Introducing the Western Mountaineering’s 20° bedroll

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Introducing the Western Mountaineering’s 20° bedroll Review Facts

Western Mountaineering is one of the most well-known manufacturers of high-quality outdoor bedding and equipment. They have over forty-five years of experience crafting excellent products, such as the UltraLite 20 Degree Sleeping bag. This superb bag will keep your body warm even in some of the most extreme temperatures and with just a minimal layer of socks and clothing on. It is a mummy-style sleeping bag that fits snug on the body for ultimate sealing and body warmth. Included is the maker’s technology of the V-Block Side Baffle that manages the down in the bag to keep it from moving to one side or down in the bottom on its own.

This ideal product is compressible, extremely lightweight, and easy to pack. The materials are long-lasting and can tolerate the outdoors with ease. This impressive bag includes a coating on the shell of Durable Water Resistance (DWR) to ensure its protective features. It will keep you toasty and warm even in twenty-degree weather and can be compressed into tight spaces for remarkable portability. The UltraLite is one of the higher-priced bags currently online because of the fantastic quality, ideal shape and design, and the grand reputation of the manufacturer. Let’s take a look now at the many features you can enjoy of the UltraLite 20 Degree Sleeping Bag for your next outdoor excursion.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Includes a differential hood for comfort

Has a Velcro closure at the head to seal shut when not in use

Is tapered towards the feet in a mummy style for best warmth

Contains moveable down in baffles to control the internal temperature

Features a Durable Water Resistance (DWR) coating on the exterior


Can be too snug and formfitting for larger or taller people

Will not lie flat on the surface as traditional rectangle bags will


The many products that Western Mountaineering makes tell of the superb craftsmanship of this producer. They are well-known and respected for high-quality and trusted outdoor items you can depend on. As one satisfied online customer said of Western Mountaineering, the company does not change the product from year to year as many others do to be appealing to new buyers. In this way, you can buy the same reliable item from year to year and know that it will be the exact same top-quality that you can expect from this manufacturer. Seasoned backpackers and outdoorsmen have had their sleeping bags from this company for many years of continued use and attest to their high satisfaction with their products. The quality of the product is apparent when you feel the material and see the intricate design. Western Mountaineering has over forty-five years of experience crafting high-quality sports equipment, such as the UltraLite 20 Degree Sleeping Bag for campers and backpackers just like you. The beauty of their products is that they make you want more of the things that they make because you trust the quality. This sleeping bag will make you a believer because it is one of the best mummy sleeping bags currently offered online. It is one of the more expensive models on the market because of the top-quality, well-built design, and the reputable name of the manufacturer.


When you get in the UltraLite 20 Degree bag, you will then know what comfort is when sleeping outdoors. You could not possibly be any cozier than with this fabulous sleeping bag. The mummy shape is a different design and build than the regular rectangle-shaped sleeping bags that many of us have used. That is where the high comfort level comes from and what makes this bag so special. The flexible zipper is no catch and easy to use, making it frustration-free and simple to operate. It will not freeze up in cold weather either. The UltraLite will keep you warm even in the lowest temperatures with the lightest layer of clothing. The mummy-style bag conforms to the body for maximum closure and body warmth. It includes the technology of the V-Block Side Baffle of the manufacturer, which controls the down in the bag, so it does not all end up in one section or side. This great bag should be washed in general after thirty times it is used to sleep in at night. Moisture and dirt trapped in the bag will make the comfortable loft decrease making it look flatter. If the sleeping bag gets in this condition, it will not perform as well and be colder to sleep in than normal. This is a great indication to let you know that it must be cleaned.


Many online customers claim the UltraLite is long-lasting and durable for decades of use if properly taken care of by the user. It will outperform any other brand of the sleeping bag says some satisfied buyers, plus it is compressible and easy to pack. When you have to sleep in some of the most undesirable conditions outdoors, this is the sleeping bag you want to have. It can take the rough treatment and still provide you with a truly comfortable, dry place to sleep. The strong durable materials are rugged and can withstand the outdoors well because the bag includes a finish on the shell of Durable Water Resistance (DWR). This protective layer keeps the moisture out and the body heat in to ensure your satisfaction with the model. This beneficial layer will eventually wear off with use but can be renewed with a DWR spray found in gear or outdoor sports shops. If kept up well with proper washing and DWR outer coating, the UltraLite should last you for many years of outdoor sleeping enjoyment.


Mummy sleeping bags are special creations that have many advantageous features to aid the user. This impressive product from Western Mountaineering possesses all of the qualities you would want in a durable comfortable sleeping bag. It includes over five-inch spacings of comfortable full baffles that comprise the fullness of the bag. Mummy bags have an inner area of fabric that is much narrower than the outside shell. This permits a smaller circumference that rids the interior of extra material inside that usually leads to spots of coolness. Differential cutting aids in proper lofting and helps prevent compression from the elbows and knees pressing on the inner material. This cut prevents the mummy bags from lying flat unzipped. The UltraLite bag has continuous baffles from top to bottom. The purpose of the baffles is to allow the user the ability to move them down to control the temperature inside the bag. In warmer weather or climates, the down can be moved to one side of the bag or to the bottom to make the inside cooler. In colder climates, the down should be distributed evenly for warmth all over. The user can control the positioning of the down by laying the bag open and pushing them down in the grooves with your hand to one side or another or down in the bottom. You can customize the bag in this way to control the internal temperature to what is needed.


For camping and backpacking gear, you want the most flexible and versatile items with you to use. flexibility comes in the form of being lightweight for sleeping bags. Because the UltraLite does not weigh much it can be carried by even a child on long hikes and walks. It weighs just 3.5 pounds, so it is very light to tote and haul for trips and climbs in mountainous and hilly regions. This outstanding bag comes in several heights to fit five-foot or six-tall people, plus there is a choice for the zipper. Depending on whether you are left- or right-handed, there are options for a left zipper or a right zipper. This is really seeing to the needs of the consumer by the manufacturer. The UltraLite includes a storing bag to keep it clean, dry, and lofted inside. This splendid sleeping bag can be hung also to store it. It should be kept in the shade and not in direct sunlight in a dry cool place always. Just remember that this product must always be completely dry before storing it away anywhere.


A good sleeping bag offers you the best protection from the elements and keeps you warm and dry. This one has five-inches of loft that is rated at twenty-degrees cold security. The fill is toasty warm and highly compressible to fit in the tightest spots. Many customer feedback remarks claim that the UltraLite is toasty and comfortable even if the shell is damp. It dries fast and the moisture does not penetrate the shell because of the protective coating. Made of a breathable material to prevent moisture buildup inside, this amazing sleeping bag has a hood that is reverse differential. This means that the inside material is larger than the outside. Because of this unique construction, the loose fabric on the inside is filled with down and is capable of surrounding the head comfortably. The hood of the bag does not have to be closed tightly for you to enjoy this extra insulation on the face and head. The added down-filled material can be fixed along the forehead to make a ruff of comfort and warmth. The protective design of the UltraLite can make the difference between a comfortable night’s sleep in the outdoors and a miserable one where you are cold, wet, and unrested.

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The UltraLite 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is a mummy-type sleeping bag with a collar of full down. It is wide in the shoulders and tapers towards the head, legs, and feet for a snug fit. Less room inside means a warmer experience when you are inside the bag. The soft collar will trap in the body heat around the neck to keep you warm. Since the durable material is lightweight, the cozy down does not add much weight or bulk to the product. The flexible zipper is full-length to the head to enclose you in the excellence of the bag’s great features. This item includes sixteen-ounces of down filling to create a five-inch loft of protection for your body. The UltraLite is water-resistant and will protect the user and the inside from condensation in most damp conditions. The draft tubes interlock in connection with the down collar to enclose the neck and create a seal to trap in body heat. The warm hood has a drawstring to close the shell entirely over the head for the fullest protection against the weather.

Ease of Use

Mummy sleeping bags may look complicated, but they are so easy to use. Once you purchase and use a mummy bag for your outdoor activities, you will never want any other type of sleeping accommodations for yourself. The UltraLite’s hood is more contoured than other brands, so it lies closer to the face for better interior protection. Made with the lightest and most compressible fabrics available, there is terrific flexibility in using the UltraLite for your slumbering needs. It is meant to be highly-functional and will last for many years of rugged use. The draft tubes interlock around the edges of the bag to create a fabulous barrier to the cold, wind, and dampness. The Velcro is attached to the drawcord around the head and not the bag shell to make it easier to operate. The strips of Velcro are in the position of closing on itself when the sleeping bag is not in use. this keeps it in prime condition and prevents wear and tear on the materials.

The Bottom Line

Whether you like to go backpacking, trekking, hiking, biking, camping, mountain climbing, or hunting, you will most definitely require a reliable, weather-resistant sleeping bag that you can trust. Western Mountaineering has created the UltraLite 20 Degree Sleeping Bag that will fill this need quite well. Its many superb features include a hood with a differential interior for the best head warmth, and a Velcro closure at the top to help seal in body heat. This mummy-style bag is tapered at the bottom to keep the internal air to a minimum, which ultimately keeps the user the coziest. With its movable down in the baffles sections, you can customize the inside temperature to your liking. Best of all, this sleeping bag has a beneficial coating of Durable Water Resistance (DWR) to protect it and you from the often hostile weather environment. The Western Mountaineering UltraLite 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is top of the line reliable comfort when you need it most.