Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Thermapro Sleeping Bag

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The Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Thermapro Sleeping Bag is a mummy-style sleeping bag with offset quilt construction. It includes plenty of room for even an extra-extra-large person, as it is not as restrictive as other mummy-type bags. This excellent product is roomy without being too big and a solidly-built cold-evening sleeping bag. It weighs just under four pounds and is not a flat traditional bag. The Tuck 20 has a side, back, and top fabric panels to envelope you in lavish comfort while sleeping outdoors. The robust zipper has a quiet smooth operation that features high-quality sewing and the comfort-tuck method. It will not allow in unwanted cold air and will also keep the chilly metal from touching your skin as you enjoy the interior.

Unique to the design of this terrific sleeping bag is the zipper placement. It does not go to the feet but cuts across the bottom above the ankle area. A foot box is created in this way in which you can completely unzip the bag and still have your feet tucked in the foot pocket. It is also a great way to aerate the feet for fresh air while the body is still in the fold of the sleeping bag. The Tuck 20 also has a remarkable hood section with a chin/neck flap that is insulated. A brim and a head pocket that is shaped for comfort will make you never want to leave this perfect cocoon of warmth and comfort. Those are just some of the marvelous aspects of this impressive sleeping bag. Let’s now take a look at this beneficial outdoor product in depth.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Will keep you warm in very cold, freezing temperatures
  • Zipper open up at the bottom for ventilation
  • Is lightweight and easy to transport
  • Zipper has a flap to prevent cold air from entering
  • Head pocket is fashioned for comfort
  • It can be troublesome to get the sleeping bag back into the stuff sack
  • Is only machine washable for a front-loading machine


The Tuck 20 is not as restrictive as other mummy-type bags, according to happy customers. It is neither too hot or too cold because you can adjust so many components of this wonderful bag. There is plenty of room inside even for an extra-extra-large person to be pleasantly comfortable. The terrific zipper system allows much breathability in this sleeping bag. It unzips at the feet for quick cooling and for those that have a tendency to feel trapped in places. A consumer that is claustrophobic purchased one of these products and was surprised that she did not feel trapped inside. She was quite happy with the flexible features of the bag and did not feel at all trapped or enclosed to an unpleasant level.


Specially engineered to give superior capability and retain warmth, the Tuck 20 is comfy, well-made, and affordable. The hood has a padded quilted liner and is thermal-secure to keep you snug and warm even on the frostiest of nights. It surrounds your neck and head in luxurious comfort. The insulating tab on the zipper prevents it from touching your skin while you are in it when it is chilly. This is a favorite attribute among customers who appreciate the extra feature for their contentment level. This protective layer also keeps the wintry night air from seeping through the teeth of the zipper and into the bag. It makes a tight seal to protect you against the wind and cold. Because the zipper does not go to the feet, there is a foot box or pocket in the foot area. The zipper unzips and zips just above the ankles to provide this unique foot box. It is a natural fit and a beloved aspect of the Tuck 20. The feet can stay snug in cozy warmth even if the sleeping bag is fully unzipped. If it gets too warm, then just unzip the bag and stick out your feet to cool them off quick and get some fresh air.


The construction is offset quilt for this mummy-style sleeping bag that weighs just under four pounds. It is not a flat bag as it has a top, side and back panels, so it is very much unlike traditional bags that are flat and roll up to store them away. The zipper is very robust and has a smooth operation, plus it has the ability to open up along the bottom just above the ankles for wonderful ventilation. The zipper also has superior sewing, and satisfied customers did not find loose strings or threads in the bag when they received it. This is a common problem of sleeping bags that you will not have to worry about with the Tuck 20.


Everything about the Kelty Tuck 20 is flexible. From the foot box to the zipper across the shin to the well-constructed hood, this is a fabulous sleeping bag that can adjust with the weather conditions like a chameleon. You can have your feet in the snug, inviting foot box or stick them out for some air. Use the hood to cover your entire neck and head or tucked in a bit to use as a nice place to put your head. The zipper is one of the most talked about aspects of this sleeping bag by happy customers. Unlike traditional sleeping bags, the zipper does not go to the feet at the bottom. It opens up across the bottom for ventilation at the shin level. Robust and with a smooth operation, the incredible zipper has superior sewing. Contented consumers did not find loose strings or threads in this mummy-style bag, as are frequently found in other models.


The Tuck 20 is a cold-evening bag of solid construction that is thick and warm. It is a synthetic warm weather bag also because it is never too hot or too cold no matter where you use it. for warmer areas, you can leave the bag unzipped and pull your feet out of the foot box for better air circulation. It is a highly versatile bag that can accommodate you for any climate or weather environment. The foot pocket will protect the feet well, as no other bag can because of the ideal construction. Even with the entire bag open, the foot pocket will keep the feet comfortably warm and toasty. It is just as one devoted customer said. This wonderful sleeping bag feels like a puffy favorite winter jacket that surrounds your whole body as a sleeping bag. It is unbelievably cozy and luxurious. The fill is evenly distributed and soft throughout this excellent bag to give you an equal surrounding suppleness. This is one of the company’s bags that features synthetic ultra-insulation for enhanced lightness and warmth. It has an insulating tab on the zipper to block even the slightest cold air from entering the bag via the zipper. There is also a chin/neck flap that is insulated with a brim and a head pocket that is shaped for comfort. So many protective features went into the durable construction of this sleeping bag making it an outstanding piece of sleeping equipment that you can depend on for years.


The size was a major concern among customers, especially those that were tall or large because of the form-fitting design of this sleeping bag. Most people were pleasantly surprised at how roomy the bag really is. Many of them had extra room to wear thick clothing while in the bag or to have a blanket inside with them. An added blanket is not really necessary though considering the level of warmth this product can generate. The Kelty Tuck 20 does come in a regular and a long size that will accommodate a taller person. The regular bag will accommodate a six-foot-tall person and the long fits a six-and-a-half-foot-tall person. Some regular-sized people purchased the long Tuck 20 just to give themselves extra room to move about in the bag. Many larger individuals were completely satisfied with the amount of space they had inside this outstanding item. The beauty of the fit lies in the shape of the sleeping bag. It is contoured to the form of a human body, tapering towards the feet, gathering at the neck, and surrounding the shoulders to have a hooded protective section for the head


The uses for the Tuck 20 are endless. It can be successfully utilized in warm, cool, or bitterly cold environments, and in any surroundings. It is equally suitable for the backyard and indoors as it is to the roughest backcountry you can imagine. The Kelty Tuck 20 is designed to be perfect for campouts and any activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, and backpacking. It is the perfect comfortable solution to sleeping outdoors anywhere. The hood can get really warm if the weather is not super cold, but it does not have to be put on all the way to be cozy. The versatile characteristics of this bag are the reason it can be used everywhere. Fights over this amazing sleeping bag will result if you purchase just one. This is what happened to some consumers who had purchased the Tuck 20. Their children would argue as to who would get this bag because they loved it so much for backyard sleepovers and camping trips. Eventually, everyone in the family will want their own excellent Kelty Tuck 20.

Ease of Use

Using the Tuck 20 is just as simple as unfolding or unrolling it and getting inside. It must be rolled back into a tight form to put it in the included stuff sack, which was the most frequent concern and problematic issue for buyers. When the sleeping bag is in the stuff sack, it is in a compressed form, meaning the air is not in it. when it is out of the sack, the baffles gain air from the atmosphere and the bag becomes fluffy and full again. To get it back in the stuff sack was easy for some people and not so easy for others. A few decided to get larger bags for storing the item and transporting to make it easier to pack it away. Once the compressed product is in the stuff sack, it will fit in the smallest of spaces because it weighs less than four pounds. This terrific bag is roomy without being too big and has a strong zipper. The sturdy zipper is resistant to snagging, making it easy and simple to get in and out. One other concern of the Tuck 20 is that it is not machine washable in a top-loading washer. It must be washed by hand or in a front load washer because of the baffles and insulation. This would be ruined in a top-loading washer. It is well worth the extra care needed for such a comfortable, luxurious bag.

The Bottom Line

We are impressed with the Kelty Tuck 20 mummy-style sleeping bag because of its incredible construction, flexibility, comfort level, features, and design. It would seem to be too constricting or too small for most people but is indeed roomy, non-restrictive, and spacious enough for even large individuals. When you are out in the cold outdoors snug and tucked into this incredible bag, you will be so glad you purchased it. The weight and quality are outstanding for many adventures and activities outdoors, as it weighs less than four pounds. Besides the advantageous foot box to ensure the feet stay warm always, the wonderful hood section will blanket your neck and head in terrific plush comfort. The durable zipper with the insulating tab will block the cold from seeping in and prevent your skin from coming in contact with the frigid metal teeth. It opens across the shins to create the unique foot box and can be a welcoming spot to get airflow in the bottom area when you are too warm. Even though this is one of the costliest sleeping bags that is available, you will be so thankful that you have it with you when you need it most. To protect you from the battering outdoor weather elements, make sure you have the Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Thermapro Sleeping Bag in your gear ensemble.