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If you are familiar with camping and backpacking equipment, then you are surely aware of the superior products for sleeping outdoors of Western Mountaineering. They have over forty-five years of experience in crafting excellent items such as the Summerlite Sleeping Bag. The comfort level, long life, and durability of this ideal bag are perfect for any outdoor sleeping need you have. whether backpacking, hiking, camping, or mountain climbing, it will be your most-treasured possession in the wild yonder. This is the lightest sleeping bag that the company offers, as it weighs under three pounds. It provides more warmth for its weight than most other models and with minimum bulk. This product has a four-inch loft, ten ounces of goose down filling, and a continuous baffle to keep the frigid air and wind out. It will guard you against even the low temperature of 32 degrees with its superior fabrics and stiffening tape along the zipper. The draft tube ensures that the cold air does not come through the zipper and keeps the zipper from touching your skin when you are inside. This compressible, lightweight sleeping bag gives the best skin contact and coverage because of the soft down. The Summerlite is a wondrous marvel for the outdoor person who appreciates and expects high-quality, durability, and comfort in the same item. Let’s now take a look at these terrific features of the Summerlite Sleeping Bag in detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a continuous baffle for superior insulation
  • Includes a full-length zipper
  • Contains an interior draft tube to prevent cold air seepage
  • Total weight is less than three pounds
  • Less bulky and more compressible than other leading models
  • Must be hand washed or washed in a front-loading machine
  • Durable Water Repellant (DWR) must be reapplied after twenty washing cycles


Western Mountaineering has over forty-five years of experience in making excellent sleeping bags and accessories. For those that appreciate terrific quality, their products are desired and touted as the best on the market. They have superb materials, craftsmanship, and design for all of their creations, and the Summerlite is just one of their impressive models. Even though the cost of their sleeping bags are much more than competitor brands, the feel, comfort, long life, and durability will make you extremely satisfied with your purchase. The Summerlite is perfect for backpacking, hiking, and camping, and any other outdoor adventure activity you can think of doing. Even if you are just having a night out in the backyard with friends, relatives, or just the kids, it is a magnificent sleeping bag you will love.


The Summerlite is worth the extra cost says many Western Mountaineering customers because of the super comfort, protection, and high-quality. It includes a draft tube that is single, meaning that the zipper will not touch the skin when a person is inside the bag. This is really important and appreciated when the temperatures are bitter cold, and the wind is blowing. Frigid air can usually seep through the tiny spaces in-between the metal zipper teeth and cause a draft to the interior. You would not think that such small spaces could allow cold air inside, but just ask anyone who has ever slept in freezing temperatures in a traditional sleeping bag. They will tell you that just a small draft from the zipper can keep you from being warm and contented. This will not happen with the Summerlite because of this incredible draft tube. The goose down filling is another comfort measure that Western Mountaineering has engineered into this fabulous sleeping bag. Sleeping bags filled with down have the best skin contact and coverage, and they drape well on the body. Their lightweight form will keep you so warm because of their ideal qualities.


What gives the Western Mountaineering sleeping bags their incredible durability and long-lasting outstanding performance is a layer of Durable Water Repellant (DWR) on the exterior. This layer will remain useful until about twenty washings. Then it is time to reapply this special coating to protect your bag as long as you have it. even with this coating, you should always use a waterproof ground cloth to protect the exterior as much as possible. This prime condition of this amazing sleeping bag will last longer if you do not leave it in a plastic bag or stuff sack for a long time. It must be properly dried out for the best storage. Snags are prevented in the zipper because of the stitched stiffening tape along the zipper adding to the durability and long life of the Summerlite. Fraying of the Velcro closures and the material is prevented by the fabric backing, plus the Velcro is placed on parts of the bag where it will be most out of the way, such as the casing of the drawcord. All of these extra measures taken by the manufacturer add to the longevity and usefulness of the product.

Key Features

-Bags are insulated with ten ounces of warm and lightweight goose down
-Gives more warmth for the weight than competitor brands and models
-35% lighter than a sleeping bag filled with a synthetic filler
-More compressible and has the least amount of bulk than other leading lightweight bags
-Will last as much as five times longer than other insulations
-Lightest sleeping bag that the Western Mountaineering produces
-Weighs just over two pounds and has the least amount of bulk among other models
-Will protect the body to thirty-two degrees in outdoor temperature
-Includes a fluffy protective four-inch loft layer


If you are truly looking for a sturdy sleeping bag to give you the most comfort and the least amount of weight added to your pack, then you should seriously look into purchasing this Summerlite sleeping bag. Some people are put off by the high price of Western Mountaineering products, but as you can see, they are indeed worth the extra cost. They have so many terrific features that will be valued and loved once you are in the outdoor conditions that it was made for. Only then, will you realize the worth and significance of the built-in aspects of this incredible design. The price speaks of the high-quality and longevity of this sleeping bag. Many customers keep their Western Mountaineering bags for ten to twenty years, as they are still protective and beneficial after this extended period of time. When you purchase such a bag from such a trusted company, you are buying excellence that will keep you warm, comfortable, and safe in whatever outdoor conditions you encounter. The price does not matter when you have the best sleeping bag that will remain in the first-rate condition for so long.


Western Mountaineering wanted to create a sleeping bag that still had the same function and quality features as their regular high-quality bags but in a much lighter form. This idea gave rise to the Summerlite. This is the lightest sleeping bag the company produces with the construction of the continuous baffle. It is flexible in that it can be taken anywhere, even when you only take the lightest pack with you. This superb bag weighs just over two pounds, which is truly unbelievable. It packs easily because it so lightweight and does not take up much space. The lighter materials that comprise this unique bag make it highly compressible to tuck into tighter areas. With all of the features that their usual bags possess, this wonderful mummy-style sleeping bag will not slow you down or burden your load.


The fabulous Summerlite sleeping bag protects to 32 degrees in temperature because the draft tube is well insulated, and the bag is fully baffled. It includes a four-inch loft that protects in the most frigid and windy environments with ten ounces of down filling. While this may not seem like a lot of down, you must consider how lightweight the down really is. It takes quite a bit of it to make up even ten ounces of it. Every part of your body will be protected when you are inside this impressive sleeping bag. The zipper is full-length with the draft insulated protection to ensure that no cold air permeates through the metal teeth of the zipper to decrease the inside temperature. This protective layer also keeps the cold metal zipper from touching your skin on the inside. You will be as snug as a bug in a rug in the Summerlite bag. According to satisfied consumers who love this excellent product, it is the best bag made, and you will not be sorry you bought it when you are using it in windy cold conditions. All of the Western Mountaineering sleeping bags are known as the top of the line in comfort, style, and protection.


This mummy-style sleeping bag does take some precautions to keep it lasting a long time in great condition, but the directives are simple and easy to follow. You should always use a ground cloth that is waterproof before placing any Western Mountaineering bag on the ground. Especially if the area is moist or wet, you should not place this top-quality bag directly on the ground surface. It has a defensive covering to protect the outer shell, so you may think that this is enough. You would be wrong. Even with the shielding layer, the bag needs to be cared for in the best way. the particular style of the mummy bag and the quality materials make this necessary. You can protect the inside of the sleeping bag by always wearing at least shorts, socks, and a t-shirt, which will act as a sheet in the interior. In storing the bag in the storage sack, this specific style requires that it be breathable. Before storing the bag, be sure to either air dry it in the sun or dry in a dryer on tumble first. It must be hand washed or cleaned in a machine that is a front loader. A top loading machine will ruin the construction of the baffle, and the soap used should be specifically for down products. There are natural oils in the down that will be destroyed by the cleaning fluids of a dry cleaner so do not bring it there to be cleaned. With these precautionary steps, your Summerlite bag should last for many years of comfortable sleeping in the great outdoors.

The Bottom Line

The many remarkable features of the Summerlite Sleeping Bag have impressed us greatly. Having just a traditional sleeping bag now that you know such an impressive outdoor sleeping product exists will not suffice. For the best in comfort, warmth, and durability, this bag is the one. Regular sleeping bags do not have the terrific hood component or the form-fitting shape of the Summerlite. The continuous baffle, goose down filling, single draft tube, and four-inch loft are also exclusive to this excellent Western Mountaineering treasure. No other sleeping bag will be this light and comfortable, have the best skin and feel wrapping, and protect you reliably in thirty-two-degree weather. For its less than three pounds of weight, it is the warmest sleeping bag you will find at this heaviness. It is highly compressible into a non-bulky shape that makes it beneficial as backpacking and camping sleeping gear. The exterior aspects of the Summerlite make it one incredible sleeping bag. The coating of water repellant will maintain the outer fabric and ensure it stays in prime condition for many years of wear. The stiffening tape along the zipper may seem like a minor detail until you are in extremely cold windy weather and you are warm and toasty on the inside. This small feature will prevent you from feeling that wind and cold, as it would normally sneak through the zipper teeth and make you chilled. Western Mountaineering has made the most perfect lightweight sleeping bag for wherever you are going. You just have to make sure you get one for yourself to fully enjoy their manufacturing ingenuity and creativity for your next outdoor excursion.