get used to for your Coleman lantern.


With a two-mantle design, this amazing Coleman product shines as much as 800 lumens and as far as 72 feet in distance. When compared to other Coleman lantern products, it is 25% brighter than they are in similar conditions. It comes with a filtering funnel and two #21 string-tie mantles. Some extra mantles are provided with the purchase, and they can be bought separately for a side supply to have. the mantles last a long time, depending on the use and treatment of the lantern. Some people say they last one season, while others claim they last for years. This really depends on how much you use the lantern. It weighs just 4.5 pounds, which may seem on the heavy side to some people. When you compare it to battery=powered lights, it will be the heavier model. However, you must realize that the Coleman is a purchase for life if well taken care of, whereas the LED lanterns only work if you have batteries. Concerning the brightness of this model, it is brighter than other Coleman models according to the company and many online buyers. We did find a few people that think the Powerhouse has a weaker light than older versions. This is a personal call because it really depends on the environment where the light is and the surroundings. We just wanted to mention it to give you a well-rounded opinion about the strength of the light.

Ease of Use

If you are already familiar with Coleman lanterns, then you will know that they do not use wicks for the fuel to burn on. Mantles are used that are powered under pressure by the gasoline. Some people call these socks or even bulbs, as they are made of a fabric that ignites when the lantern is on. A few of these come with the purchase of the Coleman lantern, so you can use it immediately when you have a source of fuel. It is wise to stock up on these to have them just in case you need them. The lantern will not work properly without them. If treated gently, the mantles will last a whole season or even longer. They are fragile, so do not touch them in the lantern or lay the lantern on its side. Always keep it upright when stored, especially if there is still fuel in the tank. While it is not as simple as operating an LED lantern that you just put batteries in and turn on, the Coleman lantern is easy to get started. Once the fuel is in, you just light the mantles with a match and adjust the flame. They come with instruction, so you can see the exact steps, but it is just that basic and simple.

Power Source

The amazing feature of this Coleman lantern over their other outstanding lantern products is the fact that two kinds of fuel can be used to power it. you have your choice of using the Coleman Liquid Fuel that comes in ready-to-use canisters, or you can power it with unleaded gasoline in the tank. You use one or the other but never both at the same time, to be clear on that point. Some people prefer to get their own fuel, while others trust the simple and easy-to-use fuel tanks that you purchase and hook up simply. This is a matter of personal choice that this highly-versatile product affords the user. The lantern will last on high for five hours or on low for twenty hours using the 2.5 pint of fuel, which is enough to light up your campsite for a few days depending on usage.

The Bottom Line

While it cannot be used indoors safely, the Coleman Powerhouse Dual-Fuel Lantern is a trusted mainstay for use in camping and emergencies for immediate lighting. The flexibility to use unleaded gas or the ready-made canisters of Coleman fuel is the main feature of this excellent product. As many online customers have claimed, it is an outstanding lantern that can be relied on when you need it most. Unlike common LED lights with battery power, the Coleman item is more powerful and long-lasting. It is a bit more cumbersome to maneuver the fuel, the tanks, and the mantles, but for a light that you can use for years and years, it is one of the best lanterns available on the market today. Coleman has been around for decades with their amazing creations, and because of their innovation and trusted name, they will be around with such terrific lanterns such as the Powerhouse Duel-Fuel for many, many more.